Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Eternal
Act 07: Tyger, Tyger; Interlude 3

Jen ran away from Seiya and his all-too familiar blue eyes as fast as the annoyingly clingy black dress would let her. She paused briefly to take her boots off in order to run faster. As she ran, it began to rain. It was a gentle sprinkle at first, and then harder and more furious. The rumble of thunder was heard in the distance then the flash of lightning lit the sky with an angry white light. As she ran, the lyrics to a song she’d written so long ago filed her mind and would not be shut out.

Too sunny out
There’s a storm inside
To dark to mask
To big to hide I wish it would rain
Go thundery and hazy
To bright and cheery outside
It’s driving me crazy That no one can see
How I feel in my heart
Please. Just sit and talk with me
That would be a start

Oh Rain
Come hide my tears
Oh Thunder
Come drown out my fears

Oh Rain
So warm and salty like my tears
Oh, please, let it rain.

I run and hide I can’t take this anymore
I enter my room
And collapse to the floor

The hole in my heart Is too big to repair
Alone, so all alone
I cry in despair

Oh, why can’t they see
What this has done to me?
Are they so blind,
That it hasn’t crossed their minds?

Something is wrong
I know I must be strong
But how?

Lift me up
I’m dying inside
These feelings of mine
I just can’t hide

Oh Rain
Come hide my tears
Oh Thunder
Come drown out my fears
Oh Rain
Now no one can see my tears
Thank you, Rain

Lost in thought, Jen crashed into a man, an unfamiliar face. “Ah, so sorry, I didn’t see you.”

“Evidently,” he said in a low voice. “Where were you off to in such a hurry? If you don’t mind my asking, that is. It’s not often that you see such a beautiful girl running around in the rain wearing a dress like that with boots in her hands.”

“Not at all. I was headed back to a restaurant to meet my ride home. I think I’m a little late getting back.”

“My name is An’unno Mayonaka, by the way. What’s yours?”

“Jen McCormick.”

Mayonaka removed his coat and handed it to her. “Your dress is soaked through. You must be freezing. Here, you can borrow this for a while.”

Touched by the kindness of an absolute stranger, she blushed. “Uh, thanks. I’ll return it as soon as I get back to the restaurant.”

“It’s no problem. I’ll walk back with you, if you don’t mind.”

Silently, the two strangers walked towards the restaurant where Jen and Seiya had eaten dinner. There was a crowd of people there now. The walked in to wait for Jen’s ride. Turning to Mayonaka, Jen handed him back his coat. “Thanks.”

“You’re quite welcome,” he replied, nodding his head. “It’s not every day a guy gets to help out a pretty girl.”

Jen squinted up at the strange boy, getting a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach as she looked at his expressionless black eyes. “Have we met before?” she asked. “I have this strange feeling that I’ve known you forever.”

“Me, too!” he said amazed. “But, believe me, I would definitely have remembered meeting a girl as beautiful as you, Jen-san.”

Jen blushed and looked out the window just in time to see Seiya walk through the door. He was dripping wet.

“You forgot your umbrella, Jen,” he said casually, eyeing Mayonaka suspiciously. “Who’re you?”

“Seiya, this is An’unno Mayonaka. He lent me his jacket for a while.”

“An’unno? Don’t you work at the Crown? You go to Michiru’s and Haruka’s school, too, right?”

Mayonaka snapped his fingers. “That’s why I recognize you! Yes that’s me. By the way, how is Kino?”

“Makoto? What happened to her?” Jen asked, startled. < p>

“She was attacked by a monster the day before you stopped coming to school and was saved by a new senshi called Starfire,” Seiya explained. “She’s fine.”

He nodded in well-disguised relief. That meddling Starfire! She’s always messing up my plans, even though the girl turned out to be useless, not having pure elemental talisman in her.  “That’s good. Tell her I said ‘hi’.”

“She’d like that,” Seiya agreed. “She seemed to be fond of you.” A car pulled up beside the restaurant. It was Taiki coming to pick them up. “Well, Jen, it looks like our ride is here.”

“I’ll be out in a minute, ok? Tell Taiki to wait a minute.”

