Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Eternal
Act 10: Final battle

“So, Jen. You wouldn’t happen to be busy tonight, would you?” Seiya asked as they walked out into the schoolyard. 

“Yeah, actually. I’m supposed to bake cookies for class tomorrow. Other than that, nothing. Why do you ask?”

“Just wondering if maybe you’d like to come over for dinner tonight and do homework.”

“I guess, but I need to make the cookies for cooking class first, or Oshima-sensei will kill me.”

“Cooking class? I thought I said that you can’t cook.”

Jen made a face. “Serena’s making me take it. If the kitchen blows up, it’s not my fault.”

“So, this is your chance to prove to me once and for all that you can’t cook.”<bgr>


Seiya snapped his fingers. “You can make the cookies at my place while we’re doing homework. Doesn’t Brett cook? He could help.”

Jen’s eyes widened. “That’s right! Thanks a ton, Seiya. I’ll be over as soon as I can.”

“Why not just come over now?”

“I have to pick up a few things at home first. I promise I’ll be quick. See you soon,” she said softly, smiling reassuringly. She kissed him quickly on the cheek, then dashed off to find her friends.

Seiya stood there dazed. Yaten and Taiki walked up behind him. “Now wasn’t that cute,” Yaten droned.

“Oh, shut up, you idiot.” Seiya scowled. “She’s coming over for dinner tonight, so please be nice to her. Oh, and one of her homework projects is baking cookies, so she’ll do that at our place, too. Ok? Good.”

“Whatever, Seiya,” Taiki said, shaking his head. “Let’s just go home.”

“I’m going to catch up with Jen, see if she needs any help getting what she needs at her home. See you later!”

“Is it just me, or is he getting stranger?” Taiki asked Yaten as Seiya dashed off to find his girlfriend. Yaten nodded in dazed agreement.

“There you are, my little target,” A man’s mocking voice said from behind her. “It’s about time you showed up.”

“Wha..?” Jen turned. “An’unno? What do you want?”

“Oh, don’t play games with me.” He walked up to her. “You know what I want, Starfire!”

“You’ve got to be kidding! She can’t possibly be Starfire!” another person said confidently as he walked towards them.

It was Seiya. He’d followed her! That moron! He’s going to get himself killed if I don’t do anything. “Seiya! Run! Run as fast as you can, away from here. Now!”

“Dame, dame! You’re in trouble. What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I deserted you?” he asked casually.

“A dead one. Run, Seiya. Please!”

An’unno Mayonaka looked at the stranger interrupting his attack. “Seikou! How are you here? I saw Diamond kill you!” He backed up a few steps.

“What? How does he know about Seikou, Jen? Do you tell your past to anyone you bump into on the street?”

Jen gritted her teeth. “I told you to run, Seiya. What part of that don't you understand?”

“It’s too late for that now,” An’unno said, a dark mist wrapping around him. When it cleared, Obsidian stood in his place.

“I knew there was something familiar about you,” Jen said, falling into fighting stance.

“What are you doing? You can’t fight him!” Seiya said. Throwing himself in between the two.

“Get out of my way, Seiya!” Jen growled.

“It looks like I have no choice. Fighter Star Power, Make Up!”  Jen stared as Seiya turned into Sailorstarfighter. “Surrounded by the dark denseness of the night, Sailorstarfighter. Stage on!”

“You’re a sailor senshi? You’re the one I powered up!”

StarFighter stared at Jen. “Nani?”

“Stop your meaningless chit chat! Talisman Reveal!” Obsidian shouted, pointing at Jen.

Jen dodged. “That’s it! I’ve had it with you! Fire Cosmic Power, Make Up!” She raised her hands above her head and started to spin. Fire sprang up out of the ground and met up with the fire that spiraled out of her hands, completely encircling her. Her hands, raised above her head, got wrapped in fire, forming her gloves. Fire ran down her legs, becoming her boots. It wrapped around her waist, forming her shorts, around her chest, forming her top. All the while, she was spinning. Her transformation complete, she said, “For the love of StarFreedom, I am the senshi of the cleansing fire. On behalf of the Fire brother and the princess I swore to protect, I will vanquish you!” she said, then posed.

“This can’t be happening,” StarFighter said.

“So, Obsidian. You were right for a change,” an unfamiliar man with white hair materialized in the air above them. A blond woman with her hair done in twin rings appeared beside him.

“Andalrien!” Jen cried out, looking at the woman.

“My name is Tyger. How many times do I have to tell you miserable Guardians my name?”

“Your name is not Tyger. That’s the brainwashing spell Diamond put on you. Your name is Andalrien Lapteth Hofrek Goldenstar, our High Princess and one of us. Don’t you remember?” Starfire’s eyes pleaded with her.

Tyger landed in front of her. “No, it is you who are mistaken. And now, I will take your talisman and give it to my Queen. Talisman…”

Fire shook her head. “Nomaie…” She extended her hand behind her, looking like she was holding something. “Flaming…” A red glowing circle appeared in her grip and she raised her hand above her head with the back of her hand close to her forehead. “Disk!” She swung her hand forward in a frisbee-like throw.

