Name: Hizashi Shinami
Pronunciation: he-zah-she sheen-ah-me
Meaning: Sunlight Heart Friend
Princess: Princess Kiyoshi Yumeko
Crystal: Air Talisman
Origin: air element
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: October 15, a Libra
Blood Type: B
Tendencies: Tends to be kind of gullible and overly innocent
Appearance : Shinami, despite appearing to be Japanese in skin tone and physical build, is blond with blue eyes. Her hair is worn in varying styles, but it’s usually loose. She’s a very trendy dresser. She has to be as it’s part of her job. She’s 5’6’’ and weighs in at around 130 lbs. This weight fluctuates depending on her work schedule. She’s generally very cute in appearance.
As Tyger, her long blond hair was done in twin rings on top of her head. Her normally wide and warmly happy blue eyes were narrowed and cold. In place of her Guardian fuku she wore a gray uniform, trimmed in red.
Personality: Sweet and nearly always happy, liked by everyone. She’s the youngest of the four Guardians. She doesn’t have the experience that the others do and as such is more vulnerable to outside influence. She’s also kind of gullible.
Education: Trained to take over when her mother dies. On Earth, she’s attending high school. In the brief time where she had no knowledge of being a senshi, she did quite well in school and saw no reason to stop doing so after she learned the truth about her life.
Relation to other Characters: Gets along with everyone
Talents: singing, acting
Fears darkness (she’s secretly afraid of it), cold (has a low tolerance for it), being underground (it’s dark and cold)
Dislikes brown (plain), orange (too bright and hurts her to look at it), violence (she’s very gentle)
Likes/Hobbies writing poetry, volleyball, fencing (she idolizes Kasei/Jen and she fences), and music
Favorite Food: strawberries (sweet)
Least Favorite Food: eggs (slimy) and sushi (overrated and the texture of raw fish isn’t appealing to her)
Favorite School Subject:art (she has no talent for art, but she likes to play with the art supplies)
Least Favorite Subject: science (seeing as how science is a foreign concept to her home world, which relies on magic, she can’t warp her mind around it)
Favorite Gemstone: tiger’s eye (she likes how it looks)
Favorite Color: blue, grey, yellow
Favorite Flower: Tiger Lily (Wealth, Pride) – they have a pleasant smell
Least Favorite Flower apple blossoms (actually, she’s not really sure why she doesn’t like them, but they just don’t appeal to her at all)
Strengths: Shinami is very optimistic
Weakness: She doesn’t like fighting or any kind of violence and the sight of blood makes her stomach churn
Habits: nothing out of the ordinary, though she does chew her lip when she’s concentrating really hard.
Family: Kiyoshi Kinyuri – mother
Shinkan Kiyoshi Koukuou – father
History: Shinami is the recently discovered final Guardian, StarLove. She is also the Heir to the High Queen and supreme ruler of the star system they come from.
Shinami herself is an idol, much like the Three Lights, except she’s more an actress than anything else. She is very good friends with Taiki and has worked with Yaten on movies. She’s very gentle and cheerful, a lot like Minako and Usagi. She’s best friends with Hotaru.
She is the High Princess of the Juoukoku of the Kinhari Tendou, loved by her people, feared by her enemies. For all her friends know, she went missing in the war against the Joudo Tengoku. In reality, she was badly injured in the fight against An’ei Souku and fell into a coma and was kept in that state by Diamond, An’ei Souku’s most powerful warrior. When she came out of it she was completely under his control and going by the name Tyger.
House/Kingdom: House Kiyoshi of Kinsei

Senshi Name:Guardian StarLove
Senshi Title: Senshi of the Divine Air
Origin of Power/Influence: Air with powers coming from justice
Introduction Speech: “Ai to seigi no bishoujo senshi, gaadian sutaaraabu! Kinzuishou to mugendai kawatte, Oshiokyo!” (For love and justice, I am the pretty soldier Guardian StarLove! In the name of the golden crystal and Infinity, I will punish you!)
Planet: Kinsei
Aura Color: light teal
Main Colors: light teal, tan, pale blue
Secondary Colors: white, gold
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive with destructive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Phrase: Air Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: Pending revision
Fuku Design: As StarLove, her hair changes color from blond to blue with gold streaks through it and her eyes become a solid light teal color. She also has light teal lipstick. She wears a top that only has one cap sleeve over her right shoulder. The top itself is light blue. Over the top is a partial sailor collar that is light blue edged in tan. The collar wraps from her left shoulder, over her right breast and around her back. The collar extends in the back in a cape-like manner to her mid back. Most of her midriff is exposed between the bottom of her top and the top of her white shorts, which peak upwards to her belly button. They’re short length wise. On her left leg is a tan band around her thigh just beneath the hem of the shorts. Just above her knees is where her boots start. They start off a light teal color, but the high heeled part that covers her feet is tan in color. Her arms are covered in a pair of pseudo-gloves from just beneath her shoulders down to cover her fingers. In design, they’re really more like sleeves as there are no separate holes for her fingers to go through. They’re tan in color. Over the backs of both her hands is a twisted piece of gold metal containing a light teal gem.
Senshi Weakness: doesn’t like to fight
Senshi Strengths: courageous, helpful
Weapons: Justice Blade

Name of Power: Air Whip
Power Type: Offensive
Description: A whip like blast of wind hits the enemy. Can be used to grab.
Affected Area:one target
Name of Power:Justice Chain Surround!
Power Type: Offensive
Description: A chain formed of heart-surrounded Libra-symbols surrounds the enemy and shocks them.
Affected Area:one target
Name of Power:Libra Truth Reflection
Power Type: Supportive
Description: the jewel of her sword, she can tell the truth about an enemy
Affected Area:one target
Name of Power: Justice Truth Attack
Power Type: Destructive
Description: Using her sword, she emits a beam that completely destroys an enemy
Affected Area:one target

Princess Name: Kiyoshi Yumeko
Name Meaning: Silent Dreamchild
Crystal/Weapon: Kinzuishou (Golden Crystal)
Powers: none
Personality: no change