Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 07 – Would you like to Dance?

Notes on this chapter:
Credit for the following costumes go to several friends of mine from the NSFFC:
Haruka and Michiru as Romeo and Juliet – sunsenshi99
Setsuna as Marie Antoinette – Tiggs_97
Ami as a doctor – Tiggs_97
Minako as Sailor V – Sailor Hotshot
Usagi as a Rabbit – sunsenshi99
Taiki as a musketeer/swordsman – Tiggs_97
Note: The version of Tuxedo Kamen Seiya is dressed as isn’t the one from the anime, it’s the one from the manga

Jen was back at school the next day. She looked a little paler than usual but looked fine otherwise. She wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, as people kept giving her funny looks all morning. It was beginning to really annoy her. Seiya was the worst. He was far too polite to her, acting as if the discussion in her apartment hadn’t happened. Correction. As if her leaving, or them ever going out, had never happened. As if they were old friends almost. She didn’t quite understand what was going on, but it was making her uneasy. She couldn’t wait for lunch, as she desperately needed to talk to Serena and Tyler. What is with Seiya today? Jen wondered. He’s never acted like this before, not even before we started dating, and it’s starting to weird me out. She opened her binder to a blank page and uncapped her favorite red pen.


At lunch, I really need to talk to you about Seiya. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he’s been acting really strangely around me today. I was wondering if you had any ideas.


When sensei wasn’t looking, Seiya watched as Jen passed the note she’d written to Serena. He pretended to ignore it. He clutched his fists in frustration. Why was Jen reacting so badly to his efforts? This was what Tsukino Himitsu had instructed Taiki to tell him to do, so why wasn’t it working? There was no reason why it shouldn’t. He looked over at her. She was ignoring him, or trying to anyway, focusing on the lesson. He knew she wasn’t really all that interested in what sensei was teaching, as she spoke perfect English anyways, being from Canada.

He shook his head. No, she wasn’t. That was just their cover. The Guardians, like him and his fellow Sailorstarlights, had come from elsewhere to fight an enemy. He leaned back in his chair, arms behind his head, glancing over at Taiki and Yaten. Taiki looked distracted, which was unusual for him. He had a book open in front of him that looked nothing like the textbook. The words in it, as near as he could tell, were written in an elegant feminine script. He arched an eyebrow. The words were in English, so he didn’t try to read them. Yaten simply looked bored; nothing unusual there.

He sighed. He couldn’t wait until lunchtime. Maybe Odango or one of the girls would have any ideas on what to do in this situation. Speaking of Odango…

He looked over at her. She was reading a letter, over and over again. Must be a letter from Mamoru-san, he thought. Odango was doing so much better than last year, when Galaxia had taken Mamoru-san’s starseed. Now she actually got letters back from him. She was a much more cheerful person these days, especially the day she got a letter.

He looked back over at Jen, who was reading something in her notebook. He really wished he could read English, as everything she did, except class notes, was done in English. Taiki and Ami could read it, but he couldn’t no matter how hard he tried.

He sighed and leaned back again. When is class going to be over? He asked himself. I can’t take this anymore!

“Hey, Seiya. Why so glum?” Makoto asked him as he joined them for lunch. “Jen getting to you again?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes,” Seiya said, sitting beside Usagi and Taiki. “I don’t understand her at all.”

“Who truly ever understands a girl’s mind or heart?” Taiki pointed out. “Especially those Guardians. They defy all description and definition.”

“Jen especially. Of the three of them, she’s the one Haruka-tachi trust the least. Hotaru seems genuinely fond of Wolf. Setsuna and Serena seem ok, but none really trust Jen. Haruka treats her like she treats you, Seiya.”

Seiya snorted. “That’s a comforting thought. Why is everyone so hard on her? She’s really quite nice when you get past her gruff exterior.”

Minako shook her head. “It’s just really hard, Seiya. Some people put up defenses that are there so others can’t get close to them. Rei-chan says she’s that kind of person. None of us can figure out why her shield is there, so it must be very important.”

“I know why it’s there. Believe me, it’s a part of her past that hurts every time she looked at me.”

Usagi looked up from stuffing her face. “Tell us, Seiya.”

He looked away. “I can’t. I couldn’t betray her trust in me like that. I care too much about her. Before she was taken she was just beginning to trust me and told me her secret. The others know, I’m sure of it. Brett knows for sure so the others must.” Seiya shook his head. “I want her back, but she won’t even talk to me.”

“How’s Tsukino-san’s advice working?” Taiki asked after a long pause.

“Not well at all. Every time I try, she looks at me like I’ve grown a second head.”

“You know Tsukino-san?” Minako shrieked.

“No,” Seiya replied.

“Then how..?”

Taiki cleared his throat. “I’ve met her. You know the actress who worked with Yaten on that movie the month after Jen vanished, Hizashi Shinami? I met her at a poetry reading and went back to her place for pie afterwards. She’s living with Tsukino Himitsu.”

“No way!” Minako and Usagi shrieked in unison. “You know Hizashi Shinami and Tsukino Himitsu!?”

“Yes,” Taiki said, getting a sweat drop.

Yaten rolled his eyes. “Hizashi-san isn’t all that great a person. I would know. I’m working with her on another movie sometime soon.” He shuddered. “I don’t want to, but the producers insist because we ‘look cute together’.”

Minako patted his shoulder. “Aw, poor Yaten.”

Seiya watched them and sighed. I still don’t know what to do about Jen. Why won’t she come back to me? What happened to her while she was under Diamond’s control? Why won’t she tell me? He shook his head. She probably has her own reasons, baka Seiya. Just wait for it. You had patience last time and she told you in her own time. Maybe this is the same.

“Ne, Taiki-san, Taiki-san,” Minako was saying as he came out of his dream world. “Do you know anything about the ball Tsukino Himitsu is putting on?”

“Do you think you can get us invites to go?” Usagi added. “Please, Taiki-san? Please?”

Ami looked up. “It would be fun. I’d love to go. I think we all deserve a break once in a while. If you could get them it would be a perfect excuse.” Usagi and Minako stared at Ami. She was usually the one who encouraged them to study constantly.

Makoto seized the opportunity. “Ami-chan’s right. We need a break. We haven’t really had one since the Guardians arrived.”

Taiki, realizing he was outnumbered, nodded. “I’ll try. I have Shinami-san’s e-mail address, so I’ll try and get a hold of her to see if I can get tickets. By the way, Minako-chan, what kind of a ball is it anyways?”

“A masquerade,” Minako said, stars in her eyes.

Yaten and Seiya sweat dropped. “Serious? A masquerade? Haven’t we had enough of costumes?” Seiya asked.

“Oh come on Seiya. This’ll be fun! Maybe, if Taiki gets enough tickets, Jen and the others’ll come. You can use it as the perfect opportunity to talk to her,” Makoto said slyly, elbowing him in the ribs.

Seiya’s eyes lit up. “That’s right! If I have a mask on she won’t be able to tell who I am!”

“So let’s go for it!” Makoto cheered.

The others sweat dropped. “Why are you two glowing in your auras?” Ami asked.

Jen waited impatiently outside under the tree she’d agreed to meet Serena at after class. She’d told her to bring Wolf, which was probably why she was late. She stood and began pacing around the tree trunk.

What could be keeping those two? I told them it was important that I talk to them. Where could they be?

“Whoa, girl, stop with the pacing already,” Tyler said by way of greeting. “Give the grass a break Jen. It didn’t do anything to you.”

Jen turned, startled. “It’s about time you two showed up,” she snarled. “I was beginning to wonder when you’d show up.”

“No need to be snarky Jen,” Serena said. “We got here as soon as we could. The others wanted to come, so we had to convince them not to.”

Tyler rolled her eyes. “And you know what Starr’s like when she gets it into her head to go somewhere.”

“Yes, I know.” Jen shook her head. “That’s not what I asked you here for.”

Tyler looked at her. “What’s up, Jen? It sounds urgent.”

Jen quickly explained the situation she’d been facing in class. “So, what do you two think? Any ideas on why he’s been acting so weird?”

Tyler shook her head, silver bangs falling into her eyes. “The way you treat that poor boy could be the reason. Maybe he’s finally flipped his lid.”

Serena glared down at her. “That’s not very nice, Wolf,” she said. “Anyway, he could be acting like that because you don’t want to be with him, so he’s treating you like a normal person.”

“It doesn’t feel that way.”

“He’s also probably a bit awkward doing that,” Serena added. “Cut him a bit of slack. I don’t think there are any ulterior motives to his behavior. That’s the only thing I can think of.”

Jen sighed. “I suppose your right Serena. Any comments Wolf?”

Tyler looked at her thoughtfully. “I’ll keep an eye on him. See if I can find anything funny. This all feels too familiar to me for some reason. I’m not entirely sure why.”

“Thanks Mutt.”

“No problem Jenjen.”

Problem partially solved, they returned to lunch with Skye, Starr, and Brett, who looked like they wanted to ask what had just happened, but one look from Tyler shut them up on that subject.

“So Jen,” Starr asked innocently. “How was your morning?”

“You want to come? Really? That’s wonderful! How many tickets do you need? That many? Who are you bringing? Your friends from school? Ok. I suppose that’s ok. I’ll get them to you after school tomorrow. Tenno-san and Kaiou-san want to come visit Tsukino-san-tachi anyways so I’ll just go with them. Ok? See you tomorrow. Ja ne.”

“Who were you talking to, Shin-chan?” Hotaru asked, looking up from her homework.

“Taiki-san,” Shinami said, placing the phone back on its stand. “He was asking for tickets to the costume party on Saturday.”

“Sugoi, Shinami-chan. I didn’t know you were hosting a costume party.”

“I’m not. Himitsu-sama is.” Shinami paused for a moment. “Would you like to come? I’d like to have a friend there.”

“Can Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama, and Setsuna-mama come too?”

“Sure. They’re more than welcome.”

“Great! Now I just have to figure out what to go as.”

They thought for a minute. After a while, Shinami just shook her head. “I can’t think of anything, but if I do come up with an idea, I’ll let you know before Saturday.”

“Thanks, Shinami-chan.”

“No problem. Anyways, do you understand this problem? I don’t understand how Sensei did it on the board today.”

For the next few days, everyone was so involved in getting their costumes that they had little time to think of much else. Fortunately for them, there was only one attack that entire week, and it was relatively easy to take care of. The enemy was unusually quiet for some reason. Michiru figured they were planning something. Rei agreed as did Serena.

Seiya continued trying to follow Himitsu’s advice regarding Jen, even though she kept giving him looks like he had grown a second head. No one knew why they were acting so weirdly, except for Taiki, the others living in that apartment, and Tsukino Himitsu, otherwise known as Guardian StarInfinity, who had suggested the thing in the first place.

Discussion at lunch and after school avoided the topic of Jen and Seiya like it was the plague. Fortunately, they had other things to talk about, like the costume ball and Hizashi Shinami’s new movie she was co-starring in with Yaten, who grumbled endlessly about it. Minako kept trying to convince him to take her to the set so she could get her autograph. Taiki wisely said nothing, as she could just as easily be bugging him to take her to a poetry reading to meet her and get an autograph. It was good that she wasn’t as Shinami went to the poetry readings to escape her fans and other people wanting to talk business with her. He felt secretly that she also went to talk to him, as he was in the same situation she was, being an idol and all. He liked talking to her. She was cute and very nice once you got to know her, despite Yaten’s grumbling.

He also thought secretly that she liked him. Ever since he met her for the first time, he’d been having strange dreams about her, like there was something about herself she wasn’t telling him, like a shameful secret or something she was embarrassed and afraid to say. He didn’t know why he had these dreams. He liked her as a friend. Sure she was cute, but not really his type. Now, if she were a bit more like Ami than like Minako and Usagi, that would be a different story all together.

The day of the party grew nearer and none of the Three Lights had any idea what they were wearing to it. The senshi gave plenty of suggestions, but none that really suited. Usagi actually suggested that Seiya go as TuxedoKamen. He didn’t really want to, as one of Minako’s thoughts was to dress as Sailormoon and Usagi would go as SailorV. Everyone said Makoto should go as a Chef, that Rei should go as a fortuneteller, and that Ami should go as a Doctor. No one could really decide on what they wanted.

Finally, the day before the party, they all made up their minds and got their costumes, refusing to tell the others what they were going as. That was the whole point in a Masquerade.

