Title: Say it with bullets
Fandom: X-Files
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Summary: Made for the XFilesFic yahoo group’s Maximum Endearments Challenge. I put my own little twist on this theme to go with a side of Krycek that was really only displayed in two episodes. (Your challenge, guys, is to write a fic that uses as many endearments as you can in a single fic. I don't care if they're doing it cuz they are a smarmy couple in private, or they're the victims of the "Valentine witch". Whatever you can come up with...You know what I'm looking for...)

Part 03

It took three days for the valet’s boast about banging the wife of the rich Russian to get around. All of the valets and hired help were now giving Desdemona speculative looks out of the corner of their eyes, appraising her. She pretended not to notice them. She and Krycek kept up the act, calling each other the most sickeningly sweet names they could think of in both English and Russian. The other day when they were at one of the larger pools, Krycek had gotten brave enough to suggest that they go skinny dipping as there weren’t very many people in the pool at the time. She’d agreed to that and climbed into the pool stark naked. It wasn’t long before Krycek starting pawing at her. The pawing led to…other things.

Those…other things are starting to feel less like work, she observed to herself, remembering the other day. Wanting to see what would happen Desdemona had made lots of noise about the whole thing, more than she usually did. A crowd gathered to watch. Lots of men sat around and jerked off to the show. The women either masturbated or grabbed the nearest available male body and tore whatever clothing he had off. The male bodies in question were either valets, pool boys, or someone else’s husband. No one seemed to care overly much even though the majority of the people staying at the resort were young, married couples. One woman even got herself slippery and wet in the pool and then rubbed her pussy against Krycek’s ass while he fucked Desdemona from behind up on a dry section of the pool deck, getting off on it.

Desdemona looked over at Krycek, who had fallen asleep in his lounge chair. I hope this is finished soon. If I’m around him for much longer I may loose my focus.


Luckily for Desdemona, when they got back to their room, there was a note waiting for them on the table. Krycek opened it and scanned the contents. “It would appear that there’s going to be a party tonight and we’re invited,” he said, holding up the invitation for her to see.

“That means that we did our jobs properly,” Desdemona said, relieved. “Now the only issue is smuggling our weapons in undetected.

“Well, if you wear that long black dress with the slit that goes up to your thigh, you might be able to get away with strapping a gun to your thigh or stuffing it down the front of your dress. You don’t wear makeup to a pool party; otherwise, you could put it in your purse.”

Desdemona fished the dress in question out of her suitcase and examined it carefully. “This will do, I suppose, but I may have something better than this.”

“Such as?”

She shook her head. “Zaychik moy*, you’ll just have to be patient. Make sure that you have appropriate clothing and don’t worry about mine.” (*my bunny)

Pozhalujsta*, Kiska, solnyshko moyo, devochka moya*?” he begged, taking her hands. “I don’t like surprises. You know that.” (*please, Kiska, my sun, my girl)

Niet, moy malish*,” she teased, dancing away from him. “Patience, lyubimaya moya**. Trust me. It will be well worth the wait.” (*no, my baby **my love)

“It had better be.”

“Dover`sya mne*, Pyotr.” (*trust me)


When the time came to get ready for the party, both Krycek and Desdemona greeted it with relief. They’d been antsy all afternoon. Krycek, blissfully, made no demands on her during the afternoon. Ostensibly, they were both saving their energy for the party. Desdemona spent her afternoon preparing herself for the job at hand. This involved sitting silently on the floor with her back against a wall. Krycek simply watched TV while he waited, contemplating his wardrobe for the evening. He eventually settled on a pair of long black pants and a silky black shirt, figuring that whatever Desdemona wore, it would be black, so they’d match.

Half an hour before they had to leave for the party, Desdemona came out of the trance she’d been in and grabbed a quick shower before getting dressed. She came out of the bathroom wearing a black China dress slit to the hip on both sides and open beneath the collar to give a good view of her breasts. Krycek couldn’t remember her bust being that ample before, so he figured that it must be padded. He walked up and ran his good hand up her thigh.

Dorogaya* Kiska. Vy ochen' krasivy.**” (*dear **you are very beautiful)
“You flatter me, Pyotr,” she said, flushing.

Tee svo-dish me-nya su-ma.*” (*You drive me crazy)

“We’d better get going to the party before you continue on like that and we’re unfashionably late,” she scolded him gently. She headed for the door. “Remember the plan.”

