Status: Over!

Here's the deal. My fanfic, my first ever fanfic, will be celebrating it's tenth birthday on October 13, so I thought I'd hold a birthday party. You know, with streamers, cake, and party favors. Of course, a contest as well.

Draw/edit/doll/whatever a picture of one of the SM: G characters (doesn't matter which one) doing something...festive or birthday like. For bonus points, you can do a group image. If you want to, add one or more of your characters into the image for fun. They don't encessarily have to be in senshi form either. Civillian forms work just as well.

Contest deadline
All entries must be submitted by October 12 and will be judged the next day, October 13. Prize winners will be announced when I'm done judging the entries.

1st Prize: Two fully CGed (or edited) images of your character (with background) or two doll set cards of the characters of your choice CG sample Edit sample Card set
2nd prize: One CGed (or edited) image with backgroun or a doll set card of the character of your choice
3rd prize: one doll of the character of your choice
Honorable mention: sprite sheet Sample
People's choice: senshi card
Participation: sprite of the character of your choice Sample

1st: Seiko
2nd: Ayashi
3rd: Akasailorsea
Honorable Mention: Rebirthofmothra
People's Choice: Ayashi

There were only four entries, so everyone got a prize. Thank you all for participating!