Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Guardians Trilogy
Mirror Universe
Part 03: Lacking in Trust; The Nightmare Begins
DISCLAIMER: Sailormoon and the other cannon senshi belong to Naoko Takeuchi. All other characters are mine. Please don’t take them without asking my permission first.

“What is that thing?”

“I don’t know Fighter, but we have to get it of here before it kills someone.” Sailormoon told her, staring at it.

“Good point, but how?”

“Why don’t I help?” a soft voice whispered in Fighter’s ear. She turned to see Jen standing there, her hair loose and blowing in a gentle breeze. She walked towards her, her hips swinging slightly. Sailormoon vanished, as did the monster and the rooftop she’d been standing on.

Jen wrapped her arms around Fighter’s neck. “Miss me?”

Fighter detransformed into Seiya as she came closer. “Yes.”

She smiled and laughed, trailing a finger down the bridge of his nose. “I missed you, too.” She leaned forward and nibbled on his earlobe, getting around his earrings.

Seiya was confused. “Jen…why are you here?”

“To be with you, of course. Why else would I have come back? Certainly not for anyone of your friends or because I missed Earth.”

His hands wandered up her back to her shoulders. “I missed you so much Jen.”

She pulled back. “Jen no longer exists.”


“I just told you. Jen no longer exists.”

“But you’re here.”

“I’m not Jen.”

“Who are you then, if you aren’t my Jen?”

She laughed evilly. “Jen was never yours to begin with, foolish sailor. As for who I am…” Jen’s form began to deform, her bangs grew out to the length he last saw them at, and then were cut off by an unseen object. The long ponytail that she was so proud of vanished as well. Still laughing she turned into a giant creature made of fire and would have turned him into Kentucky Fried Seiya if-

-he hadn’t been woken up by Taiki and Yaten wearing extremely concerned looks on their faces.

Seiya stared at them “Where’d she go?”

“Where’d who go?” Taiki asked, sounding very concerned.

“Jen. Where’d she go?” he demanded.

“Seiya, you were dreaming. We could her you through the walls,” Yaten told him sympathetically. “Jen simply isn’t the kind of person to cause you to scream like that.”

“I screamed?”

“Want to tell us about it?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not really, no.”

Seiya sighed and told them in detail about his dream, blushing at a few parts, but told them anyways. It wouldn’t help if he left them out as they were a major part of the dream.

Taiki and Yaten kept their faces straight through the whole telling with a good deal of control. It was made even harder when Seiya kept blushing. When he finished, they breathed a sigh of relief.

“I think you have a serious problem here, Seiya,” Yaten said, trying to sound wise. “You see a girl for a while, girl becomes girlfriend, girl goes home, you think you’re over girl, but girl comes back and basically tells you that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore in not so many words, and your subconscious mind flips and produces a dream like that.”

“Yaten!” Taiki scolded him. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“It’s just what I think. Then again, I’m no good at dream interpreting. Setsuna, Michiru, and Rei are better at it than I am. Maybe you should talk to one of them about it.”

“I’d recommend going to see Rei rather than Setsuna or Michiru. No one has heard from the outer senshi since we defeated An’ei Souku. Rei can also be trusted not to tell the others about it.”

“What? Michiru and Setsuna couldn’t be?”

“I’m just saying that I’d trust Rei more, that’s all. I’m not trying to imply that the other two aren’t trustworthy.”

“Ah. Ok. Well, today is a Sunday, so I’ll go have a talk to Rei then. I don’t think the girls made any plans.”

“Even if they did, they won’t be too hard to find. I’d check the Crown if you can’t find them.” Taiki said.

Yaten sorted. “Or the arcade. Usagi and Minako have a thing for the Sailor V game among other things there.”

“Thanks guys. Now I don’t suppose you’d leave so that I can have a bit of privacy?”

Taiki and Yaten nodded, debating whether or not they should bother to hide their grins, but turned their backs before they could give themselves away and left Seiya alone in his room, still blushing furiously.

“Seiya? What are you doing here?”

He nodded to Ami. “Is Rei here?”

“Yes, she is. She’s inside fighting with Usagi over the Sailor V manga that she has and won’t give back.”

He sweat dropped. “I can see why you’re outside, then, instead of inside with them.”

“Feel free to go in. Maybe you can talk some sense into them.”

“I’ll see what I can do.” Seiya followed the sounds of Usagi and Rei’s voices and found the room they were in. From the looks of things, they’d been studying until the fight broke out. He cleared his throat. “Excuse me. If it’s not a problem, I’d like to talk to Rei if she has a moment.”

