OST 2: Infinity
Track 01: (OP) Yo ga akeru mae ni ~~~Download
The opening theme of both the first Fushigi Yuugi OAV series and BSSMI. The sentiments expressed in this song seem to me to suit the series better than a generic opening, like Moonlight Densetsu or the Sailor Stars Song. Donít get me wrong; I love both of those songs, but they donít seem to suit BSSMI as well as this one does. One day Iíll write an opening sequence for it.

Track 02: "Beautiful Goodbye" - Amanda Marshall

Track 03: Kiseki no Umi Ė Serena Image song
First off, it means ĎSea of Miraclesí, and, as water Guardian, itís a suiting title of a song for her. Itís sort of about rising above conflict, seeing beyond the scars and our fears. As her emotions control her power, she needs to rise above such things.

Track 04: 1/3 no ichi - Brett and Jason
This is the song that they sing at the Christmas concert with Jen on the guitar.

Track 05: "Rain" - Breaking Benajmin

Track 06: Wasurenaide Ė Tyler image song
One of Wolfís image songs. It wasnít until I read the translation to it one night. Oh wow! When I get far enough into BSSMMU, the continuation of BSSMI, I have to do something with Wolf that involves this song. If you havenít read it yet, go read the lyrics. Itís a moral requirement. If the lyrics donít do it for you, find the song. Itís well worth a listen. Even if you donít like Bubblegum Crisis. Iíve never seen it, personally. I heard it on my fiancťeís computer in his massive collection of mp3s. All I can say isÖWow!

Track 07: At the Beginning - Jen and Seiya
This is the song that Jen and Seiya sing at the Christmas concert.

Track 08: Ginga Ichi Mibun na Kataomoi - Seiya
This is Seiyaís Saior StarS single. He gives a copy of this song to Jen in Episode 10 to try and tell her how he felt about her.

Track 09: Scarlet Ė Jen image song
Jenís second image song. The lines in it that make it hers are: I used to believe without a doubt that I could reach my dreams, no matter how far off they were. But that me from long ago now sleeps inside my heart. Dreams are more fragile and fleeting than a glass rose, so then why are we destined to dream? Her confusion following Seikouís death and her refusal to believe in anything are shown in this song. Itís beautiful and sad.

Track 10: Nagareboshi e (Zodiac version)
Zodiac sings this at varying points in the series and in different ways. In BSSME, itís sung by just the group, but at the Christmas concert, they sing it with the Three Lights doing the background vocals.

Track 11: Be my only angel Ė Skye image song
Skye is always trying to make herself better, to reach her dreams. End of story.

Track 12: Mugen no Kaze Ė Shinami image song
Well, the title translation, Eternal Wind, helps explain why I chose it as one of Shinami's image songs as sheís the Air Guardian. Itís really hard to explain it. This is one that you have to read the lyrics in order to understand why its here.

Track 13: X
The battle music played at the end of the series. It had a strong influence on how I wrote it, so itís played at various points.

Track 14: (ED1) Forever Love ~~~Download
Iím not really sure how to explain this one yet.

Track 15: (ED2) Toki ni Ai wa Ė Last episode ending ~~~Download
Now this one. This on is the song where Utena and Anshii are dancing in the Utena Movie. For those who havenít seen it, thereís rose petals everywhere as they dance in the dueling arena above the ground. Thereís water leaking and it sends a rain of roses down to the ground. The imagery is just gorgeous. Iím still debating whether the imagery of Taiki and Shinami suits it best or if Seiya and Jen does. Red roses would lend best to the latter, but itís a tough call.