Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 09 – A new ally

It had been two weeks since the costume party at Tsukino Himitsu’s place. Despite Seiya’s constant effort to talk to Jen, he failed no matter what he tried. He had thought he’d been doing everything right, but it was rapidly becoming apparent that he wasn’t. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Why isn’t she responding? Seiya shook his head and rubbed his knuckles where he’d sliced them open at the party. I don’t get it anymore. Taiki’s right. Any sane man would give up right now. He looked over at where Taiki was sitting, his nose stuck in a book Seiya knew for a fact wasn’t his. Must be one of Shinami-chan’s poetry books again. Those two got friendly in a hurry. Here he is counseling me to give up on Jen and he’s like that with Shinami, another Guardian. I’m confused. He leaned back and looked at Jen. Maybe I should just give up on her. No, that’s the coward’s way out, Seiya, and senshi aren’t cowards. But what to do? Ah, so! I’ll talk with Tsukino… iie, Einno Himitsu about this. After all, it was her advice that put me in this fix. Having so decided, Seiya’s mind rested a bit easier when he went to bed that night.

Taiki waited patiently outside the gates of Mugen Gakuen, the school Shinami attended, the next day. Several giggling girls passed by him, obviously recognizing him. Some even stopped to ask for his autograph, which he gave. He was in a good mood for some reason.

“Konnichi wa, Taiki!” Shinami said cheerfully.

“Konnichi wa, Taiki-san!” Hotaru said just as cheerfully.

“What’s with you two today? You look much genkier than usual. Something good happen? Ace a test?”

Hotaru and Shinami shook their heads. “Nope. Something even better. There’s a bunch of new students,” Shinami said excitedly.

“One of them is a really cute guy from America named Jason. I can’t remember how to pronounce his last name,” Hotaru added.

Taiki laughed. “You two. Typical teenagers, both of you. Boy crazy.”

They pouted, eyes sparkling. “We are not!” they said in unison, then laughed.

“Hotaru-chan, I’m taking Shinami to the Crown fruit parlor. Want to come? My treat?” Taiki offered.

Hotaru looked at her watch. “Gomen, but I can’t Michiru-mama has a concert tonight and I want to get my homework done so I can go to it. Maybe next time?”


“Say ‘hi’ to Tenno-san, Kaiou-san, and Meiou-san for me, will you please, Hotaru-chan?” Shinami asked.

Hotaru nodded. “I’ll say ‘hi’ for both of you. See you tomorrow, Shinami-chan,” she said, running off.

Taiki turned to Shinami. “So, you still up for a snack and then the poetry reading for tonight?”

“Can’t make it to the poetry reading. Gomen ne, Taiki, but I haven’t seen Kasei, Tenshi, and Okami in so long. Same with Shishi-chan, Kibou-chan and Shibou-chan.”

It took Taiki a minute to realize she was using the real names of the Guardians and senshi with them. “Oh.” He was slightly disappointed, as he’d been looking forward to it, but it was the same when they’d gotten Kakyuu Hime back. “It’s ok. I understand. We were like that when we got our princess back. Go spend time with your friends.”

Shinami’s eyes lit up. “I knew you’d understand, Taiki,” she said, giving him a big hug. “I can still come for a snack at the crown, though. I’m not supposed to be at their apartment until later tonight. I’m glad today’s a Saturday. I’m spending the night with them.”

“I’ve never been to a slumber party before,” Taiki said, interested, as they walked to his car. She’d gotten a ride from Haruka and Michiru today. “Are they a lot of fun?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Sure they are. You stay up late, reading and watching movies, eating junk food and doing whatever. What we used to do, when we were still at home, was play Guardians.” Her voice quieted down. “How little we knew then. About what it really means to be a Guardian, I mean. We only succeeded the old Guardians because one died. I think it was the old earth one. I don’t clearly remember what happened. Tenshi…I mean, Serena says it’s due to the time I was under Diamond’s spell, but what I do remember is crystal clear. No pun intended.”

“I’d like to hear more about your past sometime,” he said, pulling out of the parking lot.

“It would be better to ask one of the others or StarInfinity until my memory fully returns. Their memories are complete. Well, I’m not sure about Jen’s, but you get the point.”

“Ah.” As they drove towards the crown, talk moved towards school and other things, much to Shinami’s very obvious relief. She’d looked very uncomfortable when talking about her past life.