I don’t want to leave her here alone with this creep! Then again, I don’t want to come across as the petty, jealous type. Out loud, he said, “Ok, but hurry.” He squeezed her hand, and then walked out to the car.

“It was nice meeting you, An’unno,” she said, shaking his hand.

The physical contact sent a jolt through him. He managed to keep the shock off his face as he smiled and nodded at Jen. “Likewise. I hope to see you again sometime.”

“I’d like that. Bye!”


Mayonaka watched as Jen climbed into the car, watched as the car drove away. He grinned. The girl’s shine was so bright, he’d have to be blind to mistake it for anything else. She’d almost blinded him in his human form, never mind how she would have shined had she been in her true form. He’d have to tell the Great Lady about her. Her, and the boy. Brother, I would recognize you anywhere, in any form. I thought Diamond killed you, but it’s plainly obvious that he was unsuccessful. This time, Seikou, you will die!

When Obsidian returned to the palace of the Great Lady, she was in audience with a man he’d only heard of. The man was taller than any of the other Generals, standing over 6’, with long white hair and golden eyes. He was dressed in a white uniform with a long cape, lined with red velvet that hung to the floor. Unlike the rest of the Queen’s minions, he stood before her, as an equal, rather than kneeling. For this man was her chief General, her most powerful warrior, the Legendary General Diamond.

“How goes your plan, Diamond?” the Great Lady purred, lounging in her high-backed throne.

“Preparations are complete, Majesty. Your new warrior is completely under my control, which puts her at your command, my queen.”

“Very good, Diamond. I’m pleased. What do you call this warrior?”

“Anything my queen desires. With her powers, we will defeat the senshi and gain the Talismans of the Guardians, their powers becoming yours.”

“You may proceed. Bring this warrior to me when next you come to visit. I will decide on her name then.”

“I have brought her with me, my queen. She awaits your command.”

An’ei laughed, gleefully. “Excellent! Summon all my minions so that we may welcome her and prepare for the defeat of Starfire and her meddling senshi friends.”

Diamond bowed, his golden eyes gleaming. “I will obey, Majesty,” he said then disappeared.

Obsidian took the opportunity to enter the throne room. “Greetings, Great Lady,” he said shyly.

“Yes, Obsidian. What is it? Have you found a talisman yet?”

“No, Great Lady, but I have news that will be to your liking.”

“What is it this time? Your repeated failed attempts at bringing me a Talisman are beginning to annoy me. This is your last chance, Obsidian. Make it good.”

Obsidian paled. The Great Lady’s threats weren’t to be taken lightly. “While I was down on the human world, I encountered a woman, who, by human standards, isn’t too remarkable. Her shine, though. Her shine is greater than any we’ve encountered so far. Her aura perfectly matches Starfire’s.”

“So why didn’t you confirm, see if she possessed a Talisman?” The Great Lady demanded. She stood and walked over to where Obsidian cowered and struck him, her claws extended, tearing his face open.

Obsidian screamed in agony as the Great Lady’s poisoned claws tore into his body, the poison burning through his blood. He felt like he was going to die. And yet, he didn’t. He lay on the white marble floor, writhing in agony long after the Grate Lady had finished. “I…w-won’t f-f-fail…you… again.” He managed to stammer out.

The Great Lady returned to the shadows of her throne and sat down, long black legs crossing. “You’d better not. Next time I won’t be so merciful.”


Obsidian was missing from the gathering of An’ei Souku’s minions, but those who were close enough to see the splotches of dark green on the floor understood why.

The Legendary General Diamond stood in the center of the throne room, facing the Queen. All that could be seen of the Dark Queen of the Dorensha Jelushadaar was the pair of slim black legs protruding from the shadows surrounding her throne, the very bottom of her dark purple gown and her glowing golden cat eyes. A paw appeared, its claws extended partway. They tapped the arm of the throne impatiently waiting for Diamond to begin. Finally, he turned to face the crowd.

Diamond raised his right arm. “We salute the Dark Queen in all her glory. May she reign eternally!”

“To the Dark Queen!” the crowd cheered, imitating Diamond’s gesture.

