Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Eternal
Act 09: The Outer Senshi Revealed

“You’re late, Jen,” Serena said without looking up from the book she was reading on the couch in the living room. Everyone else was in the apartment already, so it was easy enough for her to know that the sound of the door opening and closing was Jen returning tot eh apartment.
Jen winced. She could sense the displeasure in her best friend’s voice, see the scowl marring her perfect face even with the book covering it. “Sorry. It’s all his fault,” she said pointing to Seiya, who had taken her home.
Seiya looked at her in shock. “My fault? You’re the one who sat and talked forever.”
“About what? It is your fault,” Jen said, glaring at him.
“Lover’s quarrels are so cute,” Tyler said, coming out of the kitchen, startling them. “Oh, don’t mind me. Do continue.”
Jen rolled her eyes. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Good night, Seiya.”
“Good night, Jen.” Jen closed the door behind him.
“You two are just so darned cute,” Tyler said, batting her eyelashes and sighing loudly.
“You’re so fake, Wolf,” Serena said, putting her book back on the bookshelf and walking towards them. Tyler made a face at her. “Guess who’s back I town, Jen?”
“You know I don’t like guessing games, Serena.”
“You’re no fun,” Tyler said in disgust.
“Starinfinity. Or, should I say, Lisha Connors.”
Jen almost dropped the glass she’d taken out of the cupboard. “What’s with the name?”
“She had to alter everything, including her appearance, in order to go unnoticed on this world.”
Tyler snorted. “That was a real nuisance, wasn’t it? I can’t say as I blame her for wearing that hooded cloak all the time. I mean, if my face looked like yours, I’d hide it, too.”
Serena splashed Tyler with some water. “Very funny,” she said dryly.
“Besides, Starinfinity would stick out like a sore thumb in her usual clothes,” Jen pointed out.
Serena and Tyler laughed. It was a weird combination. Serena’s laugh sounded like twinkling bells. Tyler’s was more like a happy dog bark. “Go get the twins, Jen. There are things I have to tell you.”
“Do you mind if I change first? I smell like Seiya.” Serena nodded. A few minutes later, Jen came out, wearing her baggy red plaid pajamas, bushing her hair, a scrunchie around her wrist. She sat down in the rocking chair in the corner as the twins walked out.
“What’s up, Serena?” Starr asked. Skye sat down beside her and Starr sat beside her.
“I trust you all remember the events of a week ago today?”
“We saw the princess,” Starr said. “She looked awful.”
“We powered up the senshi,” Skye added.
“What’s your point Serena?” Tyler asked, leaning back on the couch.
“Do you want to know the identity of the senshi?” Serena asked patiently. “I can only tell you who the outer senshi are.”
“Which ones are they?” Skye asked. “And what are the others called?”
“The ones I know are Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto. The rest of the ones named after the other planets.”
“So, why do we need to know this? Why are you telling us this?” Tyler asked. “And why only these ones?”
“I talked to Sailorpluto the other day about it. If you knew who the Starlights and others were, you’d loose it.” Serena shot a meaningful glance in Jen’s direction.
“Do the outers know who we are?” Tyler asked.
Serena nodded. “Now they do.” There was a knock on the door. “Starr, would you get that, please?”
“Hai!” The younger twin jumped up off the couch and dashed to the door. “Serena, its some people saying that you invited them over.”
“Let them in, Starr.”
The visitors came in, took their shoes off, and walked into the living room. Serena invited them to sit down.
 “I would like you to meet meet Meiou Setsuna, Tomoe Hotaru, Kaiou Michiru, and Tenno Haruka. Sailors Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus respectively.”
“You mean... Haruka turns into a woman? Ewww!” Skye said in disgust, making a face.
Tyler leaned forward and whispered, “Haruka’s already a woman, moron!” into her ear.
“Oh,” she said sheepishly. “Sorry.”
“It’s ok. I’m used to it.”
Setsuna turned to the outer senshi. “They are Jennifer McCormick, Serena Kyle, Tyler Wolf, Skye and Starr Walker. Guardians Starfire, Starsinger, Starlight, and Sailors StarDancer and StarDreamer respectively.”
“One’s missing,” Michiru observed.
“That would be Brett Lee, SunArrow,” Jen said. “He’s living with the Three Lights.”
“And your boyfriend,” Starr added innocently.
“Boyfriend?” Haruka raised an eyebrow, leaning forward. “You’re dating one of them?”
Jen made a face. “Seiya, and not by choice, either. It was a stupid bet and he won.”
“Well, that’s what Wolf predicted, and you know her. She’s almost always right,” Skye said.
Haruka leaned back against the couch. “Seiya, huh?”
“You don’t like him, do you?” Tyler said. It was more of a statement than a question. Haruka snorted. “I take that as a ‘yes’.”
“I take it you don’t know the whole story behind the Three Lights, do you?” Michiru asked, looking at all the Guardians.
“I do, but it would be best not to tell them about it at this point in time, Michiru.” Serena told her.
“That’s right.” Hotaru nodded. “Setsuna-mama said something about you knowing all of that on the way here.”
“Anyway, now you know who we are, and we know who you are.” Tyler said, walking into the kitchen and getting herself a glass of water. “Someone please explain why we need to know who they are and vice versa?”
Setsuna thought about it for a minute. “It’s always good to know who your allies are.”
Michiru nodded. “We know who the other senshi are, so we can let them know when something’s happening and they’re needed.”
Tyler rolled her eyes, walking back into the living room. “It would be a lot simpler just to tell us who they are, wouldn’t it?”
“Yes, it would,” Serena admitted. “But there are reasons why they’re identities are being kept secret. For now at least.”
Hotaru yawned, and then blushed. “Sorry.”
“It’s alright, Hotaru,” Michiru said, stifling a yawn of her own. “I’m tired, too.”
“We should be getting home now,” Haruka said, standing.
Serena stood and walked them to the door, thanking them for coming.
“Ok, that was pointless,” Tyler said, walking into the bedroom. The others followed.
Serena sighed, pulling back the covers on her bunk. “Maybe I’ll explain it to you someday.”
Tyler curled up under her quilt, Quicksilver curled up on the ratty brown blanket at the foot of Tyler’s cot. “Whatever Serena.”
“Good night!” Starr said sleepily from her bunk.

