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Author’s Notes: This crossover diverges from the Angel storyline in season two. Lindsey MacDonald never left Wolfram and Hart. His hand was returned to him and he and Lilah Morgan are still co-running the Special Projects Division. Fred has joined the team and has adjusted to life back on Earth. Kate Lockely, by necessity, is still on the police force. I’m not sure where in the X-Files to place it, but sometime in either season 4 or 5.
Summary: Mulder and Scully receive a call that there are bodies turning up in Los Angeles, bodies of unidentifiable creatures, all killed by the same unknown person with the same weapon. Unknown to Mulder and Scully, the Syndicate sends Krycek to find out what he can about the mysterious creatures and their killer.

File 17: I will bring you stars from the sky

Riley led him down the hall to her bedroom. Walking through that doorway gave him a little bit of a thrill. Girl’s bedrooms had always been fascinating to men throughout the ages and Riley’s was no different. Blues, greys, and dark purples were dominant in the color scheme. The furniture was all a uniform rich dark brown and all made of wood. A large Queen-sized bed sat in the middle of the far wall with a bedside table on the left side. It had several pillows and a thick duvet. A tall vanity stood opposite the bed with a dresser standing beside the window. Thick blue curtains were pulled shut, hiding the rain from their sight. Set into the wall opposite the dresser and window was her closet door.
She opened the closet and rummaged around for a few minutes. “One of my college friends was here a few months ago and forgot some of his stuff. You look to be about his size, give or take a little.”
“His size?”
“Relax. He’s just a friend. Not even remotely my type.”
“I wasn’t aware that you had a type.”
“Few people are,” she replied, handing him a pair of light blue jeans before going back into the closet and coming back out again with a long sleeved black shirt. “There. That should do for you. Now I have to find something. I’m suddenly reminded that laundry needs to be done soon. Ah well.” She sighed, going over to her dresser. “I guess I’m reduced to my lounge about the house clothes.”
“Anything you decide on will look fine.”
She turned and looked at him. “No, you see, if I wanted to look nice, you’d know it. I don’t, really. I feel like a drowned cat.”
“If it makes you feel better, I feel like a drowned rat.” Riley burst out laughing. “What?”
“Just remembering what Fred said in Caritas the first night I saw you, comparing you to a rat and Mulder agreeing to her statement.”
“I’d forgotten about that,” he admitted, coming towards her. “I was more interested in you that night.”
“That almost sounds like you’ve changed your mind on that.”
“Not going to happen,” he said, shaking his head. “Why don’t I help you out here?” he asked as he watched her fumbling with the laces on her shirt. It was identical to the one she’d worn a few nights ago.
“I’m starting to think that nothing short of a sharp object is going to get these damned laces undone.”
Krycek put the change of clothes down on the stool in front of the vanity and walked up to her, gently putting his hands on her chest, meeting her eyes. Slowly, he undid the knot keeping the two sides of the top together. The string was soaked, making it hard to untie. Once the knot was undone, it was a simple matter to pull the string out of its loops. He let it drop to the floor when he was done, sliding his hands down to rest on her waist.
“That wasn’t so bad,” he said. “I always thought women were the ones with good fingers.”
She held a hand up so that he could clearly see the calluses on her hands from wielding a sword. “My hands are really built for untying wet knots.”
Krycek let go of her waist and took her hand into his and kissed the tips of her fingers. “You have nice hands.”
“No one’s ever said that before. Mostly they tell me that I have dangerous hands.”
“I don’t doubt that they can be, but they’re nice to look at.” He rubbed the back of her hand. “Why don’t you finish changing? I’ll turn my back if it makes you more comfortable.”
“Is that what you really want?” she asked, cocking her head to the side.
“I know what I want, but what I don’t know is what you want.”
“It’s not a want but a need. I thought I’d been fairly obvious in that regard.”
He leaned forward and kissed her gently. “Are you sure?”
“Would you be here if I wasn’t?”
That was good enough for him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hungrily. The time for pretense was over. His hands roamed over her body as hers did the same with his. With a swift motion, he slid the unlaced top down off her shoulders and worked at the zipper at the back of her pants. Before he could slide her pants down, she got his shirt off and took a step back.
“Is something wrong, Riley?”
She shook her head. “Nothing, it’s just that I’ve been seeing you like this in my head for days now. It seems that my memory wasn’t faulty and exaggerating.”
“You like what you see?”
Riley moved back towards him, wrapping her hands around that back of his neck. “Less talking,” she whispered in his ear. “More action.” She met his lips, her tongue feeling around for his.
His mind was numb with shock, but lucky for him his body wasn’t. He wrapped his arms back around her waist and picked her up off her feet. Using her own momentum, she wrapped her legs around his waist. She was light, so it wasn’t much trouble for him. He carried her over to the bed intending to lie her down, but she unwrapped her legs and shook her head.
“Not with those wet clothes on,” she whispered, unbuckling his belt, undoing his pants and using both hands to slide them down. Retaliating, he slid his hands up under her bra and pulled it up over her head. He then spun her around and lay her down on the bed before pulling her pants off. He took a deep breath and lay down beside her, running a hand over her flat, bare stomach.