“Today we celebrate the beginning of the end of Starfire and the Elemental Guardians!” The crowd cheered again. “We have with us the one thing that will guarantee our Queen’s absolute victory.”

A woman materialized beside Diamond. The crowd became deathly silent. They all recognized the woman standing beside their Queen’s strongest General. But for a few changes, she still resembled whom she truly was, a powerful senshi from the kingdom of the planet Kinshei, a High Princess of the Auri'll'ye Hiilshadaar, loved by her people, feared by her enemies. Her long blond hair was done in twin rings on top of her head. Her normally wide and warmly happy blue eyes were now narrowed and cold. In place of her fuku was a gray uniform, trimmed in red. Some how, Diamond had managed to turn this powerful warrior against her friends and family. Now the crowd cheered.

“I greet thee, Queen of Darkness,” the young woman said, bowing slightly.

“You have done well, Diamond. I have a name for you. You are now Tyger, second in command of my forces under Diamond.”

Tyger bowed. “My queen is most generous.”


The four ‘Guardians’ met in the old Council chamber. There was a long table, on a rainbow colored carpet. Around the table were five high-backed chairs.

On each side were two chairs. In one, surrounded by red and gold leather was the ‘Guardian of Fire’, SunStar, Nakerr Firekeeper. Standing behind the other, a white and dark blue silk covered chair, was the ‘Guardian of Water’, SirenMoon, Yosayna Brightmoon.

On the other side of the table was a chair of silver velvet was the ‘Guardian of Earth’ StarHealer, Zalandre Kithkaret. Beside her was a brown stone chair. It was empty.

At the end of the long table was a high-backed chair made of silver Birchwood. In it sat the ‘Guardian of Air’, the Queen herself, StarShine, Kinyairi Eldrenaya Ladeth Taliniri Goldenstar. Beside her stood the usual occupant of the brown stone chair, her husband, Talenkith Goldenstar. Both were crying softly.

The two brothers, Yanehr Firekeeper and Kamneri Brightmoon entered and stood behind their wives. Both were silent.

At the opposite end of the table was an empty black leather chair surrounded by shadows and a cold aura. No one dared approach it. Kamneri eyed it warily. Its occupant rarely attended council, even when it was an emergency. Her small kingdom was far away and rarely bothered by attackers.

“Now, we all know why we’re here?” the Queen said, regaining her composure, sitting up in her throne-like chair. “My poor, poor baby. What’s going to happen to my little girl?” Talenkith put a hand on Kinyari’s shoulder.

“If the Guardians get to her in time, there shouldn’t be any lasting effects to her,” Zalandre spoke up from her chair.

“‘If’, you said.” Nakerr growled. “We have no idea what that… that… you know has done to the princess.”

“Diamond isn’t An’ei’s most feared minion for nothing, you know.” Kamneri shrugged. “I hate to say this, your majesty, but she has a point. My sister-by-marriage has hit the nail on the head, so to speak.” Yanehr nodded in agreement with his younger brother.

“We can always guess, but, in this situation, it’s best no to dwell on it,” Yosayna pointed out. “All it will do is make it worse, blow it out of proportion.”

“Wise words from SirenMoon are few and far between,” an unearthly voice said, a shadowy form appearing next to the black leather chair. “Did I miss anything?”

“Starinfinity!” Kinyari’ exclaimed. “Next time could you please announce your appearance before you give us all heart attacks? We aren’t all immortal, you know.”

“My apologies,” the cloaked figure said, sitting in the chair. “My lady sends her regards.”

“How did she make you haul your lazy tail over here?” Kamneri wondered.

“I came of my own free will. This whole thing is becoming rather… interesting. Now, what were you saying before I ‘hauled my lazy tail over here’?”

“The High Princess, is under Diamond’s control,” Zalandre explained. “We have no way of reaching her.” She paused. “The barrier is impenetrable! Yet, this is the second time you’ve broken through. How did you…?”

“My powers as a senshi are more powerful than you are aware. That’s all you need to know as we simply don’t have the time to go through it.” Starinfinity gritted her teeth under her hood. Diamond. This is the last straw. I swear, when this is over, I’ll kill you!