Name: Jason McCormick
Meaning: Healer, descendant of Cormick
Known Aliases: Obsidian; An'unno Mayonaka
Pronunciation: an-oon-no mah-yo-nah-kah
Meaning: Dark clouds of midnight
Prince: Prince Yoake Yuki
Crystal: none
Origin: N/A
Gender: male
Age: 17
Birthday: March 21, making him an Aries
Blood Type: AB
Tendencies: Tends to brood a lot
Appearance: He has short reddish-black hair. His eyes are pitch black like his twin’s. He’s a little taller than she is, standing at 5’10’’ and muscular, weighing in at 160 lbs. He likes to dress in baggy pants and t-shirts with long button up shirts thrown over op, but never buttoned.

Personality: He’s significantly calmer than his sister is, but still has the fiery temper that his family is well known for. Most of the time, he’s pretty laid back and calm. He’s an extrovert and likes to socialize with people.
Education: On Hisei, his training was very diverse. He’s studied most everything that he could. On Earth, he attends Mugen Gakuen.
Relation to other Characters: While he got along with everyone in the past, he finds it difficult to slide back into that old relationship because of what happened to him in the war.
Talents: track and field
Fears: being taken by the Joudo Tengoku again, what his parents will think
Dislikes: grey, yellow
Likes/Hobbies: racing
Favorite Food: everything else (he just likes to eat)br> Least Favorite Food: seafood (they don’t have it on his home world so it’s not a taste he’s used to)
Favorite School Subject: History (he thinks that he wants to be a historian when he grows up)
Least Favorite Subject: math (like his sister, numbers confuse him)
Favorite Gemstone: obsidian
Favorite Color: black, red, silver
Favorite Flower: Azalea - Love, Romance, First love, Take care of yourself for me, Temperance, Chinese symbol of womanhood, Fragile passion
Least Favorite Flower Camellia – Perfection (perfection doesn’t exist)
Strengths: Energetic, innovative, original, extroverted, assertive
Weakness: aggressive, competitive, girls
Habits: nothing out of the ordinary
Family: Yoake Hibashira – mother
Akatsuki Yoake Chuuseki – father
Yoake Hihana – elder sister
Yoake Tamashiiko – Hihana’s daughter
Yoake Junryou – Hihana’s son
Yaoke Kasei/Jen McCormick/Guardian Starfire – younger twin sister
History: Jason was best friends with Seikou before Obsidian was turned. When the war first began, he vanished, only to secretly return under the name Obsidian, one of An’ei Souku’s top generals. During his time with the Joudo Tengoku, he adopted the Earth name of An'unno Mayonaka as part of one of his plans. He was healed just before his sister was taken by Diamond. His twin sister is Jen, also known as StarFire. Jason attends Mugen Gakuen with Shinami and the outer senshi. He belongs to the track team.

House/Kingdom: House Yoake of Hisei

Senshi Name:KnightHisei
Senshi Title: Protector of the sacred flame
Origin of Power/Influence: Fire with powers coming from the desert
Introduction Speech:
Planet: Hisei
Aura Color: roan red
Main Colors: roan red, black, silver
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive with destructive tendencies
Personal Symbol or Planet/Star/Galaxy Symbol:
Henshin Object: none
Henshin Phrase: Hisei Planet Power, Make Up!
Henshin Transformation: Pending revision
Fuku Design: Pending revision
Senshi Weakness: he has difficulty going up against people he used to work with. Obakes are no problem, though.
Senshi Strengths: he’s very defensive of his friends and will attack anything attacking them without thought.
Powers (As Obsidian)

Name of Power: Talisman Reveal
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Sends a beam of light at the target’s chest to reveal their elemental talisman.
Affected Area: One target in close range

Name of Power: Red Poison
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Surrounds his target with a red poisonous mist
Affected Area: ten foot radius from his position

Name of Power: Black Curtain
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Brings up a black mist that blankets the area
Affected Area: 8 foot radius
Powers (As KnightHisei)
Name of Power: Hisei Desert Blast Furnace
Power Type: Offensive
Description: Sends a firestorm at the enemy.
Affected Area:

Prince Name: Yoake Yuki
Name Meaning: Dawn Courage
Crystal/Weapon: none
Powers: none
Personality: no change