Name: Brett Lee
Meaning: A native of Brittany; Glade, poet, plum
Prince: Prince Kane Ozhishi of Morisei
Crystal: none
Origin: N/A
Gender: male
Age: 17
Birthday: August 30, a Leo (which is really quite true, actually even though his home world doesn’t follow the Earth calendar)
Blood Type: B
Tendencies: leans a little towards the paranoid and can be overly protective of his two charges.
Appearance : Brett has short brown hair and brown eyes. He has a fairly muscular build and is very tall, standing at 6’1’’. He likes to wear plaid shirts and brown corduroy pants. Generally speaking, he has a very gentle face and is easy to talk to, but when he remembers the past, he looks very moody and pained.
Personality: He’s very easy going with a good head on his shoulders. He’s very responsible and a good leader.
Talents: poetry, guitars, cooking
Fears: making a mistake (he’s directly responsible for the twins and any mistake he makes could hurt them or put them in danger)
Dislikes red, yellow, pink (red looks bad on him and he sees so much pink and yellow in dealing with the twins that he’s learned to dislike them)
Likes/Hobbies racing, animals
Favorite Food: tacos, pizza (simple, easy foods that you can eat while doing other things)
Least Favorite Food: rice, soup (rice is boring and tasteless and soup is something you only eat when you’re sick, so eating it while healthy reminds you of being sick)
Favorite School Subject: cooking (food interests him and he likes to eat, so why not learn how to cook?)
Least Favorite Subject: history (while he’s really big into the history of his own people and planet, Earth’s history is long, complicated, and downright depressing)
Favorite Gemstone: opal
Favorite Color: Plaids, brown, green
Favorite Flower: Dogwood (love undiminished by adversity) and Forget-Me-Not (true love, memories)
Least Favorite Flower Peach Blossom (I am your captive)
Strengths: he’s a born leader
Weakness: directions, navigating
Family: Kane Neko/SunStar – mother
Kinzoku Hoshiyo/SirenMoon – Aunt by marriage
Kinzoku Kane Tora/KnightJinsei– Uncle
Kane Yuyake Kaminari/KnightLeo– father

History: SunArrow’s purpose in being with the Guardians is to help the twins complete their training as senshi and aid the Guardians in anyway possible. He is also known as KnightLeo the second. His father was the first KnightLeo. His original last name was Kane, not Kajino. He took the name Kajino after his best friend, Kajino Ryuu, Sailorsagittarius, fell in the war. Her body was never found, so she was presumed dead.
House/Kingdom: House of Morisei

Senshi Name:SunArrow
Senshi Title: Senshi of the Blinding Sun
Origin of Power/Influence: fire with powers coming from heat and light
Introduction Speech: In the name of Leo’s fire, I will right the wrongs you have committed, for I am SunArrow!
Planet: Jinsei
Aura Color: tangerine
Uniform Colors: tangerine, black, tan, golden brown, yellow
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive with aggressive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Phase: Leo Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: He’s simply wrapped in a tangerine light and his uniform appears.
Fuku Design: He wears a golden brown shirt with tangerine decorations on the chest and shoulders. The cuffs and shirt lining are yellow. His hair turns a light golden brown color and his eyes become a solid light green. His pants are tan and his knee high boots are black.
Senshi Weakness: He’s very good at hand to hand fighting and good at keeping an eye on the Twins
Senshi Strengths: He gets impatient trying to get the twins to figure things out
Weapons: none

Name of Power: Sun Beam
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Blinds the enemy
Affected Area: anyone in front of him
Name of Power: Leo Fire Burn
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Sends a beam of fire shaped like a charging lion at the enemy.
Affected Area: one target

Prince Name: Kane/Kajino Ozhishi
Name Meaning: Golden/Flame of Lion
Crystal/Weapon: Hisuizuishou (Leo crystal)
Powers: nothing new
Personality: no change