Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Infinity
Act 01 - The Awakening

Shinami stretched lazily. Today would be her first day at school. And she was a bit nervous, but not too much. Himitsu’s friends, Tenno and Kaiou, were at the same school. Maybe they’d have some classes together.

Shinami got out of bed and walked to her closet. She hadn’t gotten a uniform for this school yet, so she chose a light blue pleated skirt and a white tank top with a red heart on it She threw a black sweater jacket over it and walked over to her dresser, getting a pair of grey socks from one of her top drawers and sat down to put them on while looking for her hairbrush. Finding it, she took her long blond hair out of the braid she’d put it in before going to sleep the previous night and brushed it out. Hair brushed, she put it into a ponytail, topped by a floppy hat. She put on some light cherry flavoured lip-gloss, grabbed her school bag, and went downstairs, into the kitchen.

Himitsu, her guardian, was already there, making breakfast. Her long violet hair was up in a tight bun. On the counter top beside her was a stack of waffles, hot off the griddle, and a plate of bacon. Hearing Shinami come down the stairs, she turned and smiled. Her young charge always seemed so full of energy.

“Good morning!” Shinami said, giving her a hug.

“good morning,” Himitsu said warmly. “Help yourself to the waffles. I think I made too many again.”

“You never make too many. I’ll just take some with me to eat on the way home from school.”

“What clubs are you planning on joining at school?” Himitsu asked, taking two plates out of the cupboard and handing them to Shinami. “Michiru tells me that the music club at Mugen Gakuen is excellent.”

“I’m not sure that I want to join the music club,” Shinami said, choosing her words very carefully.

Himitsu raised an eyebrow. “What club were you thinking of joining?”

Shinami fidgeted pushing a piece of waffle around on her plate for a while, and then ate it. “Actually, I need to see what they have there, but if they have a fencing club, I would like to join that.”

“What is with this fixation of yours with those awful things?” Himitsu growled, shaking her head.

“What? Swords?” Himitsu nodded. “They aren’t awful. I think that they are beautiful. Like the one you have on your wall upstairs. You still haven't told me anything about it and I’ve been living here for four months.”

“Enough, Shinami. No more or you’ll be late for school. We’ll continue this discussion after school. I don’t want you to join the fencing club, if there is one there. I’ll explain why sometime. Do take your violin anyway. Keep it in your car if you want.”

“Ok,” she said, putting some carefully wrapped waffles in her school bag with her lunch and ran upstairs to grab her violin. Coming back down, she grabbed her car keys and school bag. “I'm off!” she said, heading out the door.

“Good morning, class.” Yamamoto-sensei said addressing the class. “Today we have a new student. Some of you might recognize her. This is Hizashi Shinami.” He indicated the girl standing shyly beside him. “There’s an empty seat beside Tomoe. Raise your hand, please.”

A girl with short black hair sitting in a desk by the window shyly raised her hand. Several other students muttered things like ‘Tomoe is so lucky!’ under their breath as Shinami sat down in the desk beside Hotaru.

“Hi there. I'm Tomoe Hotaru,” Hotaru said politely.

Shinami smiled. “It's nice to meet you, Tomoe,” she said cheerfully.

At lunchtime, Hotaru showed Shinami around the school. Eventually, they bumped into Michiru and Haruka, who were eating their lunches under a tree.

“Hello, Tenno, Kaiou,” Shinami said happily, greeting two of Himitsu’s friends. “Tomoe was just showing me around the school. It’s so big!”

“Glad you like it,” Haruka said, standing. “Which club are you planning on joining?”

“Fencing, but my guardian won’t let me.” Shinami made a face. “The literature club sounds interesting. Himitsu says I devour books like Usagi does food, whatever that means.”

Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru laughed. “She’s referring to a girl that goes to Juuban High. Her name is Tsukino Usagi, but everyone calls her Odango Atama.” Haruka explained.

Now it was Shinami’s turn to laugh. “What a silly nickname! Are odangos her favorite food?”

“It’s referring to her hair style, actually.” Michiru said. “Maybe we’ll take you to meet her and the others sometime.”

“I’d like that, thank you.”

“What class do you have after lunch?” Haruka asked.

“The school put me in the advanced music class. I don’t know why. I’m not that good.” Shinami grimaced. “Good thing Himitsu told me to take my violin with me to school.”