“Vy ochen' krasivy,” he said admiringly.
She frowned. “What?”
“Sorry. Sometimes I lapse into Russian. I said you’re very beautiful.”
“You’re just saying that because of the situation.”
He pulled her to him and stroked her hair. “I’ve always thought that you’re beautiful.”
She ran her fingers over his chest. “I didn’t know that you spoke Russian. You neglected to mention that.”
“I don’t speak it often, not after the incident at Tunguska that cost me my arm.”
She snuggled up against him. “Say something else.”
“What would you like me to say?”
He thought for a moment. “Ya das-ta-nu te-be zvyoz-dee sne-bes. That means I will bring you stars from the sky.”
“When did you learn to sweet talk?”
“I never did. It just seemed approprate.”
She shivered. “It’s a little cold in here,” she said, sitting up. She pulled the blankets back and crawled underneath them. Krycek joined her.
He kissed her forehead and looked into her eyes. His breathing quickened as he stroked her cheeks. Riley put her hand on his hip while tracing his lips with the fingers of the other. They lay there like that for a long time, neither one knowing really what to do next. For her part, Riley didn’t actually know what to do. Krycek, on the other hand, wasn’t sure how she’d react to anything he did. He didn’t want to scare her, but he didn’t want to just lie there, either.
Decision made, he gently rolled her over onto her back and looked down at her, searching her face for any sign that she was uncomfortable. He ran his rough hand down her body starting at her chest and working down to her stomach. He paused there, took a deep breath, and slid it lower between her legs. Her back arched slightly and she whimpered. She spread her legs a little to make it easier for him to move around. His touch was gentle but insistent and sure. He knew what he was doing.
Krycek bent his head and kissed her hungrily. She let one hand wander down to his groin, running it up and down the tip of his erection. Krycek stiffened against her, surprised. He let her move around as she wanted, mimicking her motions as best he could considering the anatomical differences. It was faint, but he could hear soft moans coming from her. She rolled into him, wrapping her arms around him, running her hands over his back. His skin felt hot to the touch, his lips and hands becoming more and more insistent. As her hands caressed his skin, groans escaped his lips.
“Alex,” Riley whispered hoarsely as he pulled himself up on top of her. She reached down with her hands and grabbed his ass. She grabbed a little too hard, her nails digging in as he entered her.
Krycek was caught between a hiss of pain and a moan of intense pleasure. He’d forgotten how long it had been since he’d had sex, never mind meaningful sex with a woman he wanted to be with and who seemed to want to be with him. The feeling of her short but sharp nails digging in to his naked ass was painful, but it felt oddly good at the same time. He kissed her breasts, fighting to keep from biting them like we wanted to.
She pulled his head up and held his face in her hands, pulling it towards her and nibbling on his lower lip. She moved on to his chin and up his jaw to his earlobe where she bit down, hard. He jerked his head backwards, almost pulling out of her and away altogether, but he couldn’t break free of her hold. He was soon glad that he couldn’t. She blew gently on the spot she’d bitten, sucking it gently, nibbling up and down the edge of his ear. She moved her hands up his back, dragging her nails across his skin. The sensation provoked him into thrusting as hard as he could, but slowly so that she could get used to it before letting himself loose.
He buried himself into her as deeply and as quickly as he could, their mouths meeting and then parting to mouth parts of the other’s body. He buried his face into her neck, biting down and having the satisfaction of hearing her cry out his name as she dug her nails into his upper back. He threw his head back as he came, his body shaking with the intensity of it. It took him a minute for his vision to clear. He looked down at her, not fully believing what had just happened. She had an amused look on her face.
“Oh nothing. I liked the look on your face. It was honest, pure.”
He rolled off her and onto his back, exhaling. “That was amazing.”
“You’re not done yet,” she told him, rolling onto her side. She propped herself up on one arm, tracing lazy lines across his chest. His back arched briefly. His skin was so over sensitized that the slightest motion of her finger sent ripples through his body that were almost painful, but he didn’t want her to stop. Despite his recent orgasm, her touch was rapidly arousing him again.
“Riley,” he said hoarsely. “I don’t think I can do this again. Not this soon.”
“Relax, Alex. You don’t have to do anything.”
“That’s the third time tonight that you’ve called me Alex.” He narrowed his eyes. “You’re not going to hit me with a lamp and tie me to the bed, are you?”
“I have no such plans, no.” She brought her face close to his ear and whispered, “That is, unless you really want me to.”
“I’ll pass on that, thanks.”
She straddled his chest, running her fingers through his short black hair. “I thought as much,” she said giving him a lingering, tender kiss before sliding back and lying down on top of him. She maneuvered so that his hardening cock sat comfortably against her pussy.
“What are you doing?”
“Just lay back and relax. I know what I’m doing.”
“I thought you said earlier that you didn’t really know.”
“I don’t, really. Not as far as real sex goes anyways. This is the one thing I know how to do.”
“Alright then.” He took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”
She gave him a strange look. “Are you sure about that?” She wriggled slightly, producing a gasp of surprise from him.
