Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 10 – Heartbreak

Quartzite watched as Diamond paced the floor of the room across from hers, cursing under his breath. I can understand why your so upset, Diamond-sama. How dare those Guardians spoil all his plans, so very carefully made out and executed. I have to do something to make all these failures turn into something worthy of him. She slammed her fist into her palm. I know what I have to do. I have to get a hold of that Seiya boy. But how? A slow smile spread across Quartzite’s face. I’ll enroll in school. Not Juuban, that would be too obvious. She paced for a minute in her own room, That’s right! He has a friend that goes to a girl’s school, Hino Rei, I believe. That has potential. If I find out who her friends are there, I can slide in and become friends with them and, eventually, get close to Seiya and get him back here. Yes, that’s a perfect plan. Quartzite set off to implement this plan of hers immediately, without telling anyone where she was going.

“Rei-san, Ohayo!”

Rei turned around. “Ay, ohayo Kaze-san. How was the play last night?”

Kaze sighed. “I thought it was wonderful. I was thinking ‘didn’t the leading man look just like one of the Three Lights?’” Kaze giggled shyly.

“Knowing them, it probably was,” Rei replied politely. “How did Tani and Inazuma like it?”

“They thought it was boring,” Inazuma said, walking up, yawning. ”Ohayo, Rei-chan.” “Ohayo, Inazuma-chan, Tani-chan.”

“So, Rei-san, what are you doing after school?” Kaze asked as they took their seats. “We’re heading to the arcade and were wondering if you wanted to join us.”

Rei shook her head. “No can do. I promised a friend I’d come visit him after school.”

Tani leaned forward, interested. “Which friend, Rei-chan?”

“Seiya. He ate something funny and got food poisoning from it. He hasn’t been able to get out of bed, much less go to school. My friends at Juuban are bringing him his homework, so I thought I’d go just to say hi.” Rei shook her head. “Taiki and Yaten are really worried about him.”

Kaze stood up and leaned over Rei. “You know the Three Lights personally? How?”

“Oh come on, Kaze-chan. You know that story,” Tani said, sweeping her short blue hair from her face.

“I know, but I always like to hear about what’s going on with the Three Lights.”

Tani was about to object further when Rei interrupted her. “I don’t mind, really, Tani-chan. I know them because my friends are in the same class as they are in Juuban. Seiya used to hit on Usagi, but he met Mamoru-san, her boyfriend, and stopped. Then, when a set of exchange students arrived, he went after Jen.” Rei shook her head. “I wish I knew what was up with those two. They’ve been acting very oddly since Jen came back from her little vacation when she went back to Canada for three months.”

Kaze looked thoughtful. “Rei-san, can I come with you when you go visit Seiya-sama and the other Lights? Onegai?”

“I’ll ask when I get there if you can come with me next time if he’s feeling better, but he’s really weak right now and I don’t think he’d deal with strangers too well.”

“Oh.” Kaze’s face fell. “Well, if you promise you’ll ask and tell him I hope he gets better soon, I’ll be ok.” She winked and smiled.

Rei laughed. “Ok, Kaze-chan. I promise.”

I wonder. I was aiming my poison attack at StarFire, but it hits StarFighter instead. All of a sudden, Seiya turns up ill. This is a very odd coincidence, I think. It is possible that StarFighter and Seiya are the same person. No, Quartzite that’s stupid. Fighter is female and Seiya is very obviously male. Then again, senshi do have powerful magic. Perhaps these Sailorstarlights have discovered another way of hiding their identities, like gender switching. Now wouldn’t that be funny if it were true.

“Hey, Rei-chan, your on time. Seiya just woke up,” Makoto said, leading her into Seiya’s bedroom. “He’s still groggy, but otherwise fine.”

“He won’t take his homework thought,” Ami said, laughing. “I can’t say as I blame him.”

“He claims he can’t think straight, even though he keeps moaning names in his sleep,” Taiki said by way of greeting.

“Specifically Jen’s,” Yaten added, rolling his eyes. “He reminds me of a love-sick puppy dog.”

“That’s not very nice, Yaten,” Seiya said weakly from his bed. “I am not love-sick, nor am I a puppy dog.”

“Could have fooled me, the way you chase Jen like that. Makes me ill.”

“Down boys!” Minako said, standing between them. “Please don’t fight here. Seiya needs his rest and peace, Yaten. Seiya, please don’t encourage him, because he’ll keep going and you know it, until you agree with him just to get him to shut up.”