He pulled into the parking lot at the crown and stopped the car. He got out and Shinami followed him in. “Order whatever you like. It’s my treat.”

“Honto ni?” He nodded. “Then I’ll have a strawberry milkshake and a piece of shortcake, please.”

“You’re a lot easier to treat than, say, Usagi. She’d order one of everything!”

“I don’t eat that much. Except at home when Himitsu-sama makes waffles or spaghetti. I love spaghetti.”

Taiki laughed. “You and Jen,” he said, shaking his head. “Seiya was so impressed that she could pronounce the name properly.”

“Jen and Seiya,” Shinami said. Her food got there then and she stirred her shake with her straw, thinking. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about those two lately. Can you tell me exactly what happened with them before she got me back and was taken herself?”

“I’m not sure I can. They were rather friendly just before it happened. She was warming up a lot and becoming a nicer person.”

“I was afraid of that.” At his puzzled look, she continued. “The more she warms up to a man, the worse the things that could happen to her. Admittedly, this one’s not the same because they got me back, so it’s unlike any other relationship she’s ever had, or tried to have would be a better way of putting it.”

“According to Seiya, she had a fiancée.”

“Akai Seikou otherwise known as KnightRyuusei. Yep. They were engaged. Unfortunately, being Kinsei’s princess, I never really new all that much about them until we became Guardians. What I know is this: they met while Jen was still Sailoraries and he was still training with the other potential Knights, including our very own Brett, who I call Shishi-chan. As the time we know as the war grew nearer, the closer they got. He was killed in the first major battle. However, because of this, StarFire was forced to throw herself into the fighting to help ease her grief. Due to this, we very nearly won. She refuses to see it that way until we’ve beaten them all.”

“So she’s obsessed with this fight,” Taiki interrupted.

Shinami stared at him, straw in mouth. “Basically…yes, that sounds about right.”

He sat back in his chair. “Can you answer me one more question? Wolf refuses to tell anyone why, during the first battle we saw them fight in, she was referred to as ‘traitor’ by the enemy.”

“The Triplets did that, right? They insist on calling her that because, when Morisei, her world, fell, she was taken into An’ei Souku’s service. She actually did a fair amount of damage before we got her back. After that, she and StarFire teamed up, both of them full of rage at what had been done to them. Talk to any senshi, sailor or guardian, but the two people no one wants to upset during a fight are those two. Some claim that StarSinger unleashed is just as bad, but earth and fire powers mixed together? They unleashed a volcano on Hisei against the enemy. We won that battle by burying them in lava. Very few escaped.”

“I had no idea you Guardians were so strong,” Taiki said, awed.

“As a general rule, we’re pretty powerful, but in our group it’s just those two. I’m the weakest of the bunch. StarSinger is the most magically powerful, but she can’t heal and she has that emotional balance thing, which keeps her from acting on rage the way that StarFire and StarLight can. Mio-chan says I’m much like Sailormoon power wise, anyways. I’m strong, but not all the time.”

“Mio-chan? Oh, your cat. Where’s he been these days?”

Shinami shrugged. “I’m not really sure. He pretty much comes and goes when he needs to. Last time I saw him, he’d been talking with Luna and Artemis. That wasn’t too long ago, come to think of it. Just a few days after the party. He said they’re working on some sort of strategy to take of An’ei Souku so we can go home.” Shinami looked out towards the sky longingly. “Taiki, do you ever miss your parents?”

He stared at her. “What do you mean?”

She looked back. “I heard what happened to your home from the outer senshi. At least I know my home is intact, more or less, and my parents alive. I don’t even remember them though, and it bugs me. Do you miss yours?”

“Sometimes, but I don’t think of home very much anymore. I’ve started to think of Earth as my home.”

“If you like,” Shinami said shyly. “You can call Kinsei ‘home’ anytime. I would like it if you’d come to visit after I’ve gone.”

“Arigato, Shinami-chan. I’d like to visit, too. I wonder sometimes what the worlds you come from look like.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t share images the way Utano-sempai and Tenshi can. It’s a planet thing. Morisei and Umisei have it, as do Mugensei and one or two others, but not Kinsei or Jinsei, or even Hisei, where Jen’s from.”

Taiki shook his head. “Could you please stick to using their Earth names? You’re confusing me.”

“Gomen ne, Taiki. I forget sometimes. It’s really hard to try and keep them straight sometimes, but I‘ll try.”

