Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 18 – Battle Part 1

Note: For the first part of this, ‘Forever Love’ by X-Japan is a good tune to listen to. The fourth part on was written listening to ‘Golden Queen Galaxia’ from Sailormoon and ‘X’ by, again, X-Japan.

They’d thrown him into a cell when their torture had failed to coerce any information out of him. Halfway through, he’d detransformed from StarFighter to Seiya. It might have had something to do with being pawed at between bouts of torture and pain. His body must have had enough and returned to its other state. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he’d finished detransforming, tears instantly leaked from his eyes. What was Jen doing then? How was she dealing with his abduction? It was all he could think of. It kept his mind away from the pain, luckily enough. He could only hope that she was acting normally. He hoped against all hope, a thought that really bothered him, that she truly didn’t love him and only felt friendship for him. That way she wouldn’t be hurt or in pain. If she did love him though… He clenched his fists. Those bastards will pay for hurting her. I don’t care what happens to me anymore as long as she stays safe and happy for the rest of her life.

He heard a laugh, a laugh that sounded much like his own. A spot over in the corner glowed slightly with an aura that was red with green flecks through it. *I understand, my other self. Kasei produces that kind of reaction in men. ‘If only I can keep her safe and happy then m life has meaning’, right?*

Seiya nodded. “Who are you?”

*I told you already. By some cosmic fluke, you’re me and I’m you. Unlike you, however, I’m not really here.*

“Are you dead?” Seiya leaned towards the glow.

The light moved, much like it would have if it were a person shrugging. It was taking on a more human like form. *I’m not really sure. I mean, I can’t feel things very well. Physically I mean. Emotionally, I’m very much alive. They keep me in physical torment that starts again at the dawn of the next day. It never ends for me. Who are you anyway?*

“My name is Seiya Kou.”

*You are more than you seem,* the glow observed.

“I’m a sailor senshi,” he said proudly. The glow began to laugh, as if it found this fact extremely hysterical. “What? I’m serious! When I say ‘Fighter Star Power’, I turn into Sailorstarfighter.”

*I’m sorry, but only women can be sailor senshi, my friend.* The glow shook its head. *You are very much disillusioned. I think the torture must have addled your mind.*

“I’ll prove it to you then.”

*Go ahead. I could use a good laugh.*

“Fighter Star Power, Make Up!” Henshin complete, StarFighter looked at the glow. “Believe me now?” she asked smugly.

*Ok, I’m impressed. So, you’re really a woman? What does Kasei make of that?*

“To tell you the truth, I’m not entirely sure what she feels for me right now.” She told the glow the entire story of their relationship from beginning to just before he’d been taken. “All I know is that, when I’m Seiya, I love her so very deeply. When I’m StarFighter, it’s more of a deep friendship.”

The glow nodded. *So she still remembers her past huh. I’d have thought she’d get it wiped from her mind, but I guess she chose to live with the pain her past causes.* It sighed and leaned its head back on the wall. *I remember everything from back then so very clearly. It’s almost painful at times and at others it’s so excruciating that I can’t think.*

This took Fighter aback. “You knew her? Before the war? Did you know Seikou, too?”

*In a matter of speaking, yes.* It turned to him, a pair of blue eyes looked at him as facial features half formed and body shape became more clear. Whatever the glow was, it had once been a man of some sort. *Would you like to hear about it?*

“Yes, if you don’t mind.” Fighter turned back into Seiya and sat down beside him.

With StarInfinity’s help, they’d managed to find the entrance to the Joudo Tengoku. They stood in a circle at the Hikawa shrine. StarInfinity looked at each of them, her expression unreadable. “I can’t go with you. Neither can the twins. I will take them to a place where they will be safe from harm. Good luck all of you. To get to An’ei Souku’s palace, yell out your henshin. Once that’s done, clasp hands and shout Eternal Star Teleport. Once you’re there, go as far down as you can. That’s where the cells are. You should be able to find Seiya there, as well as several others that you should free. May StarFreedom travel with you,” she said and then vanished with the twins.

