Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 08 – Would you like to Dance? Part 2

Notes on this chapter:
Credit for the following costumes go to several friends of mine from the NSFFC:
Haruka and Michiru as Romeo and Juliet – sunsenshi99
Setsuna as Marie Antoinette – Tiggs_97
Ami as a doctor – Tiggs_97
Minako as Sailor V – Sailor Hotshot
Usagi as a Rabbit – sunsenshi99
Taiki as a musketeer/swordsman – Tiggs_97
Note: The version of Tuxedo Kamen Seiya is dressed as isn’t the one from the anime, it’s the one from the manga

The boy shrieked as a star-shaped object was torn from his throat. The crowd gasped in astonishment. This was something they’d only occasionally seen on the news but never in real life. The man called Diamond and the woman Quartzite were grinning. The grins faded when the star shape turned black.

“Is that supposed to happen?” Quartzite asked Diamond.

“It’s supposed to stay red.” Diamond growled. “This man is not Seiya Kou!”

Quartzite gazed out into the crowd. “If Seiya Kou is not brought before us now this imposter Seiya will die.” As she spoke, black bands wrapped around the imposter Seiya. When they cleared, a bizarre youma was left.

“Kitsune-chan!” it said, posing.

“Kitsune-chan here will also eliminate any who stand in our way.” Diamond added, almost as an afterthought.

“Yamero!” Shinami collapsed to the floor beside Taiki. “Mo yamete.”

Taiki looked down at her. “Daijobu ka, Shinami-chan?”

She shook her head. “I have to go.” Before he could reply, she was up and running towards the stage.

Tyler, who had gone as an elf, watched a woman dressed in the dress worn by the Heir to the throne on Kinsei go running by and almost chocked. Yumeko Hime-sama! How did she get here? She stalked after her, watching what she would do.

Tsukino Himitsu watched her. “Shin-chan no!” she screamed after her.

Everyone in the crowd watched loosely now. No one gave any indication that they’d head Himitsu’s scream of terror.

Diamond gazed down at her impassively. “Where did you get that dress? Only one girl wears it and she’s a senshi, not a mere human like yourself.”

By this time, Kitsune was busy sucking life energy from the crowd to make itself more powerful. All but the senshi and Guardians had passed out, but they had fallen to make it seem as if they were just normal people.

Rei gritted her teeth. She couldn’t do anything lying on the ground. Trying not to be seen, she snuck off to the balcony and transformed as quietly as she could.

Taiki watched Shinami confront Diamond and Quartzite. What does that idiot girl think she is? She can’t hope to win against them. She’s just a normal girl without powers to fight them. Why are you lying here then, baka Taiki. You have to help her. StarMaker can at least fight. But I can’t fight them without revealing my identity to them, Shinami-chan especially. He gritted his teeth and watched, helpless.


Diamond rolled his eyes. “What now?”

Sailormars walked out from the balcony. “I won’t allow you to torment these people any longer. On behalf of my planet Mars, I’ll punish you!”

Quartzite yawned. “Kitsune-chan, please get rid of her.”

Kitsune-chan bowed. “I obey.” It said, then lunged at Sailormars.

“Aries Spirit Ball!” she shouted, but missed as Kitsune dodged.

“Aquarius Rumbling Wave!” Uranus’s attack hit it directly in the side. Uranus and Neptune appeared out of nowhere with Sailormoon beside them. Slowly the rest of the senshi began to appear.

“We won’t forgive you for trying to take our idol Seiya away from us,” Venus said, clenching her fist menacingly.

“How dare you crash this party!” Jupiter said, mimicking Venus’s action.

“Tsukini kawatte…” Sailormoon said.

“Oshiokyo!” the senshi all said together.

Tyler had finally caught up to Shinami and pulled her aside. “Where did you get that dress?” she demanded.

“I had it made for me,” she said, wondering why this girl she’d only seen a few times was asking her questions about her choice of dress.

“Only one girl is allowed to wear that dress.”

Taiki’s running over and embracing Shinami interrupted Tyler’s attempt at a speech.

“Don’t scare me like that. I thought Diamond was going to kill you!”

“How do you know his name?” Shinami demanded pulling away, eyeing him suspiciously. “Are you with him?”

“No, no of course not! That woman called him Diamond-sama.”

“Way to go, Taiki,” Tyler muttered in his ear. “You almost gave it away to a complete stranger.”

“She’s not a complete stranger, Wolf. She’s my friend, Hizashi Shinami-chan.”

“Still, she isn’t one of us, despite her wearing that dress. Remind me to tell you later what that dress is.”

Shinami wasn’t paying any attention to them. She was busy watching the battle between Kitsune-chan and the senshi. The youma was fast, too fast and smart to get itself hit by any attacks. Inside the pocket of her skirt, she was fingering her henshin tool, debating on whether or not she should help, despite Taiki and Tyler being there to witness her henshin. Taiki wouldn’t let her go anywhere unescorted until the fight was over. “I suppose I have no choice whatsoever,” she said straightening.

Taiki and Tyler stopped in their conversation and looked at Shinami. “What do you mean?” Tyler asked slowly.

“In what don’t you have a choice?” Taiki added.

Shinami shook her head. “I’m not who you think I am.” She shook her head. “Himitsu-sama’s going to be so angry with me, but I don’t have a choice. Air Cosmic Power, Make Up!”

Right before their eyes, Hizashi Shinami turned into Guardian StarLove. Taiki couldn’t believe it. The other Guardians had been spending copious amounts of energy to find her and here she was, right under their noses this whole time. From the look on Tyler’s face, she felt the same way.

“I can’t believe it! Yu-chan!” Tyler shrieked, wrapping StarLove in a bear hug.

“A-ano…” StarLove said, sweat dropping.

“Oh don’t worry. Taiki, you with me?” He nodded.

“Earth Cosmic Power…”

“Maker Star Power…”

“Make Up!” Tyler and Taiki turned into Guardian StarLight and Sailorstarmaker.

StarLove stood there, staring. “Utano-sempai! It’s really you!”

“I hate to break up this joyous reunion, but there’s a fight going on out there,” Starmaker interrupted.

“Right. Well, let’s go then!” StarLove said, charging out.

“Ai to seigi no bishoujo senshi, gaadian sutaaraabu! Kinzuishou to mugendai kawatte, Oshiokyo!”

The senshi looked up. “StarLove!” Venus said weakly. “How did you get here?”

“I’ll explain everything later. Right now, let’s beat this thing.”

The senshi nodded. “However,” Uranus told her. “The youma seems to have a great amount of speed and intelligence on its side.”

“That’s no problem for StarLight,” StarLove said, looking at her fellow Guardian.

She nodded. “Let’s hope I can hit it.”

“I’ll send a love me chain at it, then you try yours, ok StarLight?” Venus offered.

StarLight thought for a minute. “That could work. Try.”

“Venus Love me Chain!” The chain wrapped around Kitsune-chan’s ankle, but unwrapped just as quickly. The pause was all the time StarLight needed.

“Virgo Motion Pause!” the youma froze in its tracks. “Ima yo, Sailormoon!”

She nodded. “Eternal Moon Angel Kiss!” Kitsune shrieked and returned to his normal state.

Diamond punched his hand with his other hand baled into a fist. “Come, let’s retreat for now. There are other ways of catching an idol singer.” He and Quartzite vanished without a trace.

Uranus stared at StarLove. “How did you know we were fighting?”

StarLight looked at her expectantly. StarLove stepped forward. “There really is no way to explain this using words, so I’ll have to show you.” In front of their eyes, Guardian StarLove detransformed back into Hizashi Shinami, wearing her costume still. “I am Hizashi Shinami, protégé of Tsukino Himitsu, and otherwise known as Kiyoshi Yumeko Hime, Guardian StarLove, know to you more recently as Lady Tyger of the Joudo Tengoku, one of An’ei Souku’s servants.”

The senshi stared in astonishment as the Guardians approached her and bear hugged her.

