22 Reasons Not To Go On a Road trip with my brother
By Dean Winchester

Author's note: This is a rebuttal of sorts for a similar list found in the 'Supernatural season 1 guide', where Sam lists 22 reasons to not road trip with Dean.

1. Has no appreciation of my music
2. doesn’t pack anything for camping
3. Runs faster than me.
4. Makes me wear things that make me look like one of the Blues Brothers.
5. Keeps important secrets from me.
6. Can’t tell his brother from an evil shapeshifter.
7. He’s too picky about his coffee.
8. Complains when I save us a few bucks.
9. Road trips are great, but he keeps wanting to go home.
10. Can’t be trusted with a loaded gun.
11. Leaving him on a roadside results in him meeting demon possessed chicks.
12. Two words: Faith healers.
13. He gives cryptic road directions.
14. He has these creepy dreams where people die.
15. Has a tendency to get himself kidnapped by crazy people hunters.
16. doesn’t do enough thinking with his downstairs brain.
17. Has a bad habit of spreading super glue on drink containers.
18. Hogs all the fruit loops.
19. He’s remarkably dense regarding women.
20. He’s more like our dad than he knows.
21. He has these strange urges to run into burning buildings.
22. Tends to miss targets standing right near him.