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Author's Notes: This crossover diverges from the Angel storyline in season two. Lindsey MacDonald never left Wolfram and Hart. His hand was returned to him and he and Lilah Morgan are still co-running the Special Projects Division. Fred has joined the team and has adjusted to life back on Earth. Kate Lockely, by necessity, is still on the police force. I'm not sure where in the X-Files to place it, but sometime in either season 4 or 5.
Summary: Mulder and Scully receive a call that there are bodies turning up in Los Angeles, bodies of unidentifiable creatures, all killed by the same unknown person with the same weapon. Unknown to Mulder and Scully, the Syndicate sends Krycek to find out what he can about the mysterious creatures and their killer.

File 15: Advice

Behind him, he heard the distinct click of a gun. "You didn't look hard enough, Mulder," Krycek told him, stepping out of the shadows."
"You bastard!"
"Now, now," he scolded the older man. "Such fowl language."
"How did you get here?"
"The easy way. I followed you. You didn't honestly think that I would let you have her, did you? I can't let you get away with what you tried to do to her."
"Oh and tying her up was any better?"
"At least I didn't try to take advantage of her."
Mulder rolled his eyes. "That doesn't make you any better than me. She could have stopped me at any time. She didn't."
"Actually, she couldn't have. She told me there's something wrong with her."
"And I'm just supposed to believe that?"
Fred cleared her throat. "He's right, though. She told me herself after her run in with you. I was the one that called her. It had her a little spooked."
"She should have said something," Mulder said, more to himself than the others.
"Now, where is she?"
"Not here, obviously."
"Do you mind if I ask you a question, Mr. Krycek?" Wesley asked.
Krycek gave him an odd look. "Not many people cal me mister. What?"
"That Dodge out there. Is that yours?"
"We'd thought it was Riley's car, borrowed so that her plates couldn't be traced," Fred told him.
"Hmm. I wish I'd thought of that. Ah well. Perhaps next time." All five of them looked up to the balcony running along the edge of the wall. A tall, shadowy figure stood there looking down at them. Without warning, she jumped down to land a short distance from Mulder and Krycek.
"Mulder. Krycek," she said calmly.
"Riley, we just want to talk to you," Mulder said, taking a step towards her with his hands out in front of him.
Riley drew her sword, holding it out defensively. "Don't come and closer," she warned.
Fred came towards her. It's ok, Riles. He won't come near you. They just want to ask you a couple questions. That's all."
"Who's the other guy?"
"My name is Wesley Windham-Pryce," he said with a friendly smile. "I work at Angel Investigations with Fred. When the F.B.I are finished talking to you, Fred and I would like to have a word with you regarding your profession and a possible exchange of information. That is, if you're willing."
Riley rolled her eyes. "Brits. Weird people all of them. Maybe."
"You'll talk to him, but you won't even look at me or Mulder," Krycek said. "Why is that, Riley?"
"Let's see, now, let me think," she replied, her voice dripping in sarcasm. "You tied me up and he pounced me in my dressing room. Two things that I don't take kindly to. He, on the other hand, has done nothing but suggest a bit of professional cooperation." She paused. "I told you not to come near me again. I warned you that I would have to hurt you if you did."
"You lied to me, tricked me, and you expected me to just leave you alone?"
"I suppose I was expecting too much of you."
"I can't really blame you for what you did. I should have expected it."
"Should have, but didn't. Remember that little talk we had about changing? Did you hear any of what I said?"
"Will you two stop it?" Fred asked angrily. "Riley, we just want to talk to you. Ok?"
"I'm afraid that she doesn't have the time. She's coming with me."
"Like hell I am!"
Krycek turned his gun towards her and felt a satisfied rush as she flinched away. "Yes, you are. This time I'm not taking any chances."
The tip of the sword dropped a couple inches. "I think not." With a speed he hadn't anticipated, she came forward and swung the blade, taking off the end of the gun. Surprised, Krycek dropped it just before her foot contacted his stomach, sending him flying a few feet.
She walked over and placed her foot on his chest. "I warned you about coming near me. Don't make that mistake again." She turned to Mulder and Scully. "We'll have to do this again another time, preferably without him tagging along. Fred, bring your friend by that place we go to later this afternoon. You know the time." Sheathing her sword, she walked out of the abandoned cathedral.
Krycek got up off the floor, wheezing. The fall had knocked the breath out of him. He tried to go after Riley, but Mulder stopped him. "Where do you think you're going?"
"I'm just doing my job, Mulder." He tried to side step him, but Mulder moved to block him. "Get out of my way."
"I think not. I won't let you bother her."
"What makes you think you can stop me?"
"I have a weapon. You don't. I'm standing in your way."
"You two are acting like a pair of hormonal school boys," Scully said, walking up to them. "I'm inclined to agree with her opinion on that." Mulder flashed her a wounded look. She ignored it and turned her gaze to Krycek. "Because of you, we've wasted our time here. If I were her, I would be very wary of meeting with us again."
"If you're looking for an apology, you won't get one. I'm only doing my job."
"We're all just trying to do our jobs, Krycek, but our jobs are interfering with everyone else's. There is no good way to resolve this."
"Agent Scully has a point," Wesley piped up. "I suggest that we all just leave and deal with it later."
"That's the coward's way out," Krycek sneered.
"No, it's the only possible solution for the time being. Think about it. We came here to speak with Riley. She's no longer here. Do you see any point in remaining?"
Krycek turned to look back at Mulder. "If she hadn't destroyed my weapon, I'd consider killing Mulder, but as that's no longer an option, I'm going to leave. There are other ways to find Riley." He turned and stalked out of the cathedral after picking up the broken pieces of his gun.
Scully watched him go. "There's something very wrong with him," she observed.