“Thank you.” He looked at her plate. “Done all ready? That was quick.”

“It was delicious, thank you,” she said smiling.

“I’ll get you home now to get your things for this slumber party, then take you to Jen’s. Don’t worry, it’s on my way so it won’t take me any longer than it would if I were just dropping you off. Besides, I have a song I’m working on right now that Seiya’s been bugging me to finish.”

“Hai, hai. Shall we?”

On the way, Shinami suddenly clutched at her chest in pain. “Taiki, turn around and go to Juuban Park. It’s an emergency.”

Taiki looked at his friend, panicked. He found a spot to turn around in and did so. “What’s wrong, Shinami-chan? Are you hurt? Should I take you to the hospital?”

She shook her head, hand still on her chest, just over her heart. “No, to the park. As for what’s wrong…” she hissed in pain and pressed harder on her chest. “There’s someone under attack. There’s a reason they call me StarLove, and not just because I’m a naturally affectionate Libra, either. Haiyaku, Taiki, haiyaku! Onegai!”

Taiki drove just over the speed limit, hurrying to get to Juuban Park as fast as he could without getting a speeding ticket.

When they got there, Diamond and Quartzite were backing down a young boy. “That’s one of the new boys from school! The one from England, I think,” Shinami said as he stopped the car. She was out before he’d even stopped the engine. She ducked behind a stand of trees and transformed.

“Stop right there! What do you two think your doing, attacking a foreigner. I thought you had better manners than that. I guess I was wrong. Ai to seigi no bishoujo senshi, gaadian sutaaraabu! Kinzuishou to mugendai kawatte, Oshiokyo!” (For love and justice, I am the pretty soldier Guardian StarLove! In the name of the golden crystal and Infinity, I will punish you!)

“Yami wo kirissa sassurai no nagareboshi,” a voice said. [A wandering shooting star piercing through the darkness] “Sailorstarmaker, stage on!”

“Konnichi wa, StarMaker!” StarLove greeted her pleasantly, even though they’d been in the same car together, but the enemy didn’t need to know that. “Ogenki desu ka?”

“Hai, genki desu, StarLove. What say we make them sorry for attacking this boy, ne?”

“Hai!” “Too late, girlies. Talisman Reveal!” Quartzite shouted. The boy screamed in agony as his ‘talisman’ was ripped out of the center of his throat. It glowed a dark, angry red and didn’t fade.

Quartzite stared. “You mean, we actually found one? Yatta!” she shouted in joy.

StarMaker looked at StarLove, puzzled. “How can a boy have one of your talismans?”

“Keep in mind StarArrow has one, and he’s male.” Love did a double take. “Wait a minute. The planetary Knights all have talismans, just in different shapes and with different powers. Look at that one. It’s circular. But, how did a Knight get here?”

“Does it matter, we have to get that thing back in him before he dies.”

“He won’t die, but he’d wish he was going to. When a Talisman is taken, the taker can either assume the owner’s powers, or control them.”

“Much like what Sailorgalaxia did when she took starseeds of sailorsenshi. She controlled them with golden bracelets.”

“This way they can completely control the owner’s mind. Look at what happened to me and then again to StarFire.”

“Enough talk,” Diamond said. “We’ll get rid of you girls then take this prize back our Queen. Quartzite, if you please.”

“Ice Shards Strike!” she said, pointing at Maker.

“Oh no you don’t! Burning Star Shine!”

StarFighter’s attack knocked Quartzite’s away, but missed the immediately following “Ice Mist Encase” sent from Diamond to StarLove. It hit and encased her in a shroud of ice.

“StarLove!” Maker shouted. “Life Force Encircle!” she said, aiming for Diamond. The attack missed, but barely.

“Nice try, sailor girl, but you aren’t powerful enough to deal with me,” Diamond sneered.

“Oh yeah? Eat dirt and die, Diamond. Pisces Water Dragon!” StarSinger had arrived along with the rest of the Guardians and senshi. “Need help, guys?” StarFighter and StarMaker looked over. “Thanks.”

StarLight walked over to the young boy. “He looks oddly familiar. I can’t place him, but he does. Why does he have a talisman though? That’s just odd.”

“Get StarLove to explain later,” Maker told her, dodging a kick.

“Where is she anyways?” Uranus asked. “Aquarius Rumbling Wave!”

