Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Eternal
Act 01: A New Beginning

As the school bell rang, signaling the beginning of the new school day, the students of Juuban High School’s class 2-C took seats at their desks. Some were more reluctant than others. Some made note of the four empty desks spaced around the classroom. It wasn’t a surprise, really; those students had left on an exchange program the day before and weren’t expected back for a couple months.

“Good morning class," Sensei said cheerfully. "As you’re well aware, some of our students have left us for a while as our school is participating in a student exchange with our sister school in Canada. Six of our students—including our class’s Umino Gurio, Osaka Naru, Yamada Tomoko, and Honda Keiko—have already left. The Canadian students have already arrived and are ready to start classes. Please make them feel welcome.” Turning to the four students lined up beside her, she gestured to the class. “Could you make your own introductions? Please give us your names and then tell us something about yourselves.”

The girl with the reddish black hair rolled her eyes but said nothing. She fidgeted with the cuffs on her long sleeves. When none of the girls said anything, the boy spoke up.

“My name is Brett Lee. There’s really not much to say about myself, really. I’m happy to be here. Umm, I like guitars.” He looked at the tall girl standing beside him. “You might as well go next. The others won’t.”

She nodded, one end of her long blue-black ponytail falling over her shoulder. “Serena Kyle. I like to read,” was all she said. She waved at the class shyly while brushing one hand down the skirt of her brand new school uniform.

The grey haired girl looked up at them. “Name’s Tyler. Call me Wolf. I like racing and animals.”

The girl with the reddish black hair didn’t look at the class at all. Instead, she studied the door, looking as if she would rather have been anywhere else but there. “I’m Jen McCormick. I like fencing, so don’t get any bright ideas.”

Sensei looked at her with a funny expression on her face. “There are some empty seats in the classroom. Take your pick. You’ll be sitting there for the rest of your time here.”

Brett sat in front of Ami. He had dark brown hair that was cut short and frosted green eyes that shone warmly. He looked very uncomfortable in the stiff, black school uniform. He was slightly shorter than Taiki but not by much. He smiled at Ami and introduced himself as he sat down, extending his hand. Ami shook it, smiling shyly.

Tyler, the grey hared girl, sat at a diagonal from Makoto. She was the shortest girl in the group. In addition to her grey hair, she had grey eyes. The long part of her hair was tied back in a messy ponytail and her bangs hung over in her eyes; she looked as if she’d just woken up and tied it back without bothering to brush it. She folded her arms across her chest and leaned back in the chair. She crossed her legs in a manner that made it seem as if she was more comfortable with wearing pants than skirts. It took her a moment to realize that the skirt had hiked so far up her leg. Grumbling under her breath, she yanked on the skirt’s hem so that it once again covered her extremely pale skin.

Serena’s dark blue eyes looked around at the class as she walked towards the empty desk beside Taiki. When she sat down, she pulled out a small binder and a pen from her school bag and started writing something in English on a clean sheet of paper. She bit her lip pensively as she wrote. After a little while, she paused to look expectantly up at Sensei.

The last girl, Jen sat beside Seiya, who watched her intently as she made her way there from the front of the classroom. Her long reddish-black hair hung down nearly to her waist and was tied back in a long braided tail. Her eyes appeared to be black; she looked around the room without interest. There was a strange ring on her ring finger. Its design looked floral but was of no recognizable species. Set into the center of the flower was a small, spherical red stone. Her school bag was in her lap and she browsed for something.

Sensei started the class as Jen pulled a white binder and a blue pen out of her bag and began taking notes. At least, that’s what it looked like she was doing. After awhile, she passed what she had written over to Serena, who nodded as she read it and passed a similar sheet of paper back over to Jen.

For some reason, Seiya kept looking over at the girl beside him. What is so special about her? he wondered. There’s a light to her that I’ve never seen before. She must have sensed him watching because she looked over at him and frowned, her eyes narrowing suspiciously. Seiya quickly turned away. If looks could kill…

When the bell rang for lunch, the four exchange students got up, grabbed their school bags, and left the classroom as one. They headed down the stairs and outside to an unoccupied spot against the wall that ran around the school.