Huntsman Heights
12:45 pm

Riley sank down onto her couch and buried her face in her hands. She'd been afraid of this. As it hadn't been all that long since she'd last seen Krycek, she hadn't had time to let the feelings fade. Seeing him in the cathedral had actually been painful. It had been hard to attack him, but it had to be done.
She was glad that Fred and Mulder's partner, Scully, were there. Fred's friend Wesley didn't seen too bad either. She vaguely remembered him from Caritas. She wasn't really looking forward to talking to him and Fred later, but she figured that it would give her something to do that would keep her from thinking about Krycek.
What she did want to know, though, was how Mulder found out that she was the Hunter. Who told him? Fred? No, Fred wouldn't do something like that to me. That leaves me with two possibilities. Either Mulder and Scully figured it out or Krycek told them. He's the only other person who knows. Not even Uncle Linwood really knows about it. She clenched her fist. No matter how much I want to go and be with him, I'll kill that little rat if it was him who told them.
Riley stood and headed into the kitchen to get something to drink. She leaned against the counter, holding the glass in her hand. She stared at it, the unwelcome memory of Krycek helping her drink a glass of water coming to her mind. She shook her head and put the glass in the fridge. She wasn't thirsty anymore. Briefly, she entertained thoughts of eating something, but dropped it when yet another memory came to mind. Frustrated, she went into her bedroom and flopped down on the soft mattress. She rolled onto her side and closed her eyes. It felt so good to lie down in a comfortable position. She rubbed her wrists where the handcuffs had been. In all likelihood, she'd have scars there for the rest of her life, guaranteeing that she'd never forget Krycek. She fell asleep with his face clear in her mind.

Lakeview Park
4:56 pm

Riley got back into her car feeling very calm and relaxed. She'd just finished talking to Fred and Wesley. The team at Angel Investigations just wanted to set up a sharing if information. Wesley himself was more curious about her family history and how her powers differed from those of the Slayers. She'd promised to lend him some of the books she had in her apartment on that subject, which had pleased him to no end. Reflecting back on it, she realized that this had been the first conversation she'd had with a man in a long time that hadn't had any sort of physical contact. True, she'd shook his hand and the end, but that was innocent.
She started the engine and pulled out of the parking space. She turned the volume up on her stereo and she drove around, not really caring where she went. It was a nice day for a drive. She wound up driving past the Wayside Motel. She slowed down, stopping just out in front within sight of Krycek's room. She stared at it for a good ten minutes before she managed to make herself head off. She decided that it would be best if she just headed back to her place and stayed there for a day or two.

