Title: Slayer Training
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffyverse
Characters: Dean, Sam, Andrew, Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Willow, Xander
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke. The Buffyverse is the creation of Joss Whedon.
Rating: G
Word count: 1495
Prompt: 040 – Sight
Claim: Dean Winchester
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Summary: In order to find Jo, the boys team up with the resident group of Vampire Slayers. Insanity ensues.
Author’s notes:

Willow was more than fine with Sam and Dean watching the locator spell and was quite happy to explain to Sam how the spell worked once it was all over with. Dean found the whole process to be quite boring, so he let them discuss various magic things and went downstairs. Buffy and Faith went off to talk to Giles at the Roadhouse. Andrew stayed up with Sam and Willow to talk magic while Dawn went back into the dinning room to do some more research. Dean wandered into the living room and looked out the large window. What he saw was two groups of four girls each running through training exercises, each group led by another girl. He watched, fascinated, as they ran through drill after drill. He could hear the girls in charge of each group barking out instructions. The girls going through the drills appeared to be between fourteen and eighteen years old. They were widely varied in appearance from Caucasian to African to Asian and a few others in between. One of the lead girls was a conservatively dressed brunette in Capri pants and a light t-shirt with her hair done in a pair of braided ponytails. The other was a redhead in jeans and a tank top, her hair tied in a simple ponytail.

“Fascinating sight, isn’t it?”

Dean turned to see a man with an eye patch standing beside him. “Women in general are fascinating to watch, but women doing combat training? That’s just weird and cool at the same time.”

“Not to mention hot. I’m Xander.”


“It’s nice to have more guys around here. Oz is alright but he doesn’t say much. Andrew is, frankly, a nerd. He’s been a nerd for as long as I’ve known him.”

“Long time?”

“Is since elementary school a long time?” Xander said with a rueful smile.

“In a sense, I envy you that. I’ve never stayed put long enough to form that kind of friendship. I’ve only ever had Sam and my dad. It’s just me and Sam now.”

“I heard. You’re dad was a smart guy. He was a blast to have around when he was here and he was never afraid to talk back to the Slayers even though it would have only taken one of them to take him out and they respected him for that.”

“Oz warned me to not piss them off.”

“Always good advice, but you can’t be afraid of them. Some of them will take advantage of that, like Faith and Kennedy. Others will just ignore it, like Buffy, Molly, Aimee, and Vi. People like Chao-Ahn, Siobhan and Rona will completely ignore you regardless.”

“Why’s that?”

Xander shrugged. “Rona and Siobhan, and a few others are just strange like that. Chao-Ahn is Chinese and barely speaks the language. Andrew seems to have a crush on Siobhan. That’s the redhead you see out there.”

“It’s hard to judge a woman just from seeing her back.”

“Trust me, she’s good looking,” Xander said reassuringly. “She’s good at what she does, too.”

“I assumed that since she’s leading drills.”

“Those girls are brand new at this. The ones that Molly has are more advanced and almost ready to go out on their own.” Xander’s face took on a pensive expression. “It’s funny how fast you get used to this. I remember when I first met Buffy. At the time, she was the only Slayer in the world. That’s how it used to be, you know; only one girl in each generation with this power with the gift passing on to another girl only when the Slayer died. Then she was killed and it all changed.”

“I don’t see what the difference is here.”

“Angel and I followed Buffy down when she went to face the Master. We found her lying face down in a puddle. I managed to revive her, but the instant she died, a new Slayer was called. Kendra. Her death activated Faith, who I hear you’ve met.”

Dean exhaled. “Yup.”

“Hot, huh?”

“Oh yeah.”

“News flash, Dean. They’re all attractive. I think it’s something about that power of theirs that just shines out through their skin. Some are just plain cute, but there are those like Buffy and Faith that are just outright gorgeous.”

Dean shook his head. “And how many of these Slayers are there?”

“I lost count, but I know at least thirty personally. Some are still alive, but others have been killed.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“It sounds weird, but I’ve gotten used to having Slayers die. Buffy’s died quite a few times, Kendra died, a bunch of Potentials were killed before Willow’s spell activated them all, some died not long after being activated in the fight to seal the Hellmouth, and others have died since that. I’m no stranger to people dying around me and having to go to funerals.”

Again, Dean shook his head. “I don’t envy you that. The only funeral I really remember was my dad’s and only because it was very recent. I know I went to one for my mom, but I was only four at the time and I don’t really remember it, or her for that matter.”

“I envy you that. My parents were no picnic to live with.”

“At least you lived in a somewhat normal home.”

“I lived in Sunnydale,” Xander pointed out. “Because we were sitting on a Hellmouth, we had more than our fair share of nasty things crawling around. There was nothing about that town that was normal. My childhood wasn’t quite as messed up as yours, given that I wasn’t moving around and that I didn’t really know why my hometown was so weird until Buffy transferred to our high school, but still.”

“Alright then. Looks like the girls are done.”

“If you need to use the bathroom, now would be a good time before they get in here,” Xander advised. “There won’t be an available bathroom for at least an hour at the rate they go. At least Siobhan there has the sense to head back to her place to shower instead of using one of these ones.”

“You taking my name in vain again, Xander?” the redhead asked as she entered the house along with the other Slayers.

“Never in vain, ‘Bhan,” Xander replied. “You’d hurt me if I did.”

Siobhan looked a little put out by that. “Why? You and Oz are the only guys around my age that don’t treat me like a piece of meat. Besides, you’re useful to us.”

“It’s always nice to be needed. Oh, ‘Bhan, this is Dean. He and his brother are helping you girls look for Jo.”

“Still haven’t found her?” She looked worried at that. “Bizarre. How did Willow’s locator spell go?”

“She’s still tracking the signal while explaining to Sam, Dean’s brother, how the thing works.”

“It’s magic. What more do you need to know? It works and that’s god enough for me.”

“’Bhan’s not one for magic either,” Xander explained to Dean. “She kicks a fair amount of ass without it, so it’s all good. Some Slayers have a more mystical bent, some are just all about the fighting part.”

“Oy… I’m not all about the fighting.”

“True. Sometimes it’s all about all of those ancient languages trapped in your skull.”

“And don’t you forget it. While you’re at it, don’t forget who pulled you out of that jam last year by correctly translating the symbols on that thing holding you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Xander said, his face turning a brilliant scarlet. “So you guys done for the day?”

“Finally,” she said, sounding annoyed. “All of the girls in this new batch are the prissy kind. I can’t stand prissy girly-girls. They just don’t seem to understand that this isn’t a desk job. The training they get here means the difference between a short career as a Slayer and staying alive. This isn’t the place for fancy French manicures.”

“Buffy manages it somehow.”

“Buffy learned to deal with that when she was the only Slayer. The fact that there are more of us in the world now doesn’t give them an excuse to be lazy. If anything, we can’t let our guard down in case something else decides to put an end to the Slayer line the way the First Evil did.”

Dean looked between the two. “I’m a little lost here.”

Siobhan looked at him. She tucked a strand of red hair back behind her ear. “You’re obviously new to this whole Slayer thing, so I’ll give you a bit of advice. There’s a bookshelf over there on the wall,” she said, pointing to it. “Do some reading.” She turned back to Xander. “I’m going back to my place to catch a shower before I take my turn looking for Jo.” The two boys watched her leave. “She’s quite the little firecracker isn’t she?” Dean said.

“You have no idea,” Xander said, laughing.

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