Appears in: The Legend of the Moonlight RPG

~ The Human Aspect ~

Name: Tenrai Soyokaze
Name Meaning: Divine Zephyr

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi; she does tend to partner up with men fairly often, but that’s just where her opportunities have fallen.
Availability: single
Alignment: Her group alignment lies with the Sol Senshi. But as far as personality goes she’s fall under Neutral good; by definition, she leans towards the good end of the spectrum while trying to remain neutral and impartial in order to be a good leader.
Intentions: She’s very much the leader type in everything she does. This is especially true with battles and senshi matters.

Height: 5’11
Weight: 150 lbs
Physical Features: She has a tattoo on her left arm of the Aquarius symbol, done in black ink and one on her back: four navy blue feathered wings, two on each side. The top two wings are fully extended while the bottom two are bent a little. The Aquarius symbol she had done because she’s always wanted to have one like it done since she was a child.
Her long hair is regularly dyed with teal coloring because he really hates her natural black hair color. When she entered high school, she went out and spent two months worth of allowance money to buy enough bleach and dye to change its color and just keeps dying it as the roots appear. She keeps most of it pulled back in a slim pony tail at the back of her head, but she leaves one shorter strand to fall in front of her face. Her eyes are golden brown, but turn solid gold in her senshi form.
She always wears her trademark navy lipstick as navy is her favorite color. She has an average sized build and is very slim. She works hard at maintaining her body shape. She has the normal Japanese skin tone. She struggles to keep her skin clear of blemishes as it tends to be on the oily side.
Clothing Style: Typically, she dresses in leather pants and tank tops, but has been known to wear black jeans on occasion. Whatever she’s wearing, she makes sure that it shows her body to her advantage. Most people who look at her think punk. Punk as in punk rocker. They’re not wrong, but she only likes punk music; she can’t play an instrument to save her life. Above all else, she hates lace and ruffles and will never wear the color pink because she feels that the color only looks good on little girls under the age of 5. She doesn’t often wear lingerie and only then on very special occasions. She’s always very careful with her clothes to not let her underwear show. People can see her skin and she’s cool with that, but what’s underneath is private and only for certain eyes to see. It’s a sign of trust if she lets you see any of that.
Likes: She’s always been partial to tattoos because they look really cool. She enjoys listening to music, preferably at loud volumes. She really likes the genres of Alternative and punk as they’re more interesting to her and its more fun to dance to them on the occasions when she goes to clubs. She’s interested in men because few things beat a nice, muscular guy with no shirt on. Despite that, she also likes women. Let’s face it people: women have better bodies than men. As a child, she was always very fond of flying kites and still enjoys watching the wind play with them. She finds that to be very relaxing and therapeutic. In spite of her distaste for death, killing, and blood, she doesn’t have too much trouble watching horror films, especially the classics.
