Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon: Guardians - A brief history

I started writing the original version of this fic in high school before I'd even seen any of the Sailor Stars series. I was still very new to the fandom. That was in the first term of my grade ten year, roughly October of 1996, almost ten years ago. The original fic featured a senshi I'd named Sailor Justice and her grey cat Miocci. My good friend Nany lent me her Stars tapes to watch to help me write it and my other friend Ian (yes, a guy), read the first bit of it for me. He told me that my character was too much like myself (self insert=BAD!) and pointed out some other things as well, such as that Michiru would most likely be giving violin lessons instead of taking them and that proper Sailorsenshi have names that reflect spacial bodies or phenomena. That made sense, but it bothered me that in Stars we were introduced to characters like Sailoririonmouse, who were senshi, but didn't have the traditional name scheme. Then I realized that they aren't real senshi. Well, they clearly had a starseed at one point, but removing it corrupted them. I'm not getting into that too much here.

Anyways, from there, I learned enough to transform it into the earliest version of BSSM:E. So what happened to Sailor Justice? She became Guardian StarLove. Miocci is still Miocci, but has a smaller role. I loved the Starlight's fukus, soI based my designs off those. Lately, though, I've been getting into really different senshi designs and fine tuning my knowledge of the Sailormoon universe. With that came the urge to redesign my BSSM:G universe characters. Along with that comes a rewrite of the story to incorporate the new designs and update the story.

Notable changes thus far:
1. The characters are claiming to be from Canada instead of Los Angeles. Why? I was really insecure in myself when I first wrote it and made them American because that was cool. All otaku senshi were either American or Japanese. Nope! My characters are largely Canadian now with some Japanese and Greek thrown in for good measure. Not one is American. I'm proud of my heritage.

2. The appearance of the senshi changes completely when they're in their fukus. Why? Becasue I wanted to. I have a few senshi that have slight alterations to their appearance when they transform, but those are minor changes. After watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and seeing how they change the characters in and out of fuku, I've decided to do this as well.

3. Where did StarArrow go? He's still there,I just renamed him to SunArrow. If you've read the older version of the fic, the one presently up in its entirety on the site, you know why I did it. If you don't, go read it again. Trust me. My bandwidth can take it.

4. I don't mention all of the names right off the bat. Some come out in dialogue, some not at all. You don't need to know everything all at once. Spoils my fun.

5. More description. Way,way more description.

6. The newly designed fukus aren't all the same! They have similarities, but they're all unique. The reason for this will, of course,be explained later in the fic. For now, revel in the loveliness of the newness of the fukus.

7. Some of the Darkstar Kingdom names have been changed:
Darkstar Kingdom - Joudo Tengoku (Pure Land Kingdom of Heaven)
Kage Neko - An'ei Souku (Shadow cat paw)
Aoi Kori (Blue Ice)- Hyomu Moduku (thin ice deadly poison)
Kurio Mitsu (Nlack Night) - An'unno Mayonaka (Dark clouds of midnight)

8. Hero name changes:
Hino Kamen I and II - KnightLeo
Shizuka Nozomi (silent hope) - Anmin Kibou (Silent hope)
Shizuka Nozomu (silent wish) - Anmin Shibou (silent hope)
Hisei Kamen - KnightHisei
Hikari Haato - Hizashi Shinami (sunlight heart friend)
Ten Kingdoms - Juoukoku (Ten kingdom)
Silver Imperium - Kinhari Tendou (gold crystal paradise)
SailorInfinity - Guardian StarInfinity ~~~~~

I plan to have this all rewritten to commemorate the tenth year of this fanfiction and it's original novel counterpart (Stars of Destiny), which is only a few years old at this point.