Title: An old nemesis
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffyverse
Characters: Dean, Sam, Andrew, Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Willow, Xander
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke. The Buffyverse is the creation of Joss Whedon. Siobhan and Aimee are my characters and were created specifically for this fic. Do not use them without talking to me first.
Rating: G
Word count: 2169
Prompt: 006 - Hours
Claim: Dean Winchester
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Summary: In order to find Jo, the boys team up with the resident group of Vampire Slayers. Insanity ensues.
Author’s notes: Yes, I realize that I used a Slayer named Molly in the previous installment of this story. Yes, I’m aware of the fact that there was a Potential of that same name that was killed by Caleb at the Vineyard. It’s just a name. They aren’t the same character.

As the door closed behind Siobhan, Andrew came pelting down the stairs, looking around. Willow and Sam were close behind him. “Where is she?”

“Where’s who?” Dean asked him.

“You know who I’m talking about. My redheaded Goddess of Slaying, mistress of the Newbies, and the world’s most beautiful woman.”

Xander pretended to think about that. “Oh, you must mean Siobhan.”

“Who else?” Andrew asked impatiently.

“I thought she asked you to stop calling her things like that.”

“She did, but if she’s not around to ear them, it’s ok.”

“Not if I pick up the phone and tell her about it.”

“You’re a cruel and sadistic man, Xander Harris,” Andrew said, pouting.

Dean thought this was all very funny. “You like her that much, Andrew?”

Andrew’s blue eyes took on a dreamy, far away expression. “Yeah, she’s so cool. She’s super fast and strong and really fun to be around.”

“If you’re another Slayer,” Xander amended. “She’s not much for hanging out with men. I wonder about that sometimes.”

“Xander!” Andrew exclaimed, outraged. “How dare you even insinuate that my beloved Goddess is anything but straight?”

Willow gave him a look. “And what’s wrong with not being straight?”

“Nothing at all, but Siobhan isn’t a lesbian. I just know it.”

Sam looked a little puzzled. “I’ve been following this little conversation of yours, but it’s not making any sense to me.”

“Ditto that,” Dean agreed. “I do agree with Andrew though. That girl is seriously hot.”

“This Siobhan girl?” Sam asked.

“Not sure if she’s really my type though.”

“You have a type?” Sam looked surprised by this. “I thought ‘good looking and willing’ was the extent of it.”

“Funny. Yes, I have a type. Siobhan seems to be a bit too…aggressive for my tastes.”

“That’s Slayers for you,” Willow said and Xander just shook his head.

“You really should try to get to know her,” Andrew told Dean. “She’s, well…she’s awesome.”

“You’re encouraging someone else to get to know your precious Goddess of Slaying?” Xander asked Andrew. “That’s a little strange for you. I thought you were normally more possessive than that.”

Andrew flushed. “The last time I got bent out of shape about her talking to another guy, she literally bent me out of shape. My back still hurts from that.”

Now he was curious. “Were the two of you ever involved?” Dean asked.

“Sadly, no. Not in reality anyways.”

“Uh, I hate to break up this male bonding thing you guys have going on here, but I really think you should head off to that place,” Willow told them.

“What place, Will?” Xander asked.

“The one Sam has directions to. Get going. I have a couple of phone calls to make. You know, for backup and stuff. Now get going!”

Xander cringed. “Ok, just don’t use any magic on us alright?”

Willow smiled. “I won’t just so long as you three get going. Andrew, you stay here. You’re not so good at fighting yet and if things go bad I’d rather not have another friend to burry.”

Not long after Siobhan had gotten out of the shower, she headed back out again, armed with her cell phone and a small knife. It was still light out and would be for several more hours, so she left her usual weapons behind as vampires didn’t come out when the sun was still up in the sky. She got into her car and drove to the opposite end of town from where Kennedy was stationed, keeping an eye on the outgoing traffic. On her way to a bar known to be the hang out of the more unsavory type of people, her phone rang. The display showed Willow’s private number, so she pulled over to answer it.

“Talk to me, Will. You did? Where? Ok, give me about ten minutes to get there. I’ll see if there’s anything there. You did?” She sighed in annoyance. “Alright. If they’re going to help with this then they may as well get into this up to their ears. Let’s just hope they haven’t gotten into anything they can’t handle on their own.”

She hung up the phone and drove off, turning to head towards the west side of town.

“This is the place, huh?” Dean asked Xander as de got out of the car. He looked at the place skeptically.

Xander nodded and looked at him and Sam. “You guys sure you want to do this?”

“Why not?” Sam asked him.

He shrugged. “It’s just that, in my experience, when people like us, people with no extra abilities, take on ones that do, it ends badly. That’s how I lost my eye. Some insane preacher named Caleb poked it out.”

“Ouch.” Dean winced in sympathy.

Xander shrugged again. “It’s alright. I’ve gotten used to not having any depth perception.”

“Xander? That you?” The voice sounded like it belonged to a teenaged girl. This was confirmed as a very young looking brunette headed towards them.

“Hey, Aimee. Dean, Sam, this is my friend Aimee, a Slayer.”

“You’re the one that saw Jo get taken, right?” Sam asked her.

She nodded, smiling shyly at him. “I lost track of his car around noon today. Willow called and said that the spell pointed her to this place, so here I am.”

“I thought Giles said that you were working with someone else, another Slayer.”

“That was Siobhan, actually. We had to split up as she had training with the new girls this afternoon.”

“I think she would have preferred to have spent the afternoon wandering around,” Xander snickered. “She looked pretty pissed after the session ended.”

“Is she always that cranky or is today just a bad day?” Dean asked them.

“Actually,” Siobhan said coming up behind him. “This has been a bad week in general.” Aimee looked at the other Slayer. “You either have the best or the worst sense of timing of anyone I’ve ever met. You always show up when people are talking about you.”

Siobhan shrugged. “It’s a gift, I guess. Or a curse. Whichever. It doesn’t matter, really.” She eyed Dean and Sam. “Alright, since you’re here, I’m assuming you know how to not get killed. Willow, Giles, and Ellen all vouch for you, so I’m going to trust their judgment.”

“For once,” Aimee added, snickering.

Siobhan ignored her and continued. “I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to find in there, but I have a few guesses and those guesses aren’t pretty ones. Given who you two are, you’re also not strangers to a bit of gore. If you’re half the hunters your dad was, you’ll be ok.”

Xander blinked. “Since when do you give pep talks?”

She gave him a dirty look. “Since Ellen warned me that if either of these two doesn’t make it out of this whole situation whole and alive my ass is as good as dead. While it could be funny to see her try and go through with that, I’d rather not be responsible for anyone dying on my watch.”

“So you’re concerned for their safety? Touching, but what about me?”

She smirked. “You’ve been around us long enough to know the drill. Come on. Let’s get this over with before it gets dark.”

“What happens when it gets dark?” Sam asked Aimee as they headed in.

“It gets a little hard to see.” She eyed him carefully. “You’re a hunter?”

“That’s right,” he confirmed.

“Huh. The only other people I know of that hunt demons without being affiliated with the Slayers and the rebuilt Watcher’s Council are Gunn in Los Angeles and this guy that Giles called John. Last name was Win-something.”


“That’s it!”

“That was my dad.”

“Really? He said he had a couple sons, one about my age and one older.”

“You’re how old?”

She frowned. “Twenty three.”

“Huh…I figured you were maybe sixteen or seventeen.”

Aimee sighed with resignation. “I get that a lot.”


The inside of the old, abandoned warehouse was in surprisingly better shape than the outside was. It wasn’t very well lit, but it was lit well enough for them to see where they were going. The building was warm and clean and one corner was furnished like a bachelor’s suite would be, making it look as if a person lived there, complete with bathroom and a small kitchen. There was no sign that there was anyone else but them in the building, so they headed towards the furnished area.