The girls stopped in mid argument and turned to look up at him. “Seiya!” Makoto exclaimed. “We weren’t expecting you to show up.”

“That defeats the whole purpose of a surprise visit doesn’t it?”

“That didn’t come out right, Seiya. Normally you sound a lot more cheerful than that.” Minako said, frowning. “Tongue got your cat?”

“That’s ‘cat got your tongue’, Minako-chan,” Artemis corrected.

“Whatever,” Minako agreed, laughing.

“I need to talk to you Rei. In private.”

“Is everything ok Seiya? You look pale today,” Rei asked, standing up. “I mean, sure, I have some time to spare, but you look like you need to see a doctor.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my health. It’s my sanity that I’m worried about,” he told her as they walked out to another part of the temple.

“Again, a doctor would be best to see instead of me.”

He shook his head. “It’s not like that at all, Rei. I had this dream last night that woke both Taiki and Yaten up and it…it worries me. I’m no good at dream interpretation, but we figured that, since you’ve had some of this kind of dream, the kind that feels like it means something but you can’t figure it out right away, you might be able to help me.”

“Well, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try. What was your dream about?”

Taking a deep breath, he told her the entirety of his dream, trying not to blush, but failed, and then told her Yaten’s interpretation. “Do you think you can help?”

Rei sat down on a large boulder. “I’m not sure. I’d like to say that Yaten was right, but I don’t get that kind of feeling. The only thing I can think of would be to do a fire reading for you. Do you have anything of hers that I could use?”

Seiya pulled out a scrap of cloth that had the initials YK sewn onto the corner in scarlet red thread as well as a picture of a fox in the center of the cloth. He handed it to Rei without saying anything.

Rei opened the piece and stared at the contents. The handkerchief contained a flawless star ruby cut into the shape of a star no bigger than her thumbnail. It hung on a silver chain and had two sets of initials carved on to the back: SK and YK. Seiya Kou. Yoake Kasei.

“Jen gave that to me on the last day of our week together. She’d wrapped it in her handkerchief because she didn’t have any wrapping paper for it. I wasn’t supposed to open it until after she’d left, so I didn’t. I’ve kept it on me in my pocket ever since then.”

Rei cradled the necklace in the palm of her hand, being careful not to drop it. “These will work just fine for the reading. I’ll go change into my robes.”

“You don’t have to do it right away.”

Rei smiled. “We weren’t getting much accomplished in the study group anyways. This is important. Do you mind if the girls watch? I think this is important. Don’t worry, Seiya. I won’t tell them about your dream. Not the embarrassing parts, anyways.”

Seiya breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks Rei. I knew I could trust you.”

Rei knelt in front of the sacred fire, the necklace and handkerchief nestled in a box in front of it. She stared at the fire, muttering the words under her breath. When she finished, the fire flared up and a giant, red globe appeared, orbited by two moons, one a dark red, the other silvery white. The picture focused in onto a young woman with long silver streaked red-orange hair, bending over the edge of a balcony, helping an unseen person haul something up to where she was.

“Well, that’s Jen. I mean, Kasei, but that looks like how she described Hisei’s capital, not Earth, and certainly not Tokyo,” Seiya said, puzzled. “I don’t get it.”

“If only we had some way of getting a hold of her,” Ami said, concentrating on the image.

Elsewhere in Tokyo, the purple haired woman watched the scene in the pool with great interest. “We should have known that they were going to do something like that.”

“No one could have predicted that Seiya would have that dream, Lady Nightshade,” Reimei told her, folding her arms across her chest. “I doubt we could have kept it from happening even if we had known.”

“Rei-chan has a point,” Garou giggled. “I think I’d like to give him a different dream though.”

“Dream on, Garou,” Mitsukai growled. “As if he’d even go for it now that he thinks his precious Jen is still around.”

Everyone looked up at Reimei. “Perhaps there is a way to keep him from meddling in our affairs. If we could dress Reimei up as Jen, we wouldn’t have a problem.”

“Sorry, but I can already point out a major problem with that,” Reimei objected. “I have short hair now, not long.”

“This wouldn’t be a problem if you girls hadn’t acted so rashly after deceiving them,” Lady Nightshade scolded them angrily. “There is still a possibility that it would work. It would take a lot of planning, and would require a lot of effort on your part, Reimei, but it would be worth it in the end. Added on to Chinmoku’s deception, this will bring further distrust among the senshi.”

Garou laughed at that. Not her normal hysterical, insane laughing, but purely evil laughter. “This is a good plan, Lady. A good plan.”

