Name: Sunfire
Senshi Name: Sailortatooine I (She is the senshi of the planet Tatooine)
Species: Tusken raider (Sand people)
Nickname(s): the Krayt dragon
Age: 17
Birth date: equivalent to April 1
Zodiac sign: Aries
Blood type: Unknown
Family: Grandparents, and twin sister Charlize (Sailortatooine II, senshi of the twin suns) from the Golden Age
Likes: Bright light, being in charge, banthas
Dislikes: Being told to stay put, inaction, idiots, authority figures
Fave foods: Meats
Least fave foods: Seafood
Lightsaber: Black handle with a red blade
Fave color: Red, black, golden brown
Hobbies: Sunbathing, writing music
Aspirations: To someday go back home
Gemstone: Ruby
Personality: Sunfire is as fiery as her desert home world of Tatooine. She is a very aggressive person and doesn't deal with authority well. She has a very low tolerance of idiots and has a reputation as a man hater.
Strengths: She is very dedicated and throws herself into her tasks.
Weaknesses: She's a bit of a bully and is too headstrong for her own good.
History: Sunfire is, so far, the only Tusken Raider Jedi and is quite proud of that. Her parents were killed by bandits in front of her face when she was five and has since not been very trusting of strangers or men or both.
Appearance: Long red-black hair, done in a single odango on the right side of her head. Her eyes are pitch black and don't reflect anything. She's 5'8'' and is quite athletic.
Magic Items: Hino Satsu (Fire Fan)
Henshin item: Two bracelets. Left one has a ruby, and the right one has a piece of desert jade.
TATOOINE STAR POWER, MAKE UP!: She raises her arm above her head and rings of fire come off them and surround her a la Sailormars forming her uniform and boots. The bracelets turn into her gloves.
DESERT FIRE BLAZE: The Hino Satsu comes out of her bracelet on her left hand. 'Desert', spreads it 'Fire' and fans it outward 'Blaze'
TWIN SUN GLARE: Blinds the enemy for a certain amount of time. Can cause permanent blindness when combined with the other Sailortatooine's attack.
Skirt/Collar: Black skirt, red collar
Bows: Gold in front, red in back
Brooch/Choker: Red
Glove Ends: Gold
Earrings: Black krayt dragon pearls.
Tiara: Gold, with a red gem.
Boots: Black and gold high-heeled ankle boots