May 16, 2006: Added a Stargate: Atlantis fanfic section. Also, a new layout today!

March 24, 2006: Added Episode 29 to Lunar Andromeda.

March 18, 2006: Added Episode 28 to Lunar Andromeda.

March 17, 2006: After months of doing nothing in the fanfic universe, I updated Lunar Andromeda with two new episodes.

December 30, 2005: Added The Raven

December 29, 2005: Added a new section. Legend of the Galactic Heroes

December 27, 2005: *sigh* While trying to copy some of the ext to post it on a mailing list, I noticed the the HTML code for several chapters of 'Hunter's Moon' was goofed up. That has been fixed. Files 2-6 should now read properly. Please let me know if you spot any further errors.
Also, the X-Files fic 'Guardian Angel' was posted today.

December 21, 2005: Added the links to File 19 and File 20 of 'Hunter's Moon'. Enjoy!