Dislikes: To start with, she hates jazz. When it’s not putting her to sleep, it’s boring her to the point of tears. Even after spending so much time with Diana, she’s still none to fond of cats. Their fur gets everywhere and she hates the thought of changing litter boxes. Soyo is a night owl, so making her get up early in the morning is not going to score you any points with her. The taste and texture of both mushrooms and shrimp make her want to puke. She fails to see what’s so delicious about nato. The very thought of eating something made out of fermented bean curd turns her off. She really, really doesn’t like blood. The sight and smell of it, the feel of it on her skin, the texture in her mouth are all abhorrent to her. It all reminds her of the past, bringing to her mind disturbingly vivid images of the times in the past where she’d had to kill Saturn before her powers grew to the point where she could escape her prison. Fake blood doesn’t bother her as much as the real stuff, but it makes her a little queasy to watch. The color pink disgusts her and lace makes her incredibly uncomfortable. On the rare occasions where she wears lingerie, she won’t wear anything that is pink, has lace on it, or both.
Inabilities: It’s a bit of an embarrassment to her, but she absolutely can’t resist strawberry shortcake. She’s been trying to break out of that particular food fetish since childhood but with no luck at all. She can’t tolerate being around sick or evil people due to the nature of her senshi powers. These days she can’t seem to concentrate on school. The need to be out looking for Selenity and the other senshi is far stronger than her need for book learning. What’s the point in going to school and taking all of these tests if she can’t find the senshi in time to prevent the new enemy from killing her? She’s unable to look at anything related to the planet Saturn without feeling sick to her stomach, especially the planet’s symbol and pictures of the planet because they’re very strongly associated with the girl she’s had to kill so many times.
Strengths: When she’s dancing, she can just shut the whole world out and just enjoy the feeling of moving her body to the music pounding through her body. She can sense evil. Even though she can mostly shut it out, it’s still one of the things she can do moderately well. She’s got some pretty decent agility, a nice side effect of dancing and all of the training Diana has put her through.
Latent Ability: She can sense the Red Strings of Fate that connect people with each other. She has to really concentrate to use it and it’s exhausting to do so.
Personality: With her leather clothes and tattoos, Soyokaze puts up a tough front to the outside world. In school, she’s not the popular girl and not the bully, but she’s not someone you want to mess with. She walks around with a perpetual glare on her face. Add her height on to that glare and people back down pretty fast from her even if she’s just wearing her high school uniform.
She appears to be cold and distant, not caring about much about the people around her. She keeps people at arm’s length so that she keeps from caring about them too much. She feels responsible when things happen to people she cares about, regardless of the circumstances or the nature of what happened. She takes things very personally.
As far as relationships and dating goes, gender matters not at all to her. Male or female; both are fine with her. The number of boyfriends she’s had slightly outnumber her girlfriends. She tends to be a very opportunistic dater, going with whoever feels more interesting to her. She doesn’t do threesomes. She doesn’t share when it comes to her lovers, wanting their bodies all for herself.
She feels torn between her duties as a senshi and her hunt for the others and her school work. Her grades had been very slowly dropping since she awoke as a senshi but since her battle with Sailorluna, her grades have dropped even more drastically. She wasn’t the best student to being with, but they’ve dropped below average. She feels restless and frustrated with school and feels that her time would be better spent finding the senshi.
Inside, she’s not really much different from the personality she shows to the world. She’s not as cold and distant as she appears to be, she just pretends to be as it makes things easier for her. She’s really quite caring and affectionate when you get to know her. She’ll deny it if you ask her, but she will do anything for a slice of strawberry shortcake. As far as other foods go, she’s a little on the picky side, but not excessively so.

