Name: Serena Kenobi
Senshi Name: Sailoryavin
Species: Mostly human
Nickname(s): Reena, Rene, tiny Reenie, etc.
Age: 18
Birth date: March 9
Sign: Pisces
Blood type: Unknown
Family: Two parents, twin brother, three older sisters (adopted family)
Likes: Music, literature, art, water
Dislikes: People who can't sing that do, people who can sing
that don't, harsh noises, bright light, sciences
Fave foods: Seafood, chocolate
Least fave foods: Eggs
Lightsaber: Silver handle with blue-green waves around it, blue-green blade.
Fave colors: Blue, Green, Silver
Hobbies: Music, Swimming, Art, Cooking
Aspirations: To be a famous singer
Gemstone: Sapphire
Appearance: Serena has long blue-black hair, dark blue eyes, and a slightly elfin appearance. She's very pale and tall, 5'10''.
Personality: Serena is very quiet and keep to herself a lot. She's always very kind to people, solving arguments and things like that.
Strengths: Her strong sense of duty and ability to stay clear headed in most situations.
Weaknesses: She can be a bit too withdrawn, and spaces out sometimes during important situations. She tends not to acknowledge that she has considerable Force talent, which she rarely uses.
History: As you could probably tell, her direct ancestor is Obi-Wan Kenobi, a fact that is a source of her pride and power. He was her grandfather, whom she only met once in the flesh and a few times in dreams and visions over the years. She currently lives on the sixth moon of Yavin with her grandmother's race. She was adopted by the current ruler and is designated 'princess'.
Henshin: A silver circular pendant with a strange character written on it in no known language.
Magic Items: Crystal Staff

YAVIN STAR POWER, MAKE UP!: Blue light comes from her pendant. Water shoots up from the ground in a circle going counter-clockwise, wrapping around her. Wings sprout from her shoulders. The water forms her bodysuit and skirt, while the light and feathers form her gloves and boots.
ANGEL MOON HEART BREAK: Using the staff, she lowers the tip to the ground, saying ‘Angel’. She twirls it around her head ‘Moon Heart’. Point it at the enemy ‘Break’. Light shoots out the end, healing/destroying the enemy.
Skirt/Collar: Dark blue
Bows – Green in front, blue in back
Brooch/Choker: Silver
Glove Ends: Silver
Earrings: Dangling sapphire raindrops.
Tiara: Silver with a blue gem
Boots: Silver sandals with lace up ribbons