“I haven’t forgotten,” he said, sounding slightly offended.

Baryshnikov’s private suite was at the center of the resort complex. There were at least five other couples that they could see dressed as well as they were so, presumably, they were headed to the same party. They followed them to the suite. Guards at the entrance asked to see their invitations. Krycek showed it to them and they were allowed inside. Once in, they took their shoes off to avoid slipping on the wet pool deck and hurting themselves. They were led into a room with a window that took up the full wall. Through it, they could see the pool. Besides the five couples they’d walked here with, there was another dozen or so out in and around the pool. There would be tough competition for Desdemona to be one of the drugged women that Baryshnikov selected. She didn’t seem to notice the number of women in the pool area as she picked up a glass of red wine and downed it, focusing instead on the reclining, nearly nude form of Dimitri Baryshnikov. He was surrounded by serving girls wearing the most minimal of bikinis and still more women also scantily clad. A man in a full tuxedo walked up and said something to him. He grinned and got up off his lounge chair and headed for the room where Krycek, Desdemona, and the other five couples sat.

“Welcome to my home,” he said is a mild Russian accent. “I see many beautiful women here. Come, your beauty is wasted in here. I’m certain that you could all enjoy a nice cold beverage or two beside the pool.”

The other five women headed out with their husbands, but Desdemona stayed put. “I prefer to not drink alcohol beside a pool. When I get drunk, I think I can do things that I can’t and I may drown.”

“Low tolerance for it? Such a pity. I wouldn’t let anything as lovely as you drown. That would be a waste.”

“I would still rather not risk it.”

“Won’t you at least come join me for one drink over at my lounge chair?”

“Perhaps a little later.”

He frowned. “You’re playing hard to get aren’t you?” Dimitri looked at Krycek. “You’re a lucky man to have so lovely a wife.”

“Thank you.”

“I’ll be that you have to fight them off with a stick here.”

“Not at all,” Krycek replied. “Anyone interested in her has he manners to talk to me first.”

“I never do anything without asking my husband first. Isn’t that right, my darling?”

“Of course it is, Kiska my pet,” he replied, nuzzling her nose.

A thought occurred to Dimitri. “So then, if I were to beg your husband’s indulgence and ask him to allow you to join me later this evening for a drink that would be the way to guarantee your presence?”

“I may be in a giving mood in a couple hours,” Krycek drawled. “For the time being, though, I think I’ll be keeping her to myself.”

Dimitri grinned lecherously staring down Desdemona’s front, and walked away to hit on the other women in the room. Desdemona watched him carefully. When his back was turned she set her glass down and took Krycek’s good hand. “Pyotr my darling, can we go outside? I suddenly feel like a swim.”

They walked out to a corner of the pool deck where they removed their clothing. Krycek noted that she was very careful about removing hers. He figured that he was right about the weapon being concealed in the top of her dress. They slid into the warm pool water. Desdemona pulled him into the corner nearest them and nibbled on his ear.

“You’re affectionate tonight,” he whispered.

“Listen to me carefully, Pyotr,” she whispered in Russian. It was so low he could barely make it out over the noise the other guests were making. “That was our target. If I can get him alone, this will be all over with tonight. Otherwise, I’ll have to find another way to get to him.”

Krycek nodded. “Right. I’ll do what I can to help. Just let me know how I can help.”

“Both of us aren’t required to do the actual hit, but as they say, two heads are better than one.”

“I have an idea, if you’re interested.”


“Excuse me, Mr. Baryshnikov?” Krycek asked approaching their host for the evening. “I’d like a word with you it it’s convenient.”

“Mr. Ivanov, isn’t it? What can I do for you?”

“Earlier, this evening, you expressed an interest in my wife.”

Dimitri looked over to where Desdemona was lounging nude on a chair, watching the other couples. “She’s quite a lovely creature.”

“I have a proposal for you. It may sound odd to you, so I ask that you hear me out. You see, my wife has some…interesting kinks. She enjoys having sex with other men while someone else watches.”

“An interesting kink. It’s a wonder that you got her to marry you. She couldn’t truly be satisfied with just one man.”

“I met her in a strip club. Not one of those dirty back alley ones, but at Diamond’s in New York. I see you’ve heard of it.” Krycek himself had only been there himself once, but its reputation was quite large. The women were known for their dancing and…other forms of entertainment. “It seems that she’s taken a liking to you.”

