Name: Jennifer Lynn McCormick
Pronunciation:jehnifur lin mic-core-mick
Meaning: White wave, pretty one, descendant of Cormick (impure son)
Princess/Prince: Princess Yoake Kasei
Crystal: Fire Talisman
Origin: element of fire
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: She claims that it’s March 21, making her an Aries, but it’s not her real birthday as her home world doesn’t follow the Earth calendar.
Blood Type: AB
Tendencies: Tends to not like being around people. She just wants to get their mission over with so that they can go home. She has a tendency to leave and go off on her own without giving any notice whatsoever.
Appearance: Her long reddish-black hair hangs down to her waist and is tied into a pony tail. Her eyes are pitch black. She’s tall, standing at 5’8’’ and slim yet muscular. She likes to wear a pair of short red cut-offs, a white tank top, and knee high black boots with a red denim jacket. She also wears a strange ring on her wedding finger. It’s a silvery color with a blood red stone set into the center of a rose. If you were to watch it closely, you’d see that it pulses in time with her heartbeat. It’s frequently a good indicator of what her mood is.
Personality: What is there to say about Jen? She’s very focused and doesn’t like to socialize much. She’s hot tempered, but cold at the same time. She’s very private, preferring to not talk about herself too much. This is as much a cultural trait of the people on her planet as it is a personality trait.
Education: Trained to take over when her mother dies. On Earth, she’s attending High school, but not doing too well in her classes. She fails to see the point in trying as she won’t be there long anyways.
Relation to other characters: She’s the leader of the Guardians and gets along fairly well with the others. To the sol system senshi and the Starlights she’s cold and aloof.

Talents: guitar, singing, song writing
Fears: water (for obvious reasons)
Dislikes: men (due to past trauma), pink and bright yellow (cheerful colors make her nauseous), fish and asparagus, math
Likes/Hobbies: blue, red, black, spring rolls, gym and fencing
Favorite Food: spring rolls(they taste good and make a good snack)
Least Favorite Food: fish because of its nasty texture and taste and asparagus because she doesn’t like the bitterness of it
Favorite School Subject: gym (it gives her a non-senshi related way to burn off energy, anger, and frustration)
Least Favorite Subject: math (numbers bore her to tears and she’s not very good at it either)
Favorite Gemstone: star ruby (it’s pretty…)
Favorite Color: blue, red, black
Favorite Flower: red rose (Love, Respect, I love you ), because they remind her of Seikou
Least Favorite Flower carnations (not because of any meaning but because they look stupid and she sees them as a cheap substitute for roses, meaning to her that the sentiment behind them is cheap and fleeting)
Strengths: fighting
Weakness: boys, romance, nice guitars
Habits: She has a habit of ignoring men because she doesn’t like them too much
Family: Yoake Hibashira – her mother
Akatsuki Yoake Chuuseki – her father
Yoake Hihana – elder sister
Yoake Tamashiiko – Hihana’s daughter
Yoake Junryou – Hihana’s son
Jason McCormick/Yoake Yuki/KnightHisei – twin brother, older by one hour
History: Jen doesn’t really talk about herself much, and little is known about her. Only the other three Guardians and her twin brother Yuki know much of anything. They won’t talk about her as they respect her privacy. She is the crown princess of Hisei despite being the second born daughter. While the real reasons for this are unknown to anyone outside her family, it’s largely believed that she’s the Heir because of her senshi powers and the fact that she’s significantly more popular with the people of her planet than her sister is. This has caused some serious strife between the two and they rarely speak with each other. Her true love, Seikou, was lost in the war against the Joudo Tengoku. She tells people on Earth that he was killed in a car accident. She came to Earth to fight An’ei Souku and find the fourth Guardian, who, to her knowledge, went missing in the fight back in their home system. The reasons for the attack on their home system are unknown. Jen’s personal mission, given to her by the Queen of Kinsei, the supreme ruler of is to find out exactly why.
During her time on Earth, lots happened to her. She wound up dating Seiya after she lost a contest to him. She rediscovered her twin brother, thought to have died in the war (though she had no idea it was him when she found him due to other things going on at the same time), shortly before being kidnapped by Diamond and was turned against her friends, becoming the warrior known as Kitsune.
House/Kingdom: House of Hisei

Senshi Name:Guardian StarFire
Senshi Title: Senshi of the Eternal Flame
Origin of Power/Influence: Fire with powers coming from war
Introduction Speech: For the love of StarFreedom, I am the senshi of the cleansing fire. On behalf of the Fire brother, I will vanquish you!
Planet: Hisei
Aura Color: scarlet
Main Colors: scarlet, dark orange, bronze
Secondary Colors: black, silver
Type of Character In Battle: Aggressive
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object:none
Henshin Phrase: Fire Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: She raises her hands above her head and starts to spin. Fire springs up out of the ground and meets up with the fire that spirals out of her hands, completely encircling her. Her hands, raised above her head, get wrapped in fire, forming her gloves. Fire runs down her legs, becoming her boots. It wraps around her waist, forming her shorts, around her chest, forming her top. She spins the whole time.
Fuku Design: Her hair becomes red-orange with silver streaks and her eyes become a solid scarlet color. Her lips also turn scarlet. She wears a partial sailor collar of dark orange that sits over her left shoulder and wraps around to the back on the same side, showing up again in a thin curl of dark orange color on her right. Her sleeveless, strapless bodice is bronze and is one solid piece with no visible seams or fasteners. Only a small portion of her navel is visible between the bottom of her top and the top of her black shorts, which are cut to angle downwards from her right hip to her left and back up again. On her right leg, she wears a tall bronze stocking that is visible above her scarlet boots tops. The sock extends up top within a couple inches of her shorts.
Her boots, as mentioned earlier, are scarlet and flat heeled. The tops are at her mid thigh and cut in a wide ‘v’. Between her knees and her ankles on each leg are silver bracers. Set at the top of each one is a scarlet gem. Her arms are covered in a dark orange sleeve between the bottom of her shoulders and her fingers that doesn’t connect to the rest of her outfit. Around the fingers is a scarlet flame pattern.
Senshi Weakness: Rash and impulsive and tends to dive into fights head first
Senshi Strengths: Can heal monsters, good leadership skills, rarely lets personal stuff interfere in a fight
Weapons: none

Name of Power: Aries Flaming Disk
Power Type: Offensive
Description: This attack sends circles or flames at the enemy
Affected Area: One target
Name of Power: Aries Flaming Disk
Power Type: Offensive
Description: This attack sends circles or flames at the enemy
Affected Area: One target
Name of Power: Flaming Circle Rise
Power Type: Offensive
Description: This A circle of flame appears around the enemy
Affected Area: One target
Name of Power: Fire Blaze
Power Type: depends on what she does with it
Description: Grants her temporary control over the element of fire. Very exhausting to use. Affected Area: multiple targets in a 20 foot radius
Name of Power: Eternal Fire Cleansing
Power Type: Destructive
Description: Grants her temporary control over the element of fire. Affected Area: one target

Princess Name: Yoake Kasei
Name Meaning: Dawn of the Fire star
Attire: A long red-gold skirt and a spaghetti strap red bodice
Crystal/Weapon: Shoujouhizuishou (Scarlet crystal)
Powers: nothing new
Personality: She’s a little calmer than normal and way more composed, except when she has to deal with her mother one-on-one or if she’s in the same room as her sister.