Reimei frowned. “What’s in it for me personally?”

“Being able to do whatever you like to Seiya,” Nightshade told her, flashing a smile in her direction. “Anything that won’t kill him or leave him crippled. We need him intact for the end.”

A slow smile crept across Reimei’s face. “I think I can pretend to be her one more time. It’ll take a while to get the Guardian slime off of my body, but why not?”

“Good. This is what we’ll do…”

After a week and a half of moping, the inner senshi and Yaten had given up on Seiya. Taiki, knowing very well why the girls were back in town after having spoken with Shinami, who now insisted on calling herself by her real name of Kiyoshi Yumeko. He held to his promise of not telling the others about their meeting almost a week ago. He hadn’t seen her since, but was completely confident that he would, either as Yumeko or StarLove.

The girls said something about a study session at Rei’s and left the Three Lights to head off to a photo shoot. Taiki drove in silence while Seiya stared out a window. He was a bit better since he went to Rei’s, having seen an image of Jen, or rather Kasei, in the fire, but it also confused him. How come Hisei’s capital had been shown and not Tokyo or any place that was recognizable as Earth? Her physical appearance was the same as they’d seen when the Guardians had destroyed that youma earlier, though she bore the silvery streaks in her hair in the fire image, but it made no sense to any one. Ami had concluded that it was possible that they’d concluded their business on Earth and returned. The girls bought that explanation, but Seiya still believed that she was on Earth somewhere, specifically in Tokyo. Taiki was inclined to believe him, based on the information that Yumeko had given him. It hurt to not be able to reassure his friend and teammate regarding his feelings, but a promise was a promise.

They arrived at the studio to find Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna lounging nearby. When they saw them drive up, they walked over to them and waited for them to get out of the van.

“Yo,” Haruka said by way of greeting. She still didn’t like Seiya too much, but could at least deal with him being around now that they knew that the Starlights were on the same side as the sailor senshi of Earth.

“Yo,” Seiya replied, looking distracted, which was how he’d looked since going to Rei’s so it didn’t’ surprise the other Lights, but shocked the outer senshi.

“Are you feeling ok, Seiya?” Michiru asked. “You look ill.”

“I’m fine. You?”

She nodded in reply. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

Taiki cleared his throat. “He’s been like this for a little over a week now. I can assure you there’s nothing physically wrong with him. Nothing serious anyways.”

Haruka looked dubious. “It sure doesn’t look that way.”

“I somehow doubt that you’re looking for us because you’re concerned for my health. It’s touching, but I don’t need your sympathy or your concern.”

Haruka simply raised and eyebrow while Setsuna and Michiru stared at him. “You’ve got quite the attitude today.”

“I suppose there’s something I should tell you before you judge his actions too harshly, Haruka.” Taiki said, trying to keep the situation from exploding. He proceeded to tell them about their encounter with the Guardians and the other events of the following week, excluding his talk with Yumeko, of course.

When he finished, Setsuna still looked a bit confused as the other two nodded, the story having explained Seiya’s behavior. “I don’t understand something.” Setsuna said slowly. “Rei’s fire should have shown Jen where she was located.”

“It’s possible that both the pendant and the handkerchief had some connection to the capital where she was.” Michiru suggested.

“No, it doesn’t work that way. If it were going to do something like that, it would have either shown the mass destruction that was present there before they left for Earth or the city as it was before the war. They were given to Seiya just before they left to go help rebuild as she was obviously doing in the image in the fire.”

“Very strange.” Haruka shook her head. “At any rate, that’s not why we’re here.”

“I was starting to wonder about that,” Yaten said.

“I trust that you all heard about or saw that double sunrise not that long ago?” They nodded. “Well, we decided to investigate the crash site when it cooled down enough or us to do so. What we found…well, we wished that we hadn’t. It was a meteor hollowed out to fit a single person and a few items. What those items were, we have no idea as it was completely vacant when we got there.”

Taiki nodded, trying to look as surprised as the other two. Haruka’s statement just further confirmed what Yumeko had told him.

“That explains the youma, but doesn’t explain why we haven’t seen any others since then. They usually appear with a fair amount of regularity as soon as one rears its ugly head,” Yaten said.

“I don’t understand it either. We don’t even know who or what the enemy is, what they want, or anything else for that matter,” Setsuna said. “Also, I don’t feel any tear in time, and Michiru’s mirror didn’t act up like it did when the Guardians showed up last time.”

“There weren’t any weird dreams, either,” Michiru added.

“Granted, there were no meteors or double sunsets last time either,” Yaten pointed out. “The situations are completely different.”