Dimitri set his drink down and shoed away the women who were around him. “What, exactly, is the nature of your proposal, Mr. Ivanov?”

“Since your conversation with her earlier, all she’s done is speculate on your possible endowments and skill. Since you’ve been surrounded by women all evening, she assumes that both must be sufficient. If you would kindly consent to taking my wife while I provide the audience she needs, it would make her very happy.”

“Tell your wife that I would be happy to, but I don’t like to restrict myself to one woman a night. Variety, you see, is the point of these parties.”

“I am aware of that; however, this is not your average housewife here. This is one of the premier dancing girls from Diamond’s. She has many talents. If you don’t feel up to taking her on, then I’ll just have to break the bad news to her.” They both turned to look at Desdemona, who was now looking in their direction hopefully.

“If your wife craves an audience, I will include her in my group of women for later this evening.”

“She’s not that kind of woman, Mr. Baryshnikov. Diamond’s is, as you know, a men’s club. She’s used to having men watching her. Women don’t do it. Believe me, we’ve tried. I’ve had a large group over at my place while we were dating. It took her all night to get what she wanted, but it wasn’t as good for her as the night I invited my friends over and let each of them have at her while the rest watched. The difference between the two nights was incredible. She needs a stranger to bang her while at least one man watches. That’s our proposal. You can do anything you want to my wife while I watch. I will not interfere.”

“And what, exactly, do you get out of this?” Dimitri was no watching Desdemona as she got up from her lounge chair and went over to a mirror to arrange her long, loose, wet black hair to display herself to her best advantage. She was very careful to not turn her back to them. Remembering about her tattoo, Krycek understood.

“I get a satisfied wife and a much better lover until the next time this particular urge strikes her,” he replied. “I also get off on this. Not nearly as much as she does, but her rather unique moans are enough to set me off regardless of what’s causing them.” A quick glance down at the party host revealed just how interested he was.

“Very well then. I could use some exercise before I choose my ladies for the evening.” He handed Krycek a key with a number on it. “Meet me in this room in ten minutes. If you’ll excuse me…” He got up and walked over to the nearest man in a tux and started to talk to him.

Krycek made his way over to Desdemona, who was busily putting her dress back on. “He accepted our proposal, solnyshko moyo*,” he said, running a finger over her lower back. (*my sun)

“Good. You’ll have to tell me how you managed it later.” She turned to face Krycek, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Ochen' zhdu.*” (*I can’t wait)

He held up the key. “We need to be in this room in ten minutes.”

“Well, we shouldn’t keep our host waiting long, darling Pyotr. It’s just bad manners.”


When they got to the room, Dimitri was waiting for them, wearing only a pair of pants. He grinned lecherously at Desdemona and got up from the bed. “I was hoping to have he chance to taste you this evening, sweet Kiska,” he said hoarsely.

She smiled invitingly and sauntered towards him, deliberately swinging her hips. Krycek knew this to be an exaggeration having seen her walk with very little hip swinging. Desdemona sat down in Dimitri’s lap. “So, are you as good as the women say?”

“Better,” he said, deftly undoing the snaps on the front of the dress. Kissing her sloppily, he wiggled her out of the dress. “That dress makes you look like you have bigger breasts than you do,” he complained, looking at them up close.

“I have to dos something to compensate,” she told him blandly.

“Have you ever considered implants? They would look ravishing on you.”

“I dislike surgery. Besides, my husband likes them the way they are.”

“What a couple you two make. You like other men to take you while men watch and he likes women that are almost flat chested. Tell me, do you put your hair in pig tails and call him ‘daddy’?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know? I’m not here to talk with you. I’m here to see what kind of man you are.”

“Indeed.” He tossed her down onto the wide mattress and got up to take his pants off. Without any ceremony, he pried her legs apart and dove in. She watched him with a bland expression on her face. “What’s the matter, bitch? Not good enough for you?”

“You’ll need to do better than that if this is going to be worth the trouble.”

He pulled out. “Up on your knees, then, with your back to me.”

She smiled and complied. As soon as she was up, he was in again, grunting. His movements eventually shook the long hair from her back, revealing her unique tattoo. Horrified, he pulled out and scrambled away from her.

“You’re the assassin known as the Raven, Kiska?”

Desdemona got up off the bed and put her clothes back on, taking her gun out of the false breasts. “There is no one here with that name.” Her accent had vanished and her voice had returned to the cold, flat tone that was her normal voice.