Wayside Motel
1:37 pm

Entering his motel room, Krycek headed straight for his bags, glad for once that he'd brought his spare gun. Checking to see that it had a full clip, he put in the holster. He took his jacket and shirt off, yawning. It wouldn't hurt to have a brief nap.
When he woke up four hours later, he dressed and grabbed his gun, planning on heading out to get something to eat before going after Riley. Just as he put his hand on the handle, someone knocked on the door. Puzzled, he opened it. It was Fred.
"Can I help you?"
"Can I talk to you for a minute?"
"I suppose."
Fred turned and gestured at Gunn, who was sitting in his truck beside Krycek's car. He nodded in response and stayed there. "Charles gave me a ride here," she explained.
"How did you find me here?"
"Riley told me when I talked to her this afternoon."
"What else did she tell you?"
"Quite a bit," she admitted. "Wesley had to go off and get something to drink, so she told me while he was gone. Not all of the details, but it isn't hard to fill in the blanks. It's not like me to intrude in other people's lives, but I think in this case I need to step in."
"I don't need your help," he stated plainly.
"Actually, you do. I've known Riley for a long time. What she didn't tell me about last night told me more than what she did. I know how she's feeling right now."
"Where are you going with this?" he asked impatiently. "There's somewhere I have to be."
"If you're going after Riley, there are a few things you should know."
"I'm listening."
"I strongly suggest you wait a day. If you go after her now, you won't be getting the real her. You'll get the part of her that is only running on instinct right now. She's really messed up right now."
"She seemed ok. Other than the loss of strength, that is."
"She'll kill me for telling you this, but I have to make you understand. She'll never tell you this, so I have to try." Fred ran a basic explanation of the Hunter's Moon past him. "So, you see, you go now, and she won't be able to hold back and she'll hate you for it."
"So if I wait a day or so, she'll have time to cool down and her reaction will be her normal one?"
"That's what I'm saying, yes."
He sighed and sat down on the couch, gesturing for her to take a seat. She sat down on the edge of the bed, hands folded in her lap. "What else do you need to tell me?"
"Don't bring her presents. She hates that. Be very careful when complimenting her. You never know when she'll take something badly. Don't touch her throat unless she invites you to. She's very sensitive about that. She does like to have her feet, back, and neck rubbed. Sometimes she doesn't mind her head, but I think it might be more of a familiarity thing than anything else. I don't recommend trying it unless you're absolutely sure."
"This is all well and good, but it isn't really all that useful. You seem to be misunderstanding me. My goal is to take her to a group of people who want something from her. End of story."
She gave him a knowing look. "Did you miss something here? I've been called naive before, but I do know what's what. If you didn't want tocyou know, you wouldn't have kissed her or fallen for her little trick. Besides, I can see it in your face."
"What I want has no bearing on this. It's my job."
"Right, whatever. Just follow my advice, ok? Even if you do tie her up again, just don't hurt her or give her any reason to want to hurt you. She doesn't like to physically hurt people. She never said why, but she doesn't."
He winced. "Tell that to my stomach."
"If you doubt any of what I've said, go to Caritas and talk to Lorne. He can confirm it and give you some additional advice if you want it." She stood up. "If you'd like my opinion, I think you should try and go after her."
Krycek blinked, startled. "You do know she doesn't like men right?"
"She's a loner by nature, and yes, she's not keen on men, but you two seem so much alike. I don't know you very well, but I do know that you're both proud and strong. I just get the feeling that you'd do well together. Don't tell her I said that. I'm dead already if she learns I've been here."
"I'll try and remember that. Thank you for stopping by."
"Good luck," she said, heading out of the room.
Krycek leaned back on the couch. So, her good friend wants me to do this even though Riley doesn't like me. Odd. And what was all that about this 'Hunter's Moon'? It doesn't make any sense. The advice to back down for a day was sound, though. Perhaps tonight I'll go and speak to Lorne, see what further things he has to say on this.

10:28 pm

The sound of music hit his ears as he descended the stairs down into the karaoke bar. The place was busy. There was a young human woman up on the stage singing a sad song. It wasn't familiar to him, so ignored it and sought Lorne out. Lucky for him, Lorne was lounging against the bar. Krycek walked up and sat down on a stool beside him. Lorne looked at him.
"Well, well. Look who we have here. You're the guy who was so interested in my rather attractive blond friend. What can I do for you?"
"I need help finding Riley."
Lorne looked like someone hit him on the back of the head with a large heavy object. "So you know her name now. Truth be told, I don't know where she lives."
Krycek waved impatiently. "I know where she lives. I've been there. That doesn't seem like a good place to confront her, though. I need to get her out of her apartment and to a neutral location."
"It sounds like there's a long story behind this. Why don't you sit down, have a drink, and tell me about it?"
"I'm getting very sick of sitting around and talking, but I guess if I want your help, I need to." He ordered himself a drink and told Lorne of the events that had happened since they'd first met. He omitted a couple details in order to spare Riley and himself a little embarrassment.
When he finished talking, Lorne was silent for a little. "It seems to me that you're very confused. This is going to sound odd to you, but how do you feel about singing?"
"Singing?" he repeated.
"That's right. When people sing, I can read them, help them pick their path. I think it would be a good idea in your case."
"Are you sure that's really necessary?" Krycek asked, feeling very uncomfortable with the idea.
""You don't have to get up on the stage and sing. You can just sit here and do it if it helps."
Krycek looked at the stage. The place was emptying out. It was a weeknight, so people weren't really willing to make it an all-nighter. "When the last person, leaves, I'll get up there, but not before."
Lorne shrugged. "Works for me. This place empties early on weeknights anyways. You know what you want to sing?"
"Not exactly. I'll think of something though."
"No hurry."