Krycek closed his eyes and tilted his head back as she slowly wriggled against him. This was a completely new sensation for him. It was mind boggling that someone who claimed to have so little actual experience with this sort of thing could make him feel like this. When she slid him up inside, his eyes flew open, back arching in surprise. He almost came again from the sheer intensity of the feeling. He reached up and ran his hands over the slightly scarred skin of her back. Towards her ass, it was smoother and firm. That was to be expected given what she did for a living. She needed to be in peak condition.
While he was exploring her lower back, her back arched and her entire body stiffened as she came. Panting, she lowered her head to rest on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head. Beneath her ear, she could hear the rapid beating of his heart. It was a sound she had never really liked listening to before now, but in this case it was almost pleasant. Maybe it was because there was a connection; that she knew him and he wasn’t just a one night stand. Or maybe she was just getting used to it.
Riley rolled off him and lay down against his side. He obligingly rolled onto his side to keep his arms around her. She burrowed her face into his hot, sweaty chest, inhaling his smell. She closed her eyes, her body limp from exhaustion. His hand stroking her hair was soothing to the point where she found herself falling asleep.
Krycek listened to her breathing, noting that it was slowing down. When she went completely limp in his arms, he figured she was asleep. He shook her shoulders just to be sure, but she didn’t so much as twitch. He pulled back a little to look at her face. It was much gentler as she slept than it was when she was awake. Even when she’d looked at him nicely, it was no where near this relaxed. He wouldn’t go so far as to label it as angelic, but it had a lot more innocence to it than it did otherwise. He brushed a strand of blond hair away from her face, enjoying the silky feel of it on his hands. He pulled the blanket up over her shoulders before snuggling down himself and falling asleep.

A few hours later, Krycek woke with a start and looked around him. It took him a minute to recognize his surroundings. He looked down at the bed beside him, seeing Riley sleeping peacefully on her side, facing towards him. He sat up and looked down at her. She didn’t appear to be disturbed by his movements, so he got up and put on the jeans she’d gotten out for him earlier. He went out into the kitchen to get himself something to drink, pondering what to do next.
Well, Alex, you’re in a bit of a fix now, aren’t you? You can’t very well turn her in to the Syndicate now. On the other side of the coin, you can’t just let her go. They’ll kill you. He looked at the glass in his hands, rotating it between his hands. No matter what you do, you’re effectively screwed. Turning in the first woman in a long time that means anything to you will break you. Not doing so will kill you. Literally.
Krycek sighed and put the glass in the sink. This isn’t something I can decide on my own. It isn’t just my life at stake anymore. I don’t know what they have planned for her. I didn’t know I would become this attached to her in such a short period of time. It would help if I knew how she felt about me. It was confusing, how she acted on the roof. What brought on that sudden shift in her attitude towards me? Not that I’m complaining, but I need to know.
He ran his hands over his skin. Hmm. Speaking of needs, I’m in desperate need of a shower. I don’t think Riley would mind if I borrowed hers.
Krycek went down the hall to the bathroom. There was a faint scent of vanilla present. He took the jeans off and folded them, placing them on the counter before climbing into the tub and pulling the shower curtain closed. The hot water felt good on his skin. He eyed the soap. For some reason, he’d figured her to be the bar soap kind of girl, but there was a bottle of liquid soap and one of those bizarre poofs people used with it. Passing on the poof, he poured some of the soap onto a face cloth and washed off. Clean now, he took a little bit of shampoo and washed his hair. Feeling immensely better, he got out and dried off with the smaller of the two towels hanging from the back of the door. He picked up the jeans and carried them back into the bedroom. Now that he was clean, he was sleepy again. He put the jeans down on his side of the bed and crawled back under the blankets, shivering a little. He gave Riley a kiss on the cheek before settling down to sleep.

Riley woke the next morning feeling weak. She had no clothes on either. Not that it was unusual for her to be like that after a night of hunting, but she had no memory of doing any actual hunting the night before. She sat up and looked around her. The sheets and blankets on the other side of the bed were rumpled. Someone had spent the night with her. Odd.
A tantalizing smell drifted down the hallway towards her. Curious, she got up and threw on a pair of black silk shorts and a matching tank top before going down to the kitchen to see what that was.
In the kitchen, Krycek was standing in front of the stove with an egg flipper in one hand. He looked at her as she came in. “I was wondering if you were going to sleep all morning.”
“What are you doing?”
“Making breakfast,” he said, indicating the frying pan. “There are some pancakes in the oven keeping warm.” He set the egg flipper down and walked over to her. “I had planned on brining it to you in bed.”
She looked at him incredulously. “You were going to bring me breakfast in bed? The only person who’s ever done that was my mom when I was sick one day.”
“Why don’t you go crawl back into bed? I’ll finish up here and bring it in to you. I saw a tray under the sink that I can put it on.”
Riley giggled despite herself. “Who can resist an offer like that? You’d better not take to long brining it, though. I’m starving!”
“We can’t have that, now can we?” he replied as she walked away.