Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 17 – The time for truth

Note: this part was written as two things. First of all, an explanation of some things that have come up during the series from the very beginning. The second is a vent for a blue funk I seem to be stuck in. Writing is very therapeutic. This was also writen while listening to a lot of X-Japan. From here on, if you have any, I suggest listening to some to get the right feeling for the fic. If there’s a specific tune, I’ll mention it before hand.

“How’s Jen doing?” Usagi asked, sitting down on one of the couches in the Three Lights’ living room, a concerned frown on her face.

“She still refuses to come out of his room,” Taiki said, wrapping his arms around a tearful Shinami. “She won’t let us in and, so far as I can tell, hasn’t eaten or drank a thing since she came home with us.”

“This is crazy!” Tyler growled, punching a wall.

“We can’t do anything to help her, Wolf,” Serena said, sighing. “She’s been in there for…how long now?”

“Five days and sixteen hours,” Brett said. “This is all too familiar. It’s like we were back home and Seikou had been found dead by enemy hands.”

“She did the same thing then, too?” Yaten said, arching a silver eyebrow. “You’d think history were repeating itself.”

“Funny thing is, no one but her really knows how he died,” Shinami said, remembering. “When his body was found, the marks on it gave every indication that he’d been beaten then killed by obakes, but beyond that we don’t know.”

“Ok, people, story time,” Haruka said suddenly. “Who was Seikou really? Who are you people, and where are you from?” The others nodded in agreement.

They all exchanged a look and nodded. Serena shook her head. “I’ll go first.”

“We are called the Elemental Guardians, simply because we represent all four cardinal elements. Guardian StarInfinity represents the fifth, which is, basically, a combination of all four. At one point in time, we were all sailors, just like you. The sailorssenshi don’t bear the names of the planets their from, they bear their constellation name. I, for example, used to be Sailorpisces. The male senshi, the Knights, bear the planetary names. In Brett’s case, his father was KnightLeo, so he’s referred to as KnightLeo the second.”

“I changed my name to SunArrow for several reasons, but mainly to distinguish myself from my father,” Brett added.

Jason cleared his throat. “As you all know, I’m KnightHisei, meaning I’m the Knight representing the planet Hisei. There are ten planets in our system. Other wise, it’s more or less like yours. Our worlds from the sun out, in your language, Morisei, Kinsei, Jinsei, Hisei, Ryuusei, Shinjusei, Uranaisei, Umisei, Shisei, and Mugensei. We have other names for our planets, but that's what they translate to in your language. As far as I know, there really isn’t a Knight for Mugensei, as the only people who live there are those like StarInfinity. I won’t get into that, because it’s not important. There’s also a Knight representing representing our sun, the moons collectively, and the stars, also collectively. I don’t know the last two personally, but they do exist. They’re in charge of training us Knights. Knights don’t generally know who the sailorsenshi are, least of all know who the Guardians are. I was the exception, being StarFire’s twin brother and having grown up with the other three Guardians. I was sworn to secrecy and they knew it.”

“To answer your first question, Tenno-san,” Shinami continued. “Akai Seikou was a part of one of the middle noble houses of Ryuusei. He was also known as KnightRyuusei. Seikou became good friends with Yuki, both in and out of training. Eventually, he came to visit him at Hisei’s palace royal, Desertwynd Castle. He, of course, fell instantly in love with Kasei, youngest child of Queen Yoake Bara. Yuki and Hihana, her older sister, found this rather amusing. Kasei or course wouldn’t have anything to do with this minor noble from Ryuusei. She was quite the snob then.”

Tyler snorted. “Just when it came to men. Otherwise she was fine, a typical Aries. Anyways, this didn’t bother Seikou at all. He pursued her relentlessly for an entire summer. He finally managed to trap her into allowing him to court her. I’m not sure of the details there. How about you guys?” The other Guardians shook their head, as did the two Knights and Sailorsenshi. “Oh well. Ask Jen if you really want to know. She might shock you by actually telling you about it. So, after a while, as was the case here, Kasei started to warm up to him and they became friends. Then, at the end of the summer, there was a freak accident on Kinsei, Queen Yuri’s world, where the senshi training facilities are. The accident was located in the fire wing of the building. Yoake Hihana, Sailorhinote and the eldest of the Yoake siblings, died getting everyone out. Kasei was heartbroken. The two sisters had never been close, what with their constant fighting, but she still loved her elder sister dearly and her loss ripped her apart. In her grief she leaned on Seikou more and more until she found she was in love with him and had been all along. They shared everything but for one thing: he couldn’t tell her that he was KnightRyuusei, and she couldn’t tell him that she was presently known as Sailoraries and that she’d been chosen as the next fire guardian. Things went downhill from there. As she neared the end of her senshi training, Guardian StarBright, the earth Guardian, died in her sleep. According to the Code laid forth by the keeper of the Galaxy Cauldron, when a member of a Guardian team dies, a new set must replace them.”

“Why?” Hotaru asked, completely wrapped up in what they were saying.

“Because we’re trained to work as a team, trained in such a way that we can mesh our powers with each other, as you saw Wolf and Shinami do when we were defending Jason from you,” Serena replied. “Carry on Wolf.”

“Anyways, we were the chosen replacements.” Tyler said, mock bowing to Serena. “I was Sailorvirgo, even though I barely qualified. If you were to look at a textbook definition of a Virgo’s personality, I don’t fit many of the descriptors, minus the intelligence part but, since I had the starseed, that’s who I was and there was no getting around it. But anyway, StarBright had chosen me as her future successor. She knew she was dying and didn’t have much time left until the end of her life. We were all friends and had worked well together in the past. Those influenced the decision I’m sure of it. The Knights were present at the ceremony to promote us up.”