“Thanks Uranus. Diamond encased her in ice just before you got here.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” StarFire said, shaking with rage and in slight pain. Quartzite had grazed her with one of her ice shards. “Fire Blaze!” she said, pointing at where StarLove was encased in ice and rapidly running put of oxygen. The ice began cracking under the heat of StarFire’s power and shattered.

StarLove collapsed to the ground, gasping for air. “Domo, Yoake-san,” she said between gasps. She stood and glared at Diamond. “I don’t want to have to fight you because of who you are, but I must do my duty as a Guardian and a princess of my home.” She stretched her hand out and a sword appeared in it. “Justice Truth Attack!”

A blazing white beam shot from the gem embedded in the cross piece of the sword and shot at Diamond, hitting him in the side. When the light faded, he had a bleeding wound in his side. He looked at it, astonished that one as weak as StarLove could actually injure him that badly. He collapsed to the ground, clutching his side.

“Drat!” StarLove cursed. “I missed. How could I miss?”

“Who cares?” Quartzite sneered. “You missed. Your not strong enough to wield those powers yet, princess. You’ve always been the weak one in the group, the one to destroy to get rid of everything and everyone on all ten worlds.” Quartzite laughed. You’re so pathetic, little princess. As a parting, I give you this: Blue Poison!.” The attack wasn’t aimed, but headed straight for StarFire. “Later!” She touched Diamond and they both vanished back to their domain.

StarFighter jumped in front of StarFire, taking the attack that was heading for her.

Fire stared at her in shock. “What did you do that for, baka?” she scolded. “Do you have any idea how strong her poison is?”

Fighter, who was beginning to feel its effects, nodded. “I knew the risk I was taking, if that’s what you meant. I couldn’t let you get hurt, StarFire. You’ve been hurt so much lately, some of it by me. I only wanted to spare you this one that I could spare you from.” She collapsed to the ground.

Fire stared down at her. “Baka.”

StarLight and StarHealer walked over. “I agree. Nice sentiment, but it’s a stupid one all the same.” She knelt beside the senshi and concentrated. “Well, she’s lucky. This one’s the weakest one of her attacks I’ve yet to see. She’ll be fine, but I would recommend keeping Fighter in bed for a day or two at least to make sure the poison is completely out of her system before letting her up. If she were in any danger, I’d step in and do something with Singer to back me up, but she’s not so I won’t. Bed rest it is. Got that?”

Healer nodded, looking over to where the others were standing.

StarLove sank to her knees. “I had him. I could have gotten rid of him and then our task would have been so much easier. Why did I miss? Maybe Quartzite’s right. I am the weakest one and everyone knows it. I shouldn’t be a Guardian. I was just fine as Sailorlibra. Why did StarInfinity choose me? Me of all people.”

Eternalsailormoon knelt beside her. “I had the same feelings when I first became Sailormoon. I had to rely really heavily on TuxedoKamen-sama to help me because I didn’t believe I could do it. Even when Sailormercury, Sailormars, Sailorjupiter and Sailorvenus joined me, I had a hard time with it. But now I have the confidence to fight. You need to find this inside yourself like I did.”

Maker nodded encouragingly. “You said yourself that you know you aren’t the strongest physically or power-wise, but, from what I’ve seen, it’s your strong heart and courage that make you strong, just like Sailormoon. That’s why I think you deserve the name StarLove, because of the love I see you have for your friends, the love that makes your need to help and protect them make you strong.”

“You just need to find the shinning star inside you to help you believe in yourself and your powers,” Neptune said, touching her shoulder gently.

StarLove looked up at them and nodded. “I’ll do my best, minna-san.” She smiled, looking more like herself than StarSinger had seen her in a long time.

“Ganbatte kudasai!” Jupiter and Saturn cheered together.

“Now, StarLove, about the boy with the talisman?” StarFire pressed as StarLight returned it to him.

“Oh that. I think he might be one of our Knights, but I’m not entirely sure.”

StarArrow stared. “Another one? How did he get here? Do you think StarInfinity brought him here?”

Love shook her head. “She would have told us first. No, I don’t think that’s it. All I know about him is that he’s a foreign exchange student at Mugen Gakuen, from England, I think. I could be wrong.”

“He’s waking up,” Starlight said, excited. “That was a fast recovery, young man. Not every one can bounce back like that.”

He groaned and sat up. “So that’s what it feels like,” he said, rubbing his throat. “I regret ever inflicting that on people.”