“Minako-chan has a point for once,” Rei said.

Usagi, who was sitting right beside Seiya on his bed, looked over at them. “Rei-chan, be nice. Minako-chan really does have a good point and it applies to everyone. Even you.” Rei scowled at her, but said nothing.

“So, what’s been happening at school lately?” Seiya asked, breaking the uneasy silence that had fallen on the group.

“Well, yesterday in science class, Serena accidentally mixed two things that weren’t supposed to be, I forget what they were, but it exploded in her face and then it was all black.” Minako giggled. “You should have seen the stunned look on her face. Wolf just laughed so hard she fell off her stool.”

“She didn’t hurt herself, did she?” Seiya asked.

“Who? Wolf or Serena? No, neither was hurt. It was just funny,” Usagi said, getting into it.

They told him story after story of what had been happening at Juuban. Despite their efforts, he was quiet, laughing occasionally, but only half-heartedly. When it seemed as if they were going to run out of stories to tell, he cleared his throat. “Ne, how’s Jen doing?” he asked suddenly.

“She’s doing really good.” Makoto said. “Why?” She asked when he sighed with relief.

“No reason, just wondering how she was doing.” They looked at him curiously, but he wouldn’t give any explanation.

The doorbell rang and Taiki jumped up to get it. He returned a minute later with the Guardians, all four of them, Brett, the Walker twins, and a strange boy Seiya didn’t recognize. He eyed him strangely. He was sticking as close to Jen as he possibly could, not leaving her side for a minute.

“Who’s that?” Seiya asked Usagi.

“That’s Jason. He goes to Mugen Gakuen with Shinami and Hotaru-tachi. He is, or rather, used to be, Obsidian. I didn’t catch most of what happened, but it all happened after you passed out. She barely let Mercury take him to get medical help. I’m still not sure who he is or what he means to Jen, but she won’t leave him alone, and he won’t leave her either. The others seem to know exactly who he is. I think Uranus-tachi do, too, but I don’t know for sure.”

While Usagi was talking, a knot formed in his stomach and kept getting bigger. Could he be her new boyfriend? He clenched his right hand into a fist. That could be why she’s been so cold to me lately. She deserves someone who can care for her, and that man should be me. But if she’s found someone else, I at least hope she’s happy. He pounded his fist into his mattress. Why does it hurt so much, then?

Serena looked at Seiya, concern in her dark blue eyes, but didn’t say anything as Jason was introduced. No last name, just Jason. He gave Seiya a knowing look, then looked back at Jen and said something to her in the same gibberish language Tyler had used months ago when ‘Tsukino Himitsu’ had shown up. She replied the same way in a very serious tone of voice. It just made the knot in his stomach worse, made it move closer to his heart. He put a hand over the pain.

“Seiya, daijobu desu ka?” Skye asked, leaning over to face him, a frown on her cute little face. “Does your chest hurt?”

“Iie, Skye, I’m fine,” he assured her.

“Then why is your hand over your chest?” she asked, not fooled at all.

He tried to turn his eyes away from her piercing gaze, but they followed him. The green eyes could not be avoided. He sighed in resignation. “Yes, my chest hurts a little, but it’s just from the poison, Skye. It’s nothing to worry too much about.”

“Ok, if you insist, Seiya,” she said, turning to leave.

A sudden flash of inspiration hit him. “Matte, Skye.” She turned back, questioningly. “Could you do me a favor?”

“Sure! What’s up, Seiya?”

“Could you give something to Jen for me?”

“Sure, but I don’t see why you can’t give it to her yourself. She’s standing just over there with Serena, Wolf, and Jason.”

“Two reasons, Skye. Firstly, do you honestly think she’ll come over here to talk to me? And two, I wouldn’t want to distract her from her friend Jason there.”

“That’s very nice of you. She would appreciate that.”

Now that just confirms it. They are dating. /I> He slumped back onto his pillows, which were stacked behind him so he could sit upright. He ruffled through the stack of CDs beside his bed and pulled one out. “Give this to her. Tell her that no one but her is to listen to it. No one, you understand? No one, not even her best friend or anyone close to her.”

Skye took the disk and flipped the case over and over. There was nothing written on it except for one word on a piece of paper on the front of the case: Jen. The name was circled and written with loving care in beautiful lettering, and in English to boot. “Ok. I’ll get it to her when we get home. She usually listens to her music with her headphones on anyways, so it won’t be a problem to get her and only her to listen to it.”

