Name: Starr Walker
Meaning: nothing special
Prince: N/A
Crystal: none
Origin: N/A
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: May 30, a Gemini
Blood Type: A
Appearance: Starr has thigh length blue hair that is generally worn in a ponytail on top of her head and green eyes. She’s 5’6’’ tall and very thin. She tends to be slimmer than her sister, weighing 122 lbs. She prefers baggier clothing.
Personality: Starr is the younger twin. She is named Sailorstardreamer because of her head-in-the-clouds nature. She daydreams constantly. She’s very flighty and prefers to do anything besides what she’s supposed to be doing (i.e.: homework). When it comes to being a senshi, though, she tends to be very serious. She’s the kind of person that takes life as it hits. If things get to rough, she retreats into her dream world

Talents: dreaming, horseback ridding, reading
Fears: winding up in a coma, breaking her legs, extreme heights
Dislikes: black, hospitals
Likes/Hobbies daydreaming, animals, fantasy novels, designing clothes
Favorite Food: peanut butter
Least Favorite Food: barbeque (she’s not fond of the smokier taste)
Favorite School Subject: sewing (it gives her a chance to design her own clothes and create the things out of her fantasies)
Least Favorite Subject: literature (written works considered to be ‘classics’ don’t appeal to her)
Favorite Gemstone: topaz
Favorite Color: pale yellow, emerald green, pale blue
Favorite Flower: sunflower (adoration)
Least Favorite Flower daffodil (You're the only one, Regard, Unrequited love)
Strengths: dreaming, horses. Her imagination
Weakness: staying focused
Family: Both parents, one twin sister
History: One of SunArrow’s twin protégées, Starr is often found with her nose in a book. They are the twin granddaughters of the last Sailorgemini. Presently, there is someone by that title active, so they refer to themselves as the Twins.
As far as she’s concerned, Earth isn’t that bad of a place to be.
House/Kingdom: N/A

Senshi Name:Sailorstardreamer
Senshi Title: Senshi of divine dreams
Origin of Power/Influence: air with powers coming from protection and dreams
Introduction Speech: For beauty and love, I am the senshi of gentle dreams, Sailorstardreamer. In the name of the stars of Gemini, you’re stardust!
Planet: Shisei
Aura Color: light pink
Colors: sky blue, yellow, light pink
Highlight color: gold
Type of Character In Battle: Supportive with offensive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Phrase:Wind Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: Pending revision
Fuku Design: Her hair becomes dark gold with light pink streaks in it. Her eyes and lips are also light pink. Her hair style remains the same. Her sailor collar is light pink with no stripes as is her mid thigh length skirt with its multiple upward v cuts. Her bodice is sky blue and sleeveless with gold swirled decorations on the front. Her gloves go only a bit past her wrist and are sky blue. Like the ribbons that trail from the back of her skirt, her chunk flat footed boots are also yellow.
Senshi Weakness: She’s very young and inexperienced.
Senshi Strengths: Despite her inexperience, she’s willing to jump into the fray and shows very little fear
Weapons: none

Name of Power: Gemini Dream Shield
Power Type: Defensive
Description: This throws a protective shield around anyone standing near her, but she can also project it to an ally to protect them, or around an enemy to keep their attack from hurting anyone.
Affected Area:
Name of Power: Wind Swirl
Power Type: Depends on her intent
Description: Gives her limited control over the element Air
Affected Area: any

True Name: Anmin Shibou
Name Meaning: Silent Dream
Crystal/Weapon: none
Powers: nothing new
Personality: no change