Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 04 – Return of the Fire Guardian

“This is really starting to get strange,” Taiki muttered under his breath. He, Seiya, and Yaten were sitting around in their apartment. Seiya was still shaken up from the attack earlier that afternoon. He was sitting on the couch and would shudder now and then.

“I agree.” Yaten nodded. “Who is this Starlove, really?”

“Wolf’s always very quiet after she leaves, and that’s unusual for her. She’s the loudest of the bunch.”

Seiya stood and walked over to the window. It was pouring rain. “I can’t believe this is happening,” he said finally

“Huh?” Taiki and Yaten asked simultaneously.

“Can’t believe what’s happening?” asked Taiki.

“Jen. How could I have been so blind to who she really was? I knew there was something strange about her and her friends, but not this. And now she’s gone.” Seiya hit the window with his fist so hard that his friends winced.

“That must’ve hurt,” Taiki observed.

“No, it didn’t, actually,” he said, walking away from the window and picking up his guitar. He began to play, but the only song he could play was the one Jen played over and over.

“What is that, anyway?” Yaten asked, disgusted. “It’s the only thing you ever play and no one has any idea what it is.”

Seiya shrugged “It’s Jen’s song. That’s all I know.”

Yaten rolled his eyes. “Well, would you stop playing it? I’ve heard it so many times I’m sick and tired of hearing it.” He flipped some of his hair out of his face. “Not to mention I can sing it in my sleep.”

“Look, Seiya. All you’ve been doing is talking about Jen non-stop since she was taken. Your obsession is getting on our nerves.”

“I am not obsessed.”

“Yes, you are. What do you keep playing? Who do you talk about 24-7? Whose old friends do you associate with more now?”

Seiya paused. “I guess. Maybe a little bit.”

“If that’s a little, I’m the Queen of France.”

“Hey!” Yaten piped up. “That’s my line!”

“Get a grip you three!” Brett said as he walked into the room. “Geez, I’ve never heard you guys sound like this before. Don’t worry, Seiya. We’ll get Jen back, I promise.”

Seiya sighed and continued to stare at the rain.


Kitsune turned in time to see Diamond walking up behind her. “Yes, Diamond?”

“Her Majesty wants to see you.”

Wordlessly, she entered the throne room and knelt. “Diamond said you wanted to see me.”

“Kitsune,” An’ei began. “I am very pleased with your progress. However, I am disturbed by the reports of the fourth Guardian appearing. Starlove, I believe she’s called.” Kitsune nodded. “I want you to take the triplets and destroy her!”

“As you command.”

Like Seiya, Tyler was also staring out into the rain, pondering. It was too rainy to walk Quicksilver, or to do anything but stay inside. That meant being cooped up with Serena and the twins. Brett was still living with the Three Lights. She grinned. That meant being cooped up with poor, obsessing Seiya. I wonder how many times he’s played that song today, she thought. She headed towards the kitchen, humming the tune unconsciously as she searched for a snack.

Serena and the twins were baking cookies to keep themselves occupied. Luckily, they were chocolate chip. Tyler snatched a few then headed back to her room with them and a tall glass of milk, her favourite snack, other than popcorn, but she wasn’t really in the mood for it. That had been Jen’s favorite, so no one around the apartment had the heart to eat it anymore, not even the twins, who ate practically anything. Her eyes roamed over to Jen’s old bunk. It was still messy as no one touched it. Serena did, but only to get up to hers. “This is so depressing.” She muttered to herself, putting a disk in her CD rom drive and listening to the music while she worked on her essay for school. “The only thing I can find to do that’s even remotely interesting is homework!”

Something dropped in the kitchen and shattered. Abandoning her homework, after saving, she ran into the kitchen to find Serena paralyzed, unmoving, her eyes staring into nothingness. Tyler whistled and walked over, moving her hands in front of her eyes. “Earth to Serena, come in Serena.” No response. Turning to the twins she said, ”Houston, we have a problem.”

Skye giggled. “She picked up the plate, froze, then it fell to the floor. No warning whatsoever.”

Tyler grabbed a glass of cold water and splashed it in her face. That worked.

“Wolf, what are you doing?”

“What’s wrong? The twins say you just froze.”

“Like your computer when it gets overloaded,” Starr added, receiving a glare from Tyler.

“I sensed something. Someone is in trouble and it’s nearby.”

“Oh. Let’s go then. The senshi should be mostly there already.”

When the four senshi got there, the sailors were already in the thick of a fierce battle. The triplets were keeping most of the senshi occupied while Kitsune was fighting Sailormars. From the looks of it, she was loosing. Badly.

“Well, shall we help her?” a voice grated in Starlight’s ear. She turned to see StarArrow and the Starlights behind her.

She nodded. “We’d better, seeing as she’s one of ours.” They headed into the battle zone to see what help they could give.

“Air whip!” Starlove yelled, aiming her attack at Kitsune’s ankles as Kitsune jumped into the air to attack from above.