Not long after they’d sat down, a pair of identical blue-hared girls joined them. They chattered excitedly in English to Brett, who smiled and laughed at their enthusiasm. The only difference between the two was in their accessories. They both wore their hair up in ponytails similar to Serena’s. One had a yellow elastic while the other had a pink one. The girl with the yellow elastic wore yellow star shaped earrings while her twin wore pink butterflies in her ears.

“Whoa, slow down, girls!” Serena said, grinning.

“You wouldn’t believe all the cool things they have here, Reenie,” the one with the stars said.

“Serena, Starr. My name is Serena,” she corrected smoothly. “Go on.”

The other one nodded. “Starr’s right. This school has all kinds of cool clubs to join, a band of musicians, great food…”

“Back up Skye,” Jen interrupted. “What did you say?”

“Great food?” Skye asked hopefully.

“Before that.”


Wolf choked on her chocolate pudding. “What?” she asked after she recovered.

“Musicians. Three of them. How many times do we need to repeat ourselves? They’re in your class, too, if you wanted to know,” Skye added.

“Don’t just stand there, you two. Give us the details,” Jen said, flipping her bangs out of her eyes.

“I’m told that they’re called the Three Lights, made up of Seiya Kou, Yaten Kou and Taiki Kou. That’s them over there.” Starr pointed to the Three Lights, Makoto, Usagi, Ami, and Minako who were eating their lunches under a tree nearby. Jen stared at the one with dark hair. “I like that one, too. He’s so cute! Jen? What’s with you, Jen? Why are you just staring?”

“Just thinking. About… you know.” That sobered the younger of the twins into an awkward silence.

“Anything else?” Tyler asked, her eagerness fake, but the twins were too happy to notice it. Tyler shredded the ham from her lunch into small pieces absent mindedly.

“Not much that I can think of that would be important,” Skye said, thinking. "But they’re apparently organizing a Talent Contest for next week.”

“Why would we find that at all interesting?” Jen asked, turning her attention back to her lunch.

The twins exchanged a glance and shrugged. After a moment of awkward silence, the topic moved on to all the great things that they were going to be doing in their class. While the twins talked away, the three older girls sat and ate their lunches, all lost in deep thought.

The room was almost pitch black—there were very few lights around it and they weren’t all that bright—and very cold. She liked it that way. The cold didn’t bother her the way it did with most people. In the near darkness all that the others in the room could see of her were her glowing eyes, her long black legs from the knees down, and parts of her long white dress. Occasionally, they could see a black clawed hand with its claws out, tapping impatiently on the arm of her high-backed throne. The throne itself was the only piece of furniture in the room. The others had to stand or kneel before her. She preferred it that way. A long, black velvet carpet led to her throne across a pristine white marble floor. No one dared to walk upon the carpet for fear of her wrath. Only the most trusted of her subjects were allowed to do so and at present there were none so favored currently in the room. The carpet cut a long path through the circular audience chamber; a few of her subjects stood on either side of it, awaiting her orders.

She leaned her head on one hand and looked around. Spotting the one she was looking for, she said, “Report, Quartzite!”

A woman with pale blue hair stepped out of the gathered crowd. Her hair was tied back with a gold ribbon and she was wearing a short sleeved blue crop top with a deep v-cut neckline that revealed part of her bust. It was edged in blue ribbon tied in a bow at the front. Her blue skirt was floor length and slit up to her hip to reveal her thigh high blue boots. She faced the throne and bowed. “My Queen, I have not yet located the warriors you seek. The search continues, though, as we have found some likely prospects.” The woman reported all of this without moving from her bowed posture. Her golden eyes were as cold as winter snow.

“Good. Continue your search and report back as soon as you have found something of worth.” The woman in the throne picked up a file and began to sharpen her claws. “Obsidian. Report!”

A tall man stepped out to stand beside Quartzite. Instead of simply bowing as Quartzite had done, he knelt humbly before his Queen. He had shoulder length black hair, wearing a pair of black pants, a long sleeved, high collared grey shirt with red trim, and a pair of grey boots that were also trimmed in red. “I have news that your majesty will find pleasing. A band of those pathetic sailor senshi protects this planet, but their powers are nothing compared to yours, great lady. Even with their combined powers, they don’t stand a chance at harming any of us. Although, great lady, I caution you. These senshi must not ally with the warriors we seek, or we might not succeed.”

