Name: Keilantra Avari Kairos
Meaning: princess of the night sky, magical; of the heavens, from the sky; goddess from Jupiter
Gender: female
Age: 18
Birthday: November 23
Blood Type: A (nervous, introverted, honest, loyal)
Appearance: Kei has strawberry blond hair that leans more towards the strawberry end and light purple eyes. Her skin is on the fair end of the Caucasian spectrum. She looks sweet and innocent, but she’s got a temper under that. She desperately hates skirts and dresses, feeling that they make her look dumpy and ugly. She prefers short shorts and long pants with tank tops or long sleeved shirts. Strangely, she does like lace. She has two tattoos. One is of an acorn with two leaves done in color on her left hip and the other is the Chinese kanji for Zeus in black on her right thigh.
She still has the scars of dog bite marks on her legs from when she was attacked as a child.
Personality: Keilantra, or Kei as she prefers to be known, can be a little high strung, but is generally polite to people. She sees no reason to be rude to someone she doesn’t know or more than polite for that matter. She comes off as a little stiff to strangers.


Talents: reading out loud
Fears: dogs (she was attacked by a couple large dogs when she was seven years old and hasn’t been able to stand being around them since)
Favorite Food:
Least Favorite Food:
Favorite School Subject:
Least Favorite Subject:
Favorite Gemstone:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Mythological Animal:
Favorite Animal: Eagle
Favorite Flower: Acorn (Nordic symbol of life and immortality), Oak tree
Least Favorite Flower: Narcissus (Egotism, Formality, Stay as sweet as you are)
Family: br> History: She suffered a dog attack when she was seven that has left her with a permanent fear of dogs.
She was recently involved in a hit and run accident where she was hit by a speeding station wagon, resulting in her being admitted to the Olympia General Hospital.


Senshi Name: Sailorzeus
Senshi Title:
Introduction Speech: “I am the lord of justice, Sailorzeus. In the name of the sky, I will strike you down.”
Planet: Jupiter
Aura Color: Eden
Colors: Eden, Zeus, Kaitoke green
Type of Character In Battle: Defensive with destructive and healing tendencies
Senshi Weakness:
Senshi Strengths:
Weapons: Scepter
Fuku Design:


Henshin Phrase: Zeus Soul Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: Heaven Compact
Henshin Transformation:
Origin of Power/Influence: sky, thunder
Elemental strengths: air, fire, metal
Elemental weaknesses: earth, water, heat
Name of Power: Celestial Storm
Power Type: defensive

Name of Power: Jupiter Thunder Strike
Power Type: offensive

Name of Power: Zeus Heavenly Justice
Power Type: healing/destructive


Princess Name:
Name Meaning:


Opening Theme: ‘Jupiter’ - Hirahara Ayaka
Image song:
Dance Club Mix: ‘Feel Good Inc’ – Gorillaz
Memory Retrieval Mix: ‘Memories’ – Within Temptation
Romance Mix: ‘Hikari’ – Utada Hikaru (Kingdom Hearts)
Background Mix :
Henshin Mix: ‘Angel main opening theme’ – Darling Violetta (long soundtrack version)
Fight Mix:
Angst Mix: ‘Even in Death’ - Evanescence
Death Mix:
Heartbreak Mix: ‘November Rain’ – Guns N Roses
Sorrow Mix:
Closing Theme: