Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 14 - Christmas special (Part 2) – Shinami’s very bad magic show

“That was an excellent concert, guys,” the Three Lights’s manager, Aoino Sora, said, walking in. “Well done all of you. How did you find that other band, Zodiac was it called? Fantastic, especially that duet you sang with Jen, Seiya. I loved it!”

“Arrigato, Aoino-san,” Seiya said, unbuttoning his shirt and slipping into another one. “They go to school with us, all except Shinami and Jason.”

“May I ask what your relationship is with Jen?” Aoino asked, curious.

“She’s my girlfriend, actually,” he said calmly. “We broke up a while ago, but we’re back now.”

Aoino cleared his throat. “Really. How come I didn’t know about this?”

“Because they insisted on keeping it private,” Yaten interrupted. “Gomen, Aoino-san, but we’re going to be late for a Christmas party.”

“Oh, gomen. I didn’t realize you boys were in a rush to get somewhere.” He straightened his black tie and stepped out of the room. “Excuse me. And congratulations a another well-done concert.” He left.

Seiya shook his head. “Thanks Yaten.”

“Anytime.” Yaten shook his head. “I just don’t like that guy sometimes. Besides, we need to go really soon.”

“As soon as the girls are ready to leave anyways,” Taiki said, finished changing. “Who are we taking anyways?”

“Mostly Odango and the rest from Juuban. Haruka-san’s giving Michiru, Setsuna, Hotaru and the twins and Brett a ride. Everyone else is going in Shinami’s car.”

“Ah. Ok, I can deal with that,” Taiki stood, stuffing his concert clothes into a bag and slinging it over his shoulders. “Good thing Shinami drives.”

“Jen says Himitsu volunteered to drive if there wasn’t enough room, but there is so she’s heading back right now via some of her powers to help set up for the party.”

Yaten shook his head. “She gives me the creeps. You never know what she’s going to do next.”

“She’s quite nice, in a creepy kind of way,” Seiya said, standing up from tying his shoes. “Let’s go. We don’t want to keep anyone waiting, now do we?”

They nodded and left the dressing room, still hearing the screams of the fans as they left the building to see Usagi-tachi waiting for them.

As they piled into Taiki’s van, Usagi said, “That was a very good concert, Seiya.”

Makoto nodded. “I really enjoyed the duet. I’ve never heard anyone duet like that before.”

“Is it just me, or does Jen sound so much prettier that at the talent contest?” Ami asked as Taiki pulled out of the parking lot, Haruka and Shinami’s cars right behind him. Shinami’s car pulled ahead and took the lead to lead them to her place.

Seiya nodded in agreement. “I thought so, too. She has a lot more confidence and happiness to her sound.”

“I agree with that sentiment, Seiya,” Taiki said. “She seems happier all around, not just in her singing voice.”

“Her playing was better, too,” Rei commented.

“I wonder what changed?” Minako asked quietly. “I mean, what was wrong with her before that made her playing sound so sad and what changed now?”

They all shrugged, but Seiya, who knew her best, said nothing. He would keep her secret until they needed to know about Seikou.

Himitsu greeted them at the door. “Welcome minna-san to my home.” She said warmly. She was dressed in a floor length purple velvet gown. “I hope you enjoy yourselves. You need the break from fighting.”

“You mean, we won’t be attacked?” Haruka asked, not quite believing her ears.

Himitsu shook her head. “No, you won’t be. This time of year is, I believe, is also the time for celebration of some sort for the Joudo Tengoku as well. I don’t know what they do, but they do something of their own. At any rate, you can relax properly without interruption. “

Usagi jumped into the air. “Yatta!”

The Guardians looked immensely relieved. “Finally, a break,” Serena said, almost faint with relief. She mock fell into Jason’s arms. He caught her laughing.

“Don’t do that again, Ten-chan. I might not be able to catch you,” he scolded playfully.

Himitsu laughed merrily. “Come on, inside, all of you. It’s too cold to stay out here for long.”

