Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Guardians Trilogy
Mirror Universe
Part 01: Mirror, mirror
DISCLAIMER: Sailormoon and the other cannon senshi belong to Naoko Takeuchi. All other characters are mine. Please don’t take them without asking my permission first.

The day in Tokyo woke with a brilliant sunrise, a sunrise brighter and more beautiful than any the people had seen in many years. The only problem with this sunrise was that it was on the wrong side of the horizon. The sun was rising in the west. No one could explain it. It was eventually agreed that it wasn’t the sunrise, especially when the sun began to rise in the east where it was supposed to be a few hours later, confusing the city’s birds immensely. People stared in awe at the spectacular, and wholly unnatural occurrence of the double sunrise, wondering what was going on.

One person in Tokyo did know what was going on, but that person wasn’t telling. Truly told, she wasn’t in any condition to be telling much of anything. The asteroid she’d been encased in had crash landed in the mountains not far from Tokyo, burning all of the trees within reach of the hungry tongues of flame and blasting a massive hole in the side of one of the larger peaks, sending a shower of rocky debris flying. None of it reached the city, but the air felt slightly dusty for the rest of the day.

Oblivious to the existence of this woman, the people in the city went about their day, quietly, not really mentioning the weird sunrise. The woman in the asteroid, when she’d recovered from her crash enough to stand, looked over the countryside and at Tokyo, a smile spreading across her purple tinted lips. With her powers she watched the people bustle about, watched and waited to see if anyone would bother to check out her crash site. Hours passed and still there was no sign of anyone showing any interest in her. A few firefighters showed up, but they were a bit too late to put out the already burned down section of forest. The fire stopped at the end of the tree line, not progressing any further. After a time, it burned itself out. Well, she was responsible for that. She hadn’t wanted them coming up to meddle in her affairs. She had more important things to do than kill people. At least, at the moment she did. There’d be plenty of time to toy with nosey human beings.

She walked back to the asteroid, sneering in contempt. The thing that had held her prisoner for so long held her no longer. She was free to begin again. She would succeed where she’d failed before and resurrect the Queen and destroy those foolish sailor senshi and their friends.

A breeze picked up and ruffled her long, silky purple hair, the sun glinting off her diamond shaped earrings. She laughed at the thought of seeing Tokyo reduced to nothing more than a smoking pile of rubble, the three Talismans and all of the pure star seeds in her hands, belonging to her and only her. She’d give them all as a gift to her Queen, of course, as food on her awakening.

“She will be most pleased with me,” she said to herself, rummaging around in her former prison for her things and went off into town to find a suitable place to set up.

After spending an afternoon searching, she found an old abandoned mansion on the edge of town. There was something decidedly evil about the place. So evil, in fact, that there were no vermin in residence. It was deathly silent, which suited her perfectly

She went into the basement and set up her things, getting ready to begin her work. Once set up, she set an illusion on the house, making it look respectable. She refused to live in something that looked the way this place had. That done, she went out again, to pick up supplies and some decent clothing. As nice as her current dress was, she couldn’t very well afford to be gallivanting about town in it. She’d look out of place and alert the senshi to her presence. That is, if the crash hadn’t already done so.

“What do you make of it Michiru?” Haruka asked, looking at the pictures on the front page of the newspaper.

Michiru shook her head. “I’m not sure. The mirror isn’t saying anything, but it’s been silent before. The intense heat of the fire could be blocking it.”

“That’s a possibility,” Setsuna agreed, looking at the images over Haruka’s shoulder. “I’d like to have a look at the site when it cools off enough for people to get up there.”

“What do you think of the theory that it was an asteroid?” Haruka asked.

The two thought about it for a minute. Finally, Michiru looked up. “It’s always a possibility, but given Tokyo’s track record for attracting strange things and the forces of evil, I’d lay my bets quite heavily against it.”

“As would I.”

“You aren’t feeling any tears in time or the fabric of space are you, Setsuna?” Michiru asked.

She shook her head. “No, but, again, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.”

“Perhaps we should talk with Usagi-tachi about our suspicions,” Michiru suggested.