Seiya breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Thank you, Skye. I owe you one.”

She smiled. “I’ll find someway for you to repay me,” she said with a wink and walked back to her friends, slipping the disk into the front pocket of her sweatshirt.

“What were you doing, Skye?” Jen asked, looking at Seiya coldly.

“Just saying hello. Something wrong with saying hello to a friend?” she asked innocently.

Jen sighed. “No, not really. Anyways, it was nice seeing you, but we have to go. There’s a time limit on how long we can stay out, as we’re taking the bus, so bye now!”

The senshi watched them leave. “What is with them lately?” Usagi growled. “They’re all acting just like Jen does.”

“That’s not true, Odango,” Seiya interrupted. “Skye and the others are acting fine, it’s just Jen, Serena and Wolf that are acting weird.”

“Still, I don’t like it.”

“By the way, do any of you know who that Jason guy is?” Seiya asked. “I’m just curious. I recognize him as the boy who had a talisman, but who is he?”

“Oh, Seiya, we know a bit more about this Seikou character, too. His full name is Akai Seikou and he was KnightRyuusei. They met while still training, not aware that the other was a senshi, too. I keep getting more stories from Shinami-chan about their past life from her whenever she remembers something. Her memory is rather shaky right now, but it’s getting better. She remembers more. If you want, I’ll try and get some more Jen stories from her, to try and figure out who he is that way.”

“Thank you Taiki.” He pretended to yawn. “I’m exhausted.”

Ami helped him to put his pillows back down so he could sleep. “You get some rest now. Wolf says the poison should have almost run its course now. You won’t be sick much longer.”

When they’d left, he leaned over the edge of his bed and pulled up the picture of Jen Starr had given him after she disappeared and stared at it. Please hear my message in the song, Jen, please. Please come back.

Jen plugged in her earphones and put the disk in the slot, fuming. Why was Seiya so specific about how I listen to this? What could be on it that’s so special that only I listen. Besides, what right does he have to dictate who I let listen to my music? Doesn’t really matter, I suppose. I always listen to my music like this at night anyways.

The song began to play.

Kagayaku shiroi sekai no naka ni
Tsubasa wo hirogeta kimi ga iru
Demo sono tsubasa wa kuroku omoku
Unmei ni kimi wa oshitsubusaresou

In the brightly shining world of white
With your wings spread out wide you are there
But those wings are so black and heavy on you
That you look like you're being crushed by your destiny

*Tasuketai, sukuitai, ore ni dekiru nara
Inochi sae nagedashite, kimi no tame ni...
Fuan no toki, tsurai toki, ore ga tsuite iru
Itsumo misete ite kure, kimi no egao
Seiya no ore ga kanjiru, fushigi na kimochi
Faitaa no ore ga kanjiru, shimeikan to wa chigatta...
Kitto ginga ichi mibun chigai na kataomoi da ne

*I want to help you, I want to rescue you, if I can do it
I would even throw away my life, all for you...
When you're uneasy, when it's painful, I am there with you
Always keep showing to me your smiling face
I, Seiya, feel it, this wondrous feeling
I, Fighter, feel it, different from my mission
This surely is unrequited love a station apart in the galaxy

Kuuru na akai sekai no naka ni
Kanpeki na senshi, ore ga iru
Demo sono mae ni kimi wa araware
Totsuzen Shinami wa harisakesou da ze

In the cool world of red
I am the perfect soldier, and I am there
But right here in front of me you appear
All of a sudden my heart feels it's about to burst open

Akogare wa, tada hitori ore no purinsesu
Hakai sae okoranakya, heiwa na hibi...
Nagarete kita, taiyoukei, kimi mo purinsesu
Aru hi miserareta, kimi no egao

My longing is for only one person, my precious princess
Even destruction must occur for peace day after day...
I came flowing here to the solar system, and you too are a princess
One day I was bewitched by your smiling face

Seiya no ore ga kanjiru, fushigi na kimochi
Faitaa no ore ga kanjiru, shimeikan to wa chigata...
Kitto ginga ichi mibun chigai na kataomoi da ne

I, Seiya, feel it, this wondrous feeling
I, Fighter, feel it, different from my mission
This surely is unrequited love a station apart in the galaxy