“Might not succeed?” The Queen hissed in displeasure.

The dark haired man cowered before his Queen’s wrath. “It’s a very small chance, great lady. We all know just how these warriors feel about strangers.”

The Queen nodded. “You had better hope that this never happens. Panther. Cheetah. Lynx. Report!”

Three people—two men and one woman—appeared and, as one, dropped to their knees. They all had the appearance of the large cats they were named after. Cheetah had blond hair and wore a bikini top with a long loin cloth. Panther simply wore a pair of dark grey shorts. His short black hair was untidy as always. Lynx wore a short blue wrap around tunic with long sleeves. It was decorated with bits of red trim. His shoulder length hair matched his fur color and was fairly neat and tidy. “We have not located the talismans,” Panther said, his voice a low cattish mew.

“The search continues,” Cheetah added, her voice low and soft.

“The traitorous one hasn’t appeared yet, my lady,” Lynx said, his voice an irritated hiss.

“We won’t fail you, Great Queen,” they said as one.

“You’d better not. Dismissed.” The Queen’s minions bowed and disappeared. When they had all gone, she stood and walked to the center of her throne room. “You think you’re so clever, don’t you? Coming to this primitive town where you can easily be found. I will find you, Star Fire, and when I do, I’ll make you wish you’d surrendered the Star Ruby and your powers to me in the first place. They will be mine! So swears An’ei Souku, Queen of the Dorensha Jelushadaar!”

The sun was starting to sink beneath the horizon as some of the Queen’s followers made their way over the rooftops of the Juuban district in Tokyo, winding their way around, searching. Anyone looking up at the sky would see brief flashes, dark shadows flitting around. A normal person would attribute these flashes to a temporary hallucination, to just general tiredness, or even simple animal activity. One with the true starseed of a senshi, on the other hand, would know better, sensing the dark energy they gave off.

The shadows landed in a shadowed area near a park and looked around. One of them spotted a person sitting on the sidewalk painting pictures of the sunset and grinned. “Is he on your list Quartzite?”

“Yes. Let’s go.” The shadows leapt out to surround the unsuspecting teenager.

The Three Lights were heading home after school. They had all just gotten out of their clubs and were tired and hungry. Walking with them was Ami, who had also gotten out of her club. The four of them met up with Usagi and they were heading towards Rei’s for a study session. As they rounded a corner, Seiya heard a woman screaming for help. “That doesn’t sound good. Let’s go check it out. Fighter Star Power…”

“Healer Star Power…”

“Maker Star Power…”

“Mercury Crystal Power…”

“Moon Eternal…”


When the five sailor senshi got to the spot the scream had come from, they saw a young man being attacked by a trio of people that resembled large cats. Nearby, a screaming girl was being cornered by a black haired man and a blue haired woman. They ran up, Mercury and StarMaker headed for the girl and her attackers while the others headed for the trio of cats.

“Move away from that girl!” Sailormoon yelled at the boy’s attackers.

On of them turned, his features strongly resembling a lynx. “Well, well, well. What do we have here, Cheetah?” he said, licking his lips, long fangs showing.

“These must be those local senshi that Obsidian was talking about, Lynx,” Cheetah said, her voice a low growl.

“Let’s go have some fun with them,” the third, panther-like one agreed. The three cat-like things charged at Sailorstarfighter, Sailorstarhealer, and Sailormoon with their claws extended. The senshi assumed fight stances.

“I don’t think so. Star Serious Laser!” Sailorstarfighter yelled, ending her attack shooting towards the Triplets. Panther and Lynx dodged, but part of it hit Cheetah, singing her tail before heading towards the girl’s two attackers.

“You meddling little sailor senshi. You’ll pay for that!” Cheetah charged at Starfighter, raking at her with her claws. Fighter dodged, sending Cheetah crashing into a tree. Panther and Lynx snickered before rushing forward to try and take Sailorstarhealer and Sailormoon out.