StarFire held back as StarLight and StarSinger said their hellos. When they’d finished, she approached very stiffly and went down on one knee. “Welcome back, Yumeko Ohime-sama,” she said. “I’m glad to see you are well.”

Shinami smiled. “It’s nice to see you, too, Yoake-sempai. And please don’t bow like that. You know I hate it when my friends do it. I got it enough in court that I don’t need it from you three.” She looked up at the twins and StarArrow. “It’s good to see you three again. I admit it feels funny to have been replaced, but…” She shrugged. “I wasn’t exactly in a position to come to earth with the other Guardians.”

“Had we known what had really happened to you, we would have stayed behind,” StarSinger stepped forward. “Between myself, StarHealer, and starlight we could have healed you.”

Sailorstarhealer raised an eyebrow. “What’s this about StarHealer?”

“One of the older Guardians, previous to our predecessors. That set was StarHealer as Earth Guardian, StarSeal for water, StarFlare for Fire, and StarEyes for Air. No ones had seen many of them in a while. StarHealer sticks around to help StarLight train her healing gift. She’s become one fo the temporary elemental Guardians in our absence. SunStar, SirenMoon and StarShine, three of our predecessors, have also resumed the mantle of Guardian temporarily. You met them along with one of our Knights, KnightJinsei, when we healed Jen and brought her back. Without her help, she wouldn’t be able to heal youmas and things like StarFire and, to a lesser extent, StarLove.” StarSinger explained. “I don’t have that gift. It’s not in my family. There is a water senshi that can heal, I just can’t remember if it’s Sailorcancer or Sailorscorpio.”

Sailormoon looked over at the people collapsed on the floor. “Enough of this,” she said finally. “We should do something about this. These people don’t have much energy after that thing sucked it out to power its own powers.”

“And how do you propose to do that, Eternalsailormoon?” a new voice asked calmly.

The senshi turned to see Tsukino Himitsu walking towards them. As she walked, she glowed a dark purple and became the woman known as Guardian StarInfinity.

Pluto groaned. “We should have guessed from what StarLove told us.”

Maker looked at Infinity and nodded. “Hello again, StarInfinity-san.”

The senshi all looked at StarMaker. “You knew who she was?” Mars demanded. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I promised I wouldn’t,” she said, backing away from the angry faces of her fellows.

“Enough,” StarInfinity said, holding up a gloved hand. “Sailormoon, using your newest power, you will return energy to these people.” Sailormoon nodded. “Eternal Moon Angel Kiss!”

Her moon tial glowed with a silvery light that encircled the people, including the senshi, who’d been drained fighting Kitsune-chan. The moaned and stood. Before they could see them, the senshi melted into the shadows, separating off so they could detransform without spoiling their costumed identities to the others.

After the initial shock wore off, the guests went back to dancing and enjoying themselves until Tsukino Himitsu got up on stage. “It’s time every one for the judging of the costume contest.” A servant walked up and presented her a silver tray with an envelope on it. After she took it, he bowed and walked away. She opened the envelope with a flourish. “For best couple costume, the prize goes to Romeo and Juliet. When you are announced, please come to the stage and stand behind me with your masks on.”

Romeo and Juliet followed the instructions and stood there silently.

The next prizes were: best male costume (a tie between the Seiya costume and the TuxedoKamen), best female costume (again a tie between Marie Antoinette and the phoenix), most original costume (a tie between Shinami’s princess dress and someone who went as Sailorstarhealer), best group costume (a group that went as the Sailorstarlights), and best dance couples (Tuxedo Kamen and the phoenix, Seiya and a girl dressed as an angel, a samurai and a woman in a traditional kimono, a Musketeer and a princess, and SailorV and a news reporter).

Himitsu finished announcing the winners. “Wow. There are quite a few ties this year. More than last year’s contest.” She looked at the clock on one wall. “It’s approaching midnight. At the stroke of midnight, you are all to unmask, even those in the audience. Do you understand?” A murmur of yeses came from the crowd.

The clock began to chime. People began loosening the ties of their masks and, when it finished, the masks came off.

