Image Songs
Three Small Words - Josie and the Pussycats OST
Itís a peppy, energetic song that reflects Jenís thing with guitars. The lyrics have nothing to do with her character, but the song itself, the upbeat nature of it, fit with her character.

Scarlet - Ayashi no Ceres
Jenís second image song. The lines in it that make it hers are: I used to believe without a doubt that I could reach my dreams, no matter how far off they were. But that me from long ago now sleeps inside my heart. Dreams are more fragile and fleeting than a glass rose, so then why are we destined to dream? Her confusion following Seikouís death and her refusal to believe in anything are shown in this song. Itís beautiful and sad.

Aoi Hitomi - Escaflowne
Those blue eyes. Beautiful foolishness. I believed everything about you was a miracle. As Seiya and Seikou both have blue eyes, she could be singing about wither of them, really. She acknowledges that their love will end eventually, but theyíll be together always. Itís very sweet and un-Jen like, but it works.

Gloria - Slayers
*brr* Read the lyrics. I wonít try this one.

Give a Reason - Slayers Again, read the lyrics.

Dengon - Fushigi Yuugi This is one of the most amazingly powerful songs Iíve ever encountered. The first time I listened to it it blew me away. Itís very majestic sounding. Itís a song of friendship and wanting to protect his home and country and supporting those he cares about. Itís a very Jason-like song, really.

Leader of Men - Nickleback While dengon expresses his need to protect home, friends and country, this one expresses that, while he has those urges, heís no leader. Itís not in his nature.

Change the World - V6 This hits me as a strong of courage and striving to do your best. Brett is a very optimistic character and the two match perfectly.

Heart of Sword - Siam Shade
Again with the optimism thing. When I'm alone, tomorrow feels far away. And I must go over still into the darkness of dawn. He works better with others rather than alone.

Mugen no Kaze - Ayashi no Ceres
Well, the title translation, Eternal Wind, helps explain why I chose it as one of Shinamiís image songs as sheís the Air Guardian. Itís really hard to explain it. This is one that you have to read the lyrics in order to understand why its here.

Perfect World - Fushigi Yuugi
Another of Shinamiís image songs. A perfect world called love StarLove. Get it?

Even Angels Fall - Jessica Riddle
This is simply a play on Serenaís real name of Tenshi, meaning Angel. Even Angelís Fall. I was in a whacky humour when I put this one in here. Could have been worse; it could have been ĎCentrefoldí. *snickers*

Kiseki no Umi - Sakamoto Maaya
First off, it means ĎSea of Miraclesí, and, as water Guardian, itís a suiting title of a song for her. Itís sort of aobut rising sbove conflict, seeing beyond the scars and our fears. As her emotions control her power, she needs to rise above such things.

Everlasting Story - Fushigi Yuugi
I canít really explain this one. A friend of mine suggested it and didnít explain, so Iím kinda stuck. But Iíll put it up anyways. Itís pretty at any rate.

Tyler/Starlight Wasurenaide - Bubblegum Crisis
One of Wolfís image songs. It wasnít until I read the translation to it one night. Oh wow! When I get far enough into BSSMMU, the continuation of BSSMI, I have to do something with Wolf that involves this song. If you havenít read it yet, go read the lyrics. Itís a moral requirement. If the lyrics donít do it for you, find the song. Itís well worth a listen. Even if you donít like Bubblegum Crisis. Iíve never seen it, personally. I heard it on my fianceeís computer in his massive collection of mp3s. All I can say isÖWow!

Sobakasu - Judy and Mary Peppy little upitty song. Means ĎFrecklesí. I know Wolf doesnít have freckles. If you ignore that, itís a cute little song that almost suites her more positive moods completely.

C'est la vie - Tyler No lyrical comparison to the character, just in the melody. It has a bit of an Irish feel to it and Iíve always viewed Wolf as being a bit Irish.

Skye and Starr/Stardancer and Stardreamer
Yuzurenai Negai - Magic Knights Rayearth
Being as young as they are, the twins are very hopeful and optimistic. Aim for the unstoppable future and embrace the unyielding wish. That about says it I think.

Be my only Angel - Angelic Layer
Skye is always trying to make herself better, to reach her dreams. End of story.

Fly your Sky - Angelic Layer
Starr. The eternal dreamer. Always wanting to fly.

Joudo Tengoku
Mein Herz Brent - Rammstein
It translates to ĎMy Heart Breaksí. It talks about monsters and warning children of them. Sounds appropriate for the bad guys.

Enter Sandman - Metallica
Well. Itís a creepy song. More monster talk in this one.