“Let the princess and her friends have some peace, Michiru,” Setsuna scolded. It’s their last year of high school. They’re entitled to a break from fighting. When it cools, we’ll go up, the three of us, and check it out. If it’s just an asteroid, we can relax. If it turns out we need to resume fighting, we’ll let the others know about it if they haven’t found out already.”

They agreed and waited for the area to cool. From the looks of things, they’d be waiting a day or two at the least.

“So what club are you guys going to join this year?”

Usagi looked back at her friend, Ami, who had asked the question. This was their final year at Juuban and she was looking forward to seeing the end of it. Mamoru would be back soon and they’d get married after Graduation.

“I’m not sure, really,” Minako admitted.

“Who are you kidding, Minako-chan?” Makoto said, shaking her head. “It’ll be volleyball or nothing else for you, as usual. As for me, cooking club it is.”

“I’m thinking computers as well this year, maybe a gaming club,” said Ami.

Minako remembered the video game tournament Ami had won a few years ago and shook her head. “Stick with Computers Ami-chan. You do well at games, but leave those to us who aren’t as smart as you. We have to have something to be good at.”

The others nodded and sweat dropped. Ami sighed. “Computer Club it is, then.”

Usagi thought for a minute. “I’m not really sure. I didn’t belong to any last year. I tried the manga club before that, but I can’t draw really well.”

“Try the cooking club with me,” Makoto suggested. “That’ll give you something to do, and it’ll help for when you’re married.”

“You really think so, Mako-chan?”

She nodded, smiling. “Certainly.”

“Then that’s what I’ll do.”

“Ohayo, Odango!” Seiya’s cheerful voice greeted them as they walked on to the school grounds.

“Ohayo, Seiya!” The girls replied in unison, heading over to join the Three Lights.

“Looking forward to the new year?” Ami asked them.

Seiya shrugged. “I guess so. We’ve already stayed here longer than we thought we would. What with last year’s fiasco with the Joudo Tengoku and Sailorgalaxia the year before that, we’ve been busy.”

“We figured we might as well finish high shool before going home. It might prove to be of use,” Taiki added.

“Or just wind up giving me an addiction to pain killing medicines from all the headaches I get from it,” Yaten pointed out.

“Oh come on Yaten,” Makoto said, laughing. “It’s not that bad.”

“I’d rather be back home with Kakyuu-hime,” he pouted, while the others laughed at him.

“Pouting doesn’t suit you Yaten,” Taiki told him. “Besides, something interesting might just happen.”

Seiya groaned. “Now you’ve done it Taiki. You’ve cursed our school year. As soon as someone says something stupid like that, something bad or ‘interesting’ is bound to happen.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Taiki countered. “My saying something has no effect on the future.”

“The point goes to Taiki,” Ami said. Everyone laughed as the school bell rang and they went inside to take their seats at their desks.

In the basement of the previously broken down mansion, tendrils of smoke curled up out of a large vat of bubbling, glowing blue liquid. The vat was shaped like a square, built into the floor. It was fairly deep, about as deep as the shallow end of a swimming pool. The purple haired lady sat by the edge of the pool, sniffing the fumes that came off it with the smoke. She brushed her hair back behind her ear with one hand while the other trailed in the liquid. It was hot, but didn’t burn her hand. It felt pleasant to her.

She brought her hand out of the pool and watched it expectantly. “Come, my creation, rise and enter into the service of your Queen.”

A form rose out of the pool, the liquid dripping off of it as it took form. When it finished shifting, it looked like an overlarge bird woman. Her face had no beak, but there was a brightly colored crest of feathers on her head. The back half of her body was that of a bird, complete with wings, but she also had the arms and torso of a woman.

She turned to the woman and bowed. “I serve the Queen as one of her loyal servants. What is my task?”

“You will begin to collect the three Talismans as well as the pure star seeds.”

She bowed. “I obey.”

Usagi yawned. The day had been so boring. She hadn’t been looking forward to school, because school meant homework. It also meant seeing everyone almost every day of the week, but she could do that on any of the breaks. Good thing it was her last year.

