Real name: Einno Himitsu
Name Meaning: Eternal Secret
Birthday: October 31
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Hobby: writing, cello
Likes: black forest cake, black, purple, silver, green,history Dilsikes: peanut butter, blueberries, stew, orange, pink, gold, computers
Gem: obsidian
Flower: black lily

Element: Spirit/Soul
Planet: Mugensei
Himitsu is the little talked about Guardian StarInfinity, Oldest guardian and teacher to the senshi of the Juoukoku, the one who picks them and trains them in the best use of their powers and other necessary things.
On Earth, Himitsu is a famous actress known as Tsukino Himitsu. Shinami/Starlove is her protégée. She’s made friends with Setsuna and the other outer senshi.
She rules over the dark world of Mugensei. Himitsu in her disguise on Earth has purple hair, worn down, that goes to her mid back with segments of bangs that stick up. She wears very bizarre clothes. The more bizarre, the better.

Infinity Soul Power, Make Up!
Chaos Twist
Yang Spirit Combine Combine