The senshi stared. “What do you mean?” Pluto asked suspiciously.

“You know what just happened to you?” StarSinger asked.

“I just had my talisman ripped out by Quartzite, that much I remember. After that, I’m slightly foggy.” He shook his head. “No, I don’t like that at all.”

StarLight stepped forward and grabbed him roughly by the shirt collar, lifting him up off the ground. “Who are you!?” she demanded. “What are you? How do you know so much?”

“Calm down, Utano-san. Don’t you recognize me?” he asked, trying without success to pull his shirt free of Staright’s gloved grip.

“No, I don’t. Should I?”

“I think I do,” StarLove said. “I’m not positive, but you do look familiar. Somehow.”

“Put me down, Utano-san, and I’ll tell you who I am.” StarLight obliged and he straightened out his shirt. “Thank you. Now, you don’t recognize me now, but you knew me better as Obsidian, servant to An’ei Souku.”

“How is that possible?” StarHealer asked.

“The Guardians healed me just before Diamond took StarFire and turned her into Kitsune. I knew who she really was as I kept my eye on the whole thing from start to finish.”

Uranus pinned him to a tree trunk. “I don’t believe you,” she growled.

StarFire walked up to him and stared into his eyes, which were black and identical to hers. “Who were you before you were taken? I need to know. You might have the connections to find my brother, who went missing just after the war started.”

“Your brother was Yoake Yuki, right? You also had an older sister named Hihana, who died in some freak accident. You and your sister were constantly at odds, but even with all of that, she meant as much to you as anyone else in your family. They were everything to you. Except for Seikou, Akai Seikou.”

StarFire felt her ears burn. “How do you know so much about me?”

“Because, Imouto-chan, i'ts me; Yuki,” he said gently.

Uranus let go of his shirt and stepped back. Fire grabbed it and slammed him into the trunk hard enough to knock his breath out. “Liar!”

“You want proof?” he wheezed. “Hisei Star Power, Make Up!”

A sheet of fire as hot as a blast furnace surrounded the boy who claimed he was both Obsidian and StarFire’s brother. She held up her arms to keep the flames away from her, not wanting to use her powers.

When the flames cleared, he was wearing a Knight’s fuku. His consisted of a dark orange collar around his neck attaching to the upwards pointed v-shaped neckline of his sleeveless and strapless black shirt. Around his waist was a thick red cloth belt. Beneath that, he wore bronze pants. The silver tops of his boots came halfway up his thigh. The toes of the boots were red. “Is this proof enough?” he asked, looking down at StarFire, as he dwarfed her by at good couple of inches. “You of all people should recognize the fuku of KnightHisei.”

Tears welled up in StarFire’s eyes. Nii-chan! It’s really him! “Nii-chan!” She threw herself into his arms and hugged him. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I missed you, too, Imouto-chan. Somehow, even through all they did to me, I missed you. My desire to capture you, even though it was for the Queen, reflected this. Once my mind cleared of what had happened to me, I remembered what had happened the day I was freed. I remembered watching you, helpless to do anything but huddle in a corner.” His fuku faded back into the clothing he’d been wearing already. He hugged her closer. “As much as I’d like to talk, I’m still weak from havin my talisman yanked out, so is there somewhere I can rest?”

Mercury cleared her throat. “My okaa-san’s a doctor. You could stay at my place if you like.”

He nodded. “Thank you Sailor…Virgo?”

“Iie, I’m Sailormercury. We use planet names here.”

“Ah so. I have much to learn then. If my little sister will let me go, I’ll gladly accept your offer.”

StarFire, who had detransformed into Jen, loked up at him, teary eyed still. “My heart says I don’t want to let you, but my head says if I don’t, you could get very sick and maybe even die, so I’ll let Mercury take care of you. For now.”

Jen collapsed onto her bed later that night, too tired to even change from her school clothes to her pajamas. Despite what had just happened the slumber party was still going on. She was just lying down for a minute, too exhausted, both physically and emotionally, to do anything more at that moment. She was glad to have her older brother back, glad to finally have someone who knew everything about her, as was the nature of twins. She rolled over. On the other hand, there was StarFighter’s bit of foolishness prior to that. What was that idiot thinking? Trying to save my life or smething? I don’t care what the excuse was, it was foolish and that’s all there is to it. Not wanting to dwell any more on the subject, she went back out to join her friends, who were currently involved in doing Tyler’s nails.