“I have disturbing news, my Queen,” Tyger said, appearing in front of the throne. “Starinfinity has been spotted.”
“WHAT??” An’ei screeched, standing up and moving towards Tyger.
“I saw her myself,” Tyger said, holding her ground. “I informed Diamond before coming to see you. He’s not worried. In fact, he’s quite confident that he can defeat her.”
“On her own, Starinfinity is nothing, but if she should contact the Guardians, or even one of the senshi…” An’ei trailed off. “Destroy her. Immediately!”
“I will obey.” She vanished.
Fuming, An’ei Souku returned to her throne. “Obsidian!” she roared.
“Yes, Great Lady?” he asked cautiously, appearing at a safe distance from the throne.
“Find the girl you thought would be Starfire and take her talisman. NOW!”
Obsidian blinked. “How?”
“I don’t care how! Take Quartzite, the triplets, I don’t care!” she materialized a vase and threw it at him. “Just do it and do it now!”
Obsidian dodged the vase. “Yes, Great Lady,” he said, then vanished.
“So, Starinfinity. You’ve come to help your students. Well, you won’t succeed. I will destroy you once and for all, immortal or not!”

 “You’ve awfully quiet today, Jen,” Seiya said as they sat down for lunch. “Is everything ok?”
“I just have this funny feeling, like something bad is going to happen,” she said, fumbling through her backpack. “There’s this fuzzy feeling in the back of my mind.”
Seiya looked puzzled. “You’re strange, Jen. But you’re right. Something does feel…off.”
“Off.” Serena nodded. “That’s a good way of putting it. By the way, has anyone seen Wolf lately?”
Brett cringed. “Unfortunately. She’s even jumpier than usual. Did she forget to brush her hair this morning?”
“She did,” Skye confirmed. “I tried to do it for her, but she wouldn’t sit still long enough.”
“I practically had to tie her to her desk just to get her to stay in class,” Jen added.
Just then, Tyler ran up to the group, completely out of breath. She jabbered something in a weird language. It wasn’t Japanese or English, or even human-sounding.
Serena looked at her, and then said something in the same language. Tyler’s expression became less frantic. “Sit down, Wolf. What’s wrong?”
Tyler looked around, seeing the senshi, then looked back at Serena. She burst into the gibberish language, her hands moving as she spoke. The senshi watched, puzzled; the exchange students pretty much ignored her. When Tyler had finished, she sat perfectly still, not making a sound.
“You’re absolutely positive?” Serena asked. Tyler nodded her head vigorously. “We already knew she was in town, but that little bit isn’t good.” She said quietly.
“She is?” Starr asked, her large green eyes lighting up.
“Don’t get too exited,” Jen warned. “We have no idea what’s going on. So much for premonitions.”
“What are you talking about?” Usagi asked, totally confused.
The exchange students paled as they remembered that they weren’t alone.
“Wolf saw my music teacher earlier,” Serena explained. “There’s something wrong and she needs to talk to me.”
Jen leaned and muttered something in English. [Nice save!] The others nodded their heads.
“Music teacher?” Makoto asked. “What do you play?”
“Flute. Ms. Connors’s main instrument is the cello, though.”
“Michiru plays the violin. You two should get together and play sometime.” Usagi said. “She’s really good.”
“Violin…” Tyler said trailing off. Her eyes went blank.

Shi’iilnyen sat at a piano, playing a piece of music. Andalrien had given it to her for her birthday that morning. Beside her stood Yu-chan, playing the same piece on the violin. Her long blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. Her eyes were half closed.
Jalon’g had borrowed her uncle’s upright bass and Wavesong had brought her flute out and both were playing a long with her and Andalrien. After a while, their mentor, Sholaya, brought in her cello.
They sat in that room all afternoon playing the piece, over and over. People in the palace came in and listened quietly to the five Guardians playing.


“Earth to Wolf. Come in Wolf!” Starr said in a false voice.
“Houston we have a problem!” Skye said, mimicking her younger sister.
Tyler blinked. “What are you two on about?”
“You were out of it for a while there, Wolf,” Makoto said. “The bell just went. Let’s get to back to class before Sensei gives us all detentions.”