The senshi filed inside, glad to be able to shed their winter jackets and toques and mittens.

Himitsu herded the Guardians upstairs while telling the senshi to go into the room beside the ballroom.

“What was that all about?” Michiru wondered out loud as they mingled in the room. She picked a cracker up from one of the trays on the long table.

Setsuna shrugged. “Maybe she just had to talk to them about something to do with the Joudo Tengoku.”

“At a Christmas party?” Taiki asked, then shook his head. “I doubt it. She could tell them any other time. Why now?”

“Ano, Taiki, I can tell you exactly what was up,” Minako said, tugging on his sleeve. “Just turn around.”

The senshi followed Minako’s direction. There was a clatter as an empty cup, fortunately, dropped from Seiya's nerveless fingers.

The Guardians, senshi and the two Knights came into the room, led by Himitsu. Shinami came first, wearing exactly what she’d worn at the costume party. Her hair had been done the same way, too.

Tyler was, strangely enough, wearing a dress, too. Hers was floor length, slit up the left side to mid thigh, revealing a slightly scarred, yet shapely leg. The dress was silver in color and was sleeveless with a turtleneck style neckline. Her hair was piled on top of her head with strands wisping around her face.

Serena had on a floor length may layerd ocean green skirt under a cyan bodice with thick straps that sat on the edge of her shoulders. On her arms was a pair of cyan fingerless gloves. Her hair was left loose today, something they’d never seen before.

Brett came in next with the twins on either side of him. They were wearing skirts that went to their knees made of pale yellow fabric. They had blue shawls on and their hair was down for a change. Brett had a tux on.

Jen and Jason brought up the rear. He was also wearing a tux. Jen’s dress consisted of a red bodice with no straps or sleeves with a gold band around the top and a long red skirt that swept out around her as she walked, seeming to ripple. Her hair was done similarly to Tyler’s but more was left to swirl around her. Ruby studded pins kept her hair in place on her head.

Seiya’s jaw dropped, as did the jaw of everyone else in the room. Jen walked up to Seiya, Jason in tow. “Jason, this is Seiya Kou, my boyfriend.”

Jason bowed. “I’m glad to finally be introduced to you, Seiya-san.”

“You really are twins,” Seiya said when he found his voice and could tear his eyes away from Jen. “I can see the resemblance, even though you have glasses.”

“My eyes haven’t adjusted to this world yet,” Jason said with a shrug. “It’ll be ok for the time I’m here. Which, hopefully, won’t be long.” He bowed again. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go mingle and leave you two alone for now.” He winked at Seiya and wandered over to where Minako, Ami and Yaten were. Seiya looked back at Jen. “Jen…you-you look…”

Jen put a finger on his lips. “I know, Seiya. This is Hisei’s princess dress. My dress.”

“Your dress?” Seiya chocked. “You’re a princess?”

“It’s not common knowledge, but yes. You guessed in your song, remember? I thought you had really guessed so this wouldn’t shock you so much. I guess I was wrong.”

“You look fabulous, kitsune-chan, absolutely perfect,” he said, finding his voice again. “Even if you weren’t really a princess, you would be in my eyes.”

Jen blushed. “Do you mean that?”

Seiya nodded, his blue eyes, serious. “I honestly do.”

Minako and the other senshi walked up to them then. “You two should really pay a bit more attention to your surroundings.”

They blinked, confused. “What are you talking about, Minako-chan?” Jen asked.

Minako and the others looked up. They followed their gaze. There was a piece of mistletoe hanging above them. They blushed and looked at their friends, who gazed back expectantly. Seiya looked down at Jen and kissed her. They cheered.

The inners looked at each other an nodded. Usagi stepped forward and cleared her throat. “Because you all entertained us at the concert, we senshi of the inner system have a song for you. Hit it minna!”