Hoshizora wo tsukinuke, ginga wo kirisaki
Mirai wo kimeru tatakai
Ima wa sukoshi de mo
Kimi no kioku no katasumi ni irareru you ni
Kami furimidashi dance dance dance

Piercing through the starry sky, cutting up the galaxy
The battle to decide the future
Now, if I can be at all
So that I will be somewhere within a corner of your memory
With my hair disheveled, I dance, dance, dance

*Tasuketai, sukuitai, ore ni dekiru nara
Inochi sae nagedashite, kimi no tame ni...
Fuan no toki, tsurai toki, ore ga tsuite iru
Itsumo misete ite kure, kimi no egao
Seiya no ore ga kanjiru, fushigi na kimochi
Faitaa no ore ga kanjiru, shimeikan to wa chigatta...
Kitto ginga ichi mibun chigai na kataomoi da ne

*I want to help you, I want to rescue you, if I can do it
I would even throw away my life, all for you...
When you're uneasy, when it's painful, I am there with you
Always keep showing to me your smiling face
I, Seiya, feel it, this wondrous feeling
I, Fighter, feel it, different from my mission
This surely is unrequited love a station apart in the galaxy

Jen listened to the song over and over again, not believing what she was hearing. What was he thinking? He knew she didn’t love him, she couldn’t possibly care for anyone like he so obviously cared for her, could never be close to anyone ever again.

Tears began to trickle down her face. No! I will not cry! I won’t! I… No matter how much she willed them to, the tears wouldn’t stop. I can’t love anymore. Not after what’s happened to me. I always hurt or kill those I love, just like my mother. Hihana died because Mother loved her too much. Father lives because she cares not at all for men. They’re pets to her, nothing more. I’m like her that way, or I was until I met Seikou, and he died because of the war, died protecting me. Hihana, I fought with her, but I loved her all the same. Others died because of this, too. So many faces, so much blood on my hands as StarFire. Oh, StarFreedom, why? All I want is to be happy, but I can’t!

Jason walked in to see Jen lying on her bed, tears streaming down her face. ::Kasei, what’s wrong?:: He asked her in her mind, the way they’d communicated for years, though their bond as senshi and as twins, using the gibberish language he was using earlier at the Three Light’s place. Seiya had been wrong about that. It wasn’t the same one Tyler had previously used. To an untrained ear, they sounded the same, but it was a different dialect of it.

Soundlessly, Jen huddled against her older brother’s chest, tears coming more freely as she spilled her thoughts out to him in the same language and played the song for him, despite what Seiya had told sky to tell her. ::It’s not fair, Nii-chan. It’s just not fair!::

He stroked her long red-black hair, so similar to his now that he was back to looking like his normal self. ::Kasei, it’s all right. Please, go to him. I think he thinks we’re dating.::

::That’s disgusting!:: she shouted at him and felt him flinch physically. ::Sorry, Yuki-chan, but it is. How can he think that when we look so similar?::

::I don’t understand, either, but I strongly doubt he was paying that much attention to things like that. I saw him watching you. The look in his eyes was so pitiful, yet heartbreaking at the same time. He loves you, Kasei, I truly believe he does. That song just proves it. That, and the instructions given with it.:: He pushed her into an upright sitting position. ::Look at me, Kasei.:: She obeyed out of habit. ::Go see him. Right now. You have to. I want you to be happy, if only for a short while. He’ll understand, I feel it.::

::How can you be so sure?:: she demanded. ::How do you know so much about him?::

He frowned. ::Has it truly been so long since you’ve seen me? You forget what I am. He is more like Seikou than you can ever imagine. They are almost exact duplicates, except Seiya, because he isn’t originally male, thinks slightly differently. At least, he used to anyway. Somehow his nature has been changed. He has two different minds in him, female and a separate male one.::

::That’s not possible! He treats me the same as Fighter and as Seiya.:: She shook her head in disbelief.

Someone cleared their throat. “I don’t mean to interrupt, but Jen, Jason has a point,” Serena said. “Pardon the intrusion, but I could hear you two shouting at each other from the kitchen.”

::We weren’t shouting!:: the said in unison, forgetting to speak out loud.

“There, you see? Jen, go see Seiya. At least make up and be friends with him. The team is suffering because of this discord you two have going between you. Go. Now!”

When Serena started ordering people around, it was generally I your best interest to listen to her. Jen sighed in resignation. “Teaming up isn’t fair, Tenshi, Yuki. Fine I’ll go, if only to get you off my back.”