Little by little, people trickled into the ballroom, some veered off towards the refreshment table, some to find dace partners. Others just stood and watched the dancers in their exotic costumes swirl past on the dance floor. As for Shinami, she made herself as invisible as possible, staying close to the wall. She’d decided to go as a princess, drawing on her returning memories to tell the dressmaker she’d gone to all she could remember about the dress she’d worn to court functions on Kinsei and the other worlds in the system. Himitsu had approved, but, had she known that Jen and the other guardians were going to be in attendance, she wouldn’t have. The dress worn by the Heir of each world’s Queen was very distinctive. Kinsei’s dress was light blue. The neckline was slightly off the shoulder. Its long, loose sleeves went down nearly to her finger tips. The dress itself was floor length, with a detachable bodice and skirt. The ruff under the bodice was of a gold fabric and was very stiff. In the style of the Kinsei royalty, her blond hair was piled on top of her head. All that was missing was the crown of Kinsei’s Heir. The Guardians would have no problem recognizing it.

She sighed and looked around. She couldn’t find Hotaru anywhere. Admittedly, she had no idea what she was going as, but it shouldn’t be too hard to spot her.

“Well, Michiru, what do you think of our shy little wallflower?” a voice asked from beside her.

“I think she’s adorable. However, her costume is going to waste over here Haruka.”

Shinami’s eyes lit up. “Tenno-san, Meiou-san! You made it!”

“Of course, koneko-chan. How could we not? Hotaru gave us the tickets and all but begged us to come,” Haruka said, smiling gently, ruffling Shinami’s hair playfully.

“Hotaru-chan? She’s here? Where is she? I haven’t seen her yet,” Shinami asked, looking around frantically.

“I think she’s in the bathroom, fixing her costume,” Michiru reassured her. “Don’t worry, you’ll recognize her easily. Setsuna’s around somewhere, too. I don’t remember what she came as.”

“Thank you for coming,” Shinami said, curtsying politely. “I hope you enjoy yourselves. I should mention that there’s a prize for best couple costume, among other prizes to be won.”

Michiru looked up at Haruka. “What do you think, Haruka? Should we?”

Haruka shrugged and smiled. “Why not? We should at least give it a try.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, what are you two dressed as?” Shinami asked, curious.

“Romeo and Juliet,” Michiru said, winking. “It was Hotaru’s idea.”

“We’re studying that in Literature class.”

“And what about you, koneko-chan? What are you dressed as?”

“A princess,” she said, swirling, to show off her costume.

“That one was fairly obvious, Haruka,” Michiru teased.

Haruka blushed and cleared her throat. “Would the princess care to dance?”

“Only if Romeo will dance with Juliet afterwards,” Michiru said sternly, eyes twinkling.

Haruka bowed. “But of course. If you will excuse us Juliet, we won’t be long.”

Taiki, in his costume as a Musketeer, spent most of his time searching for Shinami. Not having much success, he turned to the refreshment table. Ami was already there. She’d decided to go as a doctor after all. She was currently engaged in conversation to someone dressed as a knight and a woman dressed as a genie. He ignored them and continued to scan the room. He could’ve sworn that the SailorV he saw was Minako. He didn’t see a Sailormoon anywhere, which was odd. She was fairly popular as a subject for costumes among other things. There was a Sailorstarfighter and even a very well done Sailorsaturn. A clever boy had tried to go as Seiya, but it wasn’t working out as well as he’d planned. He did, however, have his little entourage of women flirting with him. I wonder if the real Seiya has seen that and what his reaction was, Taiki thought to himself.

A pair swirled by him as he watched. The boy looked like Haruka and the girl…Shinami? It had to be. No one else had that kind of figure or hair like that, even though the long part had been done up in an elaborate style that wouldn’t have suited anyone else but her. It didn’t take long to make the connection that she was dressed as a princess, for she looked the part perfectly.

Deciding on a course of action, Taiki walked over to the couple. “Mind if I cut in?”

The boy, who turned out to be Haruka, grinned and left Shinami and Taiki with a well-executed bow and walked away, presumably towards Michiru.

“Good evening, good sir,” Shinami said politely as he led her back onto the dance floor. “Are you enjoying yourself this evening?”

“Yes, thank you, Shinami-san,” he replied, spinning her around.

She frowned. “Do I know you?”

“It’s me. Taiki.”

“I never would have recognized you. You look wonderful in that costume.” Taiki who was dressed as a Musketeer, complete with leather armor and a fake sword at his waist, blushed. “No one looks as wonderful as you. That dress suits you so perfectly.”

It was her turn to blush. “Thank you, Taiki-san.”

They danced for a while then went to grab a drink of punch. “Ne, Taiki? Where are all the others? Your friends?”