“This is unexpected,” Xander observed as they walked.

“Yeah, it is,” said Aimee, staying close to Sam.

“Based on the furnishings, though, I’m pretty sure that there’s a human that lives here,” said Sam, glancing briefly at Aimee, wondering at how close she was staying to him.

“You’re sure it’s not a demon of some kind?” Xander asked him. “There are a lot of them, remember, and most have real bodies and don’t need to possess humans in order to do things.”

“Demons, when they buy furniture at all, tend to have better taste than this,” Aimee added. “They also don’t really go for warehouses, as they prefer sewers, basements, crypts, and old mansions as places to live in.”

“Actually, I agree with Sam and Aimee,” Siobhan said as she opened the fridge and examined its contents. “I see some English beer and some nasty food that I’ve only ever seen British people eat. If that’s not proof enough, there’s a jar of Marmite on the counter beside the toaster.”

“What’s Marmite?” Dean asked her.

“It’s a dark brown spread made from yeast that is a by product of the brewing industry. It has a very strong and slightly salty flavor to it. It has a high B-vitamin content, as well as riboflavin and niacin—and as such is very healthy. Giles can’t stand the stuff, but Wesley is absolutely crazy about it. He likes to spread it on toast or eat it on aw spaghetti.”

Aimee and Xander gave their friend a strange look. “Let’s hear it for useless knowledge girl,” Aimee teased.

“I swear, I’m never spending more than a week in Los Angeles ever again,” Siobhan grumbled.

“So apparently we’re looking for a British person,” Xander said.

“I’d say a man by the looks of things here,” Sam observed, examining the furniture. “None of it matches and no woman I’ve ever met would allow herself to have such ugly furniture unless the circumstances were really, really bad. The clothes draped on that one chair look like men’s clothes, the handwriting on this piece of paper, even though I don’t understand it, looks like a man’s handwriting. I also see some magazines under the coffee table that are of the variety that men would read.”

“Care to elaborate on that?” Siobhan asked as she finished poking around the kitchen.

“No, not really. That should tell you something.”

“There’s also a men’s razor and shaving cream in the bathroom with no signs of those feminine things you women are so fond of,” Dean added to his brother’s observations.”

“So a man. Definitely.” Sam looked pleased with that.

“I must say, those are some excellent observations,” a man’s voice said from behind them. It had a heavy British accent. “That’s just what I would expect from one of the infamous Winchester brothers.” Standing behind them was a tall, middle aged man with dark hair and brown eyes. There was a sly smile on his face as he watched them from a safe distance.

“How do you know us?” Sam asked suspiciously.

“Like I said, you two are rather infamous among the freelance demon hunters. Besides, I was told that you and your brother were coming here. I wasn’t expecting you to have a Cyclops and a pair of Ripper’s Slayers tagging along.”

“Well, if it isn’t our old buddy Ethan Rayne,” Xander said. “I thought we’d seen the last of you when Riley Finn arrested you and out you into military custody pending determination of your status.”

“That didn’t take long,” Ethan told him proudly. “I simply asked them to let me go and they did.”

“Note to self: never arrest a chaos magician without gagging him first,” Siobhan muttered.

“And who might you be?” Ethan asked her, eyeing her. “And I thought that Ripper’s first Slayer was a lovely little thing, but you, my dear, take the cake.”

Siobhan glanced at Aimee helplessly. “Some help, here?”

“What? I think you’re pretty, too, ‘Bhan. You’re the one with the problem, not the rest of the world.”

“Well, while I’m flattered that you remember me, Cyclops, I do have to run. You understand don’t you? Places to go, innocents to kill, worlds to take over.”

Aimee dropped into a fighting stance. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“My, don’t you have a lot of spunk,” he laughed. “Sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it.” He dropped a large ball that exploded, filling the warehouse with smoke. When it cleared, Ethan was nowhere to be found.

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