Earth Name: Shukuseiino Shugoryuu
Translation:Star of fate’s Guardian Dragon
Age: 23
Blood Type:
Lucky Number: 3
Appearance:At first glance, Shugoryuu appears to be a gaijin, a foreigner, because of her very pale skin. This isn’t true as she is very definitely Japanese despite her skin tone and height. It’s not a sickly skin tone, just very pale, as if she didn’t quite get enough sunlight. She is outside a lot, but her skin doesn’t tan easily. Shugoryuu is tall, standing at 5’10’’ with long black hair typically done up in four individual ponytails on top of her head, two on each side. The two tails are tied side by side and each pair is wrapped with a cobalt blue ribbon. The rest of her hair is net and tidy with her bangs to just above her eyes. Her brown eyes are small and narrow with long eyelashes.
Her face has a rounder shape and her body shape looks healthy and well muscled from all the sports she plays. Her bust size is small because she is so active. She spends most of her time burning off any fat that would go there under normal circumstances. Truthfully, she wouldn’t mind being just a little bigger, but given the choice, she’d prefer to continue to be active in sports over a larger chest.
Clothing style: She prefers the tracksuit-style gym uniform to the regular use, short skirted uniform. When not in either of those, Shugoryuu likes to wear jeans, tank tops, loose baggy sweaters, shorts, plain t-shirts, sports jerseys (her favorite being the jersey of the Nikko Ice Bucks, a hockey team based up in the town of Nikko an hour away from her house), high top running shoes or knee high boots with large chunky heels, and black jackets. Her favorite pieces of jewelry are a cobalt blue bracelet studded with deep green rhinestones and a chocker with a clear green teardrop pendant.
On her lower back is a stylized tattoo of a dragon that she designed herself and had done in secret. No one, not even her closest friends, knows about this. She has a matching one on her ankle that she did herself.
Personality: To put her personality in the simplest of terms, Shugoryuu is a tomboy. She plays sports that are typically only for boys, she has all boys for friends, preferring them over the giggling and cuteness obsessed girls in her class. Outward, she appears to be sociable, with slightly above average grades. Inward, she is highly anti social and doesn’t like to study, preferring to spend her time painting or practicing her sports, or even watching sports on TV. Her parents are hardly ever around, so she has a lot of freedom.
She presents a different face to different kinds of people. To her friends, she’s open and funny. She has a very dry and twisted sense of humor. That same sense of humor when applied to people she doesn’t like is most definitely cruel. To complete strangers, she is aloof, preferring to have nothing to do with them.
Shugo is perpetually punctual and tends to do what her parents ask her to do more often than not. Current Home:The village of Kurohone on top of Mount Akagi in the Gunma prefecture of Japan.
First Appearance: Act 02


Talents: sports
Fears: severe injury, drowning
Likes: Sports (basketball, volleyball, and running), art, calligraphy
Dislikes: Lace, cute things, being late, stairs
Hobbies: Sports, collecting sports jerseys, painting and calligraphy
Job:Works part time at the Save On Convenience store on the edge of Kurohone.
Favorite Food: Chicken Kara age
Least Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite School Subject: Calligraphy, gym
Least Favorite Subject: everything else
Favorite Gemstone: No information is available
Favorite Color: cobalt blue, orange, green
Favorite Mythological Animal: Chinese dragon
Favorite Animal: lizards and snakes
Favorite Flower: No information is available
Least Favorite Flower: No information is available
Strengths: She is intensely physical and knows how to plan a good game strategy. As a painter, she can see the beauty in the strangest places.
Weakness:Because she is so physical, she thinks that people who aren’t active are lazy and weak. She also believes that extreme displays of emotion are likewise signs of weakness. She is too focused on her own little world and doesn’t see much outside of it; she doesn’t understand people that are different from her. She has a very large weakness for curry of any kind and for boys with blue eyes.
Family: Father Ryuou (business man), mother Kagerou (teacher), older brother Hiryuu (journalist)
History: All of her life, Shugoryuu has had dreams about people in sailor fukus and five animals (a blue dragon, a gold dragon, a red bird, a white tiger, and a brown tortoise-snake), but she never said anything about them. The blue dragon fascinated her the most, so dragons dominate her paintings. Her dreams of other senshi became dreams of herself as a senshi over the years. Her personality changed that day from sweet and gentle to her more tomboyish self as her personality as Sailorseiryuu began taking over.

Shugoryuu is from a small family. She has a brother, Hiryuu, who is older than her by five years. He moved to Kyoto after a fight with their parents. She’d always gotten along well with her brother during their childhood and misses him a lot. Most often, she’s lonely as her parents dedicate most of their time to making sure that they can keep their home and have food to eat. Her father, Ryuou, works as business man in the town of Omama while her mother, Kagerou, works as a teacher at the Kurohone elementary school. When her parents are at home, they tend to focus more on how she’s doing at school than any other aspect of her life. She gets along with them fairly well, no more or less than your average child. She does fight with them sometimes. When they do or when something bad happens, she can often be found up in her room painting to calm down. When that fails, she goes out on to the basketball court to shoot hoops. When she gets angry at school, she often takes it out on the less popular kids in her class.

