Name: Siobhan O’Malley  
played by: Rose Macgowan
Status: Alive
Species: human
Affiliation: Scooby Gang, Watchers' Council
Nationality: Irish Canadian
Current Age: 25
Occupation: Vampire Slayer
Age at activation: 17
Height: 5’8’’
Eyes: brown
Hair: red
Date of Birth: October 31, 1981
Watcher: Abigail ‘Abby’ Grey, deceased
Abilities: Siobhan is a Slayer and as such has all of the powers and abilities thereof. These include superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and accelerated healing. She also possesses a type of precognition that warns her of impending danger through her dreams. Slayers are also supposed to be able to sense vampires and other demons.
In addition to her Slayer skills, she is a skilled artist and is well-versed in many ancient languages. Among those are Ancient Sumerian, Gaelic, Japanese, Cantonese, Latin, and Etruscan.
History: After Buffy stabs Faith, sending her into a coma, Faith flat lines briefly while she’s being treated. Her short death activated Siobhan, an Irish Canadian girl just two weeks before her high school graduation. She is found by her Watcher and trained. Known Associates: Abby Grey, Faith Lehane, Aimee Whitmore, John Winchester, Ellen and Jo Harvell, Rupert Giles, Wesley Windham-Pryce