She dodged easily. “Nice try, little girl.” Kitsune snarled, sending a cloud of red smoke upward that completely surrounded Starlove.

Starlight growled, coming up behind Kitsune. “My friend you might have once been, but an act like that on our princess is unforgivable! Double Snake Twist!”

The attack hit Kitsune in the back and the two snakes wrapped around her. “Nice try, guardian,” Kitsune sneered, then gasped in pain as the energy from the attack began to take effect on her body.

“You seem to have forgotten what the effect of a guardian’s attack is on another guardian,” Starlight said casually, watching her writhe in pain.

Starfighter cried out and rushed towards her. Starlight stopped her before she could get to Kitsune. “Why are you doing this to her? Are you truly her friend or do you just pretend like you do at everything else?”

Starlight regarded her coolly. “Under other circumstances, I’d hit you for that insult. I do this because she is really the only one who can bring her out of this. We can only help the process. I can’t just say ‘Earth Healing Light’ at her and have her change back to her normal self. As you may recall, it took us three, plus Starinfinity, the twins and StarArrow to bring Tyger back to her true self. If I could do it, I would, but I can’t and there’s no use in crying over it, now is there?”

“Sorry ‘Light. You know how much I care about her. In this form, it’s like a deep friendship, but as a man…”

Someone placed a gloved hand on Fighter’s shoulder. “It's ok.” A gentle voice said in her ear. She turned to see Starlove behind her, gazing at her with gentle blue eyes. “We’ll get her back soon. I swear.”

“Thank you, Starlove,” Fighter stammered out.

“Aww, how cute!” Cheetah said in a sickeningly sweet voice. “Blinding Wind!” she shouted, sending a flesh- tearing wind at the senshi.

“Dark Fog Surround!” Panther added gleefully, sending the chocking fog to add to Cheetah’s attack.

“Lynx Jungle Fever!” the third cat being added.

The senshi, including the three Guardians tried to fend the first two attacks off, but the addition of Lynx’s attack, their attempts were futile. Starsinger’s arm was in front of her face to keep the wind off her face and to keep the fog from getting in her eyes and told the others to do the same. Those with long hair also had to keep that out of their eyes.

“Enough of this! Yang!”

There was a blinding white flash that cancelled the three attacks. The triplets looked around in confusion. “Who was that?” Panther growled, blue eyes darting around.

A figure appeared walking towards them. “Atashino senshi no jin to shi, shi to saiumare, Gaajiansutaaiinfinichi. Mugendaiboshi kawatte, oshiokyo!”(I am the soldier of life and death, death and rebirth, Guardian Starinfinity. In the name of Star infinity I will punish you!)

“Guardian Starinfinity?” StarArrow asked in disbelief.

“Einno!” Starlove shouted happily. “Thank you!”

She nodded and removed the hood from her head. Masses of purple hair spilled out. She looked identical to Starsinger, except that her eyes were purple. “Hello,” she said, then turned to Kitsune and the triplets. The triplets backed away in fear.

“An’ei Souku will destroy you!” Lynx said bravely. “You and the others, too.”

“I doubt that very much. As proven in wars before, evil turns on itself. She will loose. It may not happen for years, but she will eventually loose,” Starinfinity said very calmly. Cheetah spat on the ground, nearly missing Starinfinity’s boot.

“That wasn’t very lady-like,” Starmaker commented.

“She’s no lady. Not anymore, anyways,” StarDancer said, shrugging.

“What are you talking about?” Uranus asked, completely puzzled.

“That’s a story to be told around a large bonfire with hot chocolate and marshmallows,” StarDreamer said, sighing.

Kitsune began to laugh. “Ah, Starinfinity. You honestly think you and your motley crew can defeat us? Really! We are stronger than you.”

“Yeah, well smell isn’t everything, Kitsune,” Starlight quipped, causing the inner senshi and StarHealer to laugh a little.

Kitsune growled low I her throat. “I’m warning you…”

“I’m afraid you don’t quite comprehend the situation, do you?” Starinfinity asked, raising a blue eyebrow.

“What?” All eyes turned to Starinfinity.

“Sirenmoon?” She asked turning to face away from the others. A figure appeared, wearing a knee length green skirt that split down the middle over a gold bodysuit. A full yellow sailor collar with a single green stripe on it was around her neck. Her red-gold hair was whipping in the breeze.

“I'm here, Einno?” she asked.

“Are the others with you?”

“Yes. Do you want them?” Starinfinity nodded. They appeared at her side. One was a tall man with black and orange hair with eyes that looked very much like a tiger’s. He wore an outfit much like SunArrow’s but the shirt was blood red, the pants were a silvery color, and his boots were a dark forest green. He rolled up cuffs on his shirt were the same golden color as SunArrow’s. With him was a woman with night black hair and piercing golden eyes, wearing a pair of dark navy pants tucked into knee high white boots with stiletto heels. Her light yellow bodice was off the shoulder with long flowing sleeves that nearly covered her long, elegant fingers. Her sailor collar resembled Starfire’s, but was white.

