Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Eternal
Act 08: Wavesong of Dragon Cove. The Singer of the Stars.

Serena sat down on a park bench, exhausted. There hadn’t been any club meetings after school that day, so they’d taken the opportunity to use that shopping spree they’d won at the talent contest. The outing had seemed like an endless parade of stores as the others bought one thing in and moved on to the next. Luckily, there was a music store and a bookstore, so she’d spent most of her time and her share of the prize in those stores. The twins had gone into the music store with her.

Brett had gone into a toy store, much to the surprise of the Three Lights, who’d gone on the shopping trip with them. He came out a few minutes later with a small teddy bear. He wouldn’t say who it was for, but it was clearly not for himself.

Wolf and Jen managed to separate themselves from the group not long before she’d gone into the music store, so she had no idea what they’d done during the trip. Jen also managed to loose Seiya, a fact that she was uncharacteristically proud of.

With a sigh, Serena set down one of her new books. It’s no use. I can’t concentrate. There’s something wrong, I can feel it. It’s almost as if the balance of power has shifted in the other direction. But how?

Across from her on another bench sat a woman with long green-black hair and a little girl with short black hair. She’s so cute! The woman looked up at Serena and smiled. She turned and said something to the little girl, then stood and walked towards Serena. She sat down on the bench beside her, silently.

Her aura is incredible!  Serena thought. Who are you? Where do I know that aura from?

The woman turned, smiling, her purple eyes shining. “Good afternoon. My name is Meiou Setsuna.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Serena Kyle. Is there something I can do for you?”

“You look familiar from somewhere. Where are you from?”

“Canada. I’ve lived there my whole life practically.”

Setsuna frowned. “I’ve never been there. It’s just that you look so familiar.” She was cut off by a high-pitched shriek. “Hotaru!”  Setsuna cried.

An unfamiliar figure had cornered the little girl Setsuna had been sitting beside. “Talisman Reveal!” she said, pointing at Hotaru’s forehead. A gray cloud appeared, revealing a purple paw-shaped jewel. The color faded and it became black. “Oh, well.” The woman said, turning so that Serena could see her face.

No! No, not, Andalrien! Without hesitation, she ducked behind a bush. “Water Cosmic Power, Make Up!”

“Serena? You’re on of them?” an amazed voice asked.

Startled. Starsinger turned. Standing beside her was a Sailorsenshi holding a large staff that looked like a key.

“How do you…Setsuna?” she exclaimed equally amazed.

“No time to talk. Let’s save Hotaru.”

“Of course. Aiellan Water Dragon!” Starsinger shouted as she came out from behind the bush. The attack hit the woman square in the chest.

“What the..? Who dares attack me? Show yourself!” the woman demanded imperiously.

“For the love of StarFreedom and the princess I serve, I will fight against all evils. I am Starsinger!”

“My guardian deity is planet floating in time and space, the senshi of revolution, Sailor Pluto!” Setsuna, Sailorpluto said walking out.

“I am Tyger, Lord Diamond’s right hand. Your powers are no match for mine. Windstorm Confusion!”

“Water Wall Surround!” Singer said raising her arms, blocking the attack.

A gray fog surrounded Hotaru. When it cleared, a cute little yahrai emerged. “Violet!” she giggled cutely. “Won’t you come out and play with me?”

Starsinger took a step back. This is beyond my power. I need help!

“Space Sword Blaster!”

“Submarine Reflection!” The two attacks hit Violet.

“My guardian deity is a planet far up in the sky, the senshi of sky, Sailoruranus!”

“My guardian deity is a planet with the sea of sand, the senshi of embrace, Sailorneptune.”

With Pluto, they said, “We three senshi of the outer system are summoned to protect this world from this new crisis. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!”

“Ai to seigi, seera fuku bishoujo senshi, Seeramuun. Tsukini Kawatte, OSHIOKYO!”

Starsinger turned. “You must be the one who called Starlight a sailor.” Sailormoon nodded.

The inner senshi all appeared around Sailormoon, joined by the outers and Starlights. Behind Singer, Fire, Light, Dancer, Dreamer, and Arrow appeared. Fire looked at Violet, who was just recovering from Uranus and Neptune’s attacks.

“You aren’t very nice,” she pouted. “Blade Throw!” tiny glaive-shaped blades flew at all the senshi.

Stardreamer threw herself in front of them. “Taleer Dream Shield!” The protective blue shield flew up in front of them.

“Eternal Fire Cleansing!” Starfire said pointing at Violet, who shrieked and returned to her true form, Tomoe Hotaru.

The senshi stared in shock. “So that’s how she did it the first time,” Sailorjupiter said staring.

The woman growled and disappeared. “Who was that anyway?” Starlight asked.

“Princess!” Starsinger said in an anguished voice. “Andalrien...”