The disk hit Tyger in her side. She shrieked in pain, collapsing. The white haired man appeared beside her, cradling her in his arms. His cape fluttered around him. “Tyger! Are you alright?”

“General Diamond?” she said weakly. “I’ll live.”

The man, Diamond, looked relieved. He stood. “Ice Mist Encase!”

“Star Serious Laser!” The attack barely affected diamond’s powers. All that remained of it was a very cold breeze.

“Moron! Next time use the new powers I gave you,” Starfire scolded.

“Sorry, Sorry. How do you call the medallion?”

“You say the words to the power and it appears,” she said exasperated.

“Andalrien! What did you do to her?” Starlight said, running towards the fallen warrior.

“I was defending myself. What else could I do? Let her take my talisman?” Fire asked.

“What did you use? Your Flaming Disk?” Fire nodded. “Moron! You know what that does to her!” Light put a hand to Tyger’s side. It began to glow with a silvery aura, healing her wound.

Tyger turned and hit Starlight, knocking her into a wall of a nearby building. “Thank you oh so much, Traitor! Hurricane Blast!” A powerful wind smashed into Light, pressing her up against the wall. Light shrieked in pain.

“Chaos Twist!” a cold, roughly female voice shouted. A black beam of cold energy slammed into Tyger, stopping her attack on Starlight.

A cloaked figure appeared along with Eternalsailorpluto and Starsinger. The rest of the senshi, Starlights and Guardians also appeared.

“It’s about time,” Starfire said, scowling at Starsinger.

“I take it you know the whole truth about Seiya now. Now do you see why neither I nor Setsuna would tell you?”

“Your wisdom is growing, Wavesong,” the cloaked figure said. “But the discussion must wait for later. For now, let’s just concentrate on saving our princess.”

“Guardian Starinfinity,” Diamond said, a wide, evil grin spread across his face. “I swore to my Queen that I would kill you.”

“You first,” Starinfinity said, pulling back the hood of her cloak. Long purple black hair spilled down her back, large blue eyes staring at Diamond in undisguised rage.

Starsinger leaned over to Sailorpluto. “This is who you mistook me for. I look exactly like her. She’s the one from your dreams.”

Diamond raised his hands. “Minions of our Dark Queen, I command you. Come forth and destroy our enemies!” Yahrais began to appear around the senshi, who assumed battle stance. “Later, Sailors !” He laughed, disappearing.

Light shouted something in a strange language that sounded like an insult. “Oh well. Might as well get to work. Earth Rumble!” she joined her hands at the wrist and pointed them at the ground. The ground began to shake and a pillar of earth shot up and destroyed an yahrai.

“They aren’t human,” Singer explained. “Aiellan Water Dragon!”

“Oh. In that case… Supreme Thunder Dragon!” Jupiter said, toasting an yahrai.

“Try using your new powers,” Arrow said, as he grappled with an yahrai.

“Life Force Encircle!” StarMaker shouted, hitting the yahrai Arrow was struggling with.

“Pisces Sparkling Tsunami!” Neptune shouted.

“Aquarius Rumbling Wave!” A shock wave from Uranus knocked an yahrai off it’s feet and Neptune’s attack finished it off.  Only a handful was left. Tyger had managed to slink off to the side to avoid getting hit.

“Sagittarius Silverarrow Flash!”

“Libra Heart Flash!” Venus’s attack joined with Jupiter’s to destroy another yahrai.

“Virgo Aquatic Swirl!”

“Aries Spirit Ball!” Mercury and Mars took out another

“Life Force Revive!”

“Burning Star Shine!” Healer and Fighter finished off the last of the yahrais, leaving only Tyger and Obsidian.

“Curse you!” Obsidian hissed. “You’re messing up my plans!”

“Oh, bite me!” Starfire said casually. “Eternal Fire Cleansing!” she said, pointing at him. He shrieked as he began to return to his natural form. Halfway through, he began looking around.

“Where…where am I? Who are you? Starsinger!” his eyes widened in fear. “What’s going on?”

“You were taken by An’ei Souku and turned against us,” Singer said, kneeling beside him. “You will get to go home soon. I promise.” He turned and ran away as fast as her could still changing back to normal. Singer shook her head.

“Obsidian? Defeated? Impossible!” Tyger growled from the rooftop she sat on. She stood. “I will avenge our fallen companion, my Queen.” She leapt down to attack the senshi. “Hurricane Blast!” she shrieked. The blast hit Mercury, lifting her up and throwing her.

“Scorpio Time Twist!”

“Capricorn Silence Shatter!” Pluto and Saturn combined their attacks. When the smoke cleared, the yahrais were gone and all that remained were Tyger and Diamond, who was still on the roof of the building.

“Well, Tyger,” Uranus said. “Looks like it’s just you and us.”

“Music’s going to show its face,” Venus added.