They were sitting around a table at the Crown as they usually did after school, but this time the Three Lights were with them. They didn’t have anything scheduled for that evening, so they were free to hang out. They’d been pushing themselves extra hard ever since they’d defeated the Joudo Tengoku a few months ago. Taiki and Seiya were recovering, slowly, from their attachments to Shinami and Jen respectively. Taiki was having an easier time of it, but Seiya, who’d known Jen longer than Taiki had known Shinami, and had been more attached to her, had just started to be able to look at girls again in that way. He always had the fear that any girl he was interested in would turn out to be a senshi like Usagi and Jen had. The other senshi had been trying to help, but not much was helping.

Yaten and Makoto came back then with a few snacks for everyone and they dug in.

“So, what did you guys think of that new teacher?” Minako asked. “You know. The English one.”

“I don’t know,” Ami said after swallowing a bite of her sandwich. “I didn’t like him all that much.”

“I thought he was kinda cute,” Makoto said, sighing, staring off into the distance with a dreamy look on her face.

“Same old Mako-chan,” Seiya chided. “Always boy-crazy.”

“Chesney-sensei is no boy. He’s a man.”

Seiya tried to keep from grinning by hiding his mouth with one hand. “Gomen. My mistake.”

Makoto ignored him and kept staring off into space, ignoring the slice of cherry pie sitting in front of her.

Usagi sighed. “How long until summer break again?”

“A few months at least, Usagi-chan,” Rei told her. “In a hurry?”

“I don’t want to do school anymore,” she griped, leaning forward on the table. “It’s only the first day of school and already we have all this homework. I don’t know how I’m ever going to get it all done by tomorrow.”

“That’s why we should all get together and do our homework tonight,” Seiya suggested.

“Study group?” Minako groaned and Makoto came out of her dream world.

“Homework group,” he corrected. “Why don’t we meet at our place at about seven o’clock tonight and do our homework?”

The girls exchanged looks and nodded. “Sure. I can’t really think of much else I have to do other than that,” Makoto said. “I’ll go home and bake some cookies or muffins to snack on while we do homework.”

Seiya’s eyes lit up. “Great! We’ll see you all then.” He stood and grabbed his school bag and walked out.

“He’s in full hyper-student mode today.”

Yaten shook his head. “He’s been driving me crazy. He mopes around the house all day. He doesn’t like to do things when he’s idle and doesn’t want to stop once you finally get him to do something active. He was more excited than Taiki last night when he was getting ready to go to school. He set his uniform out and had his school books all ready to go.”

“He’s also been up since 5 this morning, too,” Taiki added. “He woke up early on purpose, made a huge breakfast for all of us, ironed his uniform again, and waited impatiently for us to get ready to go.”

“Hard to believe. Seiya isn’t the most eager student in the world,” Rei said, watching him out of the window.

“I think it’s largely due to the fact that he needs something to occupy his time. He hasn’t gotten over Jen yet. I doubt he realizes this, but his behavior tells otherwise. If he were to bump into her any time soon, he’d loose all control. And this would not be a good thing for either of them. Fortunately, it’s not likely to happen. They’ve gone home to help rebuild their homes, take their places in society and be with their families again.”

“It’s a good thing…” Rei started to say something, but she was interrupted by a shrill scream of terror. All of them jumped out of their seats to go see what was wrong and promptly wished they hadn’t. A giant bird woman was terrorizing people on the streets. It breathed a cloud of grayish smoke onto them, paralyzing them in place.

The senshi looked at each other and grimaced. “I guess this is where we transform, ne?” Usagi said, helplessly.

“Stop right there!”

The voice that called down to them from one of the rooftops startled the senshi and the creature they were fighting. They paused in their fighting and looked around to find whoever it was that had spoken. It was a very, very familiar voice.

“I will not allow you to continue this attack on the innocent people of Tokyo.”

The senshi looked up at the rooftop behind them, puzzled. There were four figures standing there, womanly figures that looked vaguely familiar, but were so high up that they couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Who’s there?” The bird woman said, flying up higher to get a better look.