Dimitri turned to Krycek. “Did you know that your wife is a killer, Mr. Ivanov?”

“We’re not actually married, Mr. Baryshnikov,” Krycek said, his voice loosing the thick Russian accent he’d been using. He pulled his own gun out from the top of his pants.

Desdemona walked over to stand beside Krycek, pointing her gun at Dimitri. “Dimitri Baryshnikov, I am Desdemona Leafe, known in my trade as the Raven. I’ve rather enjoyed my stay here in this resort, but that’s not enough to prevent me from completing my assignment. For threatening to betray the Syndicate, you’ve been sentenced to die by executioner.”

“And you? Who are you really, Pyotr Ivanov?”

“I’m Alex Krycek, though you won’t live long enough to remember,” he said standing up.

Dimitri collapsed onto the edge of the bed, staring at them. “This was a setup.”

“Of course it was,” Desdemona informed him, wrapping an arm around Krycek’s waist. She aimed her gun at Dimitri’s chest. “This is the end for you.”

Krycek raised his gun and aimed it. He looked down at Desdemona. “Would you care to take the first shot? I’d say ladies first, but I know better than that.”

Desdemona reached up and kissed Krycek on the cheek as she squeezed the trigger. The bullet hit Dimitri right between the eyes and went right through to the wall. Krycek’s follow up shot hit him in the chest. She broke away and collected the still warm bullet in a scrap torn from Dimitri’s shirt, stuffing them into the compartment with her gun. “Let’s go before someone hears the shots and comes looking for us,” she said, heading for the door. “We’d best head back to our suites and get out of here. While this opportunity was too good to pass up, I prefer to not do my job with so many people near by. Someone is bound to connect us to this.”

“That’s why you took your bullet?”

“There are two of us. It’s better that they think there’s only one killer. With the bullet missing, they’ll have to make that assumption.” In the blink of an eye, she was back to being Kiska Ivanov. “Come darling,” she said as they left the room. “All that has worn me right out. I want to go to bed.”

Krycek wrapped his arm around her waist to make it look like he was supporting her. They staggered back to their room and packed their things. Desdemona removed all trace of their having been there in the first place. She took the dress off and got new clothes out of her suitcase: a pair of black leather pants, black tank top, and a short black leather jacket. Taking a hair elastic out of her bag, tied her hair back.

“Desdemona, would it be alright if I saw your tattoo? You’ve been very careful to not let me see it. What was he so terrified of? What is it about that tattoo that makes you so easy to identify?”

Desdemona blinked, pausing in the process of putting her pants on. “I suppose that it would be alright for you to see it.” She pulled her ponytail forward over her chest and turned around to reveal a black tattoo of a raven with its wings spread wide, clutching a scythe in one claw and a small black pistol in the other. “Anyone involved with the syndicate finds out about this eventually. This is all they know about me. Not my gender, name, location, or anything else that would let hem find me. You are a rarity in that you know my real name, especially since you aren’t my target.”

“Do you always make a habit of telling your target your name?”

“Yes. My targets are generally people who would know of me. There is a Desdemona Leafe with brown hair that guards the bees in Canada. That’s all that’s known. Until the moment of their death, they don’t connect that person with the assassin known as the Raven.”

“Why a raven?”

“The raven is said to be the king of crows and represent knowledge. The raven is also said to represent the oncoming of death and dying. I’m one of the best at what I do. Besides that, I like ravens.”

“You lied to me. You said you didn’t like anything.” Krycek felt slightly betrayed.

“Yes I did. It was necessary.”

“So why are you telling me this now?”

“This can wait until we get back to New York. The money in our cash cards should get us a plane back, especially if we sell our original return tickets. I don’t really feel like riding first class this time.”

“It was a nice change for me. I figured you’d prefer to ride with a smaller number of people.”

“Being around people doesn’t bother me. I prefer to be in large crowds. I’m not as easy to notice that way.”

Krycek nodded, waiting for her to finish with her dressing and cleaning. “Let’s go. It’ll be hard enough to get past that desk clerk unnoticed.”

“No it won’t. That clerk is owned by the Syndicate.”

Desdemona lead the way to the front desk. The clerk started to stand and insist that they check out. She pulled a card out of her jacket pocket and handed it to him. He looked at it and nodded, handing her a set of car keys. “Thank you for your patronage,” he said as they left.