Bishoujo senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 12 - Fuuyuno Kaze?

Yaten was sitting at breakfast the next day and nearly chocked on his cereal when he saw both Jen and Seiya walk in, yawning, Jen wearing her pants and one of Seiya’s baggy shirts. Hearing this, Taiki looked up from his newspaper. “I was wondering when you two were going to join us in the land of the living,” he said calmly, putting the paper down. “We’re going to be late for school if you don’t hurry.”

“You mean, you knew about this?” Yaten demanded. Taiki nodded, sipping his coffee. “You could have told me and saved me the heart attack.”

“But, Yaten, that wouldn’t have been as fun,” Taiki said, trying to keep a straight face. He was unsuccessful and burst out laughing at the expression on Yaten's face, which was a comical cross between outrage, hurt, and desire to kill Taiki where he sat.

“And that would be Shinami-chan’s influence coming through,” Jen commented. At Taiki’s glare, she looked innocent. “You used to be such a stick in the mud, Taiki. No sense of humor whatsoever.”

“Morning all,” Brett said, walking out, stretching, and then stopping dead in his tracks. “Jen? What are you doing here?” He looked over at Seiya. “Never mind. I don’t want to know. What’s for breakfast today, Yaten?”

“Cookie Crisp,” he said, turning back to his bowl of cereal.

Brett sighed and shook his head. “Why do you insist on eating those junk cereals, Yaten? They’re so not good for you.”

He shrugged. “Sugar gets me going in the morning, makes the first part of school almost bearable.”

“You sound just like Wolf,” Jen said, taking a seat beside Seiya at the table. “She has this thing for sweet, sugary cereals.”

“True, true,” Brett agreed. “You two would get along quite well.”

“Why not?” Taiki chimed in. “Seiya and Jen are apparently back together, I’m sort of with Shinami, now it’s your turn, Yaten. There are four left: Serena, Wolf, Skye and Starr. Who will it be?”

“Iada!” Yaten exclaimed. “I don’t want a girlfriend!” The others laughed.

Taiki looked at his watch. “Well, we should be heading off fairly soon. Sorry, but I need to be there early to discuss the class final project in English class with Takahashi-sensei.”

“That’s ok.” Seiya said, shrugging. Yaten said nothing, as he was too busy eating to hear what had just been said.

“Mind if I use the phone?” Jen asked. “I need to ask Serena to bring my school bag and a few other things.”

“Sure. It’s right in the living room, beside the couch.” Taiki told her as she stood. Seiya was busy grabbing muffins and juice for the two of them to munch on the way to school before going to change into his school uniform.

Jen found it easily and dialed her number. It rang a few times, and then a very annoyed-sounding person picked up.

“Nani?” Tyler said gruffly.

“Hey Wolf. Is Serena there?”

“Jen? Where the hell were you last night? We were worried sick!”

“I’ll explain later at school. Can I speak to Serena?”

“Yeah, sure. Hang on a minute.” The phone got put down on the table then got picked up again not long afterwards.

“Jen?” Serena asked. “Is it really you?”

Jen rolled her eyes in annoyance. “No, It’s An’ei Souku. I’ve found you out, Guardian StarSinger. Of course it’s Jen, baka Serena.”

“Gomen, just had to check. What’s up?”

“Could you bring my bag to school with yours? I didn’t exactly plan on being away from home this long. I lost all track of time and wound up spending the night here.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, where is ‘here’?”

“Brett’s place.”

It didn’t take long for Serena to figure that one out. “What? You stayed there last night?”

“I’ll explain at school when everyone’s there, ok?”

“I guess so, but this had better be good, Jen. I’ll bring your bag. Anything else?”

Jen listed off a few items and Serena said she’d bring them. They hung up and Jen went back to the kitchen. “I’m starved!”

“We’ll have to eat on the way to school. Taiki doesn’t want to be late for his talk with Takahashi-sensei,” Seiya said, shrugging. “Gomen, Jen.”