“Ai to seigi no, seifuku bishoujo senshi, gaadian SutaaLuv! Kinzuishou to Mugendai kawatte, Oshiokyo!” As she spoke, she became visible. She’d grown out the bangs of her light blue hair so that they fell in long tails that framed her face. Her teal eyes had a somewhat sinister look to them and her lips were coated in glossy black lipstick. She wore a light blue top that only had one cap sleeve over her right shoulder. Over the top was a partial sailor collar that was black edged in light blue. The collar wrapped from her left shoulder, over her right breast and around her back. The collar extended in the back in a cape-like manner to her mid back. Most of her midriff was exposed between the bottom of her top and the top of her black shorts, which peaked upwards to her belly button. On her left leg was a light blue band around her thigh just beneath the hem of the shorts. Just above her knees was where her boots started. They start off a black color, but the high heeled part that covers her feet was light blue in color. Her arms were covered in a pair of pseudo-gloves from just beneath her shoulders down to cover her fingers. In design, they were really more like sleeves as there were no separate holes for her fingers to go through. They were black in color. Over the backs of both her hands was a twisted piece of gold metal containing a light blue gem.

“Am I hearing that right?” StarMaker asked, rubbing her ears. “I can’t be hearing that right.”

“I heard it, too,” Jupiter said, squinting up at them.

“For truth and light, I am the senshi of the life source, Guardian StarLight. On behalf of the Earth Mother, I will defeat you!” She, too, sported glossy black lipstick. Her leaf green eyes had a look to them that made her look somewhat crazy. Over her left shoulder was a black partial sailor collar that blended into her dark green bodice. Embedded in her bodice just beneath the partial collar was a curved bit of silver metal holding a leaf green gem with a curvy light grey symbol inside it. The dark green bodice was a wrap around with only one tank top like strap almost completely hidden under the collar. Her shorts were black and cut in a v-shaped hem that came to its point in the front. Tied around her right leg was a black scarf with edges that trail to the top of her boots. The boots were divided into two colors: the tops were black and the bottoms were dark green. Her left glove was dark green and her right was black. There were two different colored curves on her shorts. The right pattern is silver while the left is dark green.

“Can someone please explain this?” Venus said, doing as Jupiter was. “They can’t possibly be here.”

“For the joy of song, I am the senshi of music, Guardian StarSinger. On behalf of the Water Sister, I will chastise you!” There was a haughty look in her dark cyan eyes. Her black lips weren’t as glossy looking as the other two women’s were. Her partial sailor collar sat on her right shoulder and was black edged in dark blue. It faded into her dark blue bodice, which was princess-style and went down to just above her hips. Her gloves are the reverse of her collar: dark blue with ocean green waves at the tops. Her gloves were like a sleeve that doesn’t attach to the main part of her uniform and went from just beneath her shoulders down to her fingers. They were black with blue edgings at the top. Her shorts were black and v cut with the low point being near her right hip. On her left hip was a golden metal holder containing a dark cyan gem. Her boots started a few inches beneath the bottom of the shorts. At her ankles, the color changed from dark blue to black for a bit before it meets with the dark cyan foot strap. After that, it was dark blue again and the soles were dark cyan.

“But it appears that they are,” StarHealer said, shrugging.

“For the love of StarFreedom, I am the senshi of the cleansing fire. On behalf of the Fire brother, I will vanquish you!” Her scarlet eyes burned with rage, her blackened lips curled into a sneer. She wore a black partial sailor collar that sat over her left shoulder and wrapped around to the back on the same side, showing up again in a thin curl of black color on her right. Her sleeveless, strapless bodice was scarlet and was one solid piece with no visible seams or fasteners. Only a small portion of her navel was visible between the bottom of her top and the top of her black shorts, which were cut to angle downwards from her right hip to her left and back up again. On her right leg, she wore a tall black stocking that was visible above her scarlet boots tops. The sock extended up top within a couple inches of her shorts.