“Star Sensitive Inferno!” Healer shouted, attacking Lynx, singeing his hands.

Panther stared as his brother got hit almost full on by Healer’s attack. He turned to look over to see how the other two were faring. Seeing that the other man and woman were presently occupied by Sailormercury and Sailorstarmaker, he snuck away towards the target. He grabbed the terrified boy by the throat and hissed, “Talisman Reveal!”

A pale blue wing shape emerged from deep within the boy’s body. It faded almost instantaneously to a dull grey color. Deep purple lighting flashed around the girl. Panther backed away as the lighting transformed the girl and her faded soul talisman into a monster. It looked around and ran away before Panther could instruct it to attack the senshi. He shrugged and charged at Fighter with his claws.

Meanwhile, the black-haired man and blue-hared woman dodged Sailorstarmaker’s attack, landing in the path of Mercury’s Aqua Rhapsody. The water stung on their skin and the woman screamed in pain. She staggered to her feet, glaring. “You’ll pay for that, you bitch! Ice Shards Strike!” The frigid attack flashed towards them. Mercury ran out of the way. Starmaker countered it with her Star Gentle Uterus, melting most of the ice. The woman was furious. “No! I’ll kill you with my bare hands if I have to.” She charged at them.

A scarlet colored leather boot kicked her out of the way. “So much for our vacation,” a woman’s voice said with more than a touch of sarcasm. The boot’s owner stood beside Sailorstarmaker, her arms folded across her chest.

The five enemies turned to look at the newcomer. “Starfire, how dare you interfere!” the black haired man hissed.

“Nice to see you, too, Obsidian,” she said batting her eyelashes, forming her scarlet painted lips into a mock pout. The newcomer was tall with red-orange hair that had silver streaks running through it. At the nape of her neck, her hair was wrapped in a short bronze ribbon. The tail ended at her knees. She had on one of the strangest outfits the sailor senshi had ever seen. Over her right shoulder she had a partial sailor collar that blended into her bodice at the bottom. The collar was dark orange and it bled into the dark orange striping on her bronze bodice. Instead of the traditional sailor skirt she wore a pair of black shorts that were v-cut at an angle with the bottom of the v coming down near her left hip. She had dark orange gloves on her arms that came up to her shoulders and were cut to show her long fingers with their scarlet fingernails. There was a scarlet flame-like pattern on the bottom of the glove. On her right leg she had a thigh high bronze sock that showed above her scarlet boots. Her left leg had no visible sock. Around her calves was a pair of silver bracers, each with a scarlet gem set in. The gem in the left bracer had a bronze symbol inside it. Her scarlet red eyes gazed at the enemies impassively.

“Hand it over Starfire,” the blue haired woman said. “Surrender now and our Great Queen might be merciful.”

“You see, Quartzite, the key word here is might. The day you get it is the day you pry it from her cold, dead hands. The same goes for me.” The new comer walked out of the tree line behind Sailormoon. Her voice had a growly, animalistic sound to it. She spat on the ground beside her, giving Quartzite a pointed look. Over her left shoulder was a light grey partial sailor collar that blended into her dark green bodice. Embedded in her bodice just beneath the partial collar was a curved bit of silver metal holding a leaf green gem with a curvy light grey symbol inside it. The dark green bodice was a wrap around with only one tank top like strap almost completely hidden under the collar. Her shorts were white and cut in a v-shaped hem that came to its point in the front. Tied around her right leg was a dark green scarf with edges that trailed to the top of her boots. The boots were divided into two colors: the tops were light grey and the bottoms were leaf green. Her left glove was leaf green and her right was light grey. There were two different colored curves on her shorts. The right pattern was leaf green while the left was light grey. Her hair was dark green with silver streaks running through it. Chunks of it fell into her face while the rest was bound with a loose white elastic. The bottom of the poofy ponytail fell to her knees. “I caught up with that yahrai. It didn’t get far.” She turned, looking at Sailormoon and the others, giving them a strange look.