Starlight collapsed to the ground, sobbing. “This isn’t happening,” she repeated over and over between sobs. The others looked ill as they bent to comfort their friend.

Starsinger turned to the sailor senshi. “Sailormoon. Your powers and those of your fellow senshi don’t stand a chance against the enemy as they are. You may have already noticed this. As they are, they just faze them slightly, when they were supposed to do extensive damage.”

“So what do you want to us to do?” Uranus demanded. “Quit?”

“Calm down, Haruka. I didn’t mean that.”

“How do you know her name?” Neptune asked.

“I know all of you now. I figured who Pluto was, and then it all just came together.” Starsinger turned to the Starlights. “As for you three, your secret will be kept until it becomes necessary to reveal who you are.”

“So, what would you have us do?” Mars asked.

You can’t do anything. I can.” Her companions stood; Starlight’s face was stained with tears. “Elements of Above and Below, I summon thee forth!” The sky began to darken and the moon shone brightly in its full phase.

“Element of Above, We summon Air on behalf of she who was thine Guardian.” The twins said together. They glowed a gold color.

“Element of Below, I summon Earth!” Starlight said, glowing silver.

“Element of Below. I summon Water!” Starsinger said, surrounded in her dark blue aura.

“Element of Below, Shaper of All, I call Fire!” Starfire said, glowing an angry red.

“Element of All and Nothing, Good and Evil, I speak for Spirit!” StarArrow glowed an odd black color.

Starsinger raised her hands. “Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Spirit. I summon the Circle!” All the stars in the sky flashed.

The senshi glowed in their auras, their zodiac symbols appearing on their foreheads.

“Zodiac Power Up!” the Guardians shouted as one, pointing at the senshi. There was a blinding flash of light, then everything was back top normal. The sky had lightened as if nothing had happened.

“Now what?” Venus asked. “I don’t feel any different.”

“Speak the words,” SunArrow encouraged. “Follow Sailormoon.”

“Follow Sailormoon?” StarMaker was puzzled. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hmm… Pluto Eternal, Make Up!” Pluto said, transforming into Eternalsailorpluto. The senshi stared.

“Mercury Eternal…”

“Mars Eternal…”

“Jupiter Eternal…”

“Venus Eternal…”

“Neptune Eternal…”

“Uranus Eternal…”


The senshi had now achieved their Eternal forms, except…

“What about Hotaru?” Mercury asked.

Starsinger hit her forehead. “I knew I forgot something.”

“Idiot,” Starlight said, walking towards little Hotaru, who stared wide-eyed at the senshi. The silver-haired Guardian crouched in front of her. “Earth Healing Light.” She whispered, touching a finger to Hotaru’s forehead, and then stepped back. A mist surrounded the two.

“What’s she doing?” Fighter muttered under her breath to Starfire.

Fire shrugged. “I think I know, but I’m not sure.”

When the mist cleared, Starlight stood beside a fully-grown SuperSailorsaturn, who held her Silence Glaive at her side. “Light of Laisheen, element of Below, I call Earth!” A violet glow surrounded Saturn. “Now try it.”

“Saturn Eternal, Make Up!” Super sailor Saturn became Eternalsailorsaturn.

“As for you three,” Arrow said, turning to the Starlights. “The twins have gifts for you.”

“I’ll go first,” StarDancer said, timidly walking towards StarMaker. “Taleer Make Up! Life Force Encircle!” A purple medallion appeared in StarMaker’s hands. “To use this, say ‘Life force Encircle’.”

“Thanks,” she said, staring at the medallion. There was a strange symbol engraved upon it.

“My turn. Taleer Dream Start!” Dancer said pointing at StarHealer. “Life Force Revive!” A green medallion similar to Maker’s, appeared in her hands. It was engraved with a slightly different symbol. “To use this, say ‘Life Force Revival’.”

“Arigato.” Healer stared at the medallion, turning it over in her hands.

“What about StarFighter?” Sailor Moon asked.

Arrow looked over his shoulder. “Starfire?”

“Whatever.” She walked towards StarFighter, muttering something under her breath. “Fire Eternal Power!” she whispered touching a finger to Fighter’s forehead. “Burning Star Shine!” A blue medallion appeared in Fighter’s hands. “You know the drill. Your transformations will stay the same.”

“Your old powers should work now, unless Singer royally messed up the spell,” Light said, receiving a dirty look from the other woman. “You also have new powers, which will be left up to you to discover.”

“Sailormoon,” Starfire said. “Your Tial has already been powered up, thanks to the Twins, but it has new words for you to discover. Farewell.”

The six senshi disappeared.

A week had passed since the senshi had received their power-ups and most had discovered their new powers. All had come up against Tyger again. They saw less and less of Obsidian, and each time, he looked reluctant to fight or do anything.