“That’s the music class I’m in,” Michiru said, impressed.

Hotaru’s eyes widened. “You play the violin, too?”

Shinami blushed. “I need to go and get it from my car. I’ll see you in class, Kaiou.” Shinami said, taking off.

The three outer senshi watched her go. “Haruka, do you sense what I sense?”

Haruka nodded. “Her aura is incredible. Much like Odango’s.”

“I wonder who she is.”

Shinami walked into the music room. It was empty. The lunch bell hadn’t rung yet. The music teacher had stepped out for a few minutes, so this was the perfect time to warm up.

She took her violin and its bow out of its case, walking over to the piano to tune it. Satisfied that it was in tune, she put the violin under her chin and began to play. As Shinami played, she became unaware of her surroundings, forgetting where she was. She didn’t even hear the people gathering to listen to her playing.

Finally, the sensei tapped her on the shoulder. “That was beautiful, Hizashi,” he said. “Now, class you all are familiar with Hizashi. On with class.”

“C’mon, Seiya. You have to eat something!” Makoto pleaded. “I made it myself. Please eat it.”

Seiya looked at the food being held in front of him. “Sorry, Mako-chan. I’m sure it tastes great, but I just can’t eat anything.”

Serena looked at Tyler and nodded. “You hold him.” Both Serena and Tyler grinned evilly, looking at Seiya.

“So, not hungry, eh?”

Seiya turned white. “Nani?”

“Now!” Tyler pounced at Serena’s signal, holding Seiya still while Serena and Makoto force-fed him his lunch. When they finished, he gave them a dirty look.

“Feel better now?” Tyler asked sweetly.

Seiya glared. “My stomach does but the rest of me doesn’t,” he said rubbing his arm. “I wish you weren’t so strong.”

Serena looked at Tyler. “When are you going to learn to control that, Wolf?”

Tyler laughed. “Sorry, Seiya.

“Hey, Serena,” Ami said. “You wouldn’t happen to have found out what SStarinfinity did with Tyger?”

“Actually, I have no idea what happened there.” Serena shrugged. “She’s probably hidden her somewhere, safe from An’ei Souku. The problem is, she’s being hidden from us as well.”

“That’s the leader of the enemy we’ve been fighting, right?” Makoto asked.

Brett nodded. “Her name is An’ei Souku. They think of her as their Queen. They come from something called the Joudo Tengoku. Her warriors are animal and gem-based, name wise and, in the case of the Triplets, appearance wise, too. Setsuna says that they’re like the Dark Kingdom you faced a few years back.”

“Ah. How many are there?” Minako asked.

“We haven’t really had time to count. It’s an army. We won’t see too many of them, though,” he added, seeing worried expressions on their faces. “We’ve been fighting them for years. It’s had a devastating effect on the planets of our star system. As it is, Ha'ven, that’s Wolf’s world, has lost it’s moon; most of it has crashed into the planet’s surface. If things don’t turn around soon, Nomaie, Jen’s world, will as well as most of it is already missing. ”

“The turning point was when Princess Andalrien disappeared in a battle and Diamond erected the impenetrable barrier around the palace. I don’t think he counted on SStarinfinity being able to get through it,” Tyler said. “Now we have Andalrien back and they have Jen.”

Seiya looked ill. “What will they do to her?”

Serena shook her head. “It depends. They can’t boost her power level without twisting her mind; otherwise they’d never be able to control her. You remember Tyger, right?” The senshi nodded. “Well, the Princess is a very gentle person, like Minako and Usagi, except she doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat.” Usagi scowled at her.

“Think,” Tyler said. “If they can turn her into the monster we saw in Tyger, what will a mind warping do to a very temperamental, violent person like Jen? Yeah, you get the point.”

“Just be glad it wasn’t Wolf or Serena.” Brett shuddered. “With Wolf’s strength, she could kill us all easily and quickly. And all they’d have to do to Serena is to get rid of her emotional barrier. Trust me, when she looses it, she goes all out, no holds barred.” Skye and Starr nodded their heads vigorously in agreement.

“It’s hard to imagine gentle Serena Kyle as having a temper,” Taiki muttered.

“Oh, it’s there. It just doesn’t show very often,” Tyler said.

