Name: Serena Kyle
Pronunciation: seh REE nah kile
Meaning: serene, calm; straight, narrow
Princess/Prince: Princess of Umisei
Crystal: Water Talisman
Origin: water element
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: March 4, a Pisces
Blood Type: O-
Tendencies: She’s always calm
Appearance: Serena has knee length blue-black hair and deep blue eyes. Her eyes always have a sad look to them, making people believe that she is always on the verge of crying. Despite this, she’s a very cheerful person, even though she hides he deeper emotions from others. Typically, she wears a pair of black cut-off shorts, a white tank top, and high top runners. Her nails are painted a dark blue with silver sparkles. Physically, Serena is 5’11’’ and weighs a meager 148 lbs. She’s elegantly slender without any noticeable muscle on her. She’s more power oriented as a senshi, so she feels no need to bulk up the way Jen and Wolf do.
Personality: Always calm and peaceful, serene, which is how she got her Earth name. She is the eldest of the group, and the most magically powerful, even though she can’t heal a monster. Despite being calm on the outside, due to the fickle nature of water, it’s a struggle for her to keep her emotions under control. Bad things happen when she looses control, things like flash floods and other water related disasters directly proportional to the mount of control she’s lost.
Education: Fully trained as a senshi and princess. Presently attending high school and doing alright at it. While she knows that she doesn’t need to succeed in school, she finds most her classes interesting and a future queen can never have too much knowledge.
Relation to other Characters: She gests along reasonably well with everyone. Jen is her best friend. She’s also distantly related to Haato.
Talents: swimming, singing, bass playing
Fears fire, flying
Dislikes tone deaf people who try to sing, neon colors (they hurt her eyes)
Likes/Hobbies swimming, music, reading
Favorite Food: none (She doesn’t like one thing above all other foods, so she’s not picky about what she eats and can’t be pulled by one particular food or drink on a regular basis.)
Least Favorite Food: sandwiches (they’re boring)
Favorite School Subject: music (she’s a very musical person)
Least Favorite Subject: gym (she’s not fond of mandatory physical activity being something of a weakling in physical matters)
Favorite Gemstone: sapphire
Favorite Color: shades of blue (calming and soothing, reminds her of water)
Favorite Flower: blue rose because their rare and not something you see every day
Least Favorite Flower daisy (Innocence, Loyal love, I'll never tell, Purity ) She dislikes them because they’re plain, cutesy, and common.
Strengths: Maintaining disguises
Weakness: showing emotion
Habits: Because she’s so used to repressing her emotion, it’s hard for her to show them when she needs to
Family: She’s an only child. Her father died when she was young, so it’s just her and her mother Namida Taikai now.
History: Along with two of her fellow Guardians, she went to Earth after An’ei Souku attacked their home system, nearly making their planets uninhabitable. They followed her to take revenge for what they’d done to their system and to try and find a way to save the fourth Guardian. The other two have additional, personal motives, but StarSinger just wants to get the fourth Guardian back and restore their homes to the way they were or as close to that state as is possible. Of them all, she has the most interest in being on Earth simply for the journey’s sake, but she has no interest in staying longer than is necessary.
House/Kingdom House of Umisei

Senshi Name:Guardian StarSinger
Senshi Title:Senshi of the Flowing Waters
Origin of Power/Influence: Water
Introduction Speech: For the joy of song, I am the senshi of music, Guardian StarSinger. On behalf of the Water Sister, I will chastise you!
Planet: Umisei
Aura Color: dark cyan
Main Colors: dark cyan, khaki, dark blue, and ocean green
Secondary Colors: black, gold
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive with offensive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Phrase: Water Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Henshin Sequence: Pending Revision
Fuku Design: Her hair turns ocean green with gold streaks in it and her eyes are now a solid dark cyan. Her lipstick is also dark cyan. Her partial sailor collar sits on her right shoulder and is ocean green with dark blue waves around the edges. It fades into her khaki bodice, which is princess-style and goes down to just above her hips. Her gloves are the reverse of her collar: dark blue with ocean green waves at the tops. Her gloves are like a sleeve that doesn’t attach to the main part of her uniform and go from just beneath her shoulders down to her fingers.
Her shorts are black and v cut with the low point being near her right hip. On her left hip is a golden metal holder containing a dark cyan gem. Her boots start a few inches beneath the bottom of the shorts. At her ankles, the color changes to ocean green for a bit before it meets with the dark cyan foot strap. After that, it’s khaki again and the soles are dark cyan.
Senshi Weakness: She can’t heal monsters, sometimes doesn’t see things the way the others do
Senshi Strengths: has more elemental control than the other three, has a lot more experience at being a senshi
Weapons: none

Name of Power:Pisces Water Dragon
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Sends a dragon shaped stream of water to weaken the enemy.
Affected Area: multiple targets in a 10 foot cone from her position
Name of Power:Water Wall Surround
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Creates a protective barrier of water
Affected Area: 15 foot radius
Name of Power:Water Rise
Power Type: Depends on what she does with it
Description: Grants her temporary control over the water element. Very tiring.
Affected Area: multiple targets in a 20 foot radius

Princess/Prince Name: Namida Tenshi
Name Meaning: Tears of the Angel
Crystal/Weapon: Shianzuishou (cyan crystal)
Powers: none
Personality: no change