“Please don’t spit, Starlight. It’s a disgusting habit,” a third new voice said, this one male. A boy walked towards them wearing a golden brown short with long flared sleeves, tan pants and black boots. There were tangerine colored decorations on his shoulders and a tangerine symbol on his chest. His shirt had gold borders on it. His short hair was gold and his eyes were light green. Behind him were two identical girls with pony tails. Despite their identical appearance, both wore outfits that were completely different and distinct and their colourings were different.

The first girl had a long silver pony tail with icy blue streaks running through it. Her sailor collar was icy blue and was normal in appearance, but it had no stripes and she had no broach or bow in the front. She did have a pair of long pink ribbons trailing from the back of her icy blue skirt, but that was it. Her pink gloves brought to mind those of Uranus and Neptune, but without the three bits of padding. The hem of her icy blue skirt had an inverse v cut in the front and was straight around in the back. Her bodice was light yellow with silver swirls embroidered on the front. It was sleeveless and you could barely make out skin between it and the top of her skirt when she moved a certain way. Her boots were light yellow with a pink edge at the top and they slashed downwards from the instep of her leg to the outside and they had a slight heel. Her eyes and lips were also icy blue. She giggled at the boy. “Telling her that is like talking to a wall, SunArrow, and you know it.”

Her twin had golden hair streaked through with light pink but was done up in a ponytail as well. Her outfit was similar to her sister’s, but with different boot and skirt styles. The collar was plain and light pink as were here eyes, lips, and skirt. There were golden embroidered swirls on the front of her sky blue bodice. Her gloves were also sky blue. Yellow ribbons trailed from her skirt and matched the yellow of her chunky knee high boots. Both sides of each boot had a scoop cut out. She stood close to the boy and her sister.

A fifth girl walked up behind Quartzite and Obsidian. The gold streaked ocean green hair above her dark cyan eyes and lips was startling given her pale skin. The princess lined khaki bodice clearly had no sleeves or straps and came to a slight point above her belly button. The collar she wore was over her right shoulder and had an ocean green base with a wavy dark blue pattern around the edges. Like the twins, she wore her hair up in a ponytail at the top of her head. It fell to her knees, so it would be much longer if unbound. Her gloves were dark blue with an ocean green pattern around the top. Her black shorts were a mirror image of the first woman, Starfire’s in that the v cut was at the other hip. There was a twist of gold metal at her right hip containing a dark cyan gem. There was an ocean green symbol inside it. Her boots were thigh high and divided into three sections. The longest was khaki colored and ran from a little beneath her shorts all the way down to form a triangular point by her ankles. There it changed to ocean green in color until it came to the dark cyan foot strap that connected to the dark cyan sole. After the foot strap the boot became khaki colored again. She appeared to be older than the others.

“I sent the boy on his way. Starlight healed him and ran here, leaving him a little confused. The girl went with him.”

“Alright then.” All six turned to the five attackers. “It’s your turn now,” Starfire said, pointing.

“Oh, yeah? Lynx Jungle Fever!”

“Taleer Dream Shield!” The twin with the golden hair said and the two attacks collided, resulting in a brilliant blue-white light.

“Nomaie Flaming Disk!” Starfire’s red power surrounded the five enemies in angry red flames.

“Double Snake Twist!” With Starlight’s added attack, the flames became a pair of writhing red and silver snakes.

“We’ll be back!” Quartzite said as they teleported away. The attacks of the newcomers passed through the space where the enemies had been and faded into nothingness a short distance away.

SunArrow shook his head. “Let’s go home.” As one the six turned and walked away, soon vanishing from sight.

The senshi stood and started at the spot where the new senshi had been standing.

Sailormoon scratched her head, looking very confused. “Who were they? Where are they from?”

“Whoever they are, they seem to have some kind of relationship with this new enemy,” Mercury commented.

“I wish they had stuck around to talk a bit,” Maker said and then shrugged.

“Whoever they are, I hope they’re on our side," Fighter said. The others agreed with her as they transformed back into their civilian clothes.

“Let’s get to Rei’s as quickly as we can,” Taiki said, hefting his school bag over his shoulder. “The others should know about this.”

“Just great,” Yaten moaned. “I was really looking forward to getting something to eat.”

“Oh, don’t worry; I’m sure Rei has some snacks we can much on,” Usagi said optimistically, leading the way.