~ The Warrior Aspect ~

Senshi Name: Sailoruranus
Base Element: Holy
Secondary Element: Wind
Aura Color: navy
Colors: navy, silver, powder blue
Symbol: Uranus planetary symbol

Power: average
Mind: high
Vitality: average
Spirit: weak
Energy: low
Agility: average

Henshin Item: Holy pen. It’s similar in design to the original Sailorneptune’s pen with a navy handle with a powder blue cap. The cap is topped with a silver star. The star has a blue center. The star has a crescent moon on top with a silver ring going around it at a downward angle. At the very top of the pen is a powder blue circle with a silver center with a blue crown on top. The bottom of the pen has a blue ring capped with a silver sphere.

Henshin: She holds her pen in her right hand and shouts ‘Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!’. She then spins around, sending up a shower of navy sparks. The sparks solidify into rings that spin around her as her clothes dissolve away. Her bodice, collar, gloves, and chocker form in a shower of sparks. The sparks from her collar fall down to form her belt, skirt, and the powder blue ribbons. She raises her arms upwards, creating the sparks that form her front and back bows, arm band and bracers. She sweeps her arms outwards, still spinning, and the sparks fall, swirling around her feet to form her boots. She stops spinning and her tiara and the gem on her chocker appear. The symbol for Uranus appears on her thigh and her henshin pen changes to become the Sword of Uranus. She poses with her left hand on her hip and the sword in her right hand, resting on her shoulder.
Fuku Details: Starting from the head down, Sailoruranus wears a tiara in the standard design, but its silver in color and set with a navy blue stone. Her lips are decorated with navy blue lipstick. Instead of the standard chocker, she wears a wide collar made of silver that fastens in the back with a thin chain that trails down her back beneath her sailor collar of navy blue with a single, thin, silver stripe. Her front bow is small and navy blue with a powder blue, circular broach. Her back bow has a bow the same size as the front one, but the tails fall to her knees. Her bodice is white, but it has no sleeves and no straps. It’s essentially a long tube top with a piece missing over both of her hips on both front and back sides. Tucked under her bust is a powder blue ribbon that wraps all the way around to the back. Descending from that are two ribbons in the same color that form an x shape, crossing down to the belt of her skirt, which is also powder blue in color. The belt rests part way down her hips. The skirt attached to it is pleated like the traditional skirts are, but it’s a gradient of navy blue to silver from top to bottom.
Her gloves are white. The top of the glove is on the same level as the bottom of the ribbon under her breasts. From her wrists to her elbows, she wears a pair of silver gauntlets over the gloves. On her right arm at the top of the glove is a wide silver arm band. The fingers of the gloves aren’t all there. The pinky and middle finger have no covering and the pointer finger is only half covered. On her thigh is a small navy blue Uranus symbol. Her boots are navy blue with a silver insert. They’re kept closed with thin powder blue lacings.
It should also be noted that in senshi form, her eyes change from golden brown to just plain golden.
Weapon: Sword of Uranus. At the end of her henshin sequence, her henshin pen becomes the sword. It’s a leaf-shaped blade with silver etchings on the central part of the blade and all around the hilt. The sharp part of the blade is powder blue while the central part beneath the etchings is navy. The cross piece consists of a silver circle with a powder blue center. A thin, twisted piece of silver sprouts from both sides of the silver circle. On the right side, it curves down elegantly. On the left side, it curves down, but forms a ball instead of a curve like it does on the right. Inside the center of the circle, the symbol of Uranus is etched in navy. Capping the hilt at the bottom is a simple powder blue sphere.

Attack Name: Divine Retribution
Style: Offensive
The Attack: With the weapon in her right hand, she holds the Sword of Uranus up in front of her face and runs the first two fingers of her left hand along the edge of the blade from the bottom up to the tip. As her fingers run up, the blade begins to glow. Once the entire blade is illuminated she shouts ‘Divine Retribution’ and charges, unleashing a series of rapid strikes that rip into her opponent, causing massive physical damage.

Attack Name: Holy Shock
Style: Offensive
The Attack: Uranus spins around, sword in hand and slashes the blade downwards, releasing a series of concentric navy and silver shock waves that cause damage that is largely psychological in nature to any opponent that comes into contact with it. The attack temporarily weakens their attacks whether they are physical or power attacks. Allies that come into contact with the waves feel stronger for a little while.

Attack Name: Celestial Wind Dragon
Style: Offensive with destructive capabilities
The Attack: Sailoruranus raises her right hand up in the air and calls out ‘Celestial Wind Dragon’. The air around her crackles with navy and silver energy. It forms into a large Asiatic dragon that spirals outwards towards her chosen target. It rakes its claws towards the target, causing the air in front of it to pressurize enough to cause damage. How bad the damage is depends on how weak she is and how weak her target is.

