For Lovers Only

Track 01: At the Beginning - Anastasia OST

Track 02: You are just my love - Sailormoon
Jen and Seiyaís song, edited from Usagi and Mamoruís song from, I believe, the first season of Sailormoon

Track 03: Foolish Games - Jewel (Batman and Robin OST)
I honestly have no idea why I chose this song to go in here. Itís a song about broken hearts and messed up relationships. None of the characters, mine anyways, are in the kind of relationship that the singer is in. I guess itís just a song I like. No other logical reason for it.

Track 04: Toki ni Ai wa - Utena Movie
Now this one. This on is the song where Utena and Anshii are dancing in the Utena Movie. For those who havenít seen it, thereís rose petals everywhere as they dance in the dueling arena above the ground. Thereís water leaking and it sends a rain of roses down to the ground. The imagery is just gorgeous. Iím still debating whether the imagery of Taiki and Haato suits it best or if Seiya and Jen does. Red roses would lend best to the latter, but itís a tough call.

Track 05: Aoi Hitomi - Escaflowne
One of Jenís image songs. Itís a Jen song by virtue of one thing: it talks about blue eyes. Seiya and Seikou both have blue eyes, so there you go. Itís as basic as that. Never mind that itís a great tune.

Track 06: Let me in - Save Ferris
When will this addiction to Save Ferris end! Again, itís here just because itís a nice song and I really like it.

Track 07: Wasurenaide - Bubblegun Crisis
One of Wolfís image songs. It wasnít until I read the translation to it one night. Oh wow! When I get far enough into BSSMMU, the continuation of BSSMI, I have to do something wih Wolf that involves this song. If you havenít read it yet, go read the lyrics. Itís a moral requirement. If the lyrics donít do it for you, find the song. Itís well worth a listen. Even if you donít like Bubblegum Crisis. Iíve never seen it, personally. I heard it on my fianceeís computer in his massive collection of mp3s. All I can say isÖWow!

Track 08: Dearest - BoA The third ending of Inu Yasha. Itís, well, itís lovely, just lovely. It talks about a relationship. When they met it was awkward, they went a long way and got hurt, went the long way, but got there in the end. It sums up just about all the Sailormoon romances Iíve ever read about.

Track 09: Kiss from a Rose - Seal
Ah this one. My most favorite love song from way back when. I first heard it on the radio when the movie Batman Forever came out. Iím positive that everyone has heard this at least once in their lives. Itís a sweet little song that I am compelled to add. Seiya, if you think about it, considers Jen to be a rose. I donít think I ever said that in the fic, but if you think of it that way, and think of this song as Seiya singing to Jen, then thatís why its here. Other than that, another wonderful song.

Track 10: Pure Snow - Himiko Den
One of Shinamiís image songs. The opening to Himiko-den, a series Iíd like to see more of. The lyrics donít really apply, but sheís an idol singer and sings things that donít always apply to her life.

Track 11: Yo ga akeru mae ni - Fushigi Yuugi
The opening theme of both the first Fushigi Yuugi OVA series and BSSMI. The sentiments expressed in this song seem to me to suit the seires better than a generic opening, like Moonlight Densetsu or the Sailor Stars Song. Donít get me wrong; I love both of thoise songs, but they donít seem to suit BSSMI as well as this one does. One day Iíll write an opening sequence for it.

Track 12: Never saw blue like that - Dawnson's Creek OST
This, in my opinion, is a song about seeing things differently, seeing something you see every day, like the color blue, in a completely different way. Instead of seeing it as blue, you see it as something else entirely. In context of the album its on, itís a song about how relationships make you see things from a different point of view. In context of the seires, itís a thank you from the Guardians and company out to the Sailor Senshi for helping them see things differently than they did before, for helping them through the fights.

Track 13: Mugen no Kaze - Ayashi no Ceres
Well, the title translation, Eternal Wind, helps explain why I chose it as one of Shinami's image songs as sheís the Air Guardian. Itís really hard to explain it. This is one that you have to read the lyrics in order to understand why its here.