Name: Tyler Wolf
Pronunciation: tie-ler wulf
Meaning: tile maker wolf
Princess/Prince: Princess Utano Okami of Morisei
Crystal: Earth Talisman
Origin: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: September 13, a Virgo
Blood Type: B
Tendencies: Gruff with a dark sense of humor
Appearance : Tyler is a silver-hared girl. She is very short at only 5’4’’. In addition to her silver hair, she also had silver eyes that shine in the light. Her hair is always in a messy ponytail and her bangs hang over in her eyes. She wears baggy blue jeans, her favorite shirt is a black t-shirt with a howling wolf on it. She’s generally seen with a sweatshirt tied around her tiny waist.
Personality: Very sarcastic and anti-social. Tyler has a very warped and dark sense of humor. She hates being on Earth and would do pretty much anything to go home again. She tends to be an extremist in things and has a flair for being dramatic.
Education: Trained to take over when her mother dies. On Earth, she’s attending High school, but not doing too well in her classes. She fails to see the point in trying as she won’t be there long anyways. If she put even the slightest bit of effort into it, she’d have extremely good grades as she’s really very smart, nearly as intelligent as Ami and Taiki, but she refuses to even try.
Relation to other Characters: The four Guardians get along pretty well, though Tyler tends to distance herself from the group fairly often, preferring to do her own thing. Haato is, however, her closest friend.
Talents: track and field, piano
Fears flying, snakes (their eyes creep her out), guns (stupid weapons that people obsess over and make loud noises when fired)
Dislikes red, yellow, pink
Likes/Hobbies racing, animals
Favorite Food: chips and salsa (spicy!)
Least Favorite Food: hamburgers and hotdogs (hamburgers are too greasy for her and hot dogs make her sick)
Favorite School Subject: gym ( she likes being physically active)
Least Favorite Subject: literature (Earth literature is very dull to her and unexciting)
Favorite Gemstone: opal
Favorite Color: pale blue, grey, silver
Favorite Flower: white rose (Innocence, Secrecy, Purity, I am worthy of you, You're heavenly, Silence)
Least Favorite Flower magnolia (Love of nature, Nobility) because she hates it’s color and smell
Strengths: very fast and strong
Weakness: doesn’t know her limits as far as her strength goes. Her eating habits are questionable
Family: Utano Mori – mother
Mokuzai Utano Keikoku – father
Utano Ryoushi – younger twin brother
History: Even less is known about Wolf than about the other three. Her people are very isolationist, so the only reasons they know her at all is in their common bond of Heir and Senshi. Along with two of her fellow Guardians, she went to Earth after An’ei Souku attacked their home system, nearly making their planets uninhabitable. They followed her to take revenge for what they’d done to their system and to try and find a way to save the fourth Guardian. She does have her own personal motivation, though. Besides the fact that the fourth Guardian is her best friend, StarLight was once, briefly, a minion of An’ei Souku’s and she believes that her twin brother is as well. She hopes to get him back to soothe her mother’s grieving heart and restore honor to her family.
On Earth, she keeps a pet wolf named Quicksilver.
House/Kingdom: House of Morisei

Senshi Name:Guardian StarLight
Senshi Title: Senshi of the Shielding Earth
Origin of Power/Influence: Earth with powers coming from healing
Introduction Speech: For truth and light, I am the senshi of the life source, Guardian StarLight. On behalf of the Earth Mother, I will defeat you!
Planet: Morisei
Aura Color: leaf green
Primary Colors: leaf green, light grey, dark green
Secondary Colors: white, silver
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive with aggressive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Phrase: Earth Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: Tyler spins around with her arms above her head. The Earth beneath her feet rises up and swirls around her. Two snake-shaped beams emerge from her finger tips and wrap around her, forming her top and collar and then wraps around her hair tying it into a ponytail. On wraps around her waist becoming her shorts. The Earth above her surrounds her hands, becoming her gloves. The Earth beneath her feet covers her legs, forming her boots.
Fuku Design: Over her left shoulder is a light grey partial sailor collar that blended into her dark green bodice. Embedded in her bodice just beneath the partial collar is a curved bit of silver metal holding a leaf green gem with a curvy light grey symbol inside it. The dark green bodice is a wrap around with only one tank top like strap almost completely hidden under the collar. Her shorts are white and cut in a v-shaped hem that came to its point in the front. Tied around her right leg is a dark green scarf with edges that trail to the top of her boots. The boots are divided into two colors: the tops are light grey and the bottoms are leaf green. Her left glove is leaf green and her right is light grey. There are two different colored curves on her shorts. The right pattern is leaf green while the left is light grey. Her hair becomes dark green with silver streaks running through it. Her eyes become leaf green as does her lipstick. Chunks of it fall into her face while the rest is bound with a loose white elastic. The bottom of the poofy ponytail falls to her knees.
Senshi Weakness: Likes to taunt her enemies
Senshi Strengths: Tends to attack alone without telling her teammates
Weapons: none

Name of Power:Virgo Motion Pause
Power Type: Defensive
Description: She says this to freeze an enemy in its tracks. This only lasts for 30 seconds.
Affected Area: one target
Name of Power:Double Snake Twist
Power Type: Offensive
Description: > Makes a beam shaped like two snakes and they wrap around the enemy and drain their powers
Affected Area: one target
Name of Power:Earth Rumble
Power Type: Depends on what she does with it
Description: Grants her temporary control over the element Earth. Very draining.
Affected Area: multiple targets in a 20 foot radius
Name of Power:Earth Healing Light
Power Type: Destructive
Description: Heals a monster or destroys it.
Affected Area: one target

Princess Name: Utano Okami
Name Meaning: Song of the Wolf
Attire: A silver dress with a high collar and no sleeves. It’s slit up the left side. Around her legs she wears green footless knee high socks trimmed at both ends with gold bands.
Crystal/Weapon: Hisuizuishou (jade crystal)
Powers: nothing new
Personality: no change