Yaten laughed. “Hey, that rhymes!”

Jen scowled at him. “Very funny, Yaten.”

Taiki sighed and Brett shook his head. “Well? Are we ready to go yet?” Taiki asked, exasperated.

“I am. Jen?” Seiya asked. Jen nodded. “As ready as I can be with all my stuff at home.” She said. “Serena said she’d bring it so long as I explain where I’ve been.” She sighed. “I’m never going to hear the end of it.”

“Not from Wolf anyways,” Brett agreed.

Taiki and Yaten were already putting their coats on. It was getting cold out as it neared mid December. Seiya, Brett, and Jen quickly joined them and they walked down to the Three Light’s van together. Jen and Seiya walked hand in hand, Seiya grinning like an idiot and trying to hide it, Jen not entirely too sure how to react to this. Yaten walked behind them making gagging faces while Brett tried hard not to laugh, knowing Jen would slug him hard enough to leave a bruise for a few weeks. If she didn’t then Wolf would ad it would hurt more if she did.

The drive to school was quiet and uneventful, to Taiki’s relief. Jen and Seiya didn’t seem to notice much. Yaten sat and made a point of staring out the window. Brett was reading a book. He’d been lucky enough to get to sit in the front with Taiki, which had caused much grumbling from Yaten about having to sit with the lovebirds. They’d all ignored that, which prevented further comment fro Yaten.

When they got to school, Jen said goodbye to Seiya, telling him she’d see him in class, then went looking for her friends. Brett followed, wanting to hear what had happened the previous night. Besides, he was one of her friends and, therefore, had a right to know.

Seiya went inside the school, it being much too cold outside to sit under the trees. While taking the shoes out of his locker, Minako walked up behind him and slapped him in the back.

“Ohayo, Seiya!” she said. “How are you this morning?”

“Better than you can ever imagine, Minako-chan,” he said grinning, then put his inside shoes on.

Minako blinked. “You look extremely perky today, Seiya. Did you win the lottery or something?”

Usagi looked up. “I didn’t know you played the lotto, Seiya. I didn’t think you needed to.”

“Baka Usagi!” Makoto said, putting her outdoor shoes in her locker. “It’s just an expression. Minako-chan was saying that he looks as happy as if he’d won the lotto. She didn’t actually mean she thought he’d won the lotto.”


Seiya laughed. “Poor Odango Atama. You’re so confused.” He shook his head.

“So what happened to you to make you so happy today, Seiya?” Makoto asked, dying of curiosity.

Seiya closed his locker with a flourish. “You’ll see in class. Sore ja!” He said, running off to class

“Seiya’s acting very oddly today,” Ami commented.

“You did what!?” Tyler demanded.

“Calm down Wolf,” Serena said, holding the back of her shirt to keep her from pummeling Jen. “I’m certain there’s a logical explanation for all this.”

“Logical, shmogical!” Tyler growled. “I can’t believe you slept with him!”

“Chigau!” Jen shouted. “I just slept in the same bed as him. We didn’t do anything but sleep. I only literally slept with him, Wolf.”

Tyler calmed down a bit. “Ok. For a second I thought you broke that rule Himitsu stressed. But, if you only shared a bed, that’s not even close to breaking it, so you’re good.”

“I just want to know one thing here Jen,” Brett asked. “What happened to change your mind?

Jen explained about the song Seiya had given her and her conversation with Jason, during which Serena and Jason convinced her to go and talk with Seiya. “He’s all better now,” she added. “I purged the rest of the poison from his system. He’s at school today, wandering around somewhere.”

“Probably grinning like an idiot, too, if I know him,” Brett said, placing a hand on his forehead. “I guess we get to deal with that for a while now.”

“He’ll be back to normal soon enough if I have anything to say about it,” Tyler and Jen said at the same time, then laughed.

“If he spends more than a week floating instead of walking, I’ll smack him one,” Tyler said.