“Thank goodness,” the twins said in unison, making everyone laugh.

“Someone help!” A girl shrieked, running away from the monster that was pursuing her.

“No one can help you, girl. So hold still so I can do my job.” The thing said, pinning her to a wall, clawed hand wrapping around her throat. The sound of fingers snapping was heard. The beast looked up. “Who’s there?”

“Yami wo kirissa sassurai no nagareboshi,” a voice said. [A wandering shooting star piercing through the darkness]





“Oh, the little sailor girls have come to play.” The thing said.

The Starlights landed in front of it. “Well, if it isn’t Panther,” Healer said. “Where are your little friends?”

“That’s none of your business,” Panther, said, clenching his fist. “Dark Fog Surround!”

“Burning Star Shine!” Fighter said, blocking the attack.

“You think your pretty tough, huh? Well, this’ll show you. Talisman Reveal!” he pointed a clawed finger at the girl’s throat. A yellow star-shaped crystal appeared, and then faded to a dull, lifeless grey. A dark cloud surrounded the girl, when it cleared, a cat-like yahrai stood in her place.

“Nyanko!” it said, grinning evilly and cutely at the same time.

The Starlights backed up a few steps. “Crap! Without Eternalsailormoon, we have to kill the girl.” Starmaker said. “We don’t have a choice.”

Panther laughed. “See you later, suckers,” he said, and then disappeared.

“Come play with Nyanko,” the cat-thing said, throwing a shower of bells at them. One hit Starfighter and a wide yellow band wrapped around her throat. A leash appeared and Nyanko started to drag her around. Fighter crashed into a building and Nyanko giggled uproariously. Maker and Healer watched helplessly. If they attacked, they’d hit Fighter. Fortunately…

“Air Whip!” a voice shouted, sending a blast of air that ripped the leash around Starfighter’s neck. Fighter collapsed to the pavement, gasping for air. A young girl landed beside her.

Her long hair was light blue with gold streaks through it and her eyes were a strange, solid light teal color. The Starlights very nearly mistook her for one of the enemy, but her eyes weren’t soulless and were very much like the eyes of the Guardians. Her lipstick was light teal. She was wearing a top that only had one cap sleeve over her right shoulder. The top itself was light blue. Over the top was a partial sailor collar that was light blue edged in tan. The collar wrapped from her left shoulder, over her right breast and around her back. The collar extended in the back in a cape-like manner to her mid back. Most of her midriff was exposed between the bottom of her top and the top of her white shorts, which peak upwards to her belly button. They were short length wise. On her left leg was a tan band around her thigh just beneath the hem of the shorts. Just above her knees was where her boots started. They started off a light teal color, but the high heeled part that covered her feet was tan in color. Her arms were covered in a pair of pseudo-gloves from just beneath her shoulders down to cover her fingers. In design, they were really more like sleeves as there were no separate holes for her fingers to go through. They were tan in color. Over the backs of both her hands was a twisted piece of gold metal containing a light teal gem.

“Are you alright?” she asked. Fighter nodded.

“Who are you?” Nyanko asked.

“Ai to seigi no bishoujo senshi, gaadian sutaaraabu! Kinzuishou to mugendai kawatte, Oshiokyo!” (For love and justice, I am the pretty soldier Guardian Starlove! In the name of the golden crystal and Infinity, I will punish you!)

“Guardian?” Starhealer said, eyes wide.

“Starlove?” Starmaker said.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” Nyanko purred. “Another little girl to play with.” She grinned and threw a shower of bells at Starlove.

“Look out!” Starmaker shouted.

Starlove leaped up, doing a back flip, landing beside Maker. “Thanks,” she said, giving a V sign. “Mio?”

“Here,” a masculine voice said as a grey cat with a golden star on his forehead walked over and jumped up onto the girl’s shoulder. “This thing was human. See if you can change her back. Try your blade.”

The girl nodded. “Justice Truth Attack!” she said, wielding a strange looking sword. A beam encircled the yahraiand returned it to its human form. The girl slumped to the ground.

“Good work, Guardian. Now, lets go back home.”

Together, the cat and the mysterious new guardian Disappeared down the road.

The Starlights watched them go. “We need to tell the others,” Starfighter said. Maker and Healer agreed.