~ The History ~

Silver Millennium
As the soldier of the planet which she shares her name with, Sailoruranus had an exalted place amongst the senshi of the Silver Millennium as their leader under Princess Selenity. With her in the role of leader was her friend, Sailorearth, the princess of Earth. Along with Selenity, they formed a happy trio with a bond so close that they became as sisters. Rumor had it that there was more than sisterly love between the three, Uranus openly mocked such rumors. Anyone who knew her knew that she shared her lovers with no one, not even her closest friends. If she’d paid more attention to them and to the reactions of the people to them, there’s a chance that things might have turned out differently, a thought that haunts Uranus in the present day.
Uranus stayed apart from the other soldiers so as to not be seen as favoring one above the others. She did her best to be on good terms with all of the senshi, as no one will follow a leader that they didn’t at least like a little bit. She felt a little odd spending time around Sailoradrastiea though, as she didn’t want to upset Sailorpluto as she knew that the two women were involved with each other.
Of all of the duties she had, of all of her responsibilities, there was one above all others that she looked on with a mixture of sadness and loathing. That one was the disposal of the Forbidden Senshi, the tortured girl chained within the bowels of Saturn’s castle. As much as she hated the thought of having to kill one of her fellow senshi, she knew that it was necessary. If Saturn’s power grew enough, she would be able to free herself and that would mean the death of everyone in the solar system. While only the holder of the Ginzuishou could set the tortured and tormented girl free of her prison, only Uranus was strong enough to kill her. It’s a duty she could never speak about to the others, not even to the Princess herself. There were rumors that spoke of it, but she felt that it was best if they remained as rumors. The blood of many incarnations of the Forbidden Senshi stained her soul. She was never more afraid in her life than the times she faced the soldier of Saturn as both fellow senshi and as her executioner, for as she remembered the death of many previous Saturn’s, there was no doubt in her mind that the mad senshi remembered the previous warriors of Uranus that caused her death.
One day, while Uranus had returned home to visit her mother, word reached Castle Uranus that the planet of Adrastiea had exploded suddenly in a shower of negative energy. The entire court was shocked. While the planet had been slowly decaying, according to the sages on Uranus, there was no reason for the explosion. Decay didn’t naturally lead to that kind of explosion. Uranus went racing back to the Moon Palace in search of Sailoradrastiea. It wasn’t long before she found her – nude and murdered in the Moon palace. The sight of her fellow senshi just lying there with her front ripped to shreds and her heart missing struck Uranus as if someone had taken her own sword and plunged it into her guts. The thought of what it would do to Pluto was the sword twisting around in the wound. The room around was painted in Adrastiea’s blood with the message “Never trust your own power” written in it. She left the deciphering of the message up to the sages and concentrated on trying to find Adrastiea’s killer.
At the funeral held for the fallen senshi, she cried, a rare thing for the strong leader of the senshi. Adrastiea had been one of the stronger senshi, one of their leaders. She felt pain at the loss and anger at her killer. She couldn’t think of anyone who would be capable of killing her. She was quiet and mysterious and had no enemies that Uranus knew of. She saw the look of rage on Pluto’s face and couldn’t blame her. It was that look that decided it for her. When she found the one responsible, she’d let Pluto tear them apart.
As if that wasn’t enough to deal with. With no warning whatsoever, Beryl’s gorgeous jet black hair became a deep red with her lust and revenge. Her powers increased drastically, leading to suspicions that she’d killed Sailoradrastiea. Uranus didn’t buy it, but with no other possibilities that she could see, she went along with it. Besides, she wasn’t as concerned with the suspicions. She’d never tell the other senshi that, though. She was more concerned with where Beryl’s powers had come from. The Sage began to amass great armies and attacked all those who stood in her way. Countless Warriors were lost, but the Sailorsenshi remained still standing, fighting with everything they had. It was the longest and most frustrating battle that Uranus could remember having fought in. For the first time in her life, she found herself almost resenting Princess Selenity. Things had been so easy since she began leading armies out to defeat the enemies of the Silver Millennium. Each battle they’d fought previous to this had been over quickly and with remarkably little fuss. The warrior within her reasoned that because it had been so easy to win before, they’d had no means of getting stronger as individuals. As a result, none of them could figure out just how to take Beryl down. Together, they fought on for so long that the they started to tire and weaken, yet Beryl herself showed no sign of fatigue.
Finally, Selenity came up with a solution: free the Forbidden Warrior from her prison to end everything and begin a new Rebirth cycle. The thought of Saturn freed from her prison terrified Uranus. She feared the anger of the chained girl as she feared nothing else. Try as she might she couldn’t change the Princess’s mind. In private, she begged and pleaded with the silver haired princess. Nothing would change her mind, so as Selenity prepared to leave for Saturn’s castle, Uranus resigned herself to her fate and prepared for her inevitable death at the hands of the one she’d killed so many times before.
It wasn’t long after Selenity’s departure that Beryl’s forces broke into the Moon Palace and began to slaughter its inhabitants. As their leader, Uranus took charge, issuing orders to senshi and non-senshi alike. With the army sufficiently dealt with, Uranus went for Beryl and the two fought. Many harsh words were exchanged between the two as they fought. In the end, Uranus won by breaking through Beryl’s defenses and plunging the Sword of Uranus into the Sage’s heart. Weakened and exhausted, shaking from blood loss, exhaustion and dehydration, she didn’t see the strike coming at her from behind from an unknown assailant, the strike that ended her life. She didn’t have time to realize what had happened before her life ended.