Jen and Seiya had gone out a few more casual dates. She hardly said anything to him, no more than a handful of words, refusing to look at him, or even to tell him what was wrong. Usagi had told him not to worry, that, if Jen wanted to, she’d tell him someday. Good old Odango. You can always count on her.

Today, Seiya had taken Jen to the same park he’d taken her on their first date. He brought her to the same spot as before.

They sat down on the bench on the hill overlooking the lake. The sun wasn’t setting this time; it was too early in the afternoon. They sat in silence, just watching the lake.

“He looked like you,” Jen said finally.

Startled, Seiya turned to look at her. “Beg your pardon?”

“I said he looked like you. My old boyfriend. You’re almost exactly like him. It’s as if you’re his clone.”

“Tell me about him,” he encouraged her in a soft voice. “I don’t mind if you cry. It’s alright Jen. I’m here.”

Jen turned and looked at the lake as Seiya moved closer and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “To start with, his name was Seikou. Physically, he looks a lot like you. I knew him my whole life. We all grew up together; him, Serena, Wolf, Brett, some others, and me. When we were old enough, we started going out. It all started as a joke, really. It wasn’t serious, but, somehow, it got that way after about two or three months. We were together for almost a year when it happened.”

The tears began to flow from her lifeless black eyes a she remembered events of her past. Seiya clutched his girlfriend to his chest, allowing her to cry freely. “What happened?” he asked quietly, stroking her long red-black hair. She’d worn it loose that day so it hung to her thighs.

“The accident. Stars, how clearly I remember. No matter how hard I try, I can’t forget. We were on our way home from a date. It was the weekend after my birthday, a Friday night. He’d just taken me out to the fanciest, most expensive restaurant on our side of town. For my birthday, he’d give me a ring. It’s the one I wear all the time, the one I toy with in class during Sensei’s boring lectures. It’s been on that finger since he put it there.

“There was a terrible accident. Something hit his car. I never did find out what it was, but he died saving my life. The doctors at the hospital told me that I was lucky to be alive, that I barely survived as it was. He was so badly disfigured from the accident that he didn’t live long. Seikou died in the hospital one week after the accident. The last thing he saw was my face.”

“Now I understand.”

“No, you don’t. You see, when I was five years old, my parents were murdered while I sat and watched on, helpless to do anything, my older twin brother, Jason, with me. He’s the only family I have left, and he was adopted soon after going to the orphanage. Now you see? Now do you understand? This is why I can’t look at you for very long.”

“Jen, hush. I understand. You’re in so much pain. You don’t deserve this pain, don’t deserve to have everything taken away from you like that. I just wish there was something I could do to take the pain away.”

“Thanks for listening, Kou.”

“You used my first name. No one’s ever used it before.”

“So?” she said, straightening up, looking at his face, but not his eyes.

“Thank you, Jennifer.” He kissed her.

It was the first time he’d kissed her on the lips. It felt like an electric current running from him into her, jolting her senses to full awareness. In those few seconds, Jen found out how much, exactly how much Seiya was like Seikou. Seiya must have felt the shock as well, judging from the look on his face when he pulled back.

The mystery surrounding you grows again, Jennifer. He thought to himself. Who are you? Why do you affect me this way?  Unknown to him, Jen was thinking the same thing.

For awhile, they sat in silence, Jen cradled against Seiya’s chest crying softly.

“I really should get home now,” she said quietly.

“Do you have to?”

Jen nodded. “Serena worries when I’m late getting home. More so now, after that accident a couple weeks ago.”

Reluctantly, Seiya walked her home, holding her hand the whole way.

 “Starinfinity? Is everything alright?” Zalandre asked, a puzzled expression on her face. They all leaned closer to Sailor Infinity. They could just barely see her shoulders shaking under the heavy, black cloak she always wore.

“She’s done it! Wavesong has done it!” A triumphant tone to her voice, the hood of her cloak masking her facial expression, as usual. “She and the others have summoned the elements and powered up the senshi. They actually stand a chance of defeating An’ei Souku now.”

“What about my daughter?” Kinyairi demanded.

“Oh, they can get her back, but not without some great price. Ironically, the name Souku gave her is Tyger.”

Yanehr laughed. The others, except StarInfinity, glared at him. “Sorry. That’s what I’ve called her for her entire life.”

“Now we all have to worry about is Jalon’g,” Nakerr said. “Her past is coming back with a vengeance and she needs somewhere to vent it. Unfortunately, there’s an innocent human caught up in it.”

“Seiya?” Infinity laughed, a bone-chilling sound that was rarely heard. “I won’t spoil the surprise, Nakerr, but he’s no innocent. Wavesong knows and I suspect that Shi’iilnyen will soon find out.” She laughed again. “If you will excuse me, I have work to do.” She disappeared.

“Now the real fight begins,” Yosayna murmured.