Original / Romaji LyricsEnglish Translation

All:    Buruuberii ni
        Somatteku machikado
        Hoshi-tachi ga matataki hajimeta wa
        Machi ni matta ibu yo
All:    In all the blueberries
        The street corner bathed in them
        The stars have now begun to twinkle
        The eve the city's waited for
Usagi:  O-tsuki-sama mitai na
        Chou-BIG na keeki ni
Rei:    Kyandoru o tatemasho
        Makka na honoo tomoshite
Usagi:  Just like the moon above
        A super-big cake to eat
Rei:    Let's put the candles on it
        And light the deep red flame
Mako:   Yane ni todoku
        Midori-iro no tsurii o
Mina:   Kazari oeta koro
        Kyoukai no beru ga naru
Mako:   It reaches to the roof
        The green Christmas tree
Mina:   Now that we've put up the ornaments
        The bell of the church rings
Ami:    Atatakai heya ni
        Ippai no shabon dama
All:    Paati wa kore kara
        Konya wa jikan o ki ni sezu
Ami:    In this warm room
        Filled with soap bubbles
All:    Now the party begins
        And for tonight we won't worry about time
        Minna e merii kurisumasu
        Machi-juu ni merii kurisumasu
        Pan pa pa pan, kurakkaa ikioi yoku
        Shanpan wa poozu dake
        Merry Christmas to all
        Merry Christmas to the whole city
        Let's eat lots and lots of bread and crackers
        We're just posing with the champagne
Mako:   Shichimenchou ga
        Atsu atsu atsu atsutsu...
Mina:   Okashi no fukuro o ippai akete
        Geemu wa nani yaro!
Mako:   The turkey is
        Hot, hot, hot, burning hot!
Mina:   We'll open lots of of bags of candy
        And play some kind of game!
Usagi:  Doko ni iru no
        Hoshi wa kiete
        Itsuka kumori sora
Usagi:  Where are you, my precious
        The stars will disappear
        Someday in the cloudy sky
Ami:    Usagi, yuki yo
        Hora howaito kurisumasu
All:    Paati wa kore kara
        Konya wa jikan o wasurete
Ami:    Usagi, look, it's snow
        It's going to be a white Christmas
All:    Now the party begins
        And for tonight we'll forget about time
Usagi:  Shinshin tsumori
        Ichimen yukigeshou
        Donna kumo mo kitto harete
        Mabushii sekai
Usagi:  There is a new plan
        The ground's covered in freshly fallen snow
        All the clouds will surely clear
        And leave a dazzling world
All:    Sora ni hoshi ga
        Futatabi matataite
        Suzu no ne o hibikase
        Sori ni wa santa kuroosu
        Sekai-juu egao!
        Merii merii kurisumasu!!

All:    The stars in the sky
        Are twinkling once again
        We hear the sound of a bell
        Above everything
        On a sleigh it's Santa Claus
        Smiling to the world!
        Merry, merry Christmas!!
The outers, three Lights and others applauded loudly. Brett even whistled as they bowed.

“That was excellent, minna,” Himitsu said, clapping and walking forward. “Thank you for that lovely song. Please, enjoy the refreshments. You’ve all earned them.”

After about an hour of socializing, Rei stepped out into the middle of the room. “Did everyone remember their gifts for the exchange? Good. Pick a name out of this hat and that’s who you give your gift to.” Her gaze swept over everyone, but stopped on Seiya and winked. Once everyone had a name, she instructed them to unfold the paper and give their gift away.

By some fluke, Seiya had picked Jen’s name. While everyone was giving their gifts away, Seiya took Jen into a corner to give her his gift. “I arranged this with Rei-chan before hand. Here’s your Christmas present, Jen. Go ahead, open it.”

Jen slowly unwrapped the small box Seiya presented her with. She frowned as she opened it, then her jaw dropped. Inside was a necklace. It was a silver chain with a ruby pendant set on a piece of obsidian.

“Merry Christmas, Jennifer,” he said softly, kissing her cheek.

“Seiya…I…I don’t know what to say. It’s beautiful!”

“Don’t say anything then,” he whispered in her ear. He helped her put it on, then held her in his arms.