“I’m positive Seikou knew it was her,” Jason added. “He asked me later if I knew anything about it, and I told him all about what had happened since Hihana’s death. He simply nodded and never said a word about it until the war happened.”

All of them shivered involuntarily. “An’ei Souku and her army, as near as I can tell, come from somewhere near where the Starlights come from.” Serena took up the narrative again. “She invaded the first world she could get her hands on, which just so happened to be Morisei, Wolf’s world. It was at a point in it’s orbit where it wasn’t nearby any of the other worlds, so it was easy to hit despite the fact that it’s the closets planet to our sun.” Tyler clenched her right hand, her sharp finger nails drawing a thin lie of blood from her palm.

“That bitch took our moon and slammed it into the capital!” Tyler growled fiercely. “Fortunately, Okaa-sama had managed to get to safety on Kinsei. I never learned what happened to my older twin brother. I believe he was killed in the destruction of Howling Rock Castle and the city below it. I didn’t escape. I was captured by one of An’ei’s warriors and turned against my friends. I did a lot of irreparable damage before StarLove and the others healed me. It came at a price, however. To our knowledge, StarLove went missing after a fight with Diamond and Quartzite. She was running interference against their poisonous attacks while we moved back to a safer distance to better use our attacks. Now we know that she was under a spell placed by the greatest of Joudo Tengoku’s generals, a man named Diamond, whose origins are unknown to us.”

“With the fight going so well in her favor An’ei decided that the neighboring system to ours would make a great target, but it didn’t have nearly enough talismans for her liking. Eventually your Sol system became her target. One of the former Guardians from the set before the ones you met, StarHealer, one of Wolf’s relatives, scryed and found that there were senshi on this planet, so we prepared to leave for earth. Queen Yuri commanded that we take the Gemini twins and Ozhishi as well to train them so that we would have at least the semblance of a full Guardian team. And here we are,” Serena said. “You know the rest from there on.”

The senshi were silent as they digested this information. “So you came to help us?” Usagi asked.

Brett nodded. “You didn’t stand a chance of defeating the Joudo Tengoku’s armies without our knowledge of how they worked. Besides, it would have been you senshi alone against them. We at least had the benefit of ten planets worth of armies and senshi. While I don’t doubt that, had things gone badly, that more senshi here would have woken or shown up the way we did, or the way the Starlights did, but you still wouldn’t have had much of a chance. Luckily, it seems that we only have the generals and a few minions to deal with. The bulk of her army seems to be elsewhere.”

“Just two more questions,” Yaten asked. “What are these talismans they’re after? Why did thy take Seiya?”

“The talismans are our source of power, so to speak,” Wolf answered. “They’re a lot like your starseeds except that only Guardians have the really powerful ones, the ones that An’ei Souku is after. Jason has a talisman because his starseed was irrevocably changed when Jen became fire Guardian.”

Serena added, “I don’t doubt that the same thing happened to Wolf’s twin. Twins are funny that way.”

Wolf nodded and continued her explanation. “It takes a different frequency of energy to pull a person’s talisman than it does to take out their starseed. You see, a person’s talisman is based on their elemental tendency. Makoto, when she was attacked, likely showed a weaker version of Jen’s fire talisman as she’s a fire-type person. We think that An’ei Souku came across the myth that, if you posses all four of a set of Talismans, you can become all-powerful and live forever. You can also control the Guardians they came from. This gives you four super strong eternal slaves to do as you wish. Imagine if some evil being got hold of them and did just that.” The senshi shivered. “Yeah, I thought you’d have that reaction. As for Seiya, I have no idea.”

“They took him to get to me,” Jen said, coming out of Seiya’s room for the first time in five days.

“You’re flattering yourself,” Michiru commented.

Jen turned her black eyes on Michiru and stared at her until she flinched away. “I’m not. They want me, so they got him.” She shook her head. “The time has come. I won’t sit and hide in fear of An’ei Souku any longer. The time has come for the Final Strike. She invaded our kingdoms and stole our lives from us. I say we return the favor unto her and her minions. What say you, my friends?” Her fellows nodded grimly.

Taiki and Yaten stood. “We will help you get Seiya back. He’s our friend, too, and we won’t let them get away with this,” Taiki said bravely.

Jen paused, then nodded. “You can help us if you choose, but know that we won’t be able to help you if you get into a tight spot. You’re on your own once we get there.”

Usagi stood. “We’ll help, too. You’re our friends and came to help save our world. We’ve fought them, too. I feel we should help you, to somehow repay your kindness.” The rest of the senshi stood and nodded.

“Let us help, Jen,” Hotaru pleaded, looking at her.

“We’ve all suffered at their hands,” Makoto said, unconsciously placing a hand over the spot where the talisman had been ripped out of her throat.

“We all have reasons to want to fight them, too,” Rei added.

Tyler nodded. “Thank you. The more senshi we have, the easier it will be.”

“Now if we only knew where they were keeping Seiya,” Jen said. “Then we could get him out and have another person to help.” The expression on Jen’s face said as plainly as if she’d said it herself that there were other reasons she wanted to free him first, but no one asked.

“Now how do we get into the Joudo Tengoku?” Setsuna murmured.

They sat around the living room and planned their eventual attack.