“That’s ‘it’s time to face the music’, Venus,” Artemis muttered from beside her.


“Come on and fight, unless your afraid,” Jupiter said.

“Um… I wouldn’t say that if I were you, Jupiter-san,” Dancer muttered, leaning closer to Jupiter.


“Hurricane Blast!” The howling column of wind smashed into Jupiter, lifting her off the ground. She shrieked in pain as the freezing cold air whipped at her skin. Finally it died down, dropping her.

Jupiter lay where she fell on the pavement, shivering. “Cold! So very cold,” she said, shivering.

“Libra Heart Flash!” Tyger easily dodged Venus’s attack, sending a blast of cold air at her.

“Taleer Dream Shield!” Dreamer shouted protecting Venus.

“You can’t protect them forever, sailor girl!” Tyger growled.

“We can try!” Dancer said, standing beside her younger sister. Tyger grinned evilly.

“That’s what you think.” A glowing red energy ball appeared, floating above Tyger’s outstretched hand. She threw it at the Taleer Twins, but it didn’t hit them. StarArrow and Starfire jumped between the Twins and the red energy. StarArrow wasn’t affected much, but Fire was badly hurt. StarFighter rushed towards her. Starlight caught her arm. Fighter turned to see Light shake her head no.

“Damn you! Flaming Circle Rise!” Starfire shouted, standing on weak legs.

Diamond watched with interest from the rooftop. A plan began to form in his mind. Deciding on a course of action, he joined Tyger on the ground.

“Lord Diamond,” Tyger said in awe, looking at her teacher.

He whispered his plan in her ear. “Of course, Lord Diamond.”

The pair fought with a determination that caught the senshi off balance.

“What’s going on?” Maker said, dodging another volley of razor-sharp ice shards, almost crashing into Starfire in the process.

“How should I know?” she hissed.

The Guardians gathered around Starfire. “Ready?” Starinfinity asked.

“Earth Rumble!”

“Fire Burn!”

“Water Rise!”

“Air Swirl!”

“Wind Twirl!”

“Spirit Combine!”

Starlight, Starfire, Starsinger, StarDancer, StarDreamer, and Starinfinity threw their combined attacks at Tyger, hitting her straight on. She shrieked as the five elements blazed around her, draining her strength. Tyger collapsed to the ground in pain.

Starfire collapsed as well, her strength almost gone from the effort and the effects of Tyger’s attempted attack on the twins.

“Starfire!” Fighter said softly heading towards her. She was stopped by Light, who shook her head ‘no’.

Diamond crouched beside Tyger, looking up at the senshi, like he was waiting for something to happen.

“Do it now, Sailormoon!” Starinfinity encouraged.

“Eternal Moon Angel Kiss!” Sailormoon said, using her new power.

“Eternal… Fire...” Fire started, rising to her feet slowly, in obvious pain. She straightened. “Cleansing!” Her healing powers combined with Moon’s.

“Earth Healing Light!” added Starlight.

Tyger shrieked then lay still. A jagged symbol appeared briefly on her forehead, then vanished.

“Got her!” Arrow exclaimed.

“Don’t celebrate too soon,” Diamond said calmly, standing. Before they could stop him, he picked up Starfire’s unconscious form and vanished.

“NO!” Fighter cried. “Jennifer!”

The senshi all looked at him in shock. “How do you..?” Starlight began, and then covered her mouth, realizing what she’d just said.

“She transformed in front of me,” Fighter explained, telling them what had happened. “And now she’s gone.”

Tyger moaned softly. During the attack, her rings had fallen out. Her long blond hair was spread out on the pavement. The senshi turned to see Starlight pick up the fallen warrior.

“At least we have her back again,” she said softly. “Andalrien.”

“How can you be so cruel?” Fighter demanded. “Saving her cost us Jen’s life!”

Starsinger turned and slapped StarFighter across the face. Hard. Hard enough to send her flying to the ground. Fighter stared up into Singer’s blue eyes, blazing with anger. It was a rare display from her, one that caused it to begin to rain. “Is that all you can think about?” she demanded. “That woman is High Princess Andalrien Lapteth Hofrek Goldenstar. Starfire gladly give up her freedom for her. Any of us would do the same. You might have only lost a girlfriend, but what have we lost? A sister, our leader, best friend, and most powerful senshi.”

“Myself not included,” Starinfinity muttered.

“It’s alright, Seiya,” Dancer said, helping StarFighter up. Her gentle voice and warm eyes softened the blow of Singer’s words. “We’ll get her back.”

“If we want to get home, we have to,” Arrow said.

“Give her to me, Shi’iilnyen,” Starinfinity said, addressing Starlight. She looked reluctant to do so, but handed Tyger over to Starinfinity. “Thank you. You’ll see her again, but not as you see her now.” Starinfinity and Tyger disappeared in a flash of white light.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Neptune asked.

“I guess we’ll find out.” Singer mused, looking up at the sky.


The story is continued in Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Eternal : Infinity.