“There all over the place. I don’t know what they’re wearing, except for Seiya, Yaten, and Brett.”

Shinami frowned cutely. “Brett? Oh, the foreign boy that’s staying with you. What’re they dressed as?”

“Nice try, Shinami-san, but you’ll have to wait for the unmasking later.”

She mock pouted. “Could you call me Shinami-chan instead of-san? It makes me slightly more comfortable.”

Taiki nodded, not entirely sure what to make of this. “Hai, Shinami-chan. On one condition: you call me just Taiki.”

“Hai, Taiki,” she said shyly.

Seiya had actually taken Minako’s advice and gone as TuxedoKamen. Only Usagi, out of the senshi knew about it. She’d helped him dress the part, as she had the most experience with that particular costume.

Several women had already asked him to dance. None of them were Jen. The only one from that group to ask him to dance was one of the twins. He could never keep them straight.

Over against a wall, he saw Michiru and Haruka. Michiru was easily recognizable by her shoulder length turquoise hair. The ‘man’ beside her had to be Haruka. Still no sign of Jen.

He found Taiki and would have walked over if he hadn’t been talking to a extremely cute girl dressed as a princess. They eventually wandered back to the dance floor.

Over in another corner, he spotted a hooded figure with a scythe. Someone had gone as Death. He wondered who that could be. As he walked, he saw someone dressed in a very old, French style dress. The woman looked a bit like Setsuna, but he’d never known her to wear make-up or things like that. Finally, he saw a woman, dressed in an elegant red and gold dress, standing out on the balcony. She had multicolored feathers woven into her long red, black, and gold hair. She seemed to glow like flame. He walked over and cleared his throat.

She turned, startled, to look at him. “Yes?” she asked politely.

“You look so lonely out here all by yourself. Come inside where it’s warm. Would my lady honor me with a dance?”

The black eyes behind the elaborate mask sparkled. “I don’t know, good sir. If your intentions are honorable, then I believe I will.”

Seiya bowed low with a flourish of his long red lined black cloak. “My lady, I have only the most honorable of intentions towards you. We are, after all, strangers. I would never think of harboring dishonorable intentions towards a lady I am not acquainted with.”

She laughed, a soft throaty laugh. She sounded as if she hadn’t laughed in a long time. “Then I believe I will.” She took the arm Seiya offered and allowed herself to be led onto the dance floor.

Seiya’s only wish was that he were dancing with Jen instead of a woman he didn’t kow, but he couldn’t think of anything else that would make him happier. The woman dressed as a phoenix, as she had told him, was a wonderful dancer and responded to all of his leads as if she’d been dancing with him forever. Just as he was about to ask her name, the lights went out.

A spot light went on over the stage where the band had been playing. A man with silvery hair and hard blue eyes was standing in the light. A woman with long blue hair appeared beside him. They gazed out at the crowd imassively.

The person disguised as Death approached them. “What is the meaning of this?” she demanded.

“Oh, don’t mind us. We’re just looking for someone. Someone very important. Do you know him? He’s an idol singer by the name of Seiya Kou,” the man asked, an evil grin spreading across his face. The woman said nothing.

“Seiya Kou? I don’t recall inviting him here tonight.”

“And you are?” the woman asked.

The hood fell from her head, revelaing a head of long purple hair. “I am Tsukino Himitsu, hostess of this party. I won’t forgive you for crashing it.”

The man glared at her. “You won’t forgive me? How sad, Quartzite. It seems I have to do this the hard way.”

The man dressed as Seiya came foreward. “I am the one you want. I’m Seiya Kou.”

The crowd gasped in astonishment. The real Seiya went cold.

He laughed. “You’ve changed since I held your precious StarFire captive, Seiya, but that shouldn’t have fooled me. Quartzite, if you please.”

Quartzite bowed. “Of course, Diamond-sama. Talisman reveal!” she shouted, pointing at the fake Seiya.

As the boy screamed, Shinami felt Taiki tense beside her. She felt tense as well. what do I do? I can’t reveal to him that I’m StarLove. I can’t! I promised Himitsu-sama that I’d keep my identity a secret, even from someone I love. But, I don’t love Taiki, do I? Oh I don’t have time for this. What do I do?

Little did she know that every other senshi and Guardian in the room was entertaining a variation on those same thoughts.