Present Day Tokyo Reborn as Tenrai Soyokaze, she lives in the Juuban district with her mother. She’s an only child. All she knows about her father is the check he sends once a month for child support. From that check, she reasons that he’s well off and she knows that his name is Kitamura Kouji. Her mother works as a secretary in a law firm, so she’s rarely at home at the same time that her daughter is home.
Soyo, as she prefers to be called, attends Juuban High School. Initially, her mother had wanted to put her in to a private school. They fought about it for a week until her mother finally caved and let her take the entrance exam to Juuban so long as Soyo promised to work hard.
Things were fine for the first little while, but on the day she turned 16, her world turned upside down. On the way home from school one day, she found an object just lying on the ground. Thinking that someone had dropped it, she went to pick it up. The instant her skin touched the navy blue, silver, and powder blue stick, a wave of energy washed through her body and Soyo woke as a senshi. Fragments of the life she’s lead a thousand years ago flooded her mind in a chaotic jumble. It was too much for her to handle and she passed out. Or, she’d assumed that she had. When she regained control, she was sitting on top of one the tallest building in the Juuban district wearing some very strange clothes in the same colors as the object she’d found. The jumble of fragmented memories was clearer to her now. She sat there for many hours, sorting through the thoughts in her head. One thing was clear to her. She had to find these people, the ones called sailorsenshi and especially the silver haired princess named Selenity. With that goal in mind, she forced her clothes to return to their normal state and went home.
A few days later while she was concentrating on some particularly difficult math homework, she looked up and saw a bunch of thin red lines leading from people to those around them. Some of the strings were short and others went a long ways away. She shook her head and the vision vanished. Over the next year, she learned to focus this ability and practiced on people around the school, finding the strings that connected them with their friends and family. Soyo reasoned that if she could do that, then she could use this same ability to find the princess and the other senshi.
With no knowledge of the danger around her, she spent all of her spare time trying desperately to find someone, anyone, connected to her by this string. By following the Red Line of Fate as she called it, she managed to find links to her family members and even found her father, though she didn’t approach him at all. She found that there were so many strings that she couldn’t sort out which ones belonged to her companions.
Then one day it happened. While following a string, she ran across a small lavender cat with a crescent moon on its forehead much like the one the line of Selenity had. Soyo followed the cat for a little while before approaching, her dislike of cats mixing with her need to be cautious. Finally, she approached the small cat and learned that her name was Diana. She could sympathize with the cat’s excitement at having finally found someone from the past, from what she called the Silver Millennium. The name sounded right to Soyo. She took Diana back to her apartment. After all, this wasn’t your average housecat so it was ok.
The cat explained her situation to Soyo, telling her about being unable to find the other senshi. She mentioned that she felt some very strange things lately, kind of as if someone was pulling the string that connected her and Uranus. To her, it felt like someone was rubbing her fur the wrong way deliberately in an effort to tease and torment her. Because of that, the cat insisted that they had to find Selenity and do it quickly. Soyo couldn’t agree more with her.
Not long after meeting up with Diana, the two were following a strand connected to Soyo when they came across a woman who wore her hair in the same odango style the line of Selenity was known to favor. Outwardly, she resembled Selenity, but her hair was the wrong color. The woman claimed to be Sailorluna, the true senshi of the moon and then transformed. Soyo transformed into Sailoruranus with an urgency she hadn’t yet experienced in this lifetime. The two fought. While they fought, Uranus could have sworn that Luna was eyeballing her, appraising her for some reason. To Uranus’s disgrace and shame, she lost. She’d lost battles before, but this was by far and away her worst loss ever. To her greater shame, Luna left her alive, claiming that she would find Uranus’s precious princess and kill her in the same way that Sailornemesis had killed Sailoradrastiea and lay her claim on the Ginzuishou.
With a solid threat right in front of them, a threat stronger than just simply trying to locate the Princess, the two of them must now seek out Uranus’s fellow soldiers before Sailorluna and her fellows got their hands on them. Soyo has taken to referring to them as the ‘Shade Senshi’ as the name sounds appropriate.