Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 15– Shinami’s Journal

Author notes: Ok, we’re still on a break from the fighting part of the story line. Have you all read the Christmas special? I hope so, because it’s part of the story. You need to read it. Part 1 is actually BSSMI part 13 and Part 2 is really BSSMI part 14. That’s why this is part 15 not 13. Got that?

Hello there

I haven’t properly introduced myself to you yet, have I? My name is Hizashi Shinami. I’m in grade 11 at Mugen Gakuen. My best friend, Tomoe Hotaru-chan goes there, too, and is in the same grade as me. I am 17 years old; I had a birthday just a few months ago. It was on October 15. It’s December now. We don’t have any classes for a few weeks now. Christmas has come and gone.

I have a big secret though. My real name is Kiyoshi Yumeko and I’m the princess of Kinsei where I live with my mom and dad. I’m also Guardian StarLove, Air Guardian and protector of the kinzuishou, which I don’t know how to use yet. Himitsu-sama says I’ll learn eventually. When I asked when that would be, she said it would be when I needed it the most. I believe her, but I want to know when that is. I almost considered asking Setsuna, who is really Eternalsailorpluto, the guardian of time, but I figured she wouldn’t tell me.

Anyways, after that fight we had with the youma Saru-chan, that strange girl Fuyuno Kaze, the girl from Rei-chan’s school, has been hanging around with us a lot. Every chance she gets, she’s there. She seems to have this strange fixation on Seiya for some reason. She spends most of her time either staring adoringly at him or glaring at Jen-chan for just being there. She’s positively shameless when Jen’s not there, flirting and stuff with him. I mentioned it to Jen once, but she didn’t really say much about it so I dropped it.

Actually, now that I think of it, Fuyuno-san looks sort of familiar. Tenno-san-tachi don’t trust her and I don’t blame them. There’s something not entirely right about her. She’s nice and pretty and all, but slightly creepy at the same time.

On a lighter note, Seiya and Jen are doing well. It’s so nice to see Jen happy. I haven’t seen her like this since Seikou-san was around. It’s so sad, what happens to her when she falls in love with someone or develops a deep bond. Even senshi aren’t immune to this, as Seikou proved and Seiya might wind up proving. I don’t know what will happen to those two when we have to leave here and go home. Will Jen even want to go back and face what happened? I know her senshi will want to see her, but how will everyone else welcome her back? The memories I have back now of the war frighten me and sometimes even give me nightmares.

That’s all I have to say for now. Baibai!



Shinami stretched and flexed her fingers. She was about to get up when she remembered something and sat back down to add a line.

P.S: I sort of have a boyfriend, too now. His name is Taiki Kou, one of the other two Three Lights members. He’s so sweet. Even though he is eally a she, but I try not to think about that.

Satisfied, she got up and went to brush her teeth before heading for bed.

Act 15a – Jen’s Journal

Well, here I am again. I know I should write more, but you know how it is, right? I do have school and Seiya and being a senshi to keep me plenty busy. Fortunately, school is out until January, so I can sleep in and not have to worry about that one. It also gives me more time to write songs and poems and stuff like that.

On the other hand, do you have any idea how bored I’ve been? Since the last youma, Saru-chan, there’s been no movement from the Joudo Tengoku. Period. Everyone else thinks this is a good thing, but I’m going stark raving mad! If it weren’t for my big brother, Jason, and Seiya, I’d already be in a nut house. Though, with the state of things at home right now, there isn’t much difference. Home just lacks padded walls. Wolf says she’ll work on that one, just for me, for my birthday, which is on March 21.

Jen stood and walked around the room . she was the only one home right now. Everyone was out doing something. Skye had a rehearsal for a dance performance that was coming up soon. Serena was probably with Wolf and Starr, walking Quicksilver. She was so bored she’d decided to pull out her journal and write something.

Getting an idea, she sat back down.

This is a poem I wrote not too long ago. Imagine it done to a typical rock beat. I think that’s what it would sound best with anyways.

The distance separating us
Greater than I’ll ever show
The Fire burns
Yet, alone, only I the separation know

The rustle of leaves
The cool Earth beneath my feet
A howl echoes through my bones
My pack I run to greet

Alone, yet, not really
Surrounded by would-be friends
Sun Lion’s Fire is I my blood
Truly, the king of beasts am I

Whirling, twirling
Leaping through the Air
Landing gracefully, spinning
In the world not a care

Always smiling, my face is a mask
The Wind tousles my hair
Small I may be, maybe even a eat weak
Still, you’d best beware

The joy of wind
The breeze through my wings
Water is my ally
I raise my voice and sing

Hizashi…Shinami…Lady…Tyger…Guardian…StarLove Always searching
For what, I’m not quite sure
Yet, as I look to the Sky, my face to the Wind
I know I must endure

Did you like it? Anyways, everyone’s coming home now, so I’d best be going. Bye!


Act 15b – Seiya’s journal

“Seiya, will you stop pacing? Jen’s probably not home,” Yaten said, watching Seiya go around the apartment for the hundredth time, holding the phone and redialing her number over and over again. Even though Yaten didn’t know their phone number, he could probably dial it in the dark blindfolded by now.

“Either that, or she has the ringer turned off,” Brett suggested, turning a page in his book. “She has a tendency to do that when she’s by herself and working on something, like a new song or homework.”

Seiya stopped and, with a mournful sigh, placed the phone down on the stand. “Maybe you’re right,” he said, putting his hands in his pockets. “It just feels weird not to see her everyday now that she’s back.”

“You’ll get used to it,” Brett assured him. “She has moments when no one, and I do mean no one, can get anywhere near her. Whether she’s just being anti-social or just feeling grumpy is up for debate, but she does come out of them well enough on her own.”

