Title: Working with strangers
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffyverse
Characters: Dean, Sam, Andrew, Buffy, Ellen, Giles, Faith, Dawn
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke. The Buffyverse is the creation of Joss Whedon.
Rating: G
Word count: 1446
Prompt: 025 - Strangers
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Summary: When Jo goes missing, the call goes out for all hands on deck.
Author’s notes:

Andrew insisted on going with them to the Roadhouse. Neither brother could see a good reason not to take him and Dean wanted to keep Andrew as close as possible as he was the only source of information about the Slayers that they knew of. Andrew seemed willing to talk to them as well.

They made it to the Roadhouse in record time. Inside, they found Ellen silently crying at a table. Sitting beside her was the man she’d gone off to talk to the night before. He looked up as they walked in.

“You must be John Winchester’s boys,” he said with an accent that identified him clearly as British. “I wish this meeting were under better circumstances.”

“What happened?” Dean asked.

“The old man from last night,” Ellen replied. “The one that Jo was so creeped out by. He took her.”

“How do you know that for sure?”

“One of the girls saw him put Jo into his car.”

“I think it was Aimee,” the man supplied. “I’m Rupert Giles, incidentally. Your father was a friend of mine.”

“He never mentioned you.”

Giles smiled tiredly. “No, he didn’t. We both thought it best that he not. The last time I saw either of you two boys outside of a photograph was back when Dean was very young, perhaps five or six years old.” “How well did you know him?” Dean asked, curious.

“Very well, actually. After your mother’s death, he came into contact with a woman called Missouri Mosely, who clued him in to the existence of the supernatural. She sent him to me as she was unable to train him properly to fight demons. As I had many years of training in how to teach Slayers, it wasn’t difficult to adapt those teachings to give him what he needed to start. There was a limit to what I could teach him of course as he’s no Slayer, but it was enough to keep him and the two of you alive.”

“Do we have any leads on this guy?” Sam asked, getting back on topic. He wanted to know more about the relationship between his dad and this odd British man, but there were more pressing things at hand.

“I’m afraid not. We do think that his appearance was falsified, though.”

“A disguise?” Ellen asked. “What makes you think that?”

“One of the Slayers was here last night and she thought he looked familiar,” Giles told her gently. “She and Aimee are out looking for him, his car, and Jo.”

“If they are, then why did you call us, Ellen? Dean asked, perplexed. “It looks like you have the situation in hand.”

“I’d like you two to help look for her. More eyes will make her easier to find.”

Giles smiled a little. “Your father had always wanted you boys to work with the Slayers, especially after Willow’s spell activated all of the Potentials. It just never seemed to work out as something always came up that took you three away or occupied the Slayers. He always hoped…” he trailed off and shook his head. “No, that’s unimportant right now. There will be plenty of time for that once Jo has been found. Andrew, could you take them to Oz’s place?”

“We know the way, Giles. We were there already today,” Dean said casually.

Giles looked surprised. “Why is that?”

“We, uh, bumped into Oz.”

“And Faith,” Andrew supplied mischievously.

Giles sighed. “I can only imagine how well that went. At any rate, I’d like Andrew to go with you just in case. He knows the girls and can vouch for you two. Hopefully, that will keep and…misunderstandings from occurring.”

“We can handle misunderstandings,” Dean told him. “Happens to us all the time.”

“Allow me clarify then. Misunderstandings where a Slayer is involved tend to end in injury where the injured party isn’t the Slayer herself.”

Dean, remembering how easily Faith had knocked him down and kept him there with just one boot, nodded. “Good point. Alright, let’s go you two.”

“Shotgun!” Andrew called. Sam and Dean just looked at him. “What?”

Shortly after the Impala pulled into the driveway of Oz’s two storied house, a lot of curious faces appeared in the house’s windows and from around the sides. The door opened and a woman with blond hair and a serious expression on her face came out, her arms folded across her chest and her foot tapping impatiently.

The three boys got out of the car. “Hi Buffy!” Andrew said, addressing the blond.

“New friends, Andrew?” she asked him.

“Dean and Sam Winchester. Guys, this is Buffy Summers.”

“So you brought them here because…why?”

“Because, as you know, Jo’s missing and Ellen wants them to help you Slayers find her.”

“No offence guys, but we can handle this.”

“Giles thinks they can help, too,” Andrew added.

Dean stepped forward. “Besides that, we know this area as we’ve hunted things here for years. We know the area.”

“Jo also knows us, having worked with us before,” Sam added.

“Why don’t we finish this discussion indoors?” Buffy suggested, looking around at the girls peeking around the corners of the house. “We’re distracting the girls from their training.” She gestured for them to follow her into the house, leading them into a room full of couches, single chairs, beanbag chairs, and pillows of assorted shapes and sizes. Dean and Sam sat down on one couch while Buffy and Andrew sat down on a couch and am armchair respectively across from the one the two brothers sat on.

“You two want to help?” Buffy asked.

“We’ve been asked to,” Sam reminded her. “Besides, we owe Ellen a few favors.”

“Before we left the Roadhouse to come here, Giles said something about our dad wanting us to work with you Slayers, but that it just never happened,” Dean said.

“And your dad was…who again?”

“John Winchester,” Faith supplied, walking into the room. “How’s it going, boys?”

Buffy turned to Faith. “You know them?”

“Ran into them tracking down Oz this morning.” Faith shrugged. “They’re a little clueless about things, but they’re alright otherwise.”

A younger girl with long, straight, brown hair rolled her eyes. “Oh please, Faith. Even I know the real reason why you’re saying that.” She snickered at the look Buffy was giving her. “Oh come on. I hang around you and the other Slayers all the time and you expect me to not pick up anything from this? Please! I’m not in junior high anymore.”

“Boys, this is Dawn, my little sister. Lay a finger on her and I’ll remove it. Not from her, from your wrist.”

“Noted,” Sam said, exchanging looks with Dean. “So what do you have on this guy that took Jo?”

“Dawn?” Buffy asked.

“Not much. Xander and I have been looking into this guy since Giles called and we can’t find anything. On the plus side, we don’t think he’s left the area. Kennedy’s been out with some of the newbies to keep an eye on the roads out of town. Nothing matching the description Aimee gave us on the car has left, so he’s most likely still here. Even better, Willow’s got all of the components for a locator spell, so she’s going to cast that in a little bit. She’s getting set up right now.”

“A spell?” Sam asked her. “You don’t really think that’s actually going to do anything, do you?”

“Boy do you two have a lot to learn,” Dawn said, smiling. “Willow’s a witch. A real one that works real magic and she’s really powerful too. She brought Buffy back from the dead this one time.”

At their enquiring looks, she nodded. “Yeah. Took me along time to forgive her for it, too.”

“It’s not like she could have known. We thought you were in a hell dimension, suffering eternal torment.”

“I feel like I’m missing something,” Sam said to Dean.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Hell, I know we’re missing a lot here.”

“We can brush up on basic Slayer history later,” Buffy told them. “All you need to know for right now is this. Slayers are all women. We’re stronger and faster than you are with enhanced senses, endurance, agility, and reflexes. Don’t treat us like the girls you’re used to dealing with and we won’t have any problems.”

“Noted.” Dean nodded with a quick glance at Faith, who smirked.

“I don’t suppose this Willow person would mind if we watched her cast this spell?” Sam asked. “I’ve never seen real magic before.”

Buffy shrugged. “You could always ask her. She’s upstairs, Dawn?” Dawn nodded. “Let’s go see if she’s fine with that.”

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