Her boots were scarlet and flat heeled. The tops were at her mid thigh and cut in a wide ‘v’. Between her knees and her ankles on each leg were shiny black bracers. Set at the top of each one was a scarlet gem. Her arms were covered in a black sleeve between the bottom of her shoulders and her fingers that doesn’t connect to the rest of her outfit. Around the fingers was a scarlet flame pattern.

“Now that one we didn’t need to hear. No one is to tell Seiya about this one, understood?” StarMaker told them, and they nodded.

“Tell me what, Maker?” StarFighter asked, coming around the corner to join the fight. “What is no one supposed to tell me?”

“Fighter! I didn’t know you were there!” Maker said, backing up into a wall.

“Obviously. What is it, Maker?”

“Air Whip!” a cute little voice called out from the rooftop and a chain of air wrapped itself around the bird woman’s throat.

Fighter shook her head. “What?”

The others just shook their heads.

“Pisces Water Dragon!”

“Double Snake Twist!”

The immense column of water slammed into the thing, sending it flying while the twin snakes immobilized her wings. She shrieked and sent a cloud of her paralyzing smoke up at them in an attempt to get the attacks to stop.

“This is too weird,” Fighter mumbled to herself

“Eternal Fire Cleansing!” A ball of flame engulfed the bird woman, leaving nothing more harmful than a little sparrow behind. The bird just flapped around, confused, before heading off to find food.

The shapes on the roof paused before walking off. Fighter ran towards the building. “Wait!” she cried out, but they didn’t hear her.

“Fighter…” Sailormoon started to say, but stopped when she saw the tears streaming from her eyes. Tears that were the result of long repressed pain. She wrapped her arms around Fighter in an attempt to comfort her.

Fighter shrugged her off and ran for the back of the building. Just as she turned the corner, they landed from their long jump down. “Jen…” she croaked out.

StarFire turned to her, a blank look on her face. “Jen no longer exists,” she informed him in a cold voice and walked away from her. The other three guardians followed close behind her.

The senshi caught up with Fighter and found her kneeling forward on the ground, clutching her chest, sobbing openly.

“I won’t waste my time asking if you’re ok, Fighter,” Maker said, kneeling beside her. “It hurts, I know. It’s not easy seeing StarLove again, either. I wasn’t as attached to her as you were to Jen, but it hurts nonetheless.”

Fighter couldn’t speak she was shaking so hard. She didn’t fight when Maker and Healer pulled her to her feet to take her home. They ducked into an alley so they could detransform so that they didn’t attract any attention on the way there.

The others watched them go.

“Poor Seiya,” Sailormoon said sympathetically. “That really must hurt.”

The others simply nodded in agreement, each deeply puzzled by the sudden reappearance of the four Guardians.

Seiya lay on his bed where Taiki and Yaten had left him. Jen was back in Tokyo, back like she’d promised she would some day, but she acted like a complete stranger to him. It hurt and confused him. Especially since she’d promised that she’d love him forever and keep him in her heart. She said that she’d never forget him. All of those promises they’d made together during their week together in Canada, broken so easily.

Why? He wanted to shout out loud, but his throat was closed over from all the crying. Why did you come back if you hadn’t kept your promises? He rolled over to face the image of Jen he kept beside his bed. She stood there with him, smiling, wearing tight fitting red jeans and a black t-shirt with a red Aries symbol on it. Her hair was in its usual ponytail and her head leaned on his shoulder, his hand in hers. She was wearing the necklace he’d bought her that day, a gold chain with a star and feather pendant, like the broach that the Sailor Starlights wore on their uniforms, just smaller. He’d had it custom made for her during their week together.

He stared at it for hours before he finally fell asleep from exhaustion. When he woke up the next morning, he hadn’t moved an inch and Jen’s smiling face was the first thing he saw. He almost started crying again. He hadn’t realized until the day before how much he’d really missed her, how much he truly loved her. She’d gone though hell to get him back and yet she could still treat him with that coldness.

He turned away from the picture and sat up. He got out of bed, changed his uniform, and went out to eat breakfast. Not because he wanted to go to school, as school held painful memories of Jen, but because he knew if he didn’t, he’d never leave his room again.