“Why don’t you go write something, Seiya?” Taiki suggested. “That tends to help me distress.”

Seiya nodded glumly. “I’ll try. Hopefully it’ll work.”

Seiya sat down at his desk, a blank sheet of paper in front of him. What to write about, what to write about. He mused, flicking his chine with the back end of his pen. What do I feel right now? What do I want right now? The answer came easily to him. Jennifer.

For Jen

By starlight
I see your face
The light reflects
In your endless black eyes

By starlight
Your eyes
Aren’t lifeless, dead
They glow, full of life

By starlight
I hold your hand
Smooth as silk
But strong, not weak
I want to hold you forever
By starlight
That would make me endlessly happy
More than any man alive

By starlight
I confessed my love
Now if only you
Would say the same to me

Seiya stretched his cramped fingers. He got up and walked to the window. It had started to snow. He smiled, the lyrics to the song Jen had sung at the Christmas concert, Pure Snow, coming to his mind. After the party, he’d asked Tyler to make a CD with the songs they’d sung as well as some others on it. He took the disk off his shelf and skipped forward to that song.

Konna yuki ga mai oritekita machi de, toiki ga shiroku sora ni hodokete yuku
Anata no koto o omoeba doushite? konna ni mune ga atsuku naru

The snow dancing, falling in this city, I sighed at the white sky
Why my heart feels the warmness when I think about you

Ki ga tsuku to itsumo hitogomi no naka, youfuku uriba window no zokuto
Kawanainoni erandarishiteiru, anata ni niai soudanante

I had always watched you even in this crowd, looking at the clothes across the window
Though having no intention to buy, I think that cloth fits you well

Baka mitai dayo ne, ima wa hayaranai ne
Tomodachi no koibito to, [wakatte]te suki ni natte

I'm so foolish, the model is no longer popular
I understand that you are my friend's lover, but I can't help falling for you

Shou ga nai, warawaretemo ii, taisetsuna kimochi

Can't be helped, it is alright if you laugh at me, but this feeling is important for me
Pure Snow Pure Heart, futari deatta hi mo yuki ga futteita
Koi yori mo setsuna kute, ai yori mo uso no nai
Unmei o kanjita no

Pure Snow Pure Heart, snow also fell the day we met for the first time
It really hurts, the purest feeling of love
I can feel my destiny

Kanojo ga hanasu jimanbanashi o, odokenagara kiitari mo suru kedo
Yappari hitori ni naru to tsurai no, tomodachi no kamen ha omotai

Though it was a joke, but all she said was the pride of herself
It is painful being alone, but wearing this friendship mask is really tough

Nande anata shika, dame nanda rou ne
Omou toki mechakucha ni, jibun o kowashitaku naru
Sonna toki sasaete kureru no, ichimai no shashin

Why it must be you, the one I can't reach
It tears me apart, breaks me into pieces just to think of you
During those time, a picture always strengthens me

Pure Snow Pure Heart, ano hi mou sukoshi no yuuki ga areba
Samui kisetsu no seito, tobikonde iketa hazu
Demo nazeka dekinakatta

Pure Snow Pure Heart, if only I got more courage that day
With the spririt of winter, I thought I could do it
But why I couldn't say it

Pure Snow Pure Heart, kitto naitari shita koto mo kuyamanai
Wakari kitta tsuyogari, kizuitekureru koto o
Itsumademo matteru

Pure Snow Pure Heart, I won't regret having to cry those times
Obviously I try to look strong, I will always wait
The day you'll understand me

Pure Snow Pure Heart, futari deatta hi mo yuki ga futteita
Koi yori mo setsunakute, ai yori mo uso no nai
Unmei o kanjita no

Pure Snow Pure Heart, snow also fell the day we met for the first time
It really hurts, the purest feeling of love
I can feel my destiny

He sighed and turned the CD player off and walked back to the window to watch the snow come down. What I wouldn’t give to be curled up with her in front of a blazing fire right now. I wonder what she’s doing?

Not having anything better to do, he went to bed as it was fairly close to the time he usually went anyways.

Act 15c – In the cat’s lair

“Explain yourself, Quartzite.”

Quartzite bowed low to her queen. “I have found a way to get to StarFire, great Queen.”

“Continue,” she said after a pause to think.

“Thank you.” She bowed again. “When Diamond took her and turned her into Kitsune, there were residual feelings for a boy she calls Seiya, who is identical in every way to Seikou. Now, Diamond-sama was trying to capture him to make her giver herself and her Talisman up. I have found a better way. Disguise myself as a human, a different one than the last time, and get close to them. That way I’m sure to find a way to separate him from the others.”

“A noble idea,” An’ei Souku said calmly, peering at her from her throne. “However, that is the plan Obsidian had to try and get StarFire. How is this different from that?”

“Because, oh great Queen, I know who StarFire and all the other senshi are now. I played a wonderful trick on them and watched them transform. I can strike whenever I please.”

An’ei Souku trew her head backa nad laughed. “Excellent! Those fools will never know what hit them! I approve!”

Quartzite bowed. “If I have your leave, I will continue implementing my plan.”

“Yes, by all means, go.” Quartzite vanished from the throne room,as did every other one of her minions, except Diamond. “Why do you remain, Diamond?”

“Is this wise, majesty?” Diamond said, approaching his queen. “She’s only a cub after all.”

“Sometimes the younger ones have oddly workeable ideas, Diamond. It would be wise not to overlook them solely based on the age of the person whose idea it was.”

Diamond nodded. “Victory will be soon if her plan succeeds. Despite my grievance over her age, I have no doubt that it will succeed beyond all your expectations.”

An’ei nodded. “Go now. Rest, my warrior. Soon we will have everything we desire and so much more.”