Quotes from the Series

"Life’s going to real interesting really soon. So much for a social life!"
“Yeah right. You say that as if you had one in the first place!"
-Aino Minako and Yaten Kou, BSSME Act 02 “If one thinks about it, life is like a circus act, just no one realizes it. Take us, for example. We look normal enough, but these faces are just gaudy clown makeup, our physical bodies, oversized, ill fitting, and ridiculous-looking clown costumes. And who is the ringmaster, you may ask? That despicable black cat.
-Tyler Wolf, BSSME Act 02

“For truth and light, I am the senshi of the life source, StarLight. On behalf of the Earth Mother, I will defeat you!”
-Guardian StarLight, BSSME Act02

“I don’t trust them any further than Yumeko can throw them.”
-Jen McCormick, BSSME Act 02

”Tyler is so little, how could she possibly be dangerous?”
-Taiki Kou, BSSME Act 03

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
-Seiya to Jen, BSSME Act 03

Yaten: She’s cute. What’s her name?
Wolf: Quicksilver, and with good reason, too.
Yaten: Fast?
Wolf: Like you wouldn’t believe. And people say I’m fast! I can barely keep up with her. Then again, Quicksilver has four legs and I only have two, so I guess she’s allowed to be able to run faster than me.
Yaten (shaking his head): You’re so weird.
Wolf: You have no idea.
-Yaten and Wolf, BSSME Act 03

“Chocolate? Did somebody say the magic word?”
-Tyler Wolf, BSSME Act 03

“Appearances can be deceiving, and often are.”
-Brett Lee, BSSME Act 03

Seiya: Name a time and place.
Wolf: By the monkey bars at noon.
-Wolf’s reply to Seiya in Act Episode 04

“You’re so vain! It’s a wonder An'ei-sama hasn’t tired of you yet”
-Quartzite to Obsidian, Act Episode 04 Obsidian: What’s with the outfit? Halloween’s come early this year?
Quartzite: Studying human customs and sarcasm, I see.
Obsidian: It’s required for this mission.
-Obsidian and Quartzite, Act Episode 04

“Elements above and below. I summon FIRE!”
-Guardian StarFire, Act Episode 04

Seiya: And I thought she was beautiful when she was awake! She looks like an angel.
Brett: You’d never know she was such a terror when she was awake.
-Seiya and Brett(talking about Jen), BSSME Act 05

“A shower sounds good after two days of being in the same clothes and sweating like a horse.”
-Jen McCormick, BSSME Act 05

“Move them or loose them, ecchi.”
-Jen talking to Seiya, Act Episode 05

“For the love of StarFreedom, pick on someone your own size, you big bullies.”
Sailorstardreamer, Act Episode 05

“Who’re you calling half-sized!”
-Sailorstardreamer, Act Episode 05

Wolf: I smell bacon.
Jen: I’ll take ‘Duh’ for two hundred.
-Wolf and Jen at breakfast time, Act Episode 05

Wolf: Anyway, we’ve got to head off for school or we’ll be late.
Jen: Somebody grab a thermometer! She must be running a fever.
-Wolf and Jen heading for school, Act Episode 05

“He’s absolutely gorgeous, Jen. If you don’t want him, I’ll gladly take him off your hands.”
“Paws off, mutt”
-Jen to Wolf (talking about Seiya), BSSME Act 06

Taiki: I’ve already dropped Seiya off. It took him roughly 5 minutes to shower and change.” He said, starting the car, laughing at the memory. “I think he’s nervous.
Jen (rolling her eyes: Imagine that. Big, famous teen idol being nervous about taking me out on a date. From what I’ve heard, and seen, he’s not the shy type.
Taiki: He’s not. He’s just a little on the nervous side. He has trouble with pretty girls.
Jen: If it makes him feel better, I’m not that fond of guys myself.
Taiki (lifting an eyebrow and laughing): You’re so weird.
Jen: That’s what people tell me. You know, if I had a yen for every time someone’s told me that, I’d be rich.
-Taiki and Jen before the date, Act Episode 06

“Yaten? The short, weak one who likes Wolf’s pet wolf?”
-Jen McCormick, BSSME Act 06

Seiya: You’re funny.
Jen: And you’re funny looking.
-Jen and Seiya, BSSME Act 06

“For the love of StarFreedom and the princess I serve, I will fight against all evils. I am StarSinger.”
-Guardian StarSinger, BSSME Act 08

“I am Tyger, Lord Diamond’s right hand. Your powers are no match for mine. Windstorm Confusion!”
-Tyger, BSSME Act 08

“I can’t say as I blame Himitsu for wearing that hooded cloak all the time. I mean, if my face looked like yours, I’d hide it, too.”
-Wolf to Serena, BSSME Act 09

“You mean... Haruka turns into a woman? Ewww!”
-Skye Walker, BSSME Act 09

“For the love of StarFreedom, I am the senshi of the cleansing fire. On behalf of the Fire brother and the princess I swore to protect, I will vanquish you!”
-Guardian StarFire, BSSME Act 10

“My name is Tyger. How many times do I have to tell you miserable Guardians my name?”
-Tyger, BSSME Act 09

"Atashino senshi no jin to shi, shi to saiumare, Gaajiansutaaiinfinichi. Mugendaiboshi kawatte, oshiokyo!”(I am the soldier of life and death, death and rebirth, Guardian Starinfinity. In the name of Star infinity I will punish you!)
-Guardian StarInfinity, BSSME Act 09

“Oh, bite me!”
-Guardian StarFire, BSSME Act 09

Venus: Music’s going to show its face.
Artemis: That’s ‘it’s time to face the music’, Venus.
-Venus and Artemis, BSSME Act 09