OST 1: Eternal

Track 01: (OP) Sailor Stars Song ~~~Download
As this series follows after Sailormoon Sailor StarS, it’s appropriate that I use the Sailor StarS Song as the opening.

Track 02: "Eternal" - Evanescence ~~~Download

Track 03: Gloria– Jen image song
*brr* Read the lyrics. I won’t try this one.

Track 04: Nagareboshi e
Everyone one is familiar with this Three Light’s tune and, as it appears in many different forms throughout the fic and its sequel, it should be here, ne?

Track 05: Yuzurenai Negai – Twins image song Being as young as they are, the twins are very hopeful and optimistic. Aim for the unstoppable future and embrace the unyielding wish. That about says it I think

Track 06: "Beauty of the Beast" - Nightwish

Track 07: Heart of Sword – Brett image song Again with the optimism thing. When I'm alone, tomorrow feels far away. And I must go over still into the darkness of dawn. He works better with others rather than alone.

Track 08: "Pins and Needles" - Billy Talent

Track 09: Mein Herz Brent – Joudo Tengoku
A curse will forever be placed on Neko-chan and Ami-chan (you know who you are!!) for addicting me to Rammstein in high school. It translates to ‘My Heart Breaks’. It talks about monsters and warning children of them. Sounds appropriate for the villains.

Track 10: Todokanu Omoi
I don’t recall exactly where in BSSME this song fits and I’m not really up for looking for it right now. Eventually I have to go back through the fic and do some things to it and will update this one when I do that. Until then, it’s the other Three Lights song that everyone knows from the series.

Track 11: Even Angels Fall – Serena image song
This is simply a play on Serena’s real name of Tenshi, meaning Angel. Even Angel’s Fall. I was in a whacky humor when I put this one in here. Could have been worse; it could have been ‘Centerfold’. *snickers* Yes, I would be that mean to one of my characters. I’ve done it before….

Track 12: C’est la vie – Tyler image song No lyrical comparison to the character, just in the melody. It has a bit of an Irish feel to it and I’ve always viewed Wolf as being a bit Irish.
*UPDATE!* - Correction. This is badly paraphrased but a line reads ‘I’m a wolf today, hey, hey, hey, I’ll huff, I’ll puff, I’ll blow you away’.

Track 13: Fly your sky – Starr image song
Starr. The eternal dreamer. Always wanting to fly.

Track 14: (ED) Motto suteki no asa ga kuru yo ~~~Download
I didn’t really feel like using Kaze mo, Sora mo kitto as the ending for this season of the fic, but, as I really liked this track, I thought I’d user it instead. It’s especially appropriate for the last episode.