Shugo presently drives a blue 1989 Suzuki Alto. She still lives at home with her parents while she holds a job at one of the three local convenience stores. She also plays for Gunma prefecture’s women’s volleyball league. She hopes to be accepted to the national team and is presently training for the tryouts.

Senshi origins: No information is available


Senshi Name: Sailorseiryuu
Senshi Title: Guardian Senshi of Lightning
Introduction Speech: I am the Guardian of the East, Sailorseiryuu. Tremble before the celestial dragon.
First Appearance: Act 03
Aura Color: cobalt
Colors: cobalt, cyan, purple
Type of Character In Battle: Offensive
Senshi Strengths: Is slow to trust (which can be a good thing in some situations), is normally a very good team player, plays to her teammates strengths and weaknesses, accepts her powers with little difficulty, and when her loyalty is won, it’s unwavering. Can take a fair amount of punishment, but no more than five direct shots before she falls. Her control is fair, but she has a tendency to loose that control as she gets very excited in combat. Because of her sports training, she has average but consistent speed, but she’s not too good at dodging and evading.
Senshi Weakness': Prone to attack with little provocation, doesn’t trust easily, could abandon weaker senshi in a fight, picks fights with people she doesn’t like, and has a tendency to use her powers a lot.
Weapon: Lightning Staff. It’s a long dark teal staff with a silver cap attached to a clear, round cobalt gem on each end. On the bottom end is a smaller cobalt diamond etched into the staff. At the top is a larger one. Coming out of the cobalt gem at the top of the staff is a pair of crossing angular silver blades (they aren’t sharp and can’t be used to cause serious injuries).
Fuku Design: Her tiara consists of a silver chain running around her head at the forehead level connecting to a cobalt diamond in the center of her forehead. The top of this diamond connects to another silver chain running over the top of her head and joining up with the first chain behind her head. The bottom of the diamond connects to a cobalt teardrop. Her earrings are cobalt-colored diamond studs that go halfway down her cheeks. She has a plain mint green chocker around her throat. Her scarf has no stripes and is a dark purple color. In the back, it has a triangular point instead of the usual squarish type. In the front it’s clasped by a mint green diamond broach, leaving two short tails trailing. The cobalt blue bodice of her fuku has one short sleeve on her right arm. The left arm is covered to the wrist in a long sleeve, covering the dark purple glove that goes almost all the way up both of her arms. The main part of the bodice is loose and cut short, showing her navel and a very small part of her upper chest between her scarf and the top hem of the bodice.
Her skirt is two tiered and almost completely straight. There is no waistband on it and the hem is straight. The top tier is dark teal and falls to 1/3 of the way down her thigh. The bottom layer is dark purple and falls another couple inches beneath that, not making it to the half way mark of her thigh.
On her right wrist is a cobalt blue bracelet that fits snugly to her. It is studded with green gems. Around her waist at an angle is a light grey belt with a diamond-shaped cobalt buckle. Her back bow is small with a longer trailing ribbon that goes two inches beneath the bottom layer of her skirt.
Her cobalt blue boots are knee high with a triangular point at the top, another two inches down, and a third where her legs meet her feet. Each of these triangles is edged in mint green. The heel on these boots is thick and chunky.


Henshin Phrase: Seiryuu Guardian Power, Make Up!
Henshin Object: Her cobalt blue bracelet and it’s green rhinestones.
Henshin Transformation: Raises her right hand above her head, holding her left across her waist, saying ‘Seiryuu Guardian’. At ‘Power’, she holds both arms crossed in front of her chest, fists clenched. For ‘Make Up’, she shoots both arms out to her sides. A trio of lightning bolts spiral around her as her bodice, sleeves, and skirt appear. The bolts wrap around her, forming her belt, scarf, and back bow. She crouches to the ground, running her arms over her legs to make her boots and gloves appear. Transformation complete, she poses standing up with her hands on her hips.

Origin of Power/Influence: Wood and Lightning
Elemental Strengths: fire, protection, light
Elemental Weaknesses:earth, water, purity
Power Name: Seiryuu Lightning Fury
Type: Offensive
Description:She twirls her staff around her head and arcs it downwards, sending three bolts of lightning upwards when the two blades hit the ground.


Past Name: Quinglang
Name Meaning: Blue dragonfly
Attire: No information is available
Crystal/Weapon: No information is available
Powers: No information is available
Personality: No information is available
First Appearance: No information is available


Name: Ryuuza
Translation: Draco constellation
Gender: F
Age: unknown
Current Home: Kurohone
Appearance: she’s a small blue-grey lizard in her animal form. In her fairy form, she’s small with transparent blue-silver wings, blue-white hair and silver eyes.
Personality: Ryuuza is largely rash and impulsive, quick to action.


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