“We also don’t even know why they’re here. The girls think it’s to fight this new enemy, but I doubt that. They have better things to do back home than to fight monsters they have nothing to do with,” Seiya said glumly.

“We don’t know if they have anything to do with them or not yet, Seiya.”

“I’m saying that based on my association with them. If it turns out to be wrong, then it’s wrong. I don’t really care. Now if you three will excuse us, we have a photo shoot to do,” he said stiffly, turning, and walking into the building.

Yaten and Taiki exchanged a look and shrugged. “Sorry about him, but he’s right about the photo shoot. We really should be going before we’re late and get into trouble for it.”

“That’s true Yaten.” Michiru nodded. “We’ll let you go. It seems that the princess knows about the new enemy so we can go talk to them about it now. See you later.”

The three outer senshi left Taiki and Yaten and got into Haruka’s car. They sat there for a minute before the engine started and they drove away.

“Those three are hiding something,” Yaten observed.

“How do you figure that?”

He shrugged. “I’m not sure. It just felt like they knew more than they were saying. Just a feeling, really. I can’t prove it.”

Seiya rolled his eyes. “Why are you always the suspicious one?”

“And why are you in such a bad mood?” Yaten snapped back, heading into the building.

“Yaten’s got a point, Seiya.” Taiki said, following Yaten into the building.

“Ok. Is this pick on Seiya week or something?” he grumped to himself. “Why is it that everyone’s getting on my case lately?”

A tall, silent, red haired figure watched the scene from the shadows, a smile on her vibrant red lips. She watched the antagonism between the three boys and her smile grew. A low chuckle escaped her throat. She hummed and her form fuzzed into the shape she desired and turned back into the alley.

Yaten and Taiki were in a bad mood when they finally emerged from the photo shoot. Seiya had been so uncooperative that the session was practically a waste of time and energy. It had been nearly impossible to get him to pose properly and, once posed, to get his facial expression into anything pleasant. They were refusing to talk to him at all.

Seiya walked behind them, shoes scuffling in the dirt on the road. He hadn’t wanted to do that session in the first place, and didn’t particularly want to go home either. Luckily for him, he was about to get his wish.

A massive cat-shaped youma with grey-stripped green fur jumped out at them from the shadows. The three boys were startled, so it took a minute before they launched into their henshin sequences.

“Fighter Star Power…”

“Healer Star Power…”

“Maker star Power…”


It looked at them, bored. “So, you three are the Starlights,” it purred. “Mistress would be pleased to hear that. You're heads will make nice trophies to hang on her wall.” “Over my dead body,” a feminine voice from the rooftops said, a good dose of sarcasm present in her voice.

"Who's there?" it demanded, looking up.

"Spurred on by the drums of war, I am Guardian StarFire." A woman in a red and black outfit leaped down from the roof. "On behalf of the Fire brother, I will vanquish you!"

"StarFire!" StarFighter said, tears coming to her eyes.

The thing roared. "StarFire! You'll make an even better trophy for Mistress." It roared and charged her.

"It's not a good idea to bore me. Aries War Dagger!" she said and a dagger made of flame shot out of her outstretched hands. It speared the monster in its heart and it vanished.

"That's quite an impressive attack," StarMaker commented as the Starlights detransformed.

The girl turned to them. She was indeed, as she claimed to be, StarFire. She detransformed as well, back into Jen. Smiling, she threw herself into Seiya's arms, kissing him passionately. His eyes widened in shock and he barely managed to get his arms around her before she stopped.

"I missed you so much!" she said with a smile on her face. Her normally black eyes had flecks of red in them. Her long black hair had four long segments of bangs that fell down into her face. There were distinct red highlights to it that hadn’t been there the last time he’d seen her in her civilian form.

"I missed you, too, Jen. I can't tell you how much I missed you." Seiya's voice chocked with emotion.

Taiki and Yaten watched the gush fest with mixed feelings. On one hand, it was good that Jen was back as it meant that Seiya wouldn't mope anymore, or, at least, not as much. On the other, what prompted her to come back after she'd been so cold to him earlier? Taiki wondered about it in light of all that Shinami had told him. If their mission was so secret, why woudl she reveal herself? Wasn't it enough that Shinami did?

No, no Jen wouldn't know that Shinami contacted me. Taiki said to himself. What's going on? Does any of this have to do with the meteor that Haruka and Michiru told us about? And the vision Rei conjured showing Jen back on Hisei. None of this makes any sense. Someone isn't telling the whole truth and I'm not sure if it's Jen or Shinami.