Starinfinity frowned. “Where are the others?”

“They couldn’t make it. The King and Queen for obvious reasons, Kamneri because he’s still looking after the senshi in training,” the black-haired woman said simply.

“Ah, alright,” she turned to the sailors. “May I introduce to you Nakerr Firekeeper, her brother Yanehr Firekeeper, and his wife, Yosayna Brightmoon.” The three bowed as their name was said.

“Nice to meet you,” Sailormoon said politely.

“So?” Kitusne sneered, loosing her patience. “I don’t see why you dragged these old fossils up. KnightRoshen and former Guardians Sirenmoon and Sunstar.” She scoffed openly at the former Guardians and the tall man. “Really, I thought you could do better than that.”

Sunstar, Nakerr Firekeeper, sent a blazing Sun Beam right past Kitsune’s head. “Old Fossils are we?” she asked calmly, fury shinning in her bright golden eyes.

“Calm yourself,” Yoseyna, Sirenmoon, said, trying to get the hotheaded Nakerr to calm down.

“The point, Kitsune, is to take you back,” Starinfinity said while the others nodded.

“Um, it took the six of us to get Starlove back last time. Kasei is twice as powerful.” Starsinger paused. “Is that why the others are here?”

“Correct, Wavesong,” Yanehr nodded. “We’re only here to help before they notice that we’re gone.

“Hopefully as long as we need you,” SunArrow said, looking at Yanehr with great respect. Not only was he one of the first Knights in their star system, he was his uncle, even though SunArrow had changed his last name from Firekeeper to Wildwind in memory of his best friend, Tantelren Wildwind.

Kitsune backed off a few paces. “Your crazy. What do you mean take me back?”

“Don’t you remember? Guardian Starfire?” Starlight got closer to Kitsune, growling between names, silver eyes blazing. “Jalon'g ii Kantahar!”

The former guardians began to glow, as did KnightRoshen, StarArrow and the twins. Starlove, Starinfinity, Starsinger and, finally, Starlight joined, their bright auras blinding the sailor senshi. The triplets got scared and vanished. Kitsune didn’t even notice they were gone.

“Earth Cosmic Power!” Starlight glowed bright silver.

“Water Cosmic Power!” StarSinger glowed dark blue.

“Air Power!” Stardancer glowed pale pink.

“Wind Power!” Stardreamer glowed pale yellow

. “Air Cosmic Power!” Starlove glowed bright gold.

“Leo Cosmic Power!” StarArrow glowed an angry red.

“Infinity Soul Power!” Infinity glowed deep purple.

“Fire Star Power!” Sunstar, glowed deep green-gold.

“Leo Star Power!” KnightRoshen, glowed bright orange.

“Water Star Power!” Sirenmoon glowed bright white.

“Elemental Healing Crescent Power!” The ten senshi shouted as one, their auras converging on Kitsune, who shrieked. The sound reverberated off the buildings and trees, echoing in the ears of the sailor senshi, who stared in fascination as the powers merged together.

When the glow cleared, Kitsune, who’d been still standing, collapsed to the ground, smoking slightly. She lay on the ground and was still. Infinity, having a greater power than the others, still had enough energy left to walk over and shake Kitsune, trying to get her to wake up.

She groaned and rolled over, staring up at the sky. “Where am I?” she moaned, clutching her forehead. “The last thing I remember…oh no. Seiya! He knows! And he’s… Oh no.”

Starfighter walked over and placed a gloved hand on her shoulder. “It's alright, Starfire. We know what happened. We know who you are. There’s no need to hide anymore.”

Starfire closed her eyes. “Everyone, thank you.”

Sunstar, the former guardian of fire, walked over very slowly, barely standing and sat beside her on the grass. “Jalon'g. Do you remember me?”

“Yes, you're Nakerr Firekeeper, Guardian Sunstar, former Fire guardian before I attained the rank,” Starfire said, moaning and clutching her head with both hands now. “Oh stars, what happened to me?”

Starlove slumped to the ground beside her. “You were taken by Diamond,” she said gently. “Just like I was.”

“Andalrien?” Jen stared at the familiar blond girl. “Is it really you? I saved you?”

“Yes, but at the cost of your own life,” Starlight growled affectionately. “All praise the grand high moron!”

“I missed you, too, mutt.” Starlight scoffed, but otherwise said nothing. Everyone knew that, while under Diamond's influence, you remembered only what they wanted to you to remember. “Guys, just take me home,” she said as she began to slowly return to normal as Jalon'g, instead of Jen McCormick.

Infinity turned to the three newcomers. “Thank you for your help. Will you stay long.”

Yanehr nodded. “If only to pass along messages from the Royal Family and personal messages and such, but not much longer than that.” He shot a meaningful glance in his nephew’s direction.

Uranus and Starfighter helped Kasei to her feet and headed, by way of the roofs, to her apartment. The others gave assurances that they’d be there as soon as they could, except for Starlove, who still chose to keep her identity secret, which suited the Guardians just fine. They had other things to worry about.