In celebration of the story's 15th anniversary, I've completed the rewrite of BSSM: E.

~Act 01~ A New Beginning.
~Act 02~ Shi'iilnyen Wildrunner. Secret of the Star's Light.
~Act 03~ A day in the park; Interlude 1
~Act 04~ Neilara. Shailara. Dralden. The Dancer, the Dreamer, and the Arrow that points their way.
~Act 05~ Jalon'g ii Kantahar. Fury of the Star's Fire
~Act 06~ The talent contest; Interlude 2
~Act 07~ Tyger, Tyger; Interlude 3
~Act 08~ Wavesong of Dragon Cove. The Singer of the Stars.
~Act 09~ The Outer Senshi Revealed
~Act 10~ Final Battle