“Don’t you dare!” Jen said, mock-angrily. “That’s my boyfriend you want to hit. It’s my job to do that.”

They laughed and the twins ran off to class, leaving them to head off to theirs.

Seiya saw Jen and the others walk in. He waited patiently for her to sit down, then took her hand and kissed it and then hugged her. The senshi’s jaws dropped. “Seiya?” Usagi asked, not quite believing her eyes.

“And Jen?” Makoto added.

“Together again?” Minako said grinning. “I can’t believe it!” she ran to hug Seiya, Usagi and the others not far behind her. “I’m so happy for you both!”

“Omedetto!” the others said, hugging them both.

Sukunami-sensei walked in then and loudly demanded that they take their seats, which they did grudgingly, so he could start the lesson.

They kept giving Jen and Seiya winks and thumbs up when sensei wasn’t looking. Seiya could barely concentrate on the math lesson he was so happy. Fortunately for him, Jen was able to concentrate and was taking notes, leaving him free to stay in lala land.

After school, they were going to meet Haruka-tachi, Rei, Shinami, and Jason at the crown for hot chocolate. Seiya and Jen walked, hand in hand, despite the fact that they were both wearing mittens.

Halfway there, they heard a scream. Without saying anything, they turned and ran off. The others were already there and transformed.

“Moon Eternal…”

“Mercury Eternal…”

“Venus Eternal…

“Jupiter Eternal…”

“Fighter Star Power…”

“Maker Star Power…”

“Healer Star Power…”

“Fire Cosmic Power…”

“Earth Cosmic Power…”

“Water Cosmic Power…”

“Air Cosmic Power…”

“Wind Cosmic Power…”

“Leo Cosmic Power…”


“It’s about time you showed up, Sailormoon,” Mars scolded. “We’ve been fighting this thing for a while now.”

“Who is it?” Mercury asked.

“A friend of mine from school. Her name’s Fuyuno Kaze. She was coming with me so she could see Seiya. We got jumped on our way to the crown.”

Fighter shook her head. “Another fan gets attacked.”

“You can’t feel sorry for her, really,” Fire said. “At least she doesn’t have a talisman.”

“Why are they still after the talismans?” Neptune asked, sending a Pisces Sparkling Tsunami at the obake, who called itself Saru-chan.

“They couldn’t pry the identities of the Guardians from my mind when they captured me, so they’re still after us.”

StarLove landed beside Venus. “Ne, Venus-chan, want to double team it?”

Venus nodded. “Libra Heart Flash!”

“Justice Chain Surround!” Love’s attack surrounded the obake while Venus’s attack hit it dead center.

“Yatta!” Venus and StarLove shouted and gave each other a high five. “We did it!” “Ima yo, Sailormoon!” Pluto said, helping Saturn to her feet. She’d been knocked down earlier by one of Saru-chan’s attacks.

“Eternal Moon Angel Kiss!” she shouted, pointing her tial at the obake, who screamed in pain and returned to normal. Fuyuno Kaze slumped to the ground.

The senshi detransformed and knelt beside her. Rei woke her up. Her eyelids fluttered and her eyes opened. “Wha…what happened to me? I feel funny?”

“You were attacked by some bad guys, but Sailormoon-tachi took care of them. My friends showed up just as Sailormoon healed you,” Rei explained. “Kaze-chan, this is Seiya.”

Kaze stared at Seiya, eyes wide. “Oh wow. It’s really him! Arrigato, Rei-chan!”

“Join us for hot chocolate?” Seiya invited.

“Sure!” she said, getting to her feet.

Haruka watched the girl strangely all through the time she was with them. She recovered a bit too quickly from the attack. There’s something strange about her. She’s not a normal human being, but she’s not a senshi either. Otherwise her talisman or star seed or something would have shown up when the attack was made on her. That’s the other thing that’s been bugging me for a while. Where was her attacker? Normally they stick around for a bit afterwards. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Fuyuno Kaze, who are you?