Yaten, Brett and Jason looked over at the couples in the room. Brett sighed. “It’s so nice to finally see Jen happy again.”

Yaten snorted. “Why? I liked her just fine when she and Seiya weren’t together. Admittedly, Seiya isn’t brooding anymore, which is better for my sanity.”

“That’s good, too,” Brett added. “I live with you three, too, you know.”

Jason looked at him “You poor boy.” Jason shook his head. “You’ll be seeing a lot of Jen I guess.”

“Or not, as they’ll probably lock themselves in his room,” Yaten said, rolling his eyes.

Jason glared at him. “What is your problem anyways? It’s Christmas. Can’t you at least try to be cheerful?”

Yaten glared back. “I’ll be as cheery as I want, thank you.”

Brett stepped in between them. “Stop you two. It’s not proper to do this now. Wait until after Christmas, if you please.”

They reluctantly backed down. “Thank you. Now, let’s enjoy the rest of the night, shall we? We’re the single guys here and there are plenty of single women here. Let’s go find dancing partners.”

With Brett in the lead, they grinned and went and swept the other senshi into the middle of the room, twirling them around as the couples watched. Soon everyone was dancing, despite the fact that the girls far outnumbered the boys, even if you considered Haruka to be one of the boys. Taiki even swept Himitsu onto the floor, much to her surprise and the Guardians’s amusement.

After a few hours, they were all drooping with exhaustion. Himitsu stood and walked to the center of the room again. “Shinami has something to show all of you.” They looked up, puzzled, but gathered around Shinami, who stood infront of a curtain.

“It’s time for Shinami’s very bad magic show,” she said, putting on a top hat and taking out a very long candy cane, the same cane she’d gotten in the gift exchange from Makoto.

Usagi clapped her hands. “Wai! Mahou wa suki desu!”

Shinami bowed. “And with a wave of my magic wand…” she took the top hat off and waved it over top. “A la peanut butter sandwiches!” She said, making the senshi laugh. She tapped the brim and a grey cat popped out. “Minna, meet my assistant Miocci the cat!”

They clapped as Miocci jumped out and stood on his hind legs, bowing.

Shinami performed other tricks, like pulling multi colored scarves from Jason’s sleeve, turning an orange into a chocolate orange, which she gave to Himitsu. She bit into it, saying it tasted like an orange flavored chocolate.

She pulled coins out of Yaten’s ear, gave Jen a fox tail and ears, and pulled tickets to the premier of her next movie out of thin air and gave one to each member of the audience.

Miocci performed some tricks as well. He’d appear inside things, even appearing inside Yaten’s tuxedo jacket. He also imitated the voices of the senshi in such a way that it casued them to collapse with laughter.

“And now for the big finale,” Shinami said and opened the curtain. “Nothing behind here, right?” She placed her top hat on the window ledge and closed the curtain. “I know what you desire most in your heart, Usagi-san. With a wave of my magic wand…” She waved a candy cane over the curtain. “Voila!”

Usagi frowned. “Nothing happened.” She said, disappointed.

Hatto waved her finger at Usagi. “Don’t underestimate my magical powers, Uasagi-san.” She pulled back the curtain. “You can come out now.”

Usagi gasped as the rest of the senshi applauded loudly. For out from behind the curtain stepped Chiba Mamoru wearing a tuxedo and the top hat Shinami had been wearing.

“Merry Christams, minna!” Shinami said, bowing.

Usagi introduced Mamoru to each of the new senshi. She’d told him all about them in her letters, so he knew what had been going on.

“Dind’t Odango say you weren’t coming back for the holidays?” Seiya asked.

Mamoru nodded. “This was going to be a surprise. Shinami somehow found out how to get a hold of me and arranged this before Usako asked if I was coming back.”

“Hidoi!” Usagi growled, hugging Mamoru. “This is the best Christmas present ever!”

Merry Christmas to all my beloved readers and all the best for the new year.

-THTC no Miko/Purenightshade