Romeo and Juliet were Haruka and Michiru. Tuxedo Kamen was the real Seiya, Marie Antoinette was Setsuna, the phoenix was Jen (much to Seiya’s surprised happiness), the angel was Hotaru, the Musketeer and princess were Taiki and Shinami, and SailorV was Minako.

Seiya turned to Jen. “So, despite you trying to keep us apart, we wound up together and even won a prize for it. How can you still say we’re wrong?”

Jen stared at him. How dare he? she thought to herself. How dare he presume that, because of one thing, we’re meant to be? Out loud she said, “I still can’t date you, Seiya. I can’t explain why, but I can’t.” She turned and walked away.

He grabbed her arm. “Wait, please Jen. Can we be friends at least?”

She wrenched her arm out of his grasp. “Outside of defeating An’ei Souku, no, we can’t.” She walked off the stage and towards the others, who were gathering around Shinami. They had a lot of catching up to do.

In the bathroom, alone, Seiya punched a wall in frustration. “How does she have such power over me in my male form? How can she do this? Maybe it would be better if I stayed in female form. I don’t feel like this for her when I’m StarFighter.” He hit the wall again, this time slicing it open on a nail sticking out. Perversely, it made him feel a bit better. Not much, but it helped some.

Taiki wandered in and saw Seiya staring at his bleeding hand. Somehow he managed to get him over to the sink to wash the blood off.

“What did you do to yourself, Seiya?” Taiki demanded as he held Seiya’s hand under the cold, running water.

“I punched a wall,” Seiya said as he pulled his hand out from under the water, placing the other hand over the wound. The motion sprayed water and a bit of blood over their general vicinity. “What did you think I did?”

“I don’t know. I can’t think of a very good reason for your knuckles to be bleeding. Why’d you do a stupid thing like punch a wall anyways? Was it because of Jen?” Seeing the look on his friend’s face, he sighed and shook his head. “What happened this time?”

Seiya related the story of their conversation. “I don’t understand. I’m trying so hard but she still won’t talk to me unless I start it.”

Taiki somehow managed to get Seiya’s hand back under the water to finnish cleaning it. “Any other man would have given up by now.”

Seiya gritted his teeth. “That’s just it. I only feel like this when I’m male. When I’m StarFighter, I only feel a very deep friendship for her, but nothing like what I feel right now.” He shook his head. “I was almost considering staying in female form until the end and she returned home with the others.”

“And then what would you do?” Taiki scolded. “You’d pine away for her like you did when Diamond took her. You’d be completely useless to anyone. You have to deal with this with her now and get it over and done with. Tell her once and for all how you feel and get her to tell you truthfully how she feels. There’s no other way to get over this.”

“Fine advice coming from you. From anyone else, it would make more sense, but you… You’ve never been in this situation.”

“No, but Shinami-chan has. This is actually mostly coming from what she’s told me about one of her old relationships.” He paused. “Actually, now that I think about it, how much of what they’ve told us about themselves is actually real? They have another past, just like us. Who would have guessed that little Hizashi Shinami would turn out to be StarLove?”

“None of us, that much is for certain.” Seiya said, wondering where Taiki was going with all this. “What are you getting at?”

Taii shrugged. “I’m not entirely sure.”

Seiya sweat dropped. “Great. You’re a lot of help, Taiki.”

“Anyway, I came in to get you because we’re heading home.”

“Let’s go then. I need sleep. This night has worn me out completely.”

Just for reference, this is what the senshi went as for the party:

Usagi – rabbit

Ami – doctor

Rei – fortuneteller

Makoto – chef

Minako – Sailor V

Haruka – Romeo

Michiru – Juliet

Hotaru – angel

Setsuna – Marie Antoinette

Seiya – Tuxedo Kamen

Taiki – sordsman/musketeer

Yaten – Jareth from ‘Labrynth’

Jen – phoenix

Serena – Sailor Pluto

Brett – Himura Kenshin

Skye – ballerina

Starr – a movie star

Shinami – princess

Wolf – elf