Name: Lee Wolf
Meaning: glade or poet
Gender: male
Age: 16
Birthday: September 13
Birth sign: Virgo
Blood Type: B
Appearance: He’s two inches taller than his twin sister, standing at 5’6’’ and weighing 130 lbs. He has silver hair that he keeps cropped at elbow length; he always wears it loose. His silver eyes are a little darker in color than his sister’s.
Clothing style: He likes to dress in layers, wearing long sleeved shirts under loose short sleeved button up shirts (which are never buttoned). He wears loose cargo pants and running shoes.
Personality: This once cheeky and rambunctious young man has become quite somber and quiet. This is due largely in part to his very recent return from being in the service of An’ei Souku, where he was better known as Diamond.
Education: unknown

Talents: hiding in plain sight
Fears: giving in to or not being able to control the darkness that he knows hides within him
Dislikes: cheetahs, uniforms
Likes/Hobbies: skating
Favorite Food: banana splits
Least Favorite Food: lettuce and cabbage
Favorite Gemstone: Variscite
Least Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Favorite Color: sky blue, jade green
Favorite Animal: coyote
Favorite Flower: pussy willows
Least Favorite Flower: Indian paint brush
Strengths: he knows how evil people think
Weaknesses: he feels as though he has to constantly apologize to everyone for the things he’s done, especially Starfire and Starlove.
Family: He has an older twin sister, Okami/Tyler. His mother is Utano Mori.
History: During the war with the Joudo Tengoku, Ryoushi was captured, though they made it look as though he was dead. His captors managed to convince his sister of his death, so when An’ei Souku revealed her trusted general Diamond to be Utano Ryoushi, she found it difficult to believe at first.
While he was working for the Joudo Tengoku, he converted many of his own people into warriors for An’ei Souku’s cause and even turned both Starlove and Starfire into the warriors known as Tyger and Kitsune respectively.
House/Kingdom: House Utano of morisei

Senshi Name: KnightMorisei
Senshi Title: Senshi of the silent woods
Planet: Morisei
Aura Color: jade green
Colors: blue, jade, grey
Fuku Design: He wears a sleeveless blue shirt that shows a large chunk of his navel, loose jade green pants with blue bands of color just above the knees, and grey flat soled shoes on his feet. On his lower arms, he wears blue gauntlets that cover over his knuckles and wrap around the base of his thumbs.

Henshin Phrase: Morisei Planet Power, Make Up!
Henshin Item:
Henshin Sequence:
Origin of Power/Influence: forests with powers coming from nature
Elemental strengths: earth, protection, life
Elemental weaknesses: darkness, void, metal

As Diamond:
Name of Power: Talisman Reveal
Power Type:

Name of Power: Ice Mist Encase
Power Type:

Name of Power: Blizzard Ice Rage
Power Type:

As KnightMorisei:
Name of Power: Morisei Forest Entanglement
Power Type: defensive
Description: A bunch of green vines erupt from the ground and trap his target

Name of Power: Song of the Forest
Power Type:
Description: This produces a burst of sound that is only heard by those who are trying to hurt him or anyone he considers an ally, though it has been known to affect allies as well. On rare occasions, an enemy that hasn’t attacked him yet won’t be affected. It’s very difficult for anyone under the influence of this attack to do anything as the sound is somewhat painful.

Name of Power: Song of Nature
Power Type:
Description: A much more powerful version of the previous attack, it will incapacitate anyone who hears it either until he looses his concentration or he runs out of energy.

Name of Power: Forest Spear
Power Type:

Name of Power: Nature’s Protector Assault
Power Type:

Prince Name: Utano Ryoushi
Name Meaning: Song of the Hunter

Opening Theme: “Wherever you will go” – The Calling
Image song: “For the heart I once had” – Nightwish
Dance Club Mix: “Vertigo” – U2
Romance Mix: “While your lips are still red” – Nightwish
Background Mix: Dark Angel Theme (Long version)
Henshin Mix: “H.T” – Trigun
Fight Mix: “X” – X-Japan
Angst Mix:
Heartbreak Mix:
Sorrow Mix: “Brand New Day” – Fourty Foot Echo
Closing Theme: