June 15, 2008: We have not only a new layout, but new content as well in the galleries. I've reorganized the site into some kind of coherent order. Everything was just kind of sprawled all over the place and not sorted. It is now. Yay! We also have some CSS going here. I hope to be adding BSSMMU Chapter 5 soon, so keep your eyes open.

June 03, 2008: Site down on hiatus. Check back for more updates soon.

September 04, 2007: What a shock. A gallery update. But no worries. I'll be uploading the revised chapters of Mirror Universe fairly soon. I actually have those characters redesigned now, so when the new chapters go up, those images will finally be made available on the site. Of course, if you watch my DA or SA galleries, then you already have seen these redesigns. People from the Tower of Time have also seen the fuku redesigns.

August 08, 2007: Yet another gallery update. Some new art I've done, some new fan art, and a piece of older art that I'd forgotten about. I'm presently working on some civilian art as well as art of characters who don't get much (or any for that matter).

July 15, 2007: Not much of an update, but the galleries have new content and the links look nicer now. I've fixed a minor coding problem on all of the gallery pages as well.

April 15, 2007: So my fanart gallery has actually been updated. It's been a while since I've done that. If you drew an image for me, please have a look to make sure I've credited you properly. If you drew an image for me and you don't see it, please contact me and let me know.

November 03, 2006: I finally got the new layout up and running. I also moved the bulk of the updates onto its own section of the site. The winners of the contest have also been announced. Check the contest section for more details.

October 03: Updated the fanart section with two new images. I also added the Contest I'm holding.

September 09: My site won an award! Thanks to Sakky of 'Sakura's Senshi Circle' for the award. You can visit her site by clicking on the award.

I also added an awards section!

September 05: Long time since my last update. Ok, I just added two new pieces of fan art to that part of the site. Have a look because they're shiny and nice.

June 04, 2006: Ok. Lots to add today. The soundtracks pages have been fixed to have links to the lyrics. The gallery is thumbnailed. The Joudo Tengoku bio page has been created. Also, BSSM:E the rewrite has been slightly rewritten as in my lastest dolling binge I redesigned a few things. BSSM:I Act 01 rewrite has been updated and Acts 02-06 have been added as well. I also have a new fanart page.

April 12, 2006: Created a new layout for the website.

April 11, 2006: Updated all of the bio pages for the main senshi, added their updated fuku images, and added a new sister site.

March 31, 2006: Added parts E-06, E-07, and E-08 to the page.

March 08, 2006: Added the rewritten series parts E-02, E-03, and E-04. As such, the history file has also been updated to catalogue more changes that were made in the story itself.

March 06, 2006: Added the first rewritten chapter of BSSM:E to the site. I went and redesigned all the costumes. The images aren't up here yet, but you can check them out at my DA Account if you're really curious.
Also added a historyof the fic.

January 09, 2006: Added a main page link to the Protect Our Senshi page.