“I guess it’s up to us now,” Sailormoon said, turning to StarFire. “I will follow your lead. You know more about this than I do, so I think it’s best if we do.”

“I heartily agree,” StarFire said, relieved. “I was beginning to wonder how I was going to convince you to let me lead. Now I don’t have to worry. Arrigato, Eternalsailormoon.”

“Shall we begin?” Venus asked, impatient.

StarFire nodded. “Fire Cosmic Power!”

“Earth Cosmic Power!”

“Water Cosmic Power!”

“Air Cosmic Power!”

“Moon Eternal Power!”

“Mercury Eternal Power!”

“Mars Eternal Power!”

“Jupiter Eternal Power!”

“Venus Eternal Power!”

“Neptune Eternal Power!”

“Uranus Eternal Power!”

“Saturn Eternal Power!”

“Pluto Eternal Power!”

“Maker Star Power!”

“Healer Star Power”

“Hisei Star Power!” “Leo Cosmic Power!”


The glowing male figure looked off to the side for a minute.

“What is it?” Seiya asked.

I felt a surge of power,* he said. *Something big is going to happen, and very soon, too.*

The senshi somehow got separated during the teleport and wound up in different parts of the castle.

Jupiter came too surrounded by long pointed blades. “Oh no,” she groaned, standing.

“Who are you?” one of the men holding the blades asked, poking Jupiter menacingly with the blade, not hard enough to cute her, but hard enough to get the point across.

“I’m Eternalsailorjupiter,” she said, standing.

“Did you hear that boys? She’s a sailorsenshi, one of the ones from this miserable rock.” The other men grinned. “Let’s get her!”

“I don’t think so! Sagittarius Silverarrow flash!” Jupiter’s attack both disabled several men and blinded most of them. The room was dark and her bright green and silver attack lit the room up like fireworks.

“Don’t let her get away with that!” the first man spoke up, covering his eyes. They came at her with blades. One managed to get in a swing at her midsection.

His blade landed with a clang on another blade. It was StarLove. “Hey Jupiter. Need a hand?” she asked, fending off several of her attackers.

“I didn’t know you had a sword,” Jupiter said, sending a Jupiter Oak Evolution into their midst.

“Himitsu-sama gave it to me just a few weeks ago. I was able to call it out once, and that convinced her I was ready for it. I’ve been practicing with it. Watch this. Libra Truth Reflection!” A white beam shot out of the jewel in the cross piece of her blade and shone over all their enemies. When the light touched them, their appearance shifted and showed what they truly were: peasants that had been warped in body and mind.

“Nice!” Jupiter said, approvingly. “Now what?”

“Justice Truth Attack!” the beam changed color and the enemies screamed in pain and returned to their true form. StarLove nodded to Jupiter and they ran off to find the others.

StarMaker, Mercury and Mars were backed into a corner by some drooling, hulking obake who breathed fire. They attacked it with their powers to no avail. Physical attacks it just brushed off as if they were tickling it.

“What now, Mercury?” Mars said, backing up. “I’m out of ideas.”

“As am I,” Maker agreed.

Mercury activated her visor. “That’s odd. It’s drool. It only drools before it breathes fire. I wonder… She fiddled some more. “Mars, next time it starts drooling, attack it with a fire attack.”

“We tried that already, Mercury,” Mars said under her breath.

“Attack the drool this time, though,” Mercury explained.

It approached, mouth open. It grinned at them and began to drool slightly. When more had built up, Mars stepped forward. “Aries Spirit Ball!” she shouted. The flaming ball ignited the obake’s drool, lighting it on fire. It yowled in pain and collapsed to the ground, dead.

“Wow, way to go Mercury!” Maker clapped her on the back. “I never would have thought of that one.”

Mercury blushed. “Let’s find the others now. We don’t have much time.”

They turned to leave, when Jupiter and StarLove showed up. Love threw her arms around maker and hugged her. “Here you are!” she said.

“Let’s go.” Mars said. “Any suggestions as to a direction?”

“We were heading down, just like Himitsu-sama said,” Love said, detaching herself from Maker. “That’s where StarFire will be heading